Thursday, February 2, 2012

Umno members get dirty again

In Kota Bharu, people talk about who should represent Umno/BN as its candidate in the next general election.

In my own division Masjid Tanah, members are already forming their teams - one which supports the reigning division head (Abu Seman), another for his deputy Kapt Karim and the others for 'none of the above'.

In Kluang the other day, there were words that Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein will face a new challenge from few of his comrades in the constituency, apart from Pakatan Rakyat's strong candidate.

I am not concern over who are the Opposition candidates to take on Umno/BN nominees in PRU13 but the unpleasant atmosphere in Umno in preparing for the national poll, triggers an alarm.

There is no stopping to this factionalism each time when chosing the right candidate matters most. Some drip extra sweat by meeting the chief minister and mentri besar to accept their proposed man for the 'wakil rakyat' job.

And that is not enough.

Some factions are already submitting suitable names should Ali Rustam (Melaka), Ghani Osman (Johor), Mohd Said (Trengganu) and others are defeated or 'shifted' to the Federal after the general election.

This is actually the time we can observe for ourselves how 'filthy' politics of the Malays are. They couldn't care less if their action causes split to the division as long as their nominee makes it for the poll.

Forget about the pledge to support the elected division or branch heads as it does not count anymore. What's most important is to ensure their future 'will be well taken of' if their candidate is endorsed and wins.

I find all this sickening! I shouldn't write more...

Sama-sama faham la!


member since 1976 said...


politics are gold mines nowadays. so many mad and greedy people are after it.

during the early days, nobody wanted to take up the responsibility as a div chief because there wasnt any money in the party's purse.

however, things are entirely different today.

sarsaparilla said...


not only in your div.

many divisions are experiencing it. i think its normal, except for the fact that its not healthy for the party

abdullah ubai said...

i dont blame umno members for it.

i blame it on those who are in greed of the top divisional position as this will enhance their opportunity to become candidates in the next general election.

its the same old tactic - badmouthing the incumbent leaders with the hope he/she will not be renominated again.

if this happens, other office bearers in that division stand the chance to become a candidate.

so, they go for broke, win or lose. and this causes more split within the division.

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya rasa lebih baik datuk seri najib adakan pemilihan jawatan peringkat parti dulu sebelum mengadakan pilihanraya umum.

ini untuk menyelamatkan keadaan parti yang dijangkiti penyakit tamak haloba untuk jawatan peringkat bahagian, cawangan dan MT ni.

takut nanti orang umno tak undi calon parti pulak...

tauke lim said...

this is a chance of a lifetime lor.

everybody will go for a broke to get the wakil rakyat status.

dirty or not, it works.

that also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

masa dengar amanat persiden dan pemimpin lain, mereka akur.

bila tiba pilihanraya, dah jadi lain.

apa nak jadi dengan melayu ni?

kuat sangat main politik. bila bangsa lain maju di bidang ekonomi, mereka salahkan orang lain pulak!

Anonymous said...

agree with PENANGAN,

pru should be held after umno election....

atas pagar said...

tak salah rebut jawatan tapi kenalah dengan cara bersih.

ni dah mula tabur fitnah, burukkan orang lain dan dabik dada kononnya kita ni bersih dan baik.

suatu masa nanti kalau kita pegang jawatan, orang lain yang nak rebut jawatan tu pula akan buat perkara yang sama terhadap kita.

jadi, hati2lah... jgn ikut sedap mulut

Anonymous said...

inilah penyakit dalam umno.

nampak saja ok tapi bergolak di dalam.

jadi, tidakkah kita terfikir wujudnya pengkhianat dalam parti, yang akan mengundi pembangkang jika hasrat mereka tidak tercapai?

zenith said...

setuju dengan penangan.

bersihkan umno dahulu dengan adakan pemilihan peringkat parti.

lepas tu, barulah adakan pilihanraya umum.

kalau tak, pertikaian akan terus wujud, termasuk ketika pilihanraya umum. ada peluang undi pembangkang!

mat gombau said...


bukan di tempok kau jo.

tompek den di gombau pun samo. dah ado org ke hulu ke hilir nak jatuhkan kj.

ni sumo kawan2 dio gak!

Anonymous said...

part of the reasons why many umno members voted for the opposition in the last general election - over domestic discontentment!

Anonymous said...

It is the norms in UMNO. After all only the victors will stand to gain anything. A change is always for the better if the incumbent is a hopeless dunggu like the HM.

kulop ludin said...

ahli umno perlu belajar berdemokrasi, memilih pucuk pimpinan peringkat bawah dan atas secara undi. tidak perlu taktik tidak manis untuk merebut jawatan dan kerusi kerana ia hanya akan memecahbelahkan perpaduan sesama mereka.

masih di BH said...


our leadership is aware of this but they just dont want to do anything about it...

Anonymous said...


pm belum umum bila pilihanraya dan pemilihan parti, dah mula berebut.

bila la agaknya melayu ni nak belajar!

Anonymous said...

Tak Kan lah Tak Tahu...

Itu Memang Adat Resam UMNO

Kalau Nak Jadi Ahli Mafia Kena Lah Paham...

Tengok La Rosmah Tu...Tak Habis Habis Dengan Cerita Tabiat Shopoholic Dia

Anonymous said...


As I've expected and stated the recent UMNO Gen.Assembly was nothing but rhetorics. They might have made a pledge or 'bai'ah', but at the end of the day personal interest overrides anything and everything.

Perhaps we are now on the last lap heading the 13th GE. If no immediate and drastic action taken against those bent on causing instability to UMNO, the opposition will be enjoying a free ride in the election.


Anonymous said...

U should write more jai....

This is the real problem of umno - if there is still ideals to uphold in umno - it's the mechanism within that weakens anything about the party.

Maybe its members, party workers need reduction. Why have millions of members when they can't say, do as they think fit?

But most important of all is the vacuum within umno of a leader. A true leader with ideas and thinking to bring us all together - united and firm - simple and straight forward.

Since we are used to tun M, Najib is pale in comparison.
Umno must find that tun M equivalent.


bapa tunggal said...

abih tu,

semua orang tau siapa2 pegang jawatan, sure jadi kaya raya.

sebab tu berebut-rebut!

NMN said...

It's the money@ abundance wealth they are after, serving the rakyat is secondary now. So, by hook or by crook, they will try VERY hard to achieve this, no matter how crooked they'd become.

It's a vicious cycle and I'm afraid this unheathy practice among UNMO members would spell disaster in the near future.......or is the disaster already looming?

Tapi yang mulakan politik kotor secara besar2an di dalam UMNO, sekarang dah jadi ketua pembangkang!

Anonymous said...

Semua orang nak jawatan dan kaya, beb.

Apa salahnya? Demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara, woi.