Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Songkok' does not symbolise Islam

On February 10, Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria slammed Prime Minister Najib Razak’s attendance of Thaipusam celebrations at Batu Caves as 'sacrificing his faith' and was not Islamic.

He was also dismayed when Najib wore the 'kurta' when attending the festival.

However, he took a 360 degree turn yesterday after 'listening' to the prime minister. And finally, Harussani agreed that what Najib did was not against Islamic doctrine.

Mufti pun boleh cakap lepas ke? I don't know why must it took Najib to explain for Harussani to understand. He should have given it a deep thought before making such statements.

Wrong perception and adverse impression always lead to bad words. As I mentioned in my few postings, if we keep on getting the picture from people who are against somebody, the subject will remain rotten forever.

Now, back to the 'kurta'. I think mostly each and everyone of us is aware that kurta is a traditional attire. In India, the Muslims also wear it, just like our 'baju Melayu' which is well-accepted among our multi-racial society.

In Indonesia, for instance, a drive from Medan to Lake Toba will take us through Prapat where pig sellers along the road wear the traditional 'songkok'.

I don't think 'songkok' symbolises a religion. Its more of a traditional patch in the Nusantara. The 'jalabiyah' among the Arabs does not reflect Islam as the non-Muslim such as the Jews and the Erithrean Christians also wear it.

Even the 'cheongsam' does not signifies a religion as it is only a part of the Chinese culture attire.

I am sad that so many people made so many unfair statements about issues pertaining to attire, festivals and processions. In a Malaysian context where we are proud of our multi-religion, multi-racial and multi-culture society, we have long accepted each other's tradition as a common heritage.

Najib attended the function as a leader of a multi-racial and multi-religious nation, who respects other religions and faiths (as encouraged by Islam) and in showing appreciation for the contribution of the Hindus toward nation building.

And what is wrong if he enters the temple?

Hassan al-Turabi, the Sudanese ulama whom I stayed with in Khartoum in 1996, used to say that even non-Muslims can walk into a mosque to seek shelter from his enemy or from the rain. However, it is sad to note that most Muslims are ignoring such an Islamic reality nowadays.

I hope we don't make such a 'silly' mistake anymore.

'Lakum dinukum waliyaddin'...


a makmum said...


a mufti is usually a well-respected person, honest and does not simply make uncalled statements.

he should be wise and tactful in his deeds and words.

when a mufti turns around his words like this, his credential is at stake.

Anonymous said...

yes lor.

a mufti also can make mistake. but for a mufti to easily lash out at other people, not very nice lor.

look before your take a leap!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

sebab itu, kita ada pepatah - cakap siang, pandang-pandang; cakap malam dengar-dengar.

tak manis komen sesuatu bila akhirnya kita sendiri terpaksa memperbetulkannya...

ye tak?

kenny said...


those who wear songkok are not necessarily muslims.

i have seen what you said about people in prapat selling pork and pigs. they wore songkok too.

attire is the domain of any ethnic around the world.

in islam, as long as you cover your aurat, you cay pray... does not matter in what attire you are!

gondola said...

tu pasal jgn terlepas cakap. fikir masak2 dulu sebelum komen apa2. ni dah terlepas, kena betulkan balik. kalau kita ni rakyat biasa, ok la jugak. ni mufti!

ReadMe said...


This snippet I likeee..

"Hassan al-Turabi, the Sudanese ulama whom I stayed with in Khartoum in 1996, used to say that even non-Muslims can walk into a mosque to seek shelter from his enemy or from the rain. However, it is sad to note that most Muslims are ignoring such an Islamic reality nowadays"


u tell me bro, why UMNO/PERKASA/PEKIDA/ntahapalahiKUDA all so "barking" mad when "NON-MUSLIM" politician's have their say as ADUN/MP in the surau/mosque and such???

UMNO mmg saja nak lelagakan orang MELAYU tak sokong mereka.. Jenis manusia BUSUK hati, BUKAN SEMUA tetapi KEBANYYAKAN laaa..

dari zaman tun det tu lagi, dia dah tanamkan semangat laga-laga kan agama dan bangsa bila nak meraih sesuatu benda dari rakyat..
UMNO la tu...

PR plak guna kesempatan dari senjata umno tu jer..

umno NO MORE

The Eugenist said...

Brader BUjai..

I would like to extend a congratulatory remark to the braders and sisters who have been wrongly preaching the words of Islam i.e The Quran which further created the confusion among us..

May we all reach safely the designated "jannah"..

Hesmel Faznee Faisal.

azizhassan said...

U are right. Malaysian Malays/Muslims have got many things mixed-up since a long time ago. Along the way they forget that the songkok is worn by Malaysians of all races/religions while on national/official duty.

The same goes with the baju Melayu which some have come to regard as baju Islam!

Also the jubah that in the Arab world is worn by just about everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs. But some of us take the jubah to mean an Islamic attire, hence the practice amongst tabligh followers who have been misled by their foreign gurus to always wear the jubah.

I also cannot understand why our Islamic officials -- imams, muftis amongst them -- should also wear the jubar as part of their official attire. Why not the baju Melayu since we are Malaysian Malays.

Sometimes I think we often get things wrong because many amongst us don't fully understand the meanings of the contents of the Quran and hadith, thereby relying almost entirely on what people who are supposed to be learned in religion tell us.

lordapes said...

Bro, 360 degrees is straight forward la. Haha. Kalau berubah fikiran, 180 degrees je. U turn. :D
On another note, kopiah is a religious attire. Muslims (in malaysia) proudly wear it as an "Islamic" symbol, not realizing that jews also wear their "kippah", which have the same colour, shape and function. Lol

Anonymous said...

and those with serban also are not ulama.

some are hypocrites!

mat gombau said...


kau pakai songkok tak?

gamai antaro kito cumo pakai songkok pado hari jumaat maso nak solat jumaat, ataupun dua kali setahun maso solat sunat aidilfitri dan aidiladha.

den setuju amek2 bahawo songkok ni tak mencermikan agamo. ia cumo tradisi masyarakat nusantara ni.

pakaian apo pun kalau dipakai menutup aurat, itulah yang melambangkan islam... dan buleh digunokan untuk semayang.

boto tak den cakap ni?

Haresh Deol said...

It is sad that people in this country do not know the difference between religion and culture.

It is also sad that some people are misled to ditch their 'culture' in the name of 'religion'.

Anonymous said...


but what matters is others' perception of your attire

lee kuan yew wore a songkok and walked round the kampong to buy votes

not that the kampong folks believe he's a muslim

but whatever 'koyok' he's selling becomes more believable by just wearing a songkok and perhaps "beri salaam"

Anonymous said...

Haiya readme

Everything also blame UMNO - takde modal lain ke?

Songkok pun UMNO yang salah - dah bankrap idea ke?

Jelak dan jijiklah kempen cybertrooper PR ni

gempita said...

aku dah lama tak pakai songkok.

dah terlalu mahal..

... sampai RM75 satu songkok!

Anonymous said...

Itu Perak punya Mufti, mana ada taraf menjadi mufti pun. Dia tu mufti songkok terbalik pakai punya, mengaji tak habis, balik kampung palsukan sijil, pakai songkok terbalik, itu sebab cakap tak serupa bikin, memang taraf orang BN/UMNO tak pandai malu, muka menyitan aje. Sial betul, orang macam ni hidup di bumi Negara Malaysia ynag bertuah ini.