Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daim's prophecy

Former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin rang an alarm by predicting BN will only find an easy passage in Johore, Malacca and Pahang in the next general election. As for other States, competition is expected to be very, very stiff.

The Umno veteran - who seldom spoke to the Press when he was a minister - told Nanyang Siang Pau that PM Najib must cut out the deadwood to ensure the ruling party gains more support from the voters.

A year before the 12th general election, the former Umno treasurer issued a warning that BN would lose Penang, Selangor and Kedah. His 'prophecy' came true when BN lost five states on March 8, 2008 and its two-third majority in Parliament.

I would rather say that Daim was a bit pessimistic.

Why? A few hours before his interview with the Chinese paper, I was with two Najib's senior aides, talked general election over a cup of coffee. The two Datuks gave another version of the story, an optimistic one.

"Our PM is convinced that BN will take back Selangor and Kedah from the Opposition. He received encouraging reports from all component parties, including Umno's Mentri Besar and Chief Minister. Everything points to success," according to one of them.

"Bro. Every corner is being covered now. So, there is no need to worry. The Opposition will be wiped out!"

Waaaah! So confident.

But what kind of reports did Najib get from each and every State? That everything is in order, and that Umno is in a perfect condition to stand up for the general election?

Former PM Pak Lah was also very confident in 2008. He didn't listen to Daim and neither did he seek advise from others. The most damaging part was, most of the reports from Umno State liaison officers were far from the actual situation.

I know at least three Cabinet ministers who only want 'good news' from their officers in their respective constituency. Any bad news will be up to the officers to attend.

So, I am not sure if Najib prefers the bad news first or the good news. Or did he deploy some party agents to check on the reports and verify that what stated on the paper really reflected the actual situation in the respective State?

As how Daim put it - Najib is a good general but the soldiers around him are not fighting the war with him... they are fighting for their own survival!


red apple said...

i am dead sure tun daim was not making such a statement based on loose sentiment. he is wise enough.

when he was right about his prediction for 2008 general election, he could be right again.

i am not sure if najib gets the right info from his comrades, as u wrote.

but i agree to the fact that many reports are prepared to save some people at the state level.

valderama said...

why did he give that interview to a chinese newspaper and not the malay's?

this can be put to question... and his prophecy too can be put to dispute!

he is not being honest to BN. if he wants everybody to read what he said, he should have chosen NST or star or utusan...

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya tertarik dengan coretan tn mengenai kesahihan laporan yang diberikan oleh perhubungan negeri kepada datuk najib.

saya setuju bahawa banyak isi kandungannya dijadikan BAIK demi menjaga nama baik umno negeri dan pengerusi badan perhubungannya.

ini satu gejala yang amat membahayakan umno dan barisan nasional sendiri kerana jika PM percaya bulat2 dengan apa yang disuakan, nescaya akan tewas BN pada pru akan datang.

saya amat khuatir

Anonymous said...

i believe in what daim said.

he was not joking or trying to pull our legs.

mat gombau said...


den memang setuju bilo kau persoalkan laporan yang disediokan oleh wakil negeri2, khasnya umno.

diorang ni takdo kojo lain, asyik nak tutup kelomahan sendighi.

silap2 tok najib percayo pado laporan tu, alamat majal lah kito kali ni.

tauke lim said...

so, whats the issue here?

BN or PR, both can run the country.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

Since u r so in the know with PM najib's key people- here's a message for them. Daim is right. You r also right that Badawi did not chose to listen to voices on the ground. Bec there was no voice.PM Najib too overlooking the same thing. The enemy is in UMNO

Its not about just listening to news from your people. You must have all sources covered and counter checked ,as- more often - they give you news PM, Ministers and UMNO key leaders want to hear- and they in turn are fed with news that they want to hear.

Why?Because people on the ground know you wont counter check them. They know this routine so well. If they talk to 10 people they will say 100 people. After all if ac nielson can do that why not them la.
Najib is still keeping mistakes the dishonest pimps called the Ketua Bahagian, you know that animal?

These r animals who keep their postions by paying for favours to get re-elected and keeping people who will back them on a leash - with money and promise of projects.
They are marking time- waiting for election money and campaign funds to POUR in. These are not passed down to the members and party workers.

The hard up useless umno leaders on their payroll will be happy with the little they get,the big pie is reserved for the ketua bahagian and the one person above them who make sure money is passed to them. So these group of dishonest people will turn bad news into good news,or a middle view. The ketua bahagian will inform bosses, the PM-'everythign ok boss'.

Come campaign funds day.The Ketua Bahagian hoards the money. Why because they have plans.There's always umno elections after general elections. So keep the money for that.
In reality like 2008 things will turn bad and ugly- when money and expenses are not passed down to party workers on the ground. In 2008, it was obvious PKR and DAP had more money to spend for elections- from party workers comparing notes.

So 2008, while the ketua keep the funds for themselves and their future politics, many workers and others abandoned UMNO. They stay at home or if angry enough ,they vote opposition.

So yes The enemy you cant see today - are the KETUA BAHAGIAN. They are the scumb bags who sold UMNO and the country in the last electons. some are stillaround like in selangor.

Today some call themselvels Najib's chosen men. Remember the story of several ketua bahagian under the State number 1 man's protection , were seen slogging to remove bags of cash from the MB's election office,after the state was lost?
that was not just a story. That was reality check.

They expected the rest of us to use our money first - which we will never get back. AND have never gotten back.

Our message to you since you are showing off about being so close to PM'saides, you can tell them- if they really care for the PM, the country, dirty your pants and get to the ground, counter check your sources,esp if u r getting smoke signals from someone like Daim.

If you dont -for the same above reason - you will lose selangor and Daim is right because he knows about these immoral activites in most states under UMNO.Of course he should know.

I feel sorry for the many hardworking ordinary UMNO men and women ,who are working so hard for the party .bec they love and believe in the PM and the country- and will do it for the malays.But the small time leaders they are working for are nothing but typical UMNO mafias ,(some even get to sit on board of anti corruption bodies) .If their own members are disgusted with them ,do you think the ordinary people will beleive them to vote UMNO BN?

So dont be too cocky that you have covered all corners.


Anonymous said...

what is daim up to?

once retired, keep quite la.

next gen said...


i believe the opposition is more prepared for the general election compared to barisan nasional.,

with some major issues hovering najib's cabinet, it will not be easy for bn to secure a 2/3 majority.

i am worried if the number of seats for the ruling and opposition parties are even!

triangle said...


i agree with anon 9.49.

what he wrote gives a true picture on how umno is being managed at states and division levels.

some of them are real culprits, hiding facts from the leadership as to safeguard their interest.

many things are swept under the carpet for the sake of giving a clean slate image of the respective divisions.

if umno does not change by cutting down this deadwood, the whole party will collapse!

member since 1976 said...


najib is feeling comfortable for the reports he received from all states.

what a pity...!

as an umno member myself, i have yet to see changes to the party.

SKG6 said...

DS Najib must see his pass history. He almost fell once in Pekan and he should learn from his mistakes. Listening to his soldiers without checking or even double checking is very dangerous thing to do. In my personal view, Pahang will be a tough fight. Most urban areas will be under PR and rural be under BN. Its gonna be 50-50 in Pahang.

UMNO should step up the game including DS Najib. Seriously UMNO should strengthen their position in rural areas to maintain rakyat's support and they now should device a plan to start penetrating urban areas. As i see it, the urban areas such as Kuantan are still with PKR.

SKG6 said...

DS Najib must see his pass history. He almost fell once in Pekan and he should learn from his mistakes. Listening to his soldiers without checking or even double checking is very dangerous thing to do. In my personal view, Pahang will be a tough fight. Most urban areas will be under PR and rural be under BN. Its gonna be 50-50 in Pahang.

UMNO should step up the game including DS Najib. Seriously UMNO should strengthen their position in rural areas to maintain rakyat's support and they now should device a plan to start penetrating urban areas. As i see it, the urban areas such as Kuantan are still with PKR.

Ryzal72 said...

Isu yang Daim cakap ini sudah lama dicakapkan dan sudah lama diketahui but sees nothing changed!.

Do u think can win in Selangor aaar? Aiyya...satu orang guna dua jenis selipar macamana mau jalan....kiri angkat, kanan tak angkat gedebuk jatuh, kanan angkat kiri tak angkat gedebuk jatuh.....jadi... hehehhehe!!!

Ibnu Sina said...

It's a good strategy.Daim and Najib are in the same camp.

And the interview was for a Mandarin newspaper.

BN and PR almost reaching the "work hard" ceiling. After that level, it's all about "mood". And the mood is BN will win.

Anonymous said...

why talk to chinese media?

because they ask him (Daim) for the interview lah ... If Utusan ask for the interview, then it will appear in the Utusan la. Ini pun boleh speculate ka?

once retired, keep quite la?

tell this to your retired dad, mum, teachers & lecturers lah. Lang-si young punk!


Anonymous said...

Adakah kes lembu-lembu berkeliaran diPWTC malam tadi juga akan menyababkan BN tak menang 2/3 diparlimen ?

Anonymous said...

Najib shows no commitment to change.

Perception is everything in any elections.

And najib's handling of cow condos is almost acceptance of 'there's no conflict of interest here'

The mas airasia is also smells his approval to the scheming of making mas pays for all.

The major corporate deals ensures his brothers cimb raking in the fees, not to mention his approval to SC's handlings.

And there is more in felda, he doesn't move things to proper perception.

He still keeps the old guards of ministers, we all perceive as not scrupulous.

So does his ratings went up?

Is this another syok sendiri scenario?

Najib must make his total change to the umno/bn political scene now.

Anonymous said...

alamak ini semua senang bau la
kalau najib dah confident of bn support dia dah bubar parlimen dah
tapi najib tak boleh cakap dia tak confident, lagi haru nanti
dia tengah testing la ni
bn pun nak tengok angin orang cina jugak
aku ingat kalau rais yatim yang cakap, orang cina tak beli suratkabar nanyang hari tu
daim cakap boleh pakai la sikit
kerja-kerja checking on ground ni semua pm kena sekolah dengan mahathir. mata-mata mesti bukan ketua bahagian
najib baik check sendiri

NMN said...

I hope BN will win but I do prefer a STRONG opposition for the check and balance. Some leaders are just corrupt! After winning, they'd marry again, not two but three or four wives! Thus, the need for tonnes of money to maintain their lifestyles.

At times I feel we should change the government but to let PR rule the country and Anwar Ibrahim as PM, it's a big no! I don't trust him. I'm afraid Malaysia would be just another puppet country and I don't think he could manage this country well as Tun Mahathir or even DS Najib.

Nevertheless, DS Najib should take heed of what Tun Daim had predicted. Yes, it won't be an easy win for BN in this coming election. Just don't be too over-confident, anything can happen; we never know what's in people's mind.

Anonymous said...

Time for a change in the government. The RAKYAT needs to wakeup and vote ABU. What transformation is the PM talking about when all the same lame duck politicians are still in the government.