Sunday, February 12, 2012

MCMC - too much power and autonomy for the boss

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is among the government's largest entities and perhaps the most 'glamorous' in terms of scope of duty and the ranks of people who come under its business jurisdiction.

Ananda Krishnan of Maxis and Astro, Shazalli Ramly of Celcom, Digi, the Media Prima Group of Companies and Axiata, to name a few.

They are very much 'attached' to the MCMC regulatory body as to ensure hiccup-free services to their respective clients. As communications and multimedia business generates tonnes of money annually, relations with the MCMC must be kept intact.

MCMC is really in power. As it comes under direct supervisory of Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim, its most senior executives do report to him... or to ministry's sec-gen Kamaruddin Siarap.

But do Rais and Kamaruddin 'really are the bosses' to those few people at the helm of MCMC? And does Rais really keep track on the on-goings at the Commission?

So 'powerful and glamorous' is the MCMC that the executive chairman also holds the chief operating officer position. This '2 in 1' is not something recommendable in any government's agency and institution.

Why is such a situation?

I am not sure if the person in charge is given the power to hire and fire or being paid handsomely for that two positions but the management of the Commission is said to be in the hands of a few, including someone who recently was brought in from another Commission to deal with MCMC most important matters.

Important matters could be a say in issuing out contract to companies deemed close to the inner circle.... or other things.

Is it so difficult to find a COO among the MCMC top guns or someone from outside who has the knowledge and experience in communications and multimedia? I think its not a difficult task to find such a brain as there are abundant of them.

Power and authority should be put to a limit. Those in power, especially the appointed ones, should bear in mind that they are there for a temporary basis and sooner or later, others will take up their positions.

Or is this 'temporary' status that prompted them to wrest whatever opportunity at stake, knowing there won't be a second chance once they are out of the organisation?

I do not wish to comment any further as those at the top should understand the whole situation and evaluate it before it eats up on certain individuals.

There are times when the ones we appointed will in the end turn their back on us!


woman in red said...

what a bomb you've dropped on the mcmc and the others.

good one, bro. the few people at the top are now so powerful that the minister and sec-gen cannot interfere in their decision.

cybercop said...

kudos, jai.

i am with u. what u wrote is perfect, esp the part that someone from outside - another commission that already dumped him - is brought in by the boss.

call it cronyism... it does exist at mcmc top level.

i dont want to name them but i know, many people know and the mcmc staff are aware of it.

Anonymous said...

What is your point really? That the Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998 stipulates that the MCMC is run by an Executive Chairman? That the current Chairman was brought in as COO initially, then promoted? Or are you really lobbying for one of the Senior second liners to take the COO position?
Do clarify as your post lacks ooomph and doesn't state specifically what your issue is?

penangan said...


kena perbetulkan keadaan ni. sorang satu jawatan, sudahlah. bagilah peluang kepada orang lain pegang satu jawatan.

agaknya gajinya pun untuk dua orang...wallahualam.

tapi cara ni memang tak betul. kalau syarikat terbitan awam, ok la kot.

ini agensi kerajaan! ramai lagi boleh pegang jawatan tu.

Anonymous said...

by the way, who appointed him?

do u have the answer?

don juan said...

another mistake that should be avoided much earlier before people come up with various speculations.

why in the first place the COO position is not filled? there are potential candidates among the senior MCMC staf.

if we give too much power to just one person, then it may lead to abuse of power!

sitora said...

sensitif ni bro.

kang ada yang melenting.

kau tgk je la nanti.

fabian said...

i dont think its wrong.

however, i do agree that if one is given too much say and authority, he or she might feel like a king at an such an organisation.

empat mata said...

saya lihat ada yang tak puas hati dengan tulisan sdr. ada komen yang pertikaikan niat sdr menulis kisah ini.

bagaimanapun, semua pihak harus menerimanya dengan terbuka.

memang ada agensi yang beberapa jawatan tertingginya hanya dikuasai oleh seorang saja. tak perlulah saya sebut kerana saya juga ahli kepada salah satu agensi terbabit.

seringkali berlaku keadaan di mana orang lain tidak dapat bersuara kerana kuasa yang diberikan kepada seseorang ini terlalu luas hingga meliputi semua keputusan membuat dasar hinggalah kepada pemberian kontrak.

rasa kira ini tidak adil kerana ia akan mewujudkan keadaan di mana hubungan di antara eksekutif bahawan dengan orang atasan menjadi renggang.

ia juga tidak dapat mengelak daripada unsur kronisme dan nepotisme dalam pemberian kontrak

nasi said...


apa jadi dengan kes pegawai khas rais, nazri abdullah?

bukan ke dia rapat dengan shahril mcmc?

apa keputusan sprm?

Anonymous said...

why didnt u name them or the person?

however, we know laaaa..