Monday, February 13, 2012

Ramasamy sues; Karpal defends the Star

Rivalry between Karpal Singh and Dr Ramasamy will eventually see both of them settling it in court. However, its not about their differences.

Karpal is expected to take up the position as a defense lawyer for The Star newspaper which is being sued for 'defamation' by the plaintiff, Ramasamy who is also Penang Deputy Chief Minister.

Both, from DAP, will turn the case as a showdown about 'who holds supreme' in the party after the spat which saw Rama facing the party's disciplinary action soon.

Karpal is hoping for Rama to be sacked from the opposition party while his 'enemy' is said to have launched an 'anti-Karpal' campaign nationwide - should the party expels him, his few thousand supporters would quit from DAP.

Looks like The Star is a perfect scapegoat for the two. But why didn't Ramasamy take similar action on Tamil Osai newspaper which was accused of making 'irresponsible stories' about him and his supporters?

Compared with The Star reports, Tamil Osai was more blunt in criticising him which led to the spat with Karpal during a party convention in Penang late last year!

Opppsss... Maybe I've forgotten the fact that the editor of Tamil Osai has come up with an apology but according to The Star's reporter who interviewed him in Penang, everything that appeared in the newspaper was what Rama actually said, and it was verbatim.

So, why is he suing The Star for RM10 million if there is no chance for him to get that money? Karpal is not a low-tier lawyer as he is one of the most sought after in the country!

Remember Karpal's famous words?

"Jangan main sama saya!"


kapal selam said...

yeah man!

jangan main with karpal!

ramasamy is courting trouble. lets see who is he engaging to be his lawyer!

the saint said...

i agree that its tamil osai he needs to sue, and not the star.

the star reporter mcintyre said everything was verbatim, means each and every single word ramasamy said is on record.

why is he suing? hidden motive.

murat murai said...

dia sama star sebab saja nak berdepan dengan karpal singh di mahkamah. dia tau takda cara lain nak berdepan dengan musuh politiknya tu selain mahkamah.

dia pun berharap agar karpal kalah sebab ini akan lambung ego dia.

kalau star kalah lagi elok, lagi besar la kemenangan dia!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

tak nampak lojik rama saman star kerana semua percakapannya dirakamkan oleh wartawan akhbar ni.

dia mungkin kalah.

bila kalah, bukan saja di tangan star malah di tangan kapal. ini paling pedih sebab karpal memang nak tengok dia 'dihapuskan' dari DAP!

tauke lim said...

this is personal vendetta, nothing to do with the star.

yes, the star is just a scapegoat.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

that star reporter blew the story out of context!

that's why he and his employer got sued.

what kind of reporting is that? anti-ramasamy reporting?

promoter said...

kah kah kah!

karpal vs ramasamy!

good headline... next change!

Anonymous said...

let them lor.

maybe its just a political gimmick. star also involved!

Anonymous said...


He should have said it to anwar in sodomy2.

Anonymous said...

Kalau dah lahir budu, budu lah samapai mati....

Anonymous said...

rama will sue your arse too for toying around with his status!

mat gombau said...


silap2 duo org ni nak konokan the star.

yo lah. kot mano lah tau, diorang bepakat di belakang kito!

Anonymous said...

agree with TAUKE LIM.

personal vendetta but star is the victim trapped in between.

when they meet in court, i think they will throw tantrums at each other...

spy leman said...


let them screw each other.

why must we care?

we in umno must concentrate in our internal problems. u think its easy to settle.

Bodohlah Kamu said...

This is really stupid. Why jeopardise the party over personal egos. Two old men fighting over we-dont-give-a-shit kinda issue. Can someone tell me if this will actually help DAP in any way?

Anonymous said...

one of these days, we will see people from within umno using the court as a settlement resort for their differences.

just like when kuli and tun dr m in 1986,this time it will be more damaging to the party.

there are already some signs...

kulitkraf said...

what a farce!

but in the first place, why must the star choose karpal?