Sunday, February 26, 2012

A moderate MCA, a Malaysian Chinese society

Congratulation to MCA on its 63rd anniversary today.

In giving my opinion as a Malaysian (not as a Malay), I think the Chinese party has done well in forging better understanding and cooperation among multiracial Malaysians. Its moderate approach in attending to some delicate racial issues has earned the party a certain degree of respect and appreciation from other races, particularly the Malays.

True enough, its collaboration within Barisan Nasional is paving the way for the Chinese to be more Malaysians in the sense that the country's upkeep is for them to shoulder with the Malays, Indians, Sikhs and others.

And by feeling 'Malaysians', the Chinese have all the while helped develop the nation, socially and economically. With more Chinese-Bumiputra companies are established to grab the abundant of opportunities in the fast moving economic sector, the level of prejudice among races reached its thinnest level ever.

Of course there are hiccups here and there but those who incited racial disharmony represent just a drop of water in the ocean, so to say.

Whether its done by the Malays, Chinese, Indians or others, Malaysians are getting more absorbed with it to the extent that nobody would want to exaggerate it anymore for one common reason - Malaysian unity will not be rattled by such foolish doings. Racial and religious extremists are always there to batter our national stability, as we all had understood.

I don't care what others think about the MCA and the moderate Chinese inside MCA. I never encountered any problem with my Chinese friends in my own neighborhood or elsewhere. In my kampung, we still practice what we have been doing since the 1960s - to joint hands in every ceremony and events (they include DAP members too).

When it comes to prejudice, I am willing to take criticism from my-fellow Malay bloggers and friends by saying that its the Malays who are more prejudice toward the Chinese, than the Chinese toward the Malays and Indians.

Why? While the Chinese understand Bahasa Malaysia, almost 95 per cent Malays do not understand Mandarin or Cantonese.

In many instances, I saw and overheard how a group of Malays seated at a table next to some Chinese at a restaurant, made similar remarks, 'I think they are mocking at us' when in fact, it was not the case.

I remember while having dinner with Fong Chan On and the Star boss Wong Chun Wai last year, the former MCA minister agreed to my suggestion that our primary schools should introduce Mandarin classes for interested Malay students. The argument is simple - in the years to come, more Malays will be conversant in one of the Chinese dialects and this would erase their prejudice towards their own countrymen.

And as such, more Chinese companies will be open to such Malays. Furthermore, the language is becoming more important as China takes over the US and Japan as the world's major economic power.

Yes, there some Malays who enrolled at Chinese schools but the number is too small. To learn the language, they have to take up language courses elsewhere.

Language is always a barrier to better racial understanding. It is common in many countries. An absolute Malaysian unity can be achieved if the Malays, Chinese and Indians understand each others' language. I am not sure if the government likes the idea but I hope MCA will take up the effort, at least by setting up Mandarin classes for free to those who are willing to acquire it.

Under Dr Chua Soi Lek, MCA has improved its position as a party for the 'moderate Malaysian Chinese'. While the DAP is also getting strong support, as had been the case for Penang, MCA over the past few months saw progress in convincing the Chinese that radical mind does not augur well for a multi-racial Malaysia.

MCA has proven that politic of the moderates is most suitable in the Malaysian context. The DAP, which self-proclaimed as being a demoractic party, turns out to be a party owned by its top executives. I don't remember the last time DAP called for its AGM and had a party election.

The DAP today, which is a Pakatan Rakyat ally, is different from the DAP of yesteryear. It is not just working together with its Pakatan allies PAS and PKR to win seats but is also set to change the fate of the Malaysian Chinese.

As CSL mentioned recently, a vote for DAP is also a vote for PAS. Its a eunuch to PAS, just like Perak case. Even within the BN framework, Umno too is trying to run down PAS - its main foe in the past and coming general elections.

There is also a sign of renewed optimism among the Chinese over MCA. The recent debate between CSL and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has somewhat restored the party's pride and dignity. It is a rare occasion that an MCA leader 'takes the bull by its horns'. However, CSL did it.

MCA, under CSL, is also free from internal tussles. The leaders and members are more forward-thinking and are willing to settle whatever differences within the concept of party spirit. No more is heard about domestic bickering. Even words of disgruntled has subsided.

I believe this is how former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad put Umno under control (except for the 1987 party election which saw Umno declared illegal by the court). CSL's minor 'confrontation with his predecessor Ong Tee Keat has also been put far behind.

From being too defensive, MCA is now going more on the attack. Although the 2008 general election saw the party lost half the number of seats it won in 2004, predictions for the next national poll are more positive. Some political analysts dared to say that the party could help Umno defeat Pakatan Rakyat in Penang.

As MCA celebrates its anniversary, its top leadership should find ways to make changes for the betterment of the party and to Barisan Nasional. Although it looks like a slalom, more aspects of the party's approach in nation-building should be improved if it wants to stay relevant.

Just like Umno, MCA needs reform to its style, approach, attitude and senses. Staying close to Malaysians - irrespective of race - will augur well in making MCA the most sought Chinese party in the country. This will ensure it stays relevant.

The founding fathers of MCA had long subscribed to moderate politics. MCA, under CSL will remain that way. Malaysia is a unique place, and any politics of radicalism and extremism will only tear the country apart.

To my Chinese friends, please remember this - the road to ruin is always kept under good repair. MCA is always there for you.


susu botol said...

a good point view, jai.

only the moderates can survive in malaysia.

not any single race accepts politics of extremism like dap, pas and pkr.

as long as mca stays within the context of bn partnership, it will stay relevant.

happy anniversary, mca!

Anonymous said...

u forgot to mention how soi lek hantam umno during the debate with guan eng.

why didnt u raise it up in your blog?

penangan said...

salam tn,

kita sentiasa menghormati rakan2 dari kaum cina sebagai rakyat malaysia dan turut mempunyai hak yang sama dengan orang lain.

adalah diharapkan mca akan melalui era lebih bermakna di bawah teraju dr chua dan datuk najib dalam barisan nasional.

kita tidak mahu melihat atau mendengar apa2 jua isu kecil digembar-gemburkan melalui akhbar dan media lain. ia perlu diselesaikan oleh bn secara tertutup.

memang adakalanya orang umno sendiri terlepas cakap tetapi ia tidak mencerminkan pendirian parti.

bagaimanapun, mulai saat ini eloklah semua pemimpin dalam parti BN lebih berhati-hati membuat kenyataan.

chulalongkorn said...

stay tune!

bujai is joining MCA soon... as its vice president.


sori bro... reading your posting reflects how u should join MCA. unfortunately, u are not a chinese.

a good posting anyway!

Anonymous said...


how much is MCA paying u?


insight said...

MCA will stay relevant, bro.

umno never had any major prob with the chinese, except that the chinese in DAP are getting more mean lately...

MCA should woo them before they are lost!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary MCA.

i believe the party will fare better in the next general election.

good job CSL!

loke yew said...


i agree that a country's assimilation can be achieved thru a language.

although bahasa malaysia is well accepted as the official language of the country, there is still a need for non-chinese to acquire the language.

besides eroding the sentiment of prejudice among races, it also helps to bring together this lovely and unique nation.

let's not politicise on this issue.

u may be critised by the malays and friends but from my perception, you are a true malaysian at heart and mind.

i hope the government will consider your proposal to fong and wong. it can make malaysia a more meaningful place on earth!

TGK said...

happy anniversary to MCA.

i want to see MCA and other BN components to work together more closely in winning the next general election.

and syabas to you, mr jai

samagagah said...

chua soi lek dan rakan2 dalam MCA juga perlu lebih berhati-hati apabila membuat kenyataan mengenai isu melayu.

jangan ikut sedap mulut je.

kita anggap MCA sebagai rakan akrab, bukan saja dalam BN dan kabinet tetapi orang cina adalah rakyat yang berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan kita.

biarlah kita sama2 membangunkan negara tanpa rasa curiga dan perjudis yang berpunca daripada kenyataan politik yang keterlaluan oleh pemimpin kita.

Anonymous said...

mandarin at school is perhaps the best idea so far to create more understanding among malaysians.

nothing's wrong with that if the govt and the malays are willing to undertake such an approach.

i think most malaysian chinese would be happy to have more malays speaking and understanding their language.

after 54 years of independence, we shouldnt live in prejudice anymore.

tiga suku said...

sapa2 nak belajar bahasa cina, lantaklah.

aku takkan belajar sebab bahasa malaysia tu dah kuat dah. orang lain yang patut belajar bahasa ni.

Anonymous said...


what are u talking!

CSL is the most dumbest MCA leader. he does not care about the malays either.

malaysia indah said...


saya adalah antara pelajar melayu di sekolah aliran cina pada awal tahun 80an.

apabila memahami bahasa mandarin, saya tidak pernah terdengar orang cina mengata orang melayu di mana saja saya pergi.

mereka cuma menyebut dasar kerajaan yang harus diperbaiki. untuk mengata atau mengutuk orang melayu, jauh sekali.

orang cina di negara ini sudah lama menjadi orang malaysia dalam ertikata sebenarnya, cuma orang melayu sendiri yang takut dengan bayang2 kerana tidak memahami bahasa cina.

jadi, memang elok cadangan sdr agar bahasa mandarin atau kantonis diperkenalkan di peringkat sekolah rendah, bukan sebagai subjek wajib tetapi pilihan.

malangnya, golongan pendidik melayu sering menolak saranan ini atas alasan bahasa kebangsaan akan dipinggirkan. ini bukan alasan yang waras.

selain dapat mengekalkan bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa rasmi negara, orang melayu dan bukan cina akan mendapat banyak keuntungan daripada bahasa mandarin.


vincent said...

dont blame it only on soi lek and other mca leaders who made unnecessary statements about the malays.

similarly, some umno leaders too have made some derogatory remarks about the chinese and mca.

i think its time for both sides to stop it.

a blogger too said...

i think the star can start organising a mandarin class for non-chinese.

what do you think, chun wai?

Anonymous said...

main bola ke?

lu ada bini cina ka?

tulis merapu pasal belajar bahasa cina.

lu ingat orang melayu nak belajar ka? diorang orang tu semua pemalas!

mat gombau said...


den pun buleh cakap beberapo patah bahaso cino ni, terutamo yang kotor2.


tapi inilah permulaan kito maso kocik2 dulu.

tapi dalam belajar apo bahaso pun, yang kotor2 ni lah yang lobeh sonang belajar. boto tak?

Anonymous said...

Slogan MCA "I am Chinese first then Malaysian"

Slogan UMNO "I am Malay first then Malaysian"

Slogan MIC "I am Indian first then Malaysian"

Slogan PAS "I am Muslim first then Malaysian"

Slogan DAP "I am Malaysian Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kaum-kaum lain"

Slogan PKR "We are all Malaysians and cheerish freedom"

Which is heading in the right path for Malaysians?

Belajar Bahasa lain-lain selain bahasa ibunda sendiri tak pernah merugikan sesiapa pun dalam sejarah.

Lagi penting kalau sesuatu bahasa yang dipelajari tu menguntungkan diri sendiri dan keluarga dalam segi ekonomik dan ilmu.

Pasal politik, ramai yang diperbodohkan memperjuangkan bahasa masing-masing dan cuma menyesal apabila terasa terkebelakang dari segi hidup menuntut ilmu di dunia, ni.

Orang bodoh sebahasa saja.

perigi buta said...

hebat... hebat tulisan ni. seolah-olah MCA takda cacat celanya, seolah-olah soi lek tu tokoh cina terhebat.

ada masyuukkkk ke?

aku terpaksa sokong tulisan kau ni, bro.

kalau ada masyuukk... mintak la sikit. hehehe!

watanabe said...

your viewpoint is fare, i suppose.

agree that soi lek managed to put off all internal crisis and strengthened the party.

however, he must also be careful with some faction in the party trying to bring him and MCa down!

ahli BN said...

sama ada MCA, Umno, MIC atau mana2 parti dalam BN, semangat setiakawan yang ada perlu dikukuhkan.

pemimpin tidak harus membuat sebarang kenyataan yang berbau perkauman kerana ini akan mengeruhkan hubungan.

baik pemimpin Umno atau MCA, belajarlah menjaga lidah dengan baik...

paham tak?

tina said...

i like this.

u are a good malaysian!

kahwin campur said...


sudah tiba masanya MCA, Umno dan parti lain dalam BN menggerakkan segala tenaga yang ada bagi menghapuskan unsur prejudis antara kaum di malaysia.

jangan ikut cara DAP, PAS dan PKR yang menabur benih kebencian sesama rakyat berbilang kaum di Malaysia.

semoga MCA mendapat lebih banyak kerusi pada PRU akan datang.


budak sekolah said...

sebagai pelajar melayu, saya sokong jika kerajaan perkenalkan subjek bahasa mandarin di sekolah.

di segi jangka panjang, ia akan membawa banyak manfaat kepada orang melayu dan negara.

Anonymous said...

chua soi lek?

he is good in many ways.... hehe!

NMN said...

Bro Jai,
Language/bahasa is not the issue and it's not the yardstick to measure whether one is racist or not.
What's more important is ones action towards others.

Selingan sikit :
Sebagai seorang yang tidak memihak mana2 parti politik, saya mengajak anda semua kembali ke pangkal jalan..........

Kepada orang2 Islam, ingatlah Allah tidak mengukur apa yang kita ada di dunia ini. Allah akan lihat apa yg ada di dalam hati dan amalan kita.

Kpd yg bukan Islam, saya mengajak saudara/saudari agar mengenali islam yg sebenar-benarnya dan ayuhlah kita menuju kejayaan bersama-sama.

Our Creator wants nothing but the best from all of us.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

let's see how MCA marches under CSL...

i dont have confident in him. sorry

Anonymous said...


What would UMNO do if one of the office bearers admit to a khalwat offence on DVD ? Everywhere in the world, whether one is guilty of infidelity or guilty of using taxpayer's money, or guilty of abuse of power, the perpetrator has to quit. Only in Bolehland will that not happen. Why ? Because once you cast a stone, you hit someone from BN.....

Thieves will be thieves. Don't expect thieves to reform. we just have to boot them out of Putrajaya.


Anonymous said...

Which party has the highest number of office bearers charged with criminal offences ? Tan Koon Swan, Kee Yong Wee, Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy.....the list goes on. CSL hasn't been charged because he did not sodomize A.yam in the video. He did what all adulterers do - get blown.