Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A book on PwC wrongdoing

Many people write good books, I mean about good leaders, successful companies and great inventions. Also, some on wars and conflicts.

However, not a handful would write about misconduct, wrongdoing and scandals like Watergate or Irangate, let alone about blunders by world leaders.

In Malaysia, one of two authors had written political books about why Anwar and KJ cannot become PM and Umno Youth chief. It sold a few before it got cold.

But this planned 'book' on corporate wrongdoings would probably sell, especially when it involves an international company with operations in Malaysia. Those at the top are already feeling the heat and by the time it is in circulation, it will definitely draw some political attention.

PwC Malaysia is under international scrutiny for some of its 'mishandling'. With a court case still pending and some irregularities began to make it more ugly, its parent company in the US is said to have dispatched a senior official to conduct investigation.

Several publishers both in the United States and in Europe have expressed interest in publishing this book. It is expected to be ready this year.

This book will center around PwC's hidden documents, internal emails, false witness statements and affidavits.

As way back as 2003, PwC's General Counsel knew about this case, and Andrew Plunkett from the General Counsel's office told the enquirers to refer to the Malaysian office, while all the damaging emails were sitting in PwC global servers.

I have not heard anything from Chin Kwai Fatt and Johan Raslan. As the commanders of PwC, they should take this matter lightly.



slow reader said...

someone should start writing about sime darby, tabung haji and mas-airasia swap deal.

get the real fact.

i believe it will become a bestseller!

Anonymous said...

forget about this pwc.

write about our leaders, regardless of their parties.

najib, anwar, kit siang and others. they are the ones running the nation at their own whim and fancy.

they are not perfect, only a bunch of corrupt politicians!

punai said...


siapa berani tulis buku pasal kesalahan raja-raja melayu dan kerabat mereka?

penangan said...

salam tn,

banyak kepincangan korporat boleh dibukukan, antaranya skandal BMf pada awal 1980 yang menyaksikan seorang pegawainya jalil ibrahim dibunuh di hong kong.

kisah perwaja juga patut dibukukan oleh seseorang yang pernah mengharungi pahit getirnya.

dan pada hari ini, kisah MAS dan Airasia adalah tumpuan utama.

rakyat dirasakan berminat membaca kisah seperti ii

Anonymous said...

penipuan dalam pwc memang patut dibukukan. saya dah lama bekerja dengan firma ini dan dapati banyak yang tidak betul...

junkyard said...

someone should also write about hasmah.

dont u agree, jai?

Anonymous said...

ding dong ding dong.

in malaysia, many books can be written if its all about scandals, faults, graft and other wrongdoing...

mat gombau said...


kalau nak ikutkan, terlampau banyak buku mengenai hal ni buleh ditulih oleh orang kito sendighi.

apo tak eh, macam2 bondo berlaku. paling banyak ialah bab tak senonoh ni.

ado sapo2 nak tulih, den sanggup boli.

kau nak tulih pasal apo?

OMEGA said...

corporate scandals and wrongdoing is on the rise in malaysia.

if we dont put a check on it, the whole country will be badly affected.

but our govt seems to be tight lips about it.