Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Appreciate the peace and security

We should be glad and proud. Being the most safest country in Southeast Asia and 19th in the world puts Malaysia at the envy of many. To the eyes of foreigners, its a warranty of security - from betting their money on our booming economy to the fearless mind of walking alone to any part of the country.

I personally would like to congratulate the government of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Home Ministry, the police, armed forces and other related agencies for contributing to such a high mark.

The news came when I was with Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein in his visit to the new immigration complex in Setia Tropika, Kempas, Johor Bahru yesterday (picture). I saw him smile on the news but what crossed his mind then was his personal domain.

He could be happy about it but he knew its not an easy task to lead a ministry in charge of national security. While the media and the opposition often threw tantrums at him over specific issues, he overturned it in a very moderate way.

The Opposition and those who have been trying to promote politics of extremism should take this as a reminder - that there is no discount on national security. It takes a concerted effort to achieve such a benchmark and any effort to stir it will not augur well for the people, the economy and any faces of politics.

National peace, stability and security cannot be achieved overnight. We have been through numerous turmoils that saw our unity been ripped apart. There was a time when we looked at each other with askance. We were afraid to walk alone and talk to strangers.

We should be thankful to all policies introduced by the ruling party in promoting greater inter-racial understanding. We must be grateful to the security forces for carrying out their duty without prejudice although a minor error will be deemed as a disaster to the opposition.

This is a country for everybody. We are not alone. There are about 7 million foreigners living in the country, a testament that we not only offer them work, good salary and a hefty returns from their investment but a level of security that their own respective countries cannot provide.

Tell me - as Malaysians - where on earth would you like to go and migrate for no reason? I believe the Opposition should answer this.

I have been to many countries and regions - from the most hostile to the most peaceful. I have seen people being killed in Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Eritrea and Lebanon; and I have felt the soothing calm of Luxembourg, Norway and Botswana. But these are one-race nations. And I still can't find another peaceful multiracial Malaysia.

A progressive, peaceful and stable nation is based on its good politics and level-headed leaders. Managing a country like Malaysia needs full tolerance and mutual respect. But if politics of bipartisan and extremism take to the minds of its leaders, then the whole country would collapse.

The new immigration complex in Setia Tropika is yet another effort undertaken by the government to beef up our security level, especially from abroad.

So much money was allocated to provide Malaysians and foreigners with a higher level of security. So, appreciate it. Unless you are more comfortable to live with street demonstrations, racial unrest, looting and uncontrolled crime...


sailor said...

there's a high price for national security bro. not an easy task to consolidate everybody.

being a almost-free from criminal nation, we can work harder for common benefit.

unless, as u say, we want trouble everyday. the opposition, some NGOs and the bar council should think about it!

cologne said...

good to feel safe everywhere we go, not having to think of being provoked or intimidated.

however, the police should beef up surveilance in certain areas, esp in a one-race parts of the country where people are still keeping their prejudice high against others

wangi said...

syabas malaysia.

i hope the rakyat will help the govt and the authority in maintaining the good atmosphere

penangan said...

salam tuan,

kita semua perlu berterima kasih kepada kerajaan dan pihak polis serta badan terbabit yang menjaga keamanan negara dari dahulu sampai sekarang.

keamanan inilah yang menjadi teras kepada kerajaan untuk menggerakkan pembangunan ekonomi dan sosial.

kenapa mesti kita rosakkan segala yang ada hanya kerana politik?

Anonymous said...

imagine if anwar and gang control the country.

everything will be upside down... no more peace and stability promoted by their politics!

usin pesta said...


dah tak larat nak sebut pasal perlunya menjaga keamanan dan kestabilan negara ni.


sebab masih ramai ahli politik dan pertubuhan yang mengggunakan cara kasar dan tidak sopan dalam menjalankan jarum mereka.

kalau ini berpanjangan, maka anak cucu kitalah yang akan lebih merana suatu hari kelak.

amat mahal erti sebuah keamanan ni!

Anonymous said...

bodek hisham nampak!

kejap bantai dia, kejap angkat pulak.


ah soon said...

if we dont keep our house safe enough, it will be open to more foreign interference.

just take a look at the situation now....

... and who are the people involved!

temper said...

ada lagi manusia yang masih tak serik dengan peristiwa lampau, masih nak unjurkan perbalahan sesama kaum dan agama.

elok tembak je diorang ni!

anak watan said...

betul ke negara ni paling selamat di asean?

begitu banyak masalah yang dibawa oleh pendatang asing ni, pihak berkuasa pun macam tak berapa tegas pun!

Anonymous said...



what is unsafe?

our deposits... hehehe

Anonymous said...

i think malaysians are wiser now not to accept politics of extremism.

they have learnt their lesson well enough...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the majority can see through the unstable brand of politics propagated by the opposition - street demos just over some unhappiness

NMN said...

My family and I were in Jakarta during 1998 riot. It was terrible. I saw my neighbors' houses and hypermarkets being torched by the angry mobs.

Alhamdulillah, with the help of our dlplomat freinds, we were among the first Malaysian batch to be evacuated. Felt like some VVIPs when my family was being escorted by police to Sukarno-Hatta airport.

Upon arrival at Subang International Airport, me and my 4 small kids were swarmed by reporters. My hubby 'cabut lari' as he's publicity shy.

The next day, my pictures and story were in the newspapers, mostly Chinese dailies, hahaha. What angered me was the reporters got my age wrong! I was only 34 but they simply put it at 40-plus!!How could they!!! I still keep the newspaper cuttings though.

With this experience, yes, I agree, Malaysia is a safe
place to live. I don't mind if KDN is VERY STRICT to ensure peace and security. There should be no compromise in this matter.

Have a pleasant day bro.

sham said...

To my observation, the Ministry could do better. I feel that my area is not that safe and now is controlled by foreign people mainly Nigerians. This people is making the havoc of my place. But very-very seldom the Police visits our area of living. With the trouble making that they did with locals, i think its disturbing. I myself see the security in our Airports, which is so sad. I see the officers just sit there and talk about their day. And once i heard they were talking about "karipap". I felt so annoyed of these officers in the airport. When i was overseas, most immigration officers looks mean and harsh. But i think they are doing that because they're intimidating us so that we don't do any harm to the country. Look at Singapore (our closest neighbour), you will feel quite intimidated when passing their customs or immigration officer. So in our minds we should not be doing wrong doings while we're in Singapore. And we didn't drive like mad mens while in Singapore.

My point is we should beefed up our airport security (customs and immigrations department). Show to foreign visitors that our country is not a drug trafficking nor human traffiking country. We want our ministry to control foreign visitors that is pouring in. I think all Malaysian wants to feel safe, have a peace of mind.

Anonymous said...


kau rasa hisham ni boleh pakai ke cakapnya?

saja tanya...

Anonymous said...

I think it is very important to know who are the one that stated Malaysia is the 19th safest country in the world.

I lived in JB and had my house burglarized two years ago and my neighbor last year. And we are at the 19th safest, Singapore is the 24th safest?

There are so many burglary incident everywhere in Malaysia and people got mugged.

I do not think what is published reflected the truth.


Anonymous said...

sham says, "feel quite intimidated when passing their customs or immigration officer"

hee hee, I felt like laughing when I saw thick-glasses singapore officers with skinny bodies walking around with weapons trying their best to look "tough"

they appeared to be mere teenagers told to do their showbiz rounds

whereas the Malaysians without glasses and sturdy tanned bodies look more intimidating even though they were friendly looking

Anonymous said...

Wah, inilah yang kita cakap, 'cow-cow angkat bola' :)

Anonymous said...

The 5 years old girl who were lost in Johor were found dead.

So much for 19 safest country in the world even surpassing singapore and europe.

Please be realistic...