Monday, March 5, 2012

Pakatan should learn from Daim

Tun Daim Zainuddin is not a person who lies about what he feels. He also does not simply shower other people with words of compliments, and neither will he hide his sentiments over anything.

The former Finance Minister and Economic Adviser to the Government (during Tun Dr Mahathir's era) was honest when lauding Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's administration, that the latter is ready to charge Malaysia forward.

"If you differentiate the characteristics of the two leaders, Anwar (the Opposition Leader) and Najib, you will be inclined to give higher marks to Najib, how in my view, has benefited a lot as a son of Tun Razak," he told Mingguan Malaysia yesterday.

As a leader, he described Najib as having a sharp mind in everything, and that gives give him the advantage against Anwar, who joined the Umno Youth long after Najib.

I agree. Just like Mukhriz, Najib has been observing how his father administered the government. Fast learning from it, he has developed his own capability to improve what his father and the prime ministers before him did.

Daim also shot down suggestions that Malaysia (under Najib) will go bankrupt by 2020 over its huge foreign debts.

The country's debt is manageable, Daim said, adding that the government is taking the prudent approach in managing its debt and in ensuring the economy stays vibrant.

It was a downright statement from a former Finance Minister.

I think Anwar and his team should learn from Daim. Although he was also a Finance Minister, Daim's economic management comes second to nothing. Anwar was just taking feeds from his aides then.


surinam said...


they should not only learn from daim but from tun mahathir in managing the economy without foreign interference.

remember when IMF and world bank offered to help us in the midst of 1997 economic downturn?

Anonymous said...


anwar is better.


he used to be finance minister. what does najib know about economy?

Anonymous said...

What else could he have said? How stupid do you think your readers are? Typical 3rd class lazy ass blogging.

NMN said...

In general, I agree. Between the two, Najib is a better leader.

But what both have failed is to assimilate and practice real Islamic values.

Suggestion : We should also establish and pursue Islamic values as one of our main and critical KPI to ensure a well-balanced and successful life and hereafter,

Good night bro.

Anonymous said...


anwar was just a mouthpiece, reading his sponsors' script

he can rattle off via his memory but his thinking faculties - zilch

he appeals to the ignorant, the gullible or those with vested interests against the Malay-led govt

Thanks to Umi Hafilda for her spine and gutsy spill, anwar will remain pm-in-waiting forever

tendor said...

why learn from daim? he was not that good a finance minister.

learn from george soros laaaa!!!!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

kalau nak dibandingkan najib dan anwar, najib sebenarnya memiliki pakej yang jauh lebih baik daripada anwar.

walaupun pernah jadi menteri kewangan, kita tak ingat langsung apa jasanya terhadap bidang pembangunan ekonomi negara.

cuba renungkan...

Anonymous said...

the opposition says malaysia will go bankrupt because they want to invade the voters' mind for the coming general election.

actually, they are talking about themselves.

if they got the chance to rule the country, they are the ones who will make it bankrupt by year 2020!

kublai said...


daim is still the best.

if not for his no interest in politics, he would have stayed on...

undurraga said...

those who say malaysia will go bankrupt are actually bankrupt of political idea.

how to go bankrupt if foreign direct investment still pours into malaysia?

how to go bankrupt if our exports keep rising?

how to go bankrupt of our money managers are good at their work?

Anonymous said...

agree jai.

anwar is not compatible to what daim had done for the economy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Anwar cannot compare with Daim. Anwar didn't award himself a banking licence (International Bank of Malaysia), didn't award himself 3000 acres of land in Johor (now Tebrau development), didn't buy MAS back from Tajuddin at RM 8 per share when the market price was RM 3.80 per share, didn't ask EPF to bail out Timedotcom, didn't award Perlis Power plant to his crony Khalil Akasah, didn't bailout Mokhzani Mamakthir.....

Yep, Anwar cannot compare with Daim.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7.29pm & 8.06pm,

Anwar is only great in lying in bed and twisting facts. He is a chameleon. Anwar must SUMPAH WITH QURAN to prove everything he said, like a real Muslim. Others has done it why can't he, isn't he a Muslim? He is unworthy leader and live to lie. You too should listen and learn.

bob villa said...

ya ,anuar the smartest finance minister with a grade B in sastera!.
during financial crisis is answer is to increase the interest rates and reduce the NPL from 6 month to 3 month,that mean if you three months behind the banks can auction your house and your house and your ass off.
My housing installment went from 1100 per month up to 1500 overnight, because of his order to BMN to increase the interest rate to keep IMF happy.

A lot bank overdraft was being recalled , many business was effected it became a vicious cycle(domino effect). all just to keep IMF and george soro and his Minion's happy.

So if think anuar is better , yes i agree, he is better at financial sodomy.

FF said...

Someone up there (anon 7:29pm) said, Anwar is better than Najib because he used to be the finance minister. Lol, maybe that guy's brain is as big as a peanut since he's not aware about the current finance minister.

Back to Anwar, he's the economic advisor for PKR-led Selangor state govt, but so far, what has he done? nada.

arcadia said...

Anwar? he managed try to bring in imf. He also managed to save selangor expenses by getting paid only RM1 for the post of Penasihat Ekonomi...

Anonymous said...

For Anoyn asking what Najib has.. Najib grad from London with economic Background.. but your Anwar only managed to finish his UM degree with 3rd class in Bahasa Melayu course.. wtf you want to compare with?

Anonymous said...

tendor wrote ... learn from george soros laaaa!!!!

Was George Soros a Finance Minister that protect the interest of a country ?

Was George Soros a speculator who make gains from the suffering of others ?