Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'Turkish Delights' for Malaysia Spring...

Arab Spring - the label created by Recep Tayyib Erdogan, and 'Malaysia Spring' by Anwar Ibrahim.

The Turkish Prime Minister, among US strongest allies in the Mediterranean (apart from Israel) and the only Muslim leader who openly supported Nato's massacre on the Libyans, is now in a cahoot with Washington, Britain, France and others to run down Syria.

When the US and Britain launched a military attack on Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan a year later, Erdogan gave permissions to US aircraft to utilise two air base in Turkey to facilitate the 'war against terrorism'. Erdogan shares the pride in seeing more than 2 million innocent Iraqis and Afghans died.

In his own country, Erdogan faces amounting pressure from his opponents. His 'gripping democracy', the one subscribed by Anwar, is taking its toll on his politics. Some of Turkish opposition leaders are put behind bars.

Across Turkey, thousands of people had died in bomb attacks on government's places of interest. While I was in Istanbul in 2007, seven people were killed in a bomb blast about one kilometer from the Conrad Hotel I was staying, in Besiktas district. Erdogan blamed it on the opposition.

So, is Anwar emulating Erdogan or the Turkish opposition?

Emulating Erdogan will mean that Anwar too is an American stooge, and indirectly agrees to Israel atrocity on the Palestinians. The Turkish PM is known for his chummy approach when it comes to gaining attention and political support from US and the West.

There is no absolute freedom in Turkey. Talk to the opposition and you will get a true picture of Erdogan's democracy. While the pro-govt newspapers and other media thrive, the opposition's media operators are only bound to discreet circulations.

I think Anwar is confused between choosing Erdogan or the Turkish opposition. Erdogan has to be close to Anwar for the latter's intimate relations with the US. His statement about 'supporting all efforts to safeguard the security of Israel' - as published by the Wall Street Journal recently - is also in parallel with Erdogan's 'free the Arabs' campaign.

Erdogan is much a happy man. With the presence of US and Nato forces in Turkey, he feels safe and politically-secured. He was among the first Muslim leaders who condenmed the late Muammar Gaddafi - murdered by Nato - as a dictator without realising that he himself is worse than a 'Hitler of the modern days'.

The Arab Spring is a plan to allow the US, Western Europe and Israel to dictate the Arabs. As the world's largest source of 'black gold' or petroleum, Erdogan hopes his role in adding support to Washington's economic imperialism would augur well for his politics.

Iraq, now declared cleared of any weapons of mass destruction (WMD) - which was used by the US to attack the country and hanged Saddam Hussein and other leaders - has seen bitter rivalry with Turkey for so many decades over the autonomy of the Kurdish. And now, without Saddam and the new pro-US puppet regime in Baghdad, Erdogan can sigh in relief that a few Turkish oil companies are gaining entry to his neighbor.

Erdogan and Anwar share a distinctive similarity - both are good liars.

While Erdogan lies to the Arab world that his country will stand firm in liberating the Palestinians, Anwar too lies about the truth why he was sacked by Dr Mahathir. His claims to Turkish Today's Zaman that he was sent to jail for criticising his boss then, was a mere lie. I don't think Erdogan and most of the Turks buy that story.

And for Anwar to subscribe to Erdogan's Arab Spring is his Malaysia Spring quest is nothing but a political propaganda. Unless if he approves the mass murder and insurgency that took place in Libya, Oman, Syria, Algeria and a few Arab nations since two years ago!

If such an insurgency movement is what Anwar prefers, he is a the most dangerous man to Malaysia and its citizens. But I think Anwar and his supporters like it. They already set a precedent on January 9 when a few home made bombs were detonated outside the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Was that the beginning of the opposition's uprising?

I think so. As Anwar is so fond of the 'Turkish Delights', he has forgotten his political roots and the 'Asian renaissance' he once propagated when he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Erdogan? I don't think he will last long. He shook hands with Ahmadenijad of Iran and Assad of Syria but these are the two countries he wants to see the US & Allies 'neutralise' - just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya and Palestine!


tan tin tun said...


erdogan is a dictator of the modern era. he steers turkey on the US formula.

his party members are not allowed to criticise him in public or face jail sentences.

is this what anwar emulating? then, he will be worse than erdogan if he rules malaysia!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

memang takda beza erdogan dan anwar. mereka hanya mementingkan politik peribadi untuk memuaskan nafsu masing2.

kalaulah cara erdogan dipraktikkan di malaysia, sudah pasti akan kacau bilau.

sesiapa saja yang lawan kerajaan boleh letupkan bom di sana-sini.

mat gombau said...


turkish delights memang sodap. den dah gaso. eh, lupo. kau yang bagi dulu... hahaha.

kepado anwar, takyahlah ikut caro erdogan tu kalau negaro islam buleh hancur!

Anonymous said...


the turkish embassy will summon u.


Anonymous said...

Eh I thought you did not want to discuss anwar and the opposition anymore

mr kudita said...

i like turkish delights, bro but anwar likes it most.

if what erdogan practices is adopted by anwar and pakatan rkayat, the whole country will be in chaos.

there will be bloodshed.

isnt that what arab spring is all about?

halimunan said...

dia tak tiru siapa2 bro. dia tak tiru erdogan atau mana2 pemimpin.

ini politik dendam anwar ibrahim semata-mata.

dia berdendam dengan mahathir dan seluruh rakyat malaysia yang tidak menyokongnya ketika dipecat dahulu.

itu saja!

Anonymous said...

if he wants to promote hatred and bloodshed in the country, the he will take the arab spring as a model...