Saturday, March 31, 2012

Umno leaders and Hang Nadim...

I remember reading the legendary book on 'Singapura dilanggar todak' (Singapore attacked by todak) - a swordfish family known by its scientific name 'xiphias gladius'. I had my first encounter with it while fishing under the Penang Bridge some years ago when it 'jumped' on our boat. About half a meter long.

The book narrates about a seven year old boy, Hang Nadim who 'rescued' the Singapore sultanate from ferocious attacks by the fish. However, the Malay Sultan ordered for his kill, afraid that if they boy grow up, he would be smarter than the Sultan.

Whether its true or not, the story has lots to do with the Malays and Umno, and what was said by former Prime Minister and former Umno President Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

For generations, the Malays place significant preference to their leaders, those who lead and the ones elected to become 'ketua kampung' or 'penghulu'. Anything that comes from the leaders would be deemed right and should be respected.

In Umno, it is still very much in practice. Those elected to the higher positions are seen as a pool of perfectionist that nobody should contest whatever decision that is passed down. The officers around their waist will go around telling the grassroot members that since these people are elected, they must be obeyed.

And for members to give fresh idea or opinion, they will find themselves being stopped at the officers level, no chance to get any closer to any of the leaders.

Fifty-years after Independence and 64 years of Umno, this has not changed much. While more Malays are becoming professionals - doctors, engineers, lawyers, journalists, pilots, etc - the demand and calls for Umno leadership to improve the party and its approach, gets louder.

Many have joined the party, especially during the 1980s when the nation laid a strong foundation for modernisation. Some made it successfully at various levels of the party leadership - from division heads to State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament and also as ministers and others.

In the present day, if you are not holding any professional job, you will find it difficult to compete for such party positions. You need a little bit of luck, of course.

Part of the reasons why they joined Umno is to help the top leadership formulate a new approach as to how they could steer the party towards a better direction. While Umno is seen as a party to 'tolong Melayu', it also bears the responsibility to assist other parties in Barisan Nasional in administering the government.

But since the mid-2005, the number of professionals in Umno has dropped significantly. While some left the party, the new ones chose to become members of the Opposition. Not that they didn't want to join Umno but their application was rejected.

Dr Mahathir said, Umno divisional and branch leaders should open wide the door for professionals and intellectuals to join the party and then field them as candidates for the general election.

Umno, he said was facing a dearth of capable leaders as the leadership at the divisional and branch levels were hampering their entry into the party.

For decades Umno has ‘not allowed’ the smart ones to join the party. That is why many doctors have joined PAS. This ultimately makes it difficult for Umno to find suitable candidates in ensuring victory in the elections.

Umno must practise meritocracy in choosing candidates to contest in the general election including from outside the party and not only from among the top leaders in the divisions. Umno needs more talented and qualified people to form a capable government.

However, Umno top leadership is still not widely open for good suggestion and positive minds. To some, those trying to 'teach' them how to run the party are the ones who would threaten their position should their political march advances.

And there are leaders who swallow anything given by their subordinates at the State level, with the belief that everything is fine and in order. No need to name them but I think many Umno members and those in Putrajaya know who they are.

And just because they hold key position in the Cabinet, they commit no mistake. When someone tells or points out their mistake, that someone will eventually find himself in a cold storage.

Umno leadership must realise that BN’s victory in a general election was determined together by voters who were non-Umno members as votes from Umno members alone were not enough to win seats.

The party leadership should realise that they will not be clinging on to their position for life. New leaders will take over when the time comes. And to ensure that the party gets good and quality leaders, Umno must open its door widely and wisely to the professional Malays.

The leaders must be willing to listen to the masses. There are many who cannot lead a party or a government but they acquire the right idea and knowledge to solve major problems. If we keep on 'killing these Hang Nadim', Umno would one day become irrelevant.


The Eugenist said...

Well said bro..

Btw, this scenario unfortunately does not only happen in the political arena but also occur in the Government service as well.

The Malays are still strongly inclined towards feudalism, of which I believe have deteriorate all of the good values available in the Malays psyche.


Concerned Malaysian said...

En Bujai,

this is not only happening in Umno, it happens in the civil service as well.

U know how many bright and good senior officers were frozen out by the KSN and few ministries KSUs just because they highlighted the wrong about them?

It is getting out of hand and most of the civil servants are getting fed up with them. This then will be translated by voting the opposition or not to vote at all.

PRU13 is around the corner and believe me it will get nasty.

Anonymous said...


Rosmah will not take kindly to your comments...

She is set to be there for life and for obvious reasons wants her husband to be PM same length as Mahathir...

Inadvertently every UMNO Member has to ensure this happens because ROSMAH wants it....

Whoever votes for BN is actually voting for the Propagation of ROSMAH

member since 1976 said...

how many times already they said they want to revamp umno and rejuvenate it.

however, till today, its the same old story...

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang ramai antara pemimpin kita yang takut dengan bayang2 sendiri, bimbang akan ada orang lebih bijak daripada mereka akan ambil alih jawatan mereka kelak.

inilah penyakit dalam umno yang memerlukan rawatan segera.

jika ia berterusan, umno akan hilang kewibawaannya jika dijauhi golongan profesional melayu dan cerdik pandai ini.

kita perlukan mereka untuk membentuk sebuah parti melayu yang jitu dan berkemampuan di semua aspek.

janganlah kerana ingin memegang kuasa terlalu lama, maka kita pinggirkan mereka ini.

Anonymous said...


pemimpin atasan tak dapat dengar keluhan orang bawahan kerana kader2 mereka tidak menyampaikannya kepada mereka.

ketua bahagianlah punca sebahagian besar masalah. mereka ini patut dipantau dan ditarbiyah

tauke lim said...

just like a kung fu teacher lor.

if he accepts student who can defeat him, he will loss everything.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

tun mahathir is good at talking only.

did he admit the pro during his tenure?

um-no-more said...

umno hanya pandai menggunakan ahli untuk kepentingan pemimpin.

pemimpin pula bijak menggunakan kuasa yang ada untuk mengaburi mata ahli.

beginilah umno selama-lamanya.

5 kali 5 said...


umno will never change.

its approach will remain focused to safeguard the interest of its leaders.

no way will they accept too many pro malays into the party. they are afraid of their own shadow.

hulubalang said...

well written bro.

hopefully those at the top will read it.

what dr m said is right. however, its easier said than done

wan sepiah said...

ketua bahagian cuma pentingkan jawatan. kalau boleh, nak pegang jawatan seumut hidup.

sebagai ketua bahagian, projek masuk melalui dia dan dia berhak bagi pada siapa2 yang dia suka dan boleh bekerjasama.

bila dapat peruntukan pilihanraya dan kalau dia tak terpilih bertanding, duit tu tak sampai kepada calon. kalau sampai pun, cuma sedikit. yang lain masuk kantung dia sendiri.

kes macam ni dah banyak berlaku dan banyak aduan dibuat kepada pucuk pimpinan tetapi tiada tindakan diambil.

jadi, nak salahkan siapa? umno ke?

mat gombau said...


tak guno kito sobot namo pemimpin yang tak maun donga pendapat dan nasihat ni.

yang paling sonang, pada pemilihan parti akan datang, jangan undi dio. maso tu dio taulah langit ni tinggi ko gondah!

Anonymous said...

agree with the eugenist,

the public sector too is practising it. ministers, sec-gen and high ranking officers will not take any advice or good words from those under their feet.

so, how are we going to improve the adminsitration?

Alisha Residenc said...

Anda boleh menukar pautan blog saya? Saya harap anda boleh menghubungkan dan saya akan melakukan perkara yang sama,
Berterima kasih banyak


Anonymous said...

Then, quit umno.

Lets join pkr or pas.

Easy solution. Supporting umno does not bring us any dime!

muda remaja said...

Golongan pro yg masuk umno pun cuma nak rebut jawatan.

Bila terlalu ramai rebut jawatan, makin bnyk puak, perpecahan kian ketars.

Jadi, elok la umno ni dibuka utk org dungu, miskin dan jenis pak turut je. Lagi mudah pemimpin atasan uruskan parti.

Betul kan?

Anonymous said...

Jgn susah hati.

Pada pru akan dtg ni, tau la mcm mana nk ajar pemimpin dan calon sombong ni...

Anonymous said...


Memang susah bagi ahli biasa menyampaikan segala keluh kesah kepad pucuk pimpinan tanpa dikawal oleh ketua bahagian dan pihak atasan.

Pemimpin sentiasa disuakan dgn laporan bahawa umno tidk langsung ada masalah di peringkat akar umbi, seolah-olah ia sebuah parti yg perfect.

Beginilah umno rosak dan hancur perlahan-lahan...

mulok said...

they couldnt care less what u or me write, bro.

They are more concern about their tenure in office and how much money they can make.

Everybody knows that

Anonymous said...

mahadir kah hang nadim...oh tidak..mahadir ialah hang karam..yg karamkan umno..yg karamkn org melayu..yang karamkan rakyat malaysia..semua rakyat malaysia telah di tipu dgn wawasan 2020..tercapaikah malaysia menjadi negara maju dlm masa 8 tahun??..yang logiknya wawasan 2020 mahadir ialah pada 2020..mukhriz mesti menjadi PM..rakyat tidak akan izinkan..Lee kuan yew..ibaratkn mahadir..the failure father..umno hilang kuasa kerana mahadir..bila la org umno nk sedar?????

GoldTrex said...


The overly respectful members of UMNO can only be found in kampong and very small towns.

In larger towns and big cities - no one give two hoots about these ketua bahagian and their hangers on.

For UMNO to perpetuate its influence it has to focus on the rural population.

If this is a valid assumption, then how come the present PM is putting all his horses on the mega projects like the Iskandar project, the Greater KL projects, etc, etc.

These mega projects seem not only to favour the city folks -- who is unlikely to vote UMNO, but also would develop more and more big urban centres at the expense of improving the lives of our rural and small town folks.

WONDER why this UMNO leadership is committing HARA KIRI?

Than you

jaga said...


terlalu ramai 'hang' dalam sejarah melayu lama ni.

cuma pada zaman ni terlalu ramai pulak 'hang bodoh'!