Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Let's kill all the lawyers!'

I remember reading Shakespeare’s Henry VI in which Dick the Butcher famously said: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!" I believe many people have read it, some would agree while some would cling to the joke that those who practice law are the first 'to go to hell'.

But of course, to the practitioners and those who have benefited from the legal profession, they look at lawyers as a group of 'perfectionist'. Even when lawyers flouted the law and refused to pay highway tolls, they are deemed to be doing the right thing.

Some lawyers may think that the profession is so special that the practitioners must be given special treatments and deserve a full respect from all parties, including the government. And some are of the opinion that the Bar Council is the most powerful embodiment in any country, so powerful that at anytime it supersedes the executive power of the government.

In Malaysia, the Bar Council is fast turning into a political forum rather than a legal platform. They've got their hands in almost everything - from deciding on toll rates to determining who should become the next prime minister. Gone are the days when lawyers were so engrossed with serving the clients and protecting their fundamental rights.

Our Bar Council is now a political platform for those who are oppose to the government. The Council itself is turning its back on the legitimate government by launching a series of attacks to undermine the administration and denying the people of their rights to be legally-represented. Apart from the exorbitant legal fee imposed, some clients will die before having their case settled.

As lawyers are so busy trying to help the Opposition 'run down the government', the process to get a court settlement for many cases have been delayed, resulting in the clients having to bear more cost in-waiting. And lawyers are getting choosy nowadays, attending to only those with the real bucks, thus depriving others (especially the lower income group) of legal impartiality.

And that's how they have been going around, campaigning about human rights, freedom and absolute democracy, failing to realise that the kind of freedom they sought would be disastrous in the context of a multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia.

I wonder if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election and Anwar or Hadi or Guan Eng becomes the prime minister, will they stop the role of being an opposition platform? Should Barisan Nasional becomes the opposition, will they still tag themselves along with it? Or will they keep on supporting PR should the president of the Bar Council is made a Senator for the Law Minister portfolio?

Most lawyers are of the perception that since the law is 'in their hands', they are untouchable. The Bar Council is like a 'corporate and legalistic entity' - that nothing is wrong in its all doings. The president is deemed to hold the executive power of a prime minister or a sultan. Whatever decision made shall not be contested, even by the government.

We need good lawyers around. As human, lawyers and judges must be aloof and impartial but in some cases, they are easily mounted by politicians and used by those with money.

Talking to lawyers too is not easy nowadays without them having to drop for a while all the legal jargon used in court. Its boring!

But I can bear such a boredom rather than seeing them being a political tool for irrelevant course.

Since Malaysia is a delicate country, the Bar Council should well admit the fact that any move or decision it makes should be in tandem with the spirit of multi-racial and multi-religious society. They can do anything they wish in the US, UK, Germany or Japan but in Malaysia, a minor error could lead to a disaster.

If our Bar Council members are willing to compromise to such facts, then they really are special people who deserve full respect. As for now, I personally see them as trouble-makers!


panji alam said...

its time for us, members of the public, to learn how do defend ourselves in court.

we cant rely on lawyers anymore.

after all, we dont have that kind of money for the high fee they imposed.

an arbitrator said...

who says we need lawyers!?

we need arbitrators, a good one.

penangan said...

salam tn,

peguam adalah golongan yang sepatutnya dihargai dan diiktiraf peranannya dalam fungsi perundangan negara.

tetapi jika peguam dan badan yang menaungi mereka sibuk main politik dan tidak menghiraukan nasib orang yang sepatutnya mendapat pembelaan di segi undang-undang, maka mereka sudah hilang kedudukan dalam masyarakat.

Anonymous said...

the stupid joke about lawyers to be the first to go to hell, is actually a truth!

some lawyers had to lie to save rapists, robbers, money launderers and other criminals.

why? because the criminals got the money to pay them.

and some even lied to send an innocent to jail!

number 5 said...

the bar council must stand on its own, not aligned to any political party or taking side in any policy.

they should moderate to gain the public support.

supporting the opposition and agreeing to irrelevant demands put up by certain groups, should not be in their profession book.

remember, a good lawyer goes to heaven.

young lawyer said...


the bar council is doing the right thing, for the ultimate rights of the people and the judiciary.

without them, who will fight for such a cause?

the govt? umno? or you?

Anonymous said...

kalau majlis peguam pun dah buat kerja lain, tak perlulah jadi peguam.

elok masuk politik je!

lauda said...

sikap peguam kita sejak setahun dua ni memanglah me'lawyer'kan. rasa nak termuntah dibuatnya.

kalau nak berpolitik, takyah sokong pembangkang.

tubuhkan parti baru, parti loyar buruk ke... pastu bertanding la dalam pilihanraya.

menyusahkan orang je!

Anonymous said...

i think its ok.

however, the bar council must try to balance between its responsibility and politics.

politics will usually erode one's interest in his/her doings...

caravan said...

i have been to france.

the bar council worked very closely with the government in many ways, esp in regulating laws and related matters.

sadly in malaysia, they serve the needs of the opposition.

however, as u said, will they be with BN should PR wins the next general election?

7 inches said...


let them toy around with politics.

sooner or later, nobody will hire them!


red eyes said...

i am married to a lawyer (my wife) but she never defend me!

always quarrel in bed!

Anonymous said...

Hang tak suka lawyer sebab? Tak dapat dibendong pendapat mereka ke?

Tak baca Perlembagaan seksyen "Separation of powers ke?"

Tak de sebut pun peminat No 1 Hang profesyen Dr (Medical) atau Council Doktor-Doktor pun kat Perlembagaan.

Memang ada lawyer/peguam seperti lain-lain profesyen yang teruk tapi bukan mereka-mereka kat Bar Council, tu.

Mereka yang teruk ni, nama je lawyer tapi bermain politik, merasuah, dapat projek berjuta-juta ringgit dan mengadaikan maruah dan profesyen mereka kat mahkamah. Lupa video cerita Correct Correct Correct ke?

Nak negara demokrasi ke atau otokrasi?

NMN said...

Bro Jai,
Totally agree with you.

Commoners like me feel The Bar Council is adding tension to the racial relationship. At times I also feel they are rude and show no respect to the Rulers as well as to majority of the rakyat.

They are outright abusing their positions to create disharmony for their individual and political agenda. Instead of being protected, I feel the opposite ie people are more vulnerable and exposed to their negative influence.

NMN said...

In addition; in my opinion, lawyers are modern-day LANUNS and LEECHES.

They charge exhorbitantly to just CUT, PASTE OR COPY standard documention.

Most of the time they dont give any advise and even if they do, they dont give good advise. They will also 'say' they are not responsible for their (ill) advise.

Worse still, they make it a law that it's mandatory for us to HIRE and PAY them for routine and simple, standard procedures and documentation.

Lawyers always talk about ethics. But let's face the fact, it's not easy to find an honest lawyer who will sacrifice his/her position in the name of justice and truth.

Thus, when lawyers are involved in politics, I'm afraid this country will be heading backward because lawyers just don't know how to build. All they know is to argue and finger-pointing and talk and finger-pointing and argue and talk and talk and .......blah ......blah.....

Now, I tend to understand what LOYAR BURUK means!

Have a productive day bro Jai.

Anonymous said...

depa la ni dah jadi loyar buruk. patut hantuk kepala kat tiang letrik!

Anonymous said...

Typical of an umno lap dog...go clean your own act first asshole.

Anonymous said...

no money no talk...is that true...many masuk penjara no money to engage lawyer.. so meka cakap about human right..so mcm mana ni...

jojo said...

what d heck!

they think they are special people, just because they are lawyers!

they think others should listen to them, just because they are lawyers!

i have seen many lawyers absconded their clients' money!

Anonymous said...

Dicadangkan Majlis Peguam daftar sebagai Pati Politik disarankan bertanding dalam PRU13. Sekiranya mereka ini menjadi YB Kita tengok boleh ke Lawyers membantu rakyat yang bermasalah dengan perundangan tanpa bayaran FOC (Free Of Charge)

wak jengkol said...


ada berani ka?


tapi bro, aku sokong apa kau tulis. berani atau tak, soal lain. yg penting, kita dapat luahkan pendapat yang bernas.

majlis peguam memang dah macam parasit terhadap kestabilan rakyat dan kemakmuran negara...

ini memang tepat!