Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lynas to be relocated?

Lynas will be relocated. New site unknown.

That's the info I got when I was at the PM Dept on Monday. Don't ask me who. As a journalist, I was trained to protect my informer (hahaha!) but the info has to be of a Grade A material.

"No letter (from PM or the Cabinet). Only an instruction to Pahang MB Adnan (via his top officer) to work it out. Relocate (Lynas) elsewhere. Bla... bla... bla (politics). Adnan to work things out on the ground, find a more suitable and objection-free site."

But where else would be a more suitable site and free from the opposition? Gunung Tahan? A no-people island? Or shift it back to Australia?

(There were also questions - if its safe enough, why have it on our compound and not Down Under itself where land is abundant?) I told them this is a big investment, meant to put Malaysia on the world map, provides jobs for the locals and helps boost our economy. After all, it is declared safe!

I am not sure as to whether Adnan has or was already discussing the matter with his officers. If a new site is agreed upon, it will be back to the PM's desk and the Cabinet to accept it. However, a few will be the best options.

But after 'scanning' Pahang's map (thanks Google), I can't find any area of 'no orang'. Unless we choose Pulau Bidong in Terengganu (the Hai Hong refugess had long ago left it) or a few islands off Sabah coast.

However, we still cannot avoid Anwar Ibrahim and his gang. How about shifting the plant to one of Pakatan states? Kelantan, for instance. But if we keep on bowing to the Opposition, nothing can be done to develop the country, right?

We need such an investment. While countries like Australia and China are fast becoming the key players for rare earth products - to the extent that other countries are seeking solace in them - we need to keep up with the pace.

No untoward incident such as radioactive emission was reported from any of such plants around the world. While the plant in Gebeng has been given a clean slate by the IAEA, the only unsettled issue is finding a dump site for its wastage. Its a small problem.

Amid a global supply shock for critical hi-tech inputs, Australia is looming as a unique source for such materials. Widely used in modern communications and entertainment devices, the once obscure market for rare earth materials has experienced a dramatic tightening over recent years.

In the face of rising demand, China, the world's dominant supplier, has imposed export restrictions. Subsequently, prices have surged 10-fold on average and, in response, pioneering Australian companies are poised to fill the deficit.

The most advanced is Lynas Corporation (LYC), which commands a valuation north of $2 billion as first product from Mount Weld in Western Australia nears reality. Another local rare-earths leader, Alkane Resources (ALK), has delivered a fivefold investment return as it develops a 100-year mining operation in Dubbo, New South Wales.

At a much earlier stage of development, the coming float of Tabora aims to mirror their success. The company has procured a portfolio of exploration licences covering 753sq km in the East African nation of Tanzania. As the projects are absent of proven mineral resources, float proceeds from Tabora's listing are flagged for exploration.

There is also a similar plant in Tabora, Tanzania.

So, to relocate Lynas or not, is not the issue. What's important is, we need such investments!


huruhara said...


i think an island like bidong can be fully utilised for such a project.

all we need is build a sea port there to facilitate it.

easy what!

Anonymous said...

move it anywhere u wish, the opposition will still be on your backside.

just maintain it in gebeng. fuck with the oposiiton, let them cry their eyes out.

the people too should understand the importance of such a project and recognise experts reports that the plant is save.

why waste money to relocate it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, relocate to Pekan and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

good lar.

election coming.

saving pm's constituent!


lauda said...


shift it back to australia.

in the first place, why must we agreed to them?

penangan said...

salam tuan,

kalau asyik bangkang je, sampai bila pun negara tak maju.

dah menjadi tugas pembangkang untuk tentang apa saja projek yang dilaksanakan kerajaan.

tetapi kerajaan perlu bertegas dalam hal ini manakala rakyat pula perlu faham bahawa kerajaan tidak langsung berniat untuk menyusahkan mereka dengan projek sedemikian.

sontoloyo said...

good idea.

i believe pulau bidong is perfect!

Anonymous said...

pm wants to safeguard his position, so he thinks its necessary to move the plant somewhere else.

the opposition, on the other hand, thinks they are the champions of the people living around lynas but actually its not.

they will forever remain a pain in the ass!

tauke lim said...

why must we shift it?

produce an integrated and full report about the safety of lynas and gazette it.

use the print media to publicise on the safety reports from various parties.

then, the matter is considered close!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

mat gombau said...


buek apo nak susah2 pindahkan. dah banyak duit abih nak buek bondo tu. nak pindah pun bukan free, makan juta2 gak.

elok tutup jo!


Anonymous said...

The opposition to Lynas plant comes from across the divide. Just send the waste to Australia and people can accept the presence of the plant in Malaysia. But remember the Australians are not that stupid to accept the waste as they consider it as a Malaysian waste even though it originated from their land.

NMN said...

Dear bro Jai,
Yes, we need investments but why do we need such risky investment? Lets think carefully about this as we have to evaluate both rewards and risks.

Operationally and environmentally, such plant possess very high risks and we can't assume such risks won't happen. Remember what happenned to the recent nuclear plant in Japan. It was engineered to minimize and eliminate risks but still disaster happened! Although the chances for it to happen is remote but when it happens, it's gonna be a MAJOR disaster.

Now, let's evaluate other projects that may generate equal or lower income but do not pose major threats /risks to people and environment. We have to make calculated and informed decision don't just look at the numbers only. Peoples life are at stake.

Bottom line is, are we that desperate? Are people going to starve without this project? Does this project worth the risks?

In this serious issue, I'm not siding on any political party and I'm begging everyone to be objective about this.

Bak kata pepatah Melayu, "Jangan dah terhantuk baru nak tengadah".

Have a good day bro.

Anonymous said...


Kalau Najib kata pindah... Najib must be fucking desperate.

With Khairy appointment, seperti disangka Khairy adalah sebahagian daripada yang di jangka Najib untuk mempastikan dirinya jadi PM selain daripada masyarakat Tiong Hua.

So Mr Najib... selamat berjudi!!

Anonymous said...

Relocate to Pekan or Putrajaya

Mat Sabo said...

"the only unsettled issue is finding a dump site for its wastage. Its a small problem."
I agree with you... its a small problem finding the dump site for the wastage.
Just put it at the back of garden of the politicians and Malaysians who agree on this project... I have no problem with that... OK tak Jai?

JinHou said...

Its not a small problem. The IAEA safety guides recommends that radioactive waste repository should have low rainfall. There is no such place in Malaysia. This project is fundamentally flawed, it should not be in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

What about Bukit Merah? Small problem you say?

Just imagine 12 years without one single sen of tax to be paid to our country.
And we need this investment. Says who?

This is a very irresponsible article.