Sunday, March 25, 2012

A tumor in Umno...

There was more than just comments and reactions to my earlier posting Daim's prophecy on the next general election.

While some were generously in support of Daim, one or two gave a 'true insight' of the actual situation in BN, especially Umno that might lead the ruling party to a more disastrous result than 2008 national poll.

I believe the writer is a politician or someone used to be with Umno inner circle as the way he posted his comment did not reflect him/her as a novice in domestic politics. And what he penned also speaks for many disgruntled Umno members who found themselves confined and locked from having their voice heard by the party leadership.

JR (a reference to Just Read):

Since u r so in the know with PM Najib's key people- here's a message for them. Daim is right. You r also right that Badawi did not chose to listen to voices on the ground. Because there was no voice. PM Najib too overlooking the same thing. The enemy is in UMNO

Its not about just listening to news from your people. You must have all sources covered and counter checked, as- more often - they give you news PM, Ministers and UMNO key leaders want to hear- and they in turn are fed with news that they want to hear.

Why? Because people on the ground know you wont counter check them. They know this routine so well. If they talk to 10 people they will say 100 people. After all if AC Nielson can do that why not them la.

Najib is still keeping mistakes the dishonest pimps called the Ketua Bahagian, you know that animal?

These r animals who keep their postions by paying for favours to get re-elected and keeping people who will back them on a leash - with money and promise of projects. They are marking time - waiting for election money and campaign funds to POUR in. These are not passed down to the members and party workers.

The hard up useless Umno leaders on their payroll will be happy with the little they get, the big pie is reserved for the ketua bahagian and the one person above them who make sure money is passed to them. So these group of dishonest people will turn bad news into good news, or a middle view. The ketua bahagian will inform bosses, the PM - 'everything ok boss'.

Come campaign funds day. The Ketua Bahagian hoards the money. Why because they have plans. There's always Umno elections after general elections. So keep the money for that. In reality like 2008 things will turn bad and ugly - when money and expenses are not passed down to party workers on the ground. In 2008, it was obvious PKR and DAP had more money to spend for elections - from party workers comparing notes.

So 2008, while the ketua keep the funds for themselves and their future politics, many workers and others abandoned UMNO. They stay at home or if angry enough, they vote opposition.

So yes. The enemy you cant see today - are the KETUA BAHAGIAN. They are the scumb bags who sold UMNO and the country in the last electons. Some are stillaround like in Selangor.

Today some call themselvels Najib's chosen men. Remember the story of several ketua bahagian under the State number 1 man's protection, were seen slogging to remove bags of cash from the MB's election office, after the state was lost?

That was not just a story. That was reality check.

They expected the rest of us to use our money first - which we will never get back. AND have never gotten back.

Our message to you since you are showing off about being so close to PM's aides, you can tell them - if they really care for the PM, the country, dirty your pants and get to the ground, counter check your sources, esp if u r getting smoke signals from someone like Daim.

If you dont - for the same above reason - you will lose Selangor and Daim is right because he knows about these immoral activites in most states under UMNO. Of course he should know.

I feel sorry for the many hardworking ordinary UMNO men and women who are working so hard for the party. Because they love and believe in the PM and the country - and will do it for the Malays.

But the small time leaders they are working for are nothing but typical UMNO mafias, (some even get to sit on board of anti corruption bodies). If their own members are disgusted with them, do you think the ordinary people will believe them to vote UMNO BN?

So don't be too cocky that you have covered all corners.


NOTE: During Umno General Assembly last year, I did mention things like these in three postings in a row. As an Umno member, I do love Umno and will always support BN but if the grassroot voice is not heard, Umno will gradually lose ground in Malaysian politics. Think about it!


halaman rindu said...

dah berbuih dah cakap. dah beribu kali nak bagitau tetapi ketua bahagian tak sampaikan kepada pihak atasan.

memang ada ketua bahagian yang jadi duri dalam daging kepada parti.

kalau najib nak cantas diorang dari sekarang, umno boleh hilang banyak kerusi.

orang umno takkan pangkah parti pembangkang kali ini... cuma takkan keluar mengundi je!

tauke lim said...

stupid la the writer.

if evrybody wants to become leaders, who should become ordinary members?

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

house cleaning

Anonymous said...

Umno has been gradually losing ground a long time ago
Just that umno people don't know it
They're busy enjoying their wealth

Anonymous said...

Hey this guy should be listened to - seems sincere altho quite frustrated

whistle blowing MUST be encouraged to treat the tumor in UMNO - started by anwar's brand of money politics

Anonymous said...


Umno perlu ubah bnyk perkara, terutama cara pentadbiran serta pendekatannya.

Inilah yg jadi duri dlm dagingnya selama ini apabila pemimpin tak berapa berani buat perubahan walaupun berjanji untuk merobahnya.

Ke mana umno selepas ini jika makin ramai ahlinya yg makan hati?

nilam said...

Good advise always fall on deaf ear!

Anonymous said...

All corners covered?

Those who said that are a bunch of ball lickers who want to please d boss.

They dont know d actual situation.

Pity these morons!

no bullet said...

Cant blame them lar.

Politic is all about money n power. No money means u cant land a foot in politic.

Our leaders have set d precedent. If u dont make tons of money during your tenure, better hang yourself!

Anonymous said...


Penyakit dlm umno mmg sukar diubati. Ia sudah smpi ke tahap paling kritikal.

Biarpun ada niat dan usaha utk memperbaikinya, nampak mcm dah terlambat.

Susah nak ubat bila dah jadi busung

pukitiang said...

This BETRAYED fella is an umno. Easy to tell.

Agree wt u that he sounds like someone used to be close to d inner circle.

But i also believe he is just like another kadir shk fadzil... Felt dejected for not having his political quest fulfilled.

Stupid bugger

Anonymous said...

komen tu macam kau rekacipta sendiri jo'. den konal kau jang oi. hontikanlah cerita karut kau

Anonymous said...

PM Najib,

By now, you should know which Ketua .bahagian yang tak boleh pakai.. The ones that are too long in the position half dead... pleasela get them replaced.

There must be a way to ensure that campaogn funds are properly consumed and maximized towards the campaign and not for the Ketua .bahagians?!

Pls la Dato Najib, want to win election or not?!!

The above article has got merit.. digest pls.

Concerned Citizen