Monday, February 20, 2012

Another bloody fool!

I sometimes wonder why people like to associate Anwar Ibrahim with the coming general election, that anything about Anwar will be the legitimate scale to either outweigh the ruling party or the Opposition.

Strangely, most of the people who made comments about Malaysia and its politics and economy are foreigners who never knew how 'nasi lemak', 'coti canai' or 'hainan chicken rice' taste like. Some of them don't even know our history or whether Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya is the capital city.

This Vikram Nehru (pic) is another 'moron in the making'. Had not for his writing about 'Political tensions escalate in Malaysia', he would at least has emerged as one of the most prolific writers in Asean politics.

But he dumped himself into believing that Malaysia could turn into another chaotic nation. Which nations? India, perhaps. Or could it be like Thailand, Indonesia or Myanmar? Has Vikram ever been to Myanmar when he wrote about Suu Kyi and the junta?

The writer is being carried away by his emotion and a bit of his 'anti-Malaysia' sentiment. I don't really know this guy (and I don't care if he doesn't know me at all). Is he a Malaysian or just another passer-by from India, Pakistan or Israel who happens to show his poor taste over what is taking place in Malaysia and the region?

Again. Why must Anwar's factor decides on the outcome of our general election? I want him to answer this - why must the kidnapping and murders of politicians in India decided that Manmohan Singh should become the boss?

Anwar is just another politician. Being an opposition leader, of course he has to subscribe to different set of politics. The SodomyII case was not planted by anybody. No proof at all. Only Anwar and God know about the truth.

The outcome of the elections, YES, depends on how the ruling party and opposition play their cards. Whoever holds the extra ace will win. The extra card consists of strategy, economic planning for the nation and people, the acceptance of the voters and of course, the rate at which both parties deliver what was promised in 1998.

Anwar is not the factor here. While the Barisan Nasional government is not 100 per cent perfect, the opposition too is not 100 per cent competent in translating words into reality. The could, if they have the power but they need to fight for it in a clean national poll.

The country has been comfortable with BN since its Independence. Unless if the voters decide to change it, they will change it.

However, there in no tension. I am not sure what 'tensions' was Vikram referring to. Is is racial tension (as described by some other writers who played God by saying the next general election will spell disaster for Malaysia in the form of riots and other chaotic events)?

Please lar. If you know nothing, stop your prophecy. If you know little fact, try dig up for more to enhance your knowledge before putting your words on paper.

There is nothing special about Anwar. He used to be with BN, so he knows how BN operates. Similarly, BN leaders are also familiar with Anwar's politics.

It's not Anwar who will decide on the outcome of the national poll. It's the rakyat - the Malaysian voters. So, stop fooling yourself and the readers by going around telling others that Anwar is the dominating factor. How well do you know Anwar?

You are just like any other international analysts - either you are in support of Anwar or not - who don't really understand what you wrote and said! Or, you've got a specific agenda?


Anonymous said...

Excellent and brilliant comment.Bravo!

NMN said...

Bro Jai,

Well, to me Anwar is irrelevant.

I totally agree that there ia a STRONG machinery from his team or his Godfather's team to desperately trying to make him 'bigger' than he actually is.

As for Mr Nehru, just brush him off, "JANGAN JAGA TEPI KAIN ORANG LAH!!!!!"

Have a productive day.

dr love said...


i think u are right about this issue. anwar is not the determinant factor. the fact that he got so much publicity, locally and abroad does not make him her superhero for malaysians or others.

the deciding factor in our next general election is performance.

if the people believe that the govt has delivered well, they will opt for barisan nasional again.

but if they think pakatan rakyat should be given a try, they will of course vote for them.

being an opposition leader does make anwar domestically popular. although he is embroiled in so many personal problems, the pakatan is also getting loosened over the hudud law.

and for those who make loose statements about malaysia, we still believe that harmony is the key to success.

i think malaysians are aware of that.

Anonymous said...

the writer is trying to have a hand in our politics.

screw him!

none of what he wrote makes any sense!

mat gombau said...


budak mano ni?

yg jua kacang puteh tu ko?

patutlah tak pandai langsung. bodoh macam kobau!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya dah baca artikel itu. bukan saja tak menarik tapi banyak faktanya yang longgar dan tidak berpandukan keadaan sebenar.

penulis ni memang penyokong anwar kalau dilihat daripada unjuran yang dibuatnya.

dah biasa dah dengan manusia dungu macam vikram ni. dia nampak anwar tu macam malaikat

kulitkraf said...

this guy is a real pundek.

he is another idiot trying to have a small role in the opposition movement.

never heard of the institution also.

Anonymous said...

why are you disliking what he wrote? he is just another person who gives an opinion about malaysian politics. although he didnt do his homework, his conscience is clear

gurkha said...

how come an asshole like him can comment and predict about our country?

bloody swine!

Anonymous said...

Helo bro,

Wake up bro jgn dok tidoq mcm keling kena samsu. Satu dunia setuju dgn pandangan vikram, pru akan dtg MEMANG ditentukan oleh faktor DSAI. Pathetic dan malang ada lagi manusia mcm lu bro yg tak faham atau sengaja tak faham mungkin lu keturunan congenital liar mcm mahadiq sebab lu byk baca tulisan dia, manusia munafik. Kalau lu islam lu telaahlah buku2 agama supaya lu diberikan hidayah. Berubahlah sebelum lu ditalkinkan bro.

Anonymous said...

This Vikram Nehru guy is just a cari makan person. forgive him..

SiamangBukit said...

Salam orang Moncino,
Boleh link blog den?
London Masjid Tanah.

Anonymous said...

This guy must be the Hindraf sponsor or some idiot born in some corner of India, who ate worms. Or his mother was belly dancer and never met his father.

sama sekolah said...

buat apa layan orang bangang macam mangkuk ni?

buang masa je.

nama je jawatan dia pengarah sana, pengarah sini tapi otak kosong, bro.

on the dot said...

not only a bloody fool but and motherfucker. by using the word 'tensions', he put malaysia at par with india, thailand and other politically-problematic nations.

when people like him make untrue speculations and giving wrong pictures about malaysia, the world will eventually come into believe that we are as bad or worse than such countries.

we dont people like this around...

Anonymous said...

suruh anwar balun ja pungkok dia ni, biaq dia tau langit tu tinggi ka rendah.

Anonymous said...

His article could have been a return favour to someone.

Anwar has not delivered the goods to his sponsors, so this is the last opportunity to assist him to offer Malaysia to the foreigners (with vested interests) on a silver platter.

These writers care not whether their articles are based on factual data - all they want is to INFLUENCE the gullible and the ignorant masses.

Like the attempts by Iranians to kill Israel embassy staff - so that it becomes an excuse for Israel to ATTACK Iran.

Americans are regretfully prone to believe all these "drama" by Israel. Iraq was the classic example.

Anonymous said...

Vikram Nehru
Senior Associate
Asia Program
Bakrie Chair in Southeast Asian Studies Vikram Nehru is a senior associate in the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment.

An expert on development economics, growth, poverty reduction, debt sustainability, governance, and the performance and prospects of East Asia, his research focuses on the economic, political, and strategic issues confronting Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

the organisation he serves is not prominent at all.

thats why they employ rots like nehru to the team.

Anonymous said...

aku setuju mmg Anwar tu tak ada kena mengena dgn sapa pun yg menang PRU nanti. cuma aku rasa kelakar sbb ko kata tak payah kita amik peduli dgn kata2 si Nehru yg tak tahu pun camana rasa nasi lemak tu....sbb yg muka penuh sambal nasi lemak lahir kat sini pun klu tulis macam si Nehru tu tulis mati hidup balik pun ko akan tak amik peduli...aduhh...kelako betul ko nih!


Anonymous said...

Vikram ni macam Nuar ler,pandai pot pet pot pet jer.Cakap tak serupa bikin.Buat huru hara pandai.Klentong nombor SAtu.Puak puak ni yg terbaik terjun tingkap jer.


Anonymous said...

Dalam politik sesebuah negara, pemimpin parti yang terbesar akan menjadi faktor dominan menentukan undi rakyat pergi ke parti mana kan?

Kalau bukan Anwar, siapa lagi faktor dominan yang nak disebutkan?

Ni, Anwar pi ceramah belum PRU lagi dah cermin kereta kena baling batu. Bukan ke kerja macai dan peragai tu le yang dimaksudkan penulis tentang tension yang bakal datang?

Hang bukan standard penulis politik antarabangsa. Patutlah tak faham maksud artikal beliau.

Apalah yang hang tau selain mengampu dan mencaci mereka yang tidak sependapat?

Anonymous said...

when the devils speak, there is no stopping...

Anonymous said...

what's wrong to difer in perception? Grow up>

Anonymous said...

Ko rang semua macam burung unta, kepala dalam pasir. Takut menghadap kenyataan! What the author wrote is true but you people do not want to face the reality. The time is coming soon when Anwar will be PM. All you Umno fools will be out in the streets causing riots.

Anonymous said...

anon @ February 20, 2012 3:54 PM adalah nurul izzah ke?

Unknown said...

ladies, ladies, ladies!!.. c'mon, give tis nehru fella a break la!.. its only a fcuking opinion for fcuk sakes!..where's y'all "political maturity"?..let Nehru have his say la, .. how d fcuk would u know if he really "don't know the taste of nasi lemak etc.etc. blah blah".... there's absolutely no need to curse him!
...dat's d prob with fellas like u lot,totally juvenile about opinions dat perhaps "hurt" the BN supporters. GROW UP ladies,y'all really bitching like a bunch of PUSSIES!!