Monday, March 12, 2012

So, Najib is 'chief of criminals'?

I tend to agree that when low-ranking policemen commit a crime or mistake, their bosses would spare no time in taking action. If there is a need to suspend, sack or send them to jail, it will be done without prejudice as 'the law must be upheld'.

However, when senior police officials are involved in wrongdoings, including graft, their subordinates and top brass are bound to provide them with cover ups. Although a few big cases were leaked out and ended up in courts, I (and many others) believe the 'devils' are still at large.

The police force is also plagued with politics, internal politics. When favoritism is at its thickness, personal feud among top personnel cannot be avoided. Adverse reports and poison-pen letters become a common avenue for back-stabbing.

But its even more ugly when retired senior police officers began to make open statements to the media about others, including the government and the Prime Minister. It is well understood why they took such an opportunity in retirement to say such things. Had they did it during service, for sure they would end up in cold storage.

Its becoming a trend of late. I have seen and heard ex-senior policemen, former Members of Parliament and retired judges and top-ranking government officials making derogatory remarks about almost anything - from politics to the manner PM administers the government and the country.

I have seen some retired top brass government officers joining the opposition immediately after retiring. Had they done it while in service, their chance to elevate their position would possibly put to a halt.

And they still enjoy getting government pension.

Back to this police melodrama. I was having coffee with a few friends at a hotel in PJ last night when a text message came in. It reads: "Ramli Yusof (ex-CCID chief) says Musa Hassan (ex-IGP) provided protection to Johor kingpin Goh Cheng Poh aka Tengku Goh. Former KL CID boss Mat Zain Ibrahim also asked the govt to reopen investitagion into the murder of Altantuya..."

I immediately showed it to my friends, one of whom is a diplomat who had a good laugh. He said: "We don't trust people like this, Jay (he's fond of calling me by that name). Listening to them is wasting time. And when they are on the opposition bench, better not listen at all.

"If they are honest, they wouldn't be caring too much about their position and opportunity to rise when they were still in service. They should have made such exposure there and then and not wait until retirement."

Good points.

So, that's why Malaysiakini and its in-house commentators were fast in hammering at the government and the police force when the duo came up with such statements. If you read the comments, all came in similar or 'more or less' the same tempo, which reflects those who left comments are the ones 'inside' Mkini.

I am also of the opinion that Ramli and Musa are having personal vendetta. Those at Bukit Aman and the media (even the public who have been following Ramli's case) are aware of it. So, no excitement about it.

And from what I heard, the former KL CID chief is (or has he?) joining the Opposition. Of course, Mkini like going hunting for people like these to help sensationalise their stories.

But Mkini aside, I think the respective authorities still need to take a look at it. We don't want to be accused of being ignorant, right? Unless we like Mkini heading "Our country is run by criminals".


very deep said...


when in service, they have to protect their position. after all, who doesnt want to 'naik pangkat?'

so, the only time to say it aloud is after retiring.

but when we make statements from the opposition camp, we are actually making mistakes...

tauke lim said...

ramli never like musa over his case a few years ago.

that's why.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang pelik manusia ni. dia kata dia ikhlas tapi kenapa bila dah pencen baru nak buat kenyataan memburukkan pasukan dan kerajaan sendiri?

kalau benar mereka ni jujur, kepentingan peribadi akan diketepikan.

seperti yg tuan kata, kalau benar2 ikhlas, mereka boleh berbuat demikian ketika masih berkhidmat agar keadaan dapat disiasat dan diperbetulkan pada masa itu juga.

bila memilih waktu bersara untuk bercakap, cakap kita boleh dipertikaikan.

Anonymous said...

mkini belongs to a group of anti-govt stooges. they see nothing is right with the govt. pakatan is everything good. i think if pakatan rules, they will sway towards the opposition - namely barisan nasional.

assholes all of them!

hidung tinggi said...

dah pencen tu, duduk rumah je la elok2. buat ibadat banyak2. takyah dah nak tunjuk terer mengata orang tu dan orang ni. dah tua dah. carilah pahala banyak sikit sebelum mampus!

Botak AlorGajah said...

Wasting Time..Buang Masa..duit pencen mau..

All of them are sick people.

mohd zin, ayer molek said...


makin ramai orang pencen masuk pembangkang. kerajaan tak nampak ke benda ni?

mesti ada sebab...

jangan pandang ringan perkara ni! takut makan diri!

Anonymous said...

first, u apply for a job with the govt.

then the interview.

after getting it, u work hard, u keep govt and bosses secrets for years.

once retired, only u speak up.


yong chong kai said...

this 2 people are sourgrapes!

they failed to rise to the position, now they attack their former bosses and employers.

can we trust this kind of people anyway!!!!

Anonymous said...

eh, bukan ke musa dah jadi ahli majlis perajaan kelantan?

hebat dia ni.


Anonymous said...

tauke low said...
who does not know the famous ramli yusuf. he is now trying to be very innocent and blame others to cover his illegal deeds. he befriends a no of kingpins and illegal syndicate bosses and is the collector for former directors, igps and deputy ministers. he has ammassed millions in wealth and property and is living a luxury life and now he wants to be a champion of justice when h has committed a lot of injustice to a number of straight forawrd and clean officers who when he was in service. He can be a wolf in sheep clothing.

Anonymous said...

I really think the opposition approached every single issue to condemn Najib's UMNO.

So with freely given tips from a foreign nation, they started to fish out issues like the engagement payment, the cow fund, altantuya, Rosmah's shopping ...

the list will grow, to paint Najib as incompetent, corrupted etc, therefore not to be trusted to hold PMship

so that situa liwat will march to putrajaya with the new dawn of maksiat

Anyone with an axe to grind will be compensated handsomely for even the most ridiculous "secrets" aiming at demolishing Najib simply because pr is desperate as Najib is proving an excellent track record

kulitkraf said...

bukan semua cakap orang pencen kita boleh dengar dan percaya.

lainlah macam tun dr M... dia memang handal!

Anonymous said...

why only now want to speak up?

stupid lor!

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, the govt must inevstigate the claims.

i dont care who exposed it.

if no action is taken, then it will imply adversely on datuk najib and his cabinet

Anonymous said...

apa yg hebog sangat diorang ni?

masa dalam jawatan, senyap macam tikus, sorok semua hal.

dah pencen, baru nak bercakap. tak ikhlas namanya tu!

Anonymous said...

tun m pon pencen tapi cakap banyak juga....

Anonymous said...

tauke ta says...

the former deputy minister kdn has forgotten that he has corruptly recieved RM5 million from an illegal syndicate boss for releasing the boss's son. the money was banked into the deputy minister's bank account by a corrupt govt, officical. This evidence is still available if required.