Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Israel choses US President...


All this while the Israelis got the say in deciding who should be the US President. No wonder their bond is unbreakable!

How is that foreign politicians endorse a US president? Well, if the foreign politicians happen to be Israeli, it apparently isn't a problem.

I could go on and on, but I have just one question. Am I now allowed to say that Israel controls America? Because if the Obama campaign can produce this masterpiece of propaganda with one clear audience in mind, I and every other anti-zionist should be free to state the obvious.

Zionists and their money control the world political process. There I said it. The end.

But then, there is already signs that one or two Malaysian politicians are waiting for the honor as well... to join Israel in making such decisions!


darren, idaho said...


the jews form the smallest minority in the US, much smaller than the muslims but they are in control of everything.

even if they recognise the state of palestine, it will be not advisable for your country to establish a diplomatic relation with israel.

as a christian myself, i am always in doubt of their intention and motive.

pinky said...

there wont be any middle east peace under obama.

believe me.

as long as israel is given a free hand in US administration, the world can take the fact that another world war is awaiting us all!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya dah tgk video ni. memang nampak sangat israel menguasai amerika dan presidennya.

rupa2nya amerika belum merdeka!

tauke lim said...


israel and america are brothers here and in hell.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

empty vessel said...


u ended your posting with 'one or two malaysians...'

very insinuating but why didnt to mention their names?


Anonymous said...

that explains why the palestine will forever remain as an avenue to test US new weapons - via israel!

NMN said...

Bangsa Yahudi memang zalim dan jahat, even Allah pun melaknat mereka.

It's an open secret Israel is controlling America, in fact the whole world....Malaysia is no exception.

Yati MN said...

We know about Israel's agenda, we know what they are capable of doing but what is disgusting and shameful is WHY even after knowing this, some people are willing to kiss their ass so that they can get assistance with the ultimate intention to be in power.

Where is our sense of responsibility to uphold and spread the teachings of Rasulullah saw on Islam? We have to achieve this through lots of SACRIFICES and once we have achieved our 'independence', we will not be dependent of Israel/US anymore, FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

and they shall decide the PM of Malaysia too,watch out GE13!

adik, UM said...

pandai menyindir nampak abang aku ni.

siapa orang malaysia yang akan join israel pilih presiden amerika tu?


tau sama tau je lar, kan bang?

old jaguar said...

sooner or later, they will rule us... via singapore!

now that there is an israeli agent among us, it makes it much easier for them...