Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just visit Myanmar, no need bring Suu Kyi to KL!

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be on a two-day official visit to Myanmar beginning tomorrow. Together with wife Rosmah, Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and several ministers, it marks a new era of diplomatic and political relation between the two Asean members.

So, its part of the job of any leaders to find ways in fostering good understanding and cooperation between nations and governments. Nothing to shout about.

However, weeks before the scheduled visit, news from the PMO was rather alarming.

Someone claiming to be a close aide of Najib was contemplating on arranging a visit to Kuala Lumpur for Burmese democratic icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

What a rotten idea it is.

Bringing Suu Kyi to Malaysia will not augur well in cementing our ties with Myanmar since it was established in 1957. And I dont think Yangoon would like to see us interfering in its domestic affairs.

But the officer was so proud and convinced that such a move will make Malaysia 'rise on the occassion' as the one promoting democracy and stability to the region. And of course, its a boost for Najib.

What a load of craps!

My words to this young Dato - you dont know what you are doing. Its not part of your area of responsibility. If you know nothing about foreign policy and the wisdom of maintaining good diplomatic tools, better leave it to the experts.

By the way, do you know who will benefit most if Suu Kyi comes to Malaysia? The Opposition, of course! Anwar Ibrahim, who all this while claims of equating the credentials of Suu Kyi and Jose Rizal, will lucre from it.

So, just stay where you are...


AkaZukii ChaCha said...

"By the way, do you know who will benefit most if Suu Kyi comes to Malaysia? The Opposition, of course! Anwar Ibrahim, who all this while claims of equating the credentials of Suu Kyi and Jose Rizal, will lucre from it." -very true

an arbitrator said...


Its good to have a pool of young talented advisers but we also need to engage the vast experienced seniors to guide them.

Some young minds have proven their worthiness but many are appointed just for the sake of filling up the positions.

All levels of admin, esp that involving policy making, must hire the experienced rather than scrolls.

Know what i mean?

si pitak said...

Ni la masalahnya dgn govt kita.

Terlalu ramai org muda diberikan pangkat datuk dan sebagainya.

Diorang ingat pangkat tu mencerminkan IQ diorang

Anonymous said...

Looks like another plan to undermine our foreign policy.

Or this dato is trying to bring down his own boss!

alien nation said...

Why not set najib's meeting with suu kyi in yangoon, instead of bringing her to malaysia?

What is our political gain?

Who is that dato?

Better get him to answer this!

siti umbrella said...


A case of wrongly employed!

budak sekolah said...

Mesti keje dato level 4 ni, kan?

Bangang tahap dewa dia ni...

Patut suruh jaga stor seri perdana jer!

mat gombau said...


Bukan semuo yg kojo dgn gomen ni jonih yg ado otak yg baik. Kelulusan tinggi dan gelaran dato atau tan sri takdo makno apo2 kalau tak dapek bagi idea yg bermutu.

Agak eh budak dato ni peminat suu kyi ataupun sajo mengado-ngado...

Anonymous said...

Thats what u get from the dead brains!

big toy said...

D prob wt young officers is, they thot they r smart enough.

I have seen many 'lansi' ones delivering mess to d govt implementation machinery.

zurina idris said...

Foreign policy is too delicate for a novice to handle.

That is why ambassadors and key diplomatic figures are given too those with vast knowledge and experience in world affairs.

This decision to bring suu kyi to malaysia will adversely affect najib's regional economic plan within the scope of asean framework.

Where did this dato study foreign relations, by the way?

sangkakala said...

Ni namanya pegawai haprak.

Dah tau kerajaan myanmar takkan setuju untuk izinkan suu kyi ke mana pun, ia akan menambah ego anwar ibrahim, seperti yg sdr sebut.

Agaknya ramai pegawai macam ni yg patut ditarbiyah otak mereka terlebih dahulu mengenai hal-ehwal diplomatik ni.

Dia nak buat untuk najib atau diri dia sendiri?

Anonymous said...

Not only a load of craps but nonsense!

Myanmar will not allow her to leave the country.

Stupid pmo officer! Too much of belacan!

Anonymous said...

ni namanya bodoh tak boleh diajar.

Nama je keje dgn pm, dato pulak tu!

Malulah sikit dgn kebangangan awak tu!

just once said...

Actually, almost staff at the foreign ministry need further courses in diplomatic relstions.

Some are too naive, sorry to say...

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a stupid idea. Without permission from the current Myanmar government, no foreign leaders should meet officially with Suu Kyi. This is not fair but that's diplomacy. How would it be if visiting foreign leaders to Malaysia were to meet with Malaysian opposition leaders without seeking permission from the current government? Can it be accepted. No sovereign country can interfere in matters related to each individual sovereign matters of another country without prior consent. That is the norm of diplomacy.