Friday, February 24, 2012

PwC gets a new MD


Some people at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the Securities Commission and conglomerates like Maxis and Felda are sighing in relief over rumors that the top most position at PwC will change hand soon.

PwC, embroiled in so many disputes with some of its major clients, including a case still pending at the High Court, should also see changes to its key personnel as a restructuring is also in the pipeline.

"It's not always gloom and doom here, despite the evidence to the contrary.

"We are happy to share the news that Sridharan Nair has been picked as the new Managing Director for PwC Malaysia, and that he will officially take the helm on the 1st of June, 2012.

"This is a great opportunity for everyone to start afresh, and for PwC to once again be a name to be reckoned within the auditing fraternity," according to Zarinahtakesapaycut.

What makes the news even better, is the fact that Sridharan was chosen by consensus, and that the other candidate vying for the same position sportingly gave way to Sridharan, to make him a choice for all of PwC Malaysia.

Let's hear to what Johan Raslan got to say about this. I thought some people at PwC want him to resign?


eric estrada said...


mr nair is the best person for the job.

he is a 'no fool' guy and has served the company for so many years.

his good record and strong business connection will augur well for the company.

good choice!

insight said...


not everyone at pwc endorsed his appointment.

johan raslan is keeping no comment about it.

why didnt anybody get his reaction as chairman of pwc?

Anonymous said...

whatever lar.

the rest of pwc staff are only working endlessly without any appreciation from the top. so, any changes dont mean anything to us!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

june jauh lagi. apa2 boleh berlaku dalam tempoh itu walaupun keputusan sudah dibuat...

RRJ said...


all top guns at pwc MUST resign en-mass to clear the passage for a more dynamic team to lead the company.

under the current regime, lower management and ordinary staff are made coolies all around.

no room at all for us to speak up!

Anonymous said...

why is johan still there?

Anonymous said...

now he seems ok la.

wait till he is in power.

Anonymous said...


rais yatim dah buang kerja setiausaha akhbar dia semata2 krn org tak tengok facebook twitter rtm. begitu kejamnya menteri2 hari ni.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1.00pm.
I like that description.
It is a truism .
For any Organisation.
That remark is deja vu.
So Familiar.
Pick any management or leadership change in GOVT state or federal Party NGO local council GLC PLC western or eastern based Conglemarate,for the last 10 years and track.
arjuna waspada
chnagkat lobak.