Monday, February 6, 2012

Thaipusam & 'Nambikei'

As a child many years ago, I used to join the Thaipusam procession in my kampung. I was not alone as many other Malays, young and old, walked the ceremony with our Hindu friends. And we remained Muslims.

The Hindu chief priest at the Kuala Sungai Baru Estate never failed to invite the kampung folks - Malays and Chinese - to join the glorious event. We participated as friends. In our kampung, we were one in many other celebrations - Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and even 'kenduri kahwin'.

So intact were we that parents treated each others' kids like theirs - with every rights to tell and advise you when you were in the wrong.

The kampung folks always met at the Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Tamil football field for a free 'wayang treat' from Jabatan Penerangan or sponsors like 'Minyak Chap Kapak' and 'Minyak Angin Chap Dua Singa'. That's how we came to know about MGR, Nagesh, P Ramlee, Tompel, Rajesh Khana, Lata Mageskar, Nora Miao and others.

I believe Malaysians in the era of 60s, 70s and early 80s were very much 1Malaysia. We mingled very well, lived a happy and harmonious life... and without prejudice. I wish of having a time-machine which can bring me back to that era - with Rama, Pankej, Suresh, Loga and others.

Its already 2012! As we celebrate Thaipusam together, please be reminded that there is no religion, race and color in friendship. Had we tagged ourselves along the line, there wouldn't have been incidents like attacking mosques, churches, kuils and tokongs.

In his Thaipusam message, Prime Minister Najib Razak has called on Malaysian Hindus to continue to place their "nambikei" in the government.

With this trust, he said, the government would be able to effectively engage with and help the community overcome challenges and achieve personal visions for a better life.

"We remain committed to fulfilling all our promises to the community and we'll do what's needed to help people achieve their dreams," he said in his message in conjunction with the Thaipusam festival posted on his blogsite

A-aaahhhh... Looks like we will need more of such calls in the coming years...



dr jeya, jerantut said...


its me, jeya from KSB estate. a year your junior at MTES.

you were such a bro to our family after my father died in 1994.

hope to see u again. will e-mail u.

happy thaipusam!

hasrul said...

inilah masalahnya bila pembangunan dan kemodenan membuatkan kita berebut-rebut untuk jadi kaya, sehingga membelakangkan persahabatan

karipuley said...

happy thaipusam to you also, jai bro.

yes, gone are the glorious days but we can work it out again, with true spirit.

MASTANA said...


kat tak balik berarak di estet ko tahun ni, macam zaman kito dulu2?

last den join maso 2006. loga dah mati, seelan pun dah takdo. yg lain2 ontah ke mano...

an indian lady said...

i am moved by what u wrote.

actually, u are right. although i am only 28, i have heard similar stories from my elder siblings abuot how they enjoyed their prime time as kids with the malays, chinese and others during your time.

how i wish i was there...

happy deepavali, sir.

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya tak pernah alami keceriaan zaman tuan tetapi saya benar2 ingin merasakannya, jika tidak sekarang pun sebelum saya mati.

banyak kisah silam yang menarik perhatian saya, terutama perpaduan kukuh antara kaum di kota dan desa.

agaknya mampukah kita menyusunnya semula?

Anonymous said...


all religions encourage good inter-human relations.

it all depends on individuals...

happy deepavali

Anonymous said...


i pray that more malaysians will have your heart.

happy deepavali.

- segaran, labis -

air marshall said...

adakalanya bila teringat balik kisah silam, menitis air mata.

saya juga hidup pada zaman itu. memang nikmat perpaduannya amat terasa.

berdoalah agar ia muncul kembali di negara tercinta ini.

kepada rakan2 hindu, selamat hari thaipusam!

Anonymous said...

Our race relations today is where British race relations was in 1960 when thousands of migrants from the sub continent flooded UK.British citizens did not want to served by cloured in fast food shops. But we in Malaya at that time were really one Malaya. After 50 years we have now become Britain in 1960. The shoe is now on our feet when Britain is celeberation multi culturism. For Satu malaysia to achieve its goal, yes, it mat take another 60 years when we have district Officers, OCPDs, Generals, Vice Chancellors and so on form the MCA and MIC.

NMN said...

Yup, I remember tagging along my brother and his best friend, Ganesan, joining the Thaipusam procession with other Malays, few Chinese and majority Hindus when I was 9 or 10 (73/74) in Batu Pahat. We even had lunch after that; rice, dhall/vegetables and 'tairu' served on banana leaves in the kuil. I'd always smile alone whenever I reminisce this 'adventurous' experience.

Ever since my family moved to other town few years later, we have lost contact with Ganesan. Wonder where and how he's doing right now.......

Anonymous said...

dulu-dulu tak payah nak kempen-kempen 1Malaysia ni semua. dah memang 1Malaysia pun macam bujai ni cakap. sekarang aje rakyat dah bertambah buta, pekak dan bongkak. dah senang !!! dulu dulu we were all talking about the procession days before thaipusam... looking forward. kek kampong tu, kek bandar den tak tau la pulak. orang india pun berarak pilih time lepas ishak jadi orang kampong tak perlu komplen. beradab kito dulu dulu. time chap go meh kito sumo join sokaki. siap dapek potas free laie tolong bisingkan chap go meh. tapi tu sumo dulu dulu la. sekolah pun tak cukup jam tu, sobab tu la rakyat malaysia tak cerdik macam sokarang. makan pagi pun ubi robuih, sakit jumpo sinseh. kito dah lupo sumo tu. sokarang ni jo cam ni tak kono, cam tu tak kono. loyar dah ramai!!! nasib baik tok nenek kito cerdik dulu dio orang pangkah kapal layar.