Friday, February 17, 2012

Aliran agrees Dr M 'a half past six PM'

Aliran did not say it but the fact that they published a letter that batters Tun Dr Mahathir, Umno, Barisan Nasional, MCA and Chua Soi Lek and the government indicates how they support the allegations.

Furthermore, the letter can be put to question. Was it written by 'someone' outside Aliran or by Aliran's proprietor themselves? I have read many Aliran's postings and news and I found the style of writing more of inside job.

And this Open Letter To Chua Soi Lek is also very, very dangerous. It incites the non-Malays, especially the Chinese to reprise against the government and the Malays in order to 'get back what was taken away from them since Independence'.

It accuses the MCA of forming a cahoot with Umno to sideline the Malaysian Chinese by depriving them of so many things, including their low percentage in the public sector, in the Cabinet and for government tenders.

However, those who wrote this should answer themselves as to why not many Chinese joined the police and armed forces, the diplomatic corp and the judiciary. I bet the writer/s know the answer but simply didnt want to admit the reasons behind it.

To Soi Lek, the article asks: "You claim to fight for ‘Chinese rights’. Very often, you say that the government must build more Chinese schools and train more Chinese teachers.

"This is ridiculous! What is the ethnic Chinese representation in the civil service, the police, the army, navy and air force, the diplomatic corps, and the judiciary? You have settled for tokenism in all areas of national life..."

Reading it from A to Z, something very peculiar pops up. It was actually written by a DAP politician as a 'curtain raiser' to Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng debate.

I also believe the writer wrote it out of his nose, his political-obsession, stupidity and anti-Malay sentiment.

The part about former PM Dr Mahathir is more stinging.

"The MCA supported Mahathir, a real half-past six PM, when the Constitution was amended to set up Syariah courts. This half-past six leader was later to say that he was lucky to get away with that amendment. The MCA cabinet ministers behaved once again like political eunuchs.

"Look at the problems this has created for non-Muslims in conversion cases. Soi Lek, have you heard of the Lina Joy case? Now some religious lunatics are claiming that the civil courts are subordinate to the Syariah courts! Why have you not had the courage to condemn such claims? Where in the world is the federal constitution subordinate to state enactments as in Malaysia?"

It was written on hatred and racism with the intention of helping Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election.

However, the manner it was written presents a deadly inciting agents that could rip the nation apart, especially if the Chinese take it as everything right and true.

And Aliran is fast becoming a threat to national peace and stability... and yet they retain its logo 'Aliran For Unity'!


Anonymous said...

Well who is to be blamed, it has to be the half past six Home Ministry then...why no action? That is why I love mahathir, all this goons who disrupt unity will be put away. Now you know why we need ISA and torture these bastards.

tauke lim said...

aliran is always pro-opposition. they never said anything good about anybody, including their own self.

that also u dont know aaar!

jambalaya said...

i've read it.


they are inciting the chinese to go against the govt and umno.

also, provoking MCA to leave barisan nasional.

i think the writer is a chinese!

kawan bujai said...

enough la bujai.

dont condemn others. its time for u to switch camp.

does umno or bn help u in your time of trouble?

think about it. i am your friend but you've been used by the govt agents for their own political platform!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya rasa inilah tulisan paling pedas dan 'menakutkan' pernah saya baca.

walaupun aliran terkenal sebagai tulisan tajamnya, ia tidak pernah menghasut seperti begini.

kalau sidang pengarang aliran sedar akan akibat yang boleh dicetuskan oleh rencana ini, mereka tidak akan menyiarkannya.

Anonymous said...

check who runs aliran...

then u will know what kind of people they are.

racist and communist!

anti-perkauman said...


i believe the article was written by aliran bosses, not others.

i m also familiar with their style of writing and the kind of words they use all this while...

Anonymous said...

to hisham menteri amaran,

what kind of action can be taken against this kind of article? its too inciting!

panas baran said...

kepada penulis rencana tu :

kalau ilmu cetek, jangan tulis pasal sejarah melayu-cina di malaysia ni, takut memakan diri sendiri.

kalau tak suka duduk negara ni, berambus je...

jangan bodoh-bodohkan orang melayu. melayu dah lama sabar dengan orang macam kau ni!

Anonymous said...

so, this is the kind of freedom of the press the opposition is fighting!!!!

i bet many people would lose their tongue if this is under subscribed!

usabukata said...


'get back what was taken away from them since Independence'.

memang dah lebih kurang ajar dia orang ni. bukan ke dia orang yang mendapat kerakyatan percuma semasa kemerdekaan dulu. itulah pemberian orang melayu kepada mereka yang tidak boleh ditarik balik. beranak pinak mereka di Tanah Melayu.


Anonymous said...

makin ramai yang jadi biadap sejak akhir2 ni, termasuklah melayu sendiri yang tak mengenang jasa pemimpin.

kalau bangsa lain tu, dah biasa dah... tapi ini melayu!

surinam said...

aliran is another malaysiakini, FMT dan MI, bro.

they are the set ups of the opposition to boost their chance of winning the next general election.

however, this time aliran has gone a bit overboard by inciting the chinese to revolt against the malays.

where will all this lead to?

another may 13?

Anonymous said...

the writer is that indian guy la... aliran's boss.

easy to distinguish his style.

another idiot!

kaki lima said...

kebebasan media bukan bermakna ini cara kita manfaatkannya.

kalau media seperti aliran gunakan kebebasan untuk menghasut agar rakyat memberontak dan bergaduh sesama sendiri, maka tidak ada ertinya kebebasan media.

saya hairan dengan KDN kerana masih membenarkan penerbitan berniat jahat ini daripada terus diterbitkan

budak sekolah said...


kurang ajar!

sial punya orang di aliran ni!

pro-MCA said...

i think chua soi lek is doing the right thing for the chinese - adopting a moderate philosophy of politics.

komplot said...

kepada KDN,

bertindaklah sebelum negara ni musnah!

jangan asyik bagi amaran je!

mat saman said...

kalau dia komen benda lain, aku tak kisah.

ni sampai nak hina dr mahathir ni, pehal?

nak mampus orang2 aliran ni gamaknya!

undertaker said...

not fair for the writer to be abusive on TDM. he was our best PM and i think the writer too must have benefited from his regime.

i want to ask the writer, who is the best PM so far and who can be the best?

if you are an indian or chinese chauvinist, you should reconsider what u had written.

Anonymous said...

kalau aku jumpa orang yang hina dr mahathir ni, aku lempang je 1999 kali!

haram jadah!

GoldTrex said...

Allow me to shed some light on this matter below

"Look at the problems this has created for non-Muslims in conversion cases. Soi Lek, have you heard of the Lina Joy case? Now some religious lunatics are claiming that the civil courts are subordinate to the Syariah courts! Why have you not had the courage to condemn such claims? Where in the world is the federal constitution subordinate to state enactments as in Malaysia?"

The Malay states were based on the sovereignty of the respective HRH Sultans before the British invited themselves into these states and established what eventually became the colonial administration.

Unlike what the French did to Indochina and the Spanish to the Philippines, the British never revoked the sovereignty of the Sultans as heads of states and Heads of the Islamic religion and laws.

When we achieved independence via MERDEKA, the positions of the HRH Sultans as heads of state and of the Islamic religion were reaffirmed. Not diluted in whatever manner.

As such the syariah courts should have been superior to the civil courts as it reflects and indeed protects the position of the sovereignty and rightful positions of HRH Sultans.

The fact that the civil courts -- in all matters, except those of Islam and its administration in Malaysia -- was allowed to hold sway over the syariah courts, and for so long -- is a credit to the beneficial collaboration and cooperation between the UMNO and the MCA/MIC.

Credits must be given when it is due. To suggest that the MCA is a useless puppet of UMNO and to call TUn Dt Mahathir a half past six PM only shows that ALIRAN is buta.

Buta sejarah, buta undang-undang, buta huruf, buta hati .......

Anonymous said...

Saya sokong Aliran ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said...

ALIRAN itself is a half-past-six organisation. Lots of talk but nothing positive to contribute. Look at those who run the organisation and you will now the reason for the bile they produce on a regular basis.

NMN said...

I have many good Chinese friends. We talk about everyday's life, problems we face, etc etc..

But this sort of Chinese (who wrote the article) are the REAL RACISTS!!! They are the ones who've been destabilising the intricate racial relationship in Malaysia.

The Malays have sacrificed a lot in the name of TOLERANCE. I beg to this sort of Chinese not to push the Malays to the wall or history will ..........

In the mean time, just look at the data on who are in the top ten richest men in Malaysia (or top 100). Melayu boleh kira dengan jari!!!

Have a nice day bro Jai.

Anonymous said...

Someone's not happy that Malaysia led by a Malay government is doing pretty well in most areas especially in the international sphere.

... thereby sidelining a first world country.

Anonymous said...

This has to be their last resort to claiming putrajaya.

Nik Aziz has lost steam and anwar with his love for israel has depleted his usefulness to his sponsors.

So plan A "to divide and rule" the majority Malay Muslims, have evaporated with that sodomist slip of the tongue.

Plans B,C,D ... Y have to be shelved coz the elections is round the corner.

So here comes the desperate plan ...

Anonymous said...

to aliran and the rest out there trying to play with fire,just watch your back..all i can say is that the malays are getting tired and angry over this so called 'malay/umno' bashing..please remember the malays have been very patience all these while..Dont be surprised one day when the malays are very very angry and hurt,we will not look back and then we'll see the consequences..

Anonymous said...

Malangnya Menteri Menteri berkenaan dah bisu dan tak punya rasa tanggung jawab lagi.

Apa kerajaan nak tunggu sampai kita jadi huru hara? Saya rasa tahap kurang ajar sesetengah batu api ini sudah melebihi batas. Janganlah sampai ada nanti yang mengambil tindakan sendiri.

Anonymous said...

i agree that this half past six pm mahathir was the man that had done his job well to raise the level of national income and household income of this country and that included the household income of the writer of the aliran article and the many aliran bosses. i also agree that the writer of the article and those agreeing to his writings are too blind, deaf and dumb to not realize that today there is this almost absolute freedom enjoyed by them.
say we have made lim kit siang pm in 1981, would he have been able to pull the same nationwide progress mahathir had made ?
would he have been half impartial as mahathir in his national policy ? let's look at the "DAP run Selangor" in example. Do you see it happening ? And Penang, it is happening almost smooth as mahathir had done it ?
we can't never satisfy every citizen but at least majority of the citizen are satisfied. the writer of the article and aliran bosses are minority. why do we even bother our mind with silly insensible thinking of the blind, deaf and dumb citizen. for all you know they may even be accumulating wealth to buy green card and are not happy that wealth is slow in coming. some citizen!

sky high said...


why used aliran? why anonymous?

no balls la this monkey!

usop gedebe said...

menteri dalam negeri!

apa tunggu lagi?

dah nyata aliran ni memang menghasut perbalahan kaum. takkan nak biarkan je!

kalau stakat bagi amaran, baik takyah buat apa2!

theprofessor said...

This kind of thinking and and incitement by the article's writer will help bring forth what I fear most is likely to erupt if Pakatan were to win power in the GE13: the mother of all May 13!

Anonymous said...

memang kurang ajar penulis tu.

nampaknya melayu dah dihina dan dicabar macam ni!

Anonymous said...

The best PM must be a Chinese from DAP because they have a cifu down there.
The Malays, especially can balik kampong tanam jagung.
That's what they have been saying since '69.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off. You are a racist asswipe. Fuck off with you and dumno

Anonymous said...

kalau nak tahu bagai mana Yahudi di eropa dahulu , begini la bagai mana china di malaysia sekarang, mereka kuasai ekonomi yg lain akan menyusuri, kemudian nak paha setelah betis x cukup!!!!

pro-DAP said...


small matter lor.

u umno and pro-bn bloggers are the worst when it comes to badmouthing the opposition.