Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stateless 'Malaysians'

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is the first prime minister to take action to resolve documentation problems involving the Indian community. Such a move and approach was well lauded by the Indians and the MIC (here).

Kudos, Mr PM.

However, I don't recall any effort by the PM and his Cabinet to find solution to about 500,000 'statelessness' people in Malaysia, of whom 90 per cent Malays (and Muslims) of Indonesian origin.

While Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein can boast 'the success' of his ministry in processing 219,485 backlogged documentation cases such as citizenship and birth certificate applications in the past two years, this stateless people have been long ignored.

I am not sure what system is applied when considering one's application for a birth certificate, PR or citizenship but I believe we have defied the rights of some people who are supposed to be the legitimate Malaysian citizens!

I have been to Sabah and Sarawak, met and talked to 'Malaysians' with no status, no citizenship whereas they were born, brought up, studied, work and STAY in the country.

And since the day they were born, they never left the country even for a single day. Most of them are above 20 now, some even above 30. Their biological parents are Indonesians who came to Malaysia decades ago to work and die here.

So, shall we just chase them out of the country when by international convention and our immigration law, they deserve to be Malaysians. And by being Malaysians, they have the rights to vote. I am sure if they are given such a title, they will be more than happy to vote for Barisan Nasional.

Also, in Kelantan where the descendants of 'Siam' mostly stay, study and work. They too were born in our compound and never left the country.

In Johor where many Javanese from Indonesia migrated many years ago, their Malaysian-born children are deprived of all rights enjoyed by other Malaysians.

I met and know many of them, who found it difficult to work and feed their family as they do not carry any identification card. If you may ask them, they will choose to stay in Malaysia since they were born here, speak Bahasa Malaysia which Najib, Hisham and other speak. Aren't they not Malaysians?

To the Home Ministry, they must find the right mechanism to solve this issue. If we can simplify other procedures pertaining to PR and citizenship application by foreigners, then why can't we attend to this people without any citizenship status?

They are not even refugees whom we treat much better in some aspects.

Or, we just need to ignore them!


sama sekolah said...


elok kau sentuh isu ni.

di kampung aku dekat ulu tiram, agaknya ada ratusan orang keturunan indon yang takda sebarang taraf.

mereka ni berumur 20 tahun ke atas dan seperti yang kau cakap, tetap setia bersama malaysia, tak pernah ke indon pun sebab mak bapak diorang pun meninggal kat sini.

kesianlah pada mereka, wahai kerajaan. banyak undi untuk umno terbuang begitu saja.


jambalaya said...

kudos bro,

this is another issue which the govt should look into.

all this while, they are too busy offering PR and citizenship to rich foreigners.

Anonymous said...

they couldnt care less about this people la, jai.

KDN and jabatan pendaftaran are so blind. why? they are led by blind people - blind at heart...

FAT RAT said...

we are so generous with foreigners, bro.

we can give good lodging to the unhcr (most of them are liars!) but mistreating our own people!

this is the govt that we call a benevolent!

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang benar. saya sendiri ada terjumpa sebilangan daripada mereka ini di johor tahun lalu.

mereka hidup 'terseksa' tanpa sebarang dokumen pengenalan dan taraf kerakyatan.

anak2 mereka sendiri jadi mangsa kerana sukar mendapat tempat di sekolah kerajaan. nak hantar ke sekolah swasta pula, amal mahal.

jadi, di mana letaknya kewarasan kerajaan dalam menangani masalah mereka ini?

Anonymous said...

hisham doesnt care lor.

he only cares for the banglas who he gives special treatment under the 6P program.

NMN said...

Fyi, there are ' Malaysian citizens'' who could not even speak Bahasa Malaysia at all.

Money can buy citizenship, that's why I observe this particular ethnic group came in droves lately as they have the financial resources.

Since we couldn't understand their language which is widely used by this ethnic group, we couldn't differentiate whether they are citizens, tourists or pendatang haram.

Something should be done to stop the migration of these parasites. Otherwise this country would be controlled by them in the near future.

vincent said...

i am glad that u brought up this matter as i am also involved in helping this people to gain their identity.

however, the registration dept imposes stringent conditions such as to track their parents' documents, which in most cases can no longer be found.

but the applicants have proof of their birth cert and the school where the are and used to study. they dont even have a valid international passport to leave the country although some are over 30 years of age.

i hope the ministry attend to them first rather than trying to woo foreigners for 'malaysia as 2nd home' and issue them PR.

pls be fair to our own people!

Anonymous said...

we are so proud that we can help those million of foreigners... but sadly, we deprive our own people of their basic rights!

what is happening to this country?

gagak di rimba said...

kalau hisham boleh baik sangat dengan orang bangla hinggakan beri layanan istimewa dalam program 6P, apa salahnya bagi layanan elok sikit kepada golongan tidak berwarganegara ni, yang lahir dan sudah menetap di malaysia berpuluh-puluh tahun ni?

gunalah fikiran yang bernas sikit.

asyik2 nak dapatkan pujian orang luar je kita ni, sedangkan rakyat mengutuk cara pentadbiran kita!

Anonymous said...

jumlah yang ramai ni dah sure boleh join umno dan memperkukuhkan parti.

tapi pemimpin kita, khasnya di KDN, buta perut!

Anonymous said...

we dont want them because the govt doesnt want them.

so, what to do?

we have hearts for them but not the govt!

Jehan said...

salam. apa yg jadi pada diorg sekarang? dah dapat kerakyatan ke belum - Kerajaan nak kita terlalak terlolong macam HINDU buat baru diorg nak buat kerja.