Saturday, March 17, 2012

We are so hard up for Indon maids!

Indonesia asked RM700 per month for their maids. Like it or not, we need to haggle. However, I believe we are going to lose. Why? We are so hard up for them!

To Human Resource Minister, why don't you and your officers find other avenues to solve this 'maids' problem, rather than having to play beggar to Indonesia.

What is the role of 'Jabatan Tenaga Manusia' or JTM under the ministry? At the same time, we have so many learning institutes to provide local students with training in various disciplines, especially technical and services.

Why can't we consider setting up a special academy to train locals as maids? We won't regret having to pay them between RM700 and RM1000 per month.

Introduce a special course under your 'hospitality' arm. After all, those who work at hotels, clubs and restaurants are not called 'maids' although they do maids' work such as making up the bed, cleaning the hotel rooms, etc.

Give it a special name. Hospitality is becoming an asset to certain industries. Some colleges do offer hospitality courses for locals and foreign students. The Segi College, for example.

Its better to give a higher salary to our locals because they are familiar with our surrounding. The also speak the same language and understand local cultures.

And the best part is, we know where they came from. So, its easy to tackle them should they 'escape'. Employers too will find it comfortable having a local and professionally-trained maid in their house.

Besides, we will be able to save millions of ringgit from leaving the country.

The Indonesian government is playing hard to get, actually. As our priority and preference are the Indonesian maids, we are bound to agree to whatever conditions they put forth.

So, Mr Minister, this is not a dead end. We have options here. The only problem is, some people make big bucks from importing the maids. Among them are politicians. And when politic is added to the matter, it becomes a MUST business.

Think about it, will you?

Come on lar... 54 years after Independence, we still need to import toothpicks?


Anonymous said...

Agree with you. We have lots of world class training and institutions of higher learning. Just offer a certificate program for DOMESTIC SERVICE OFFICER with minimum 700 and EPF. (Pelayan club pun dapat tittle GRO) So give them a good tittle. But then again, those lintah darat yang dah lama kenyang import indonesian maid, wants to continue sucking blood. The Minister actually are more concern of them rather then the working parents.

pro-Pakatan said...


this maid business generates millions of ringgit to our politicians. they cant deny it. if we stop hiring or trim the number of foreign maids to malaysia, it will affect their income.

just like importing some other items - it all means money to some of our leaders and their cronies.

zuraidah, kulim said...

idea yg baik.

kita boleh latih anak tempatan yang tidak berpendidikan tinggi di bidang ini.

janganlah sebut sebagai pembantu rumah. jadikannya bidang separa profesional.

seperti yang sdr sebut, mereka yang berkhidmat di bidang perhotelan diberikan kurus walaupun untuk menukar cadar katil dan sarung bantal.

perlu difikirkan oleh kerajaan, khasnya kementerian sumber manusia

penangan said...

salam tuan,

cadangan yang baik. cuma yang sukarnya ialah, urusan pekerja asing seperti pembantu rumah ni sudah memberi pulangan besar kepada ramai orang yang ada hubungan dengan KDN, KSM dan agensi kerajaan yang lain.

jika dihentikan, nescaya ramai yang akan marahkan kerajaan.

apa tidaknya, orang kerajaan sendiri pun mengaut wang besar daripada perniagaan ini!

cologne said...

maybe it needs time to set up a special academy for maids but in the long run, it will reduce our heavy dependence on foreign maids, especially from indonesia.

when the demand for indonesian maids is high, they have the advantage to put up strong terms for their recruitment.

Anonymous said...

apa lu cakap!

maid bisnes sudah bikin orang dalam banyak kaya maaaa!!

no way diorang akan stop ini bisnes!

Anonymous said...

RM700 for each housecore ? Then lets them pay bill including room, food, electricity] too. These are not stated in MOU..isnt it ?

NMN said...

I have a long list of 'maid tales' to tell, sampai esok pun tak habis cerita.

It's about time our government do something about this maid thingy. Macammana nak capai status negara maju dan dinamik kalau masalah pembantu rumah pun jadi buntu???

Please inform those involved in the maid/foreign workers business taht ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

1. the govt must come up with a law that requires corporations to have a creche each.
2. in addition, office buildings of certain size should also be required to contain a creche.
3. all the creches can form an association that produce standard training modules for the child minders to learn abt hygiene, nutrition, psychology, parenting skills, etc.
4. with this facility, parents can work with peace of mind knowing that their children are well taken care of at quality, affordable and conveniently located creches.
5. the creche association should produce an international standard code or guideline for their self- regulation with a parental watchdog group and govt intervention when required.

Anonymous said...

Org kita lebih suka keje kilang drpd jadi maid, bro

Anonymous said...

Org kita lebih suka keje kilang drpd jadi maid, bro

Anonymous said...

Locals need not work as live-in maids.

Instead there should be a framework where domestic chores can be done by a group of locals on a weekend basis.

Freshly prepared meals, ironing of clothes etc can be farmed out.

Small business within the vicinity could be a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

42 Viet women in a house — and surviving mainly on rice!
Oi Malaysia with this type of negative reporting almost daily which moron would not think twice about sending their maids to our country? Our newspapers have been harping almost daily bout illtreatment of foreign workers by employers and sometimes evem authorities who are supposed to give them protection.
And talking of our daughters who are pampered from birth to adulthood to become domestic helpers, let's think over again.
Indonesia are not really protecting their workers. The freeze will only increase the flow of illegal maids who are jobless for so many months.. And not to mention the risks and dangers of being employed without any record or trace by their folks back home. This is worse than being mistreated by registered employers and the nightmare of disappearing without a trace. Its an open secret that there are thousands of fresh illegals each month.
So bung SBY pls Help!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians should think hard about this. Maids used to be cheap, so they can employ one for almost every home. Now, they send the better ones to Singapore/Taiwan etc, leaving the very ulu ones for Malaysia. Both employer & employee are stressed with each other, and abuse happens (both ways), but only abused maid gets reported. Now they want to impose limited work & high pay.

Can't Malaysians do some housework themselves?? What with easy gadgets like Romba etc, work can be shared out easily. Only problem is those with very small babies. Maybe the govt should also introduce a culture where new mothers can take a few years off to take care of their babies b4 going back to work. Then the private sector can accept that. At the moment, it's impossible to get equal employment if one quits their job for a few years. The other thing is we have a lot of poor, unemployed single parents, esp single mothers. Can the govt not create a co-op to help them train & become 1) domestic help, 2) child minders, 3) caterers?? A lot of our common social problem can be solved if the ministers actually think & have the will to resolve the issues. They have failed to deliver even when every opportunity is given to them. Begging & begging is like knocking your head into the wall, won't get anyway, and only hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

No worries, BN will pay for your maids. They are dying to give you the money as long as you vote for them. ask the vote begging PM.

Anonymous said...

RM700 for 1 task? add in EPF and insurance, that's blood sucking of the highest level, more teruk than ah longs. but it's ok. just deduct RM300 for room, RM300 for food,no sleeping during the day even though she may be free, and no angling for the boss or his son.

Anonymous said...

RM700 for 1 task? add in EPF and insurance, that's blood sucking of the highest level, more teruk than ah longs. but it's ok. just deduct RM300 for room, RM300 for food,no sleeping during the day even though she may be free, and no angling for the boss or his son.

Anonymous said...

more or less working in a hotel in Pasir Gudang! a tech basic pay is RM280.00 with 2.5 points at least RM130.00 per point! and yet he is a Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

why hard up for indon maids? is that linked to why most men of the house would prefer to go home for coffee and tea breaks when their womenfolks are slogging in the office?

Anonymous said...

It's true to have a lot of local grads who don't have a job. It's true to have a lot of gov. aid funds to help and train properly the local grads too! But what happened? Did all these training schemes end with a success? Do we have skilled people and committed into industries? We Malaysian end up with employ the most lower pay foreign worker to work at the grass root - as a maid, to build a house, car wash, as a cleaner, heavy carry man, etc. It is the most great works they had done and contributed into our Malaysian socioeconomic. We actually need to thank them the foreign maids. Because of them Malaysia was developing. It is the time to remove out the foreign maids now as our economy can't afford to pay them high. However this remover of foreign maids must replace by a group of local workforces who are willing to work, contribute, committed, sense of urgency and always do it on time...then Malaysia could move into a high income nation! It is sad to see most of Malaysian work without simple ethic - committment, we can see many of local worker would take off or mc easily as they like!