Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dont be 'busy body'

To Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other BN components, better stop being a 'busy body' to Pakatan Rakyat. We must, from now on, concentrate on efforts to woo voters for the next general election.

No need to play supporting actors to DAP, PAS and PKR. We should know by now that whatever differences that occur between them are just part of their mind game and drama to gain publicity and sympathy from Malaysians.

So, its best attending to our domestic problems first rather than meddling with theirs. BN leaders must stay focus in steering their respective parties to stay clear of post-1998 national poll disaster. Stop making too many statements on Hassan Ali, Anwar, Hadi, Guan Eng and others.

Don't you know that they simply dramatised their 'bad relations on hudud' to give the implication that there is a big split in the Opposition? Can we buy that?

Don't walk straight into their political trap. I remember posting about 'Just Ignore Anwar' when Sodomy II erupted two years ago. However, its an Umno 'tradition' that when the Prime Minister speaks or comments, the rest - ministers, deputy ministers, MPs and even Umno branch heads will also join him, feeling awkward if they fail to verbally bash up Anwar.

And then, came various and 'stupid' statements from some of them. Some statements even mocked Anwar as being the 'dumbest' person on earth. Are we underestimating him after what PR had achieved in PRU12?

Consider this. If Anwar is such a bloody fool, no ulama, Islamic scholars and professionals would join him. But the fact that he gains support from many foreign leaders and organisation, including scholars of al-Azhar University, makes him somebody 'special'. Think about it!

Latest, Hadi Awang's decision not to contest or to take up only one of his two seats in the next national poll.

We could have left the issue to PAS and PKR. No point throwing a challenge to DAP to leave Pakatan Rakyat or severe its ties with PAS, or vice versa. They know each others very well enough to disregard their inter-relations.

They are never at odds over hudud. DAP will not be bothered to understand hudud. Their top priority is to see PR takes over Putrajaya. Differences can be settled after that.

Don't tell me Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal, Nik Aziz, Hadi, Mat Sabu and others are still strangers to us, for us to ignore their cunning act?

So, its proper for only a few top BN leaders to comment. Others should keep their mouth shut. But even so, I've heard top leaders making 'uncalled' statements about the Opposition, especially in Hassan Ali case.

I believe its time to leave the guns and ammo to the BN's 'unit media baru'. Some of them are much better with the kill.

The bloggers and the new media are your frontliners now. The leaders - as our commanders - should strategise plans to keep the fort intact!


Anonymous said...

Foolish comments from BN/UMNO supporters make the party intolerable.

datuk oscar said...

good point bro.

the more we talk about anwar and pakatan, the more publicity and sympathy go to them.

however, our leaders are so fond of talking about the opposition and this is seen as another move to sweep the dirt under the carpet.

know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

who says DAP and PAS are at odds?

those with such a perception is actually afraid of their own shadows. they are nervous of the Opposition threat!

Cats Thinker said...

Keep focus..keep up..

tauke lim said...

they hantam the opp because they want to seal their own weakness.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...


sama la with pro-BN bloggers.

too much vulgarity in their postings about the opposition.

u think more readers, esp BN supporters like it?

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang benar.

buat apa kita terlalu asyik nak komen pasal rumahtangga orang lain kalau rumahtangga sendiri pun belum selesai masalahnya.

inilah yang perlu diperhalusi oleh pemimpin dalam BN, khasnya umno kerana masalah dalam umno masih belum selesai.

banyak lagi mesti diperbetulkan sebelum adakan pilihanraya umum

samara said...

lebih banyak kita cakap mengenai anwar, lebih banyak publisiti dia dapat.

kenapa tak kita biarkan je dia. lantak la nak buat apa pun!

Anonymous said...

they are so nosy also, always want to know about other people's progress and problems.

but when it comes to domestic prob, they say eveything is ok.

boleh jalan lor!

Anonymous said...


saya sokong.

jaga hal-ehwal parti sendiri dengan baik, pastikan ianya benar2 kukuh dan bersih.

tak ada faedahnya campur tgn dalam urusan pembangkang.

norman said...


kita sayangkan parti kita, sebab itulah kita rasa berhak untuk tegur.

tapi kalau pemimpin asyik nak komen pasal parti lain dan biarkan parti sendiri dalam keadaan kurang terurus, tak patutlah.

Anonymous said...


Can't agree more.

UMNO/BN should instead focus on their own revitalisation and reconsolidation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah nobody likes busybodies

but if the opposition throws baseless allegations and these fitnah is not challenged or clarified

then the naive and gullible masses will believe that those allegations are true

altantuya, rosmah's shopping, Najib Hindu practice etc