Monday, January 30, 2012

When it comes to money, LGE is not transparent

This letter from a 'George Khoo' to FMT two days ago draws my attention. Just read...

"There has been a lot of hot air over the so-called declaration of assests by the DAP state government in Penang. Many people have come out to praise DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is the Penang chief minister, for being transparent and accountable. Is he?

"First of all, why didn’t Lim and his exco members reveal their monthly income? Take Lim’s case, for example. I think he may be taking home more than a RM100,000 each month.

"He gets allowances as MP for Bagan, state assemblyman for Air Putih, big fat pay as chief minister, and his wife Betty also gets an allowance as state assembly person for Malacca.

"On top of that, which are all tax-free, Lim gets free housing, transport allowance, car and driver, and also big fat allowances as board member of various state corporations such as Penang Development Corporation, InvestPenang, etc.

"Similarly, other DAP leaders like Teresa Kok gets allowance as MP, state assembly person, and big fat pay as senior executive councillor, plus also big fat allowance as board member of various state corporations and government-linked companies. She also get free housing, transport allowance, car and driver.

"These DAP leaders often accused the Barisan Nasional of being corrupt. They are no better, being so greedy. I’m sure Lim’s children are receiving big fat ang pows from those who want favours from him. Is he prepared to declare all the ang pows he and his children receive, and from whom?

"Lim and his DAP are always criticising Prime Minister Najib’s wife Rosmah for showing off as First Lady Of Malaysia (FLOM). Lim’s wife is no better, being labelled FLOP (First Lady Of Penang).

"It seems she is increasingly becoming more visible and vocal in Penang, and demanding to be invited as guest-of-honour at almost all high society functions in Penang. Tongues are waging about FLOP, who will cause her husband to be ousted in Penang..."

My immediate comment is... WOW!


lim gone eng said...

i also want to give similar reaction.


dunno that guan eng, wife and others are filthy rich.

Anonymous said...

he is a black chinese... with black heart.

only talk bad about other people but he himself is worse than them.

he should learn how to become a true leader, not by judging other people when he himself is the main culprit

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang dah jadi tugas dia cari kelemahan kerajaan dan orang lain tanpa mengakui hakikat yang dia sendiri jauh lebih buruk perangai daripada orang yang dikecamnya.

nampaknya isteri dia pun kena declare asset dia, kot?

tauke lim said...

politicians - BN and PKR - are alike.

they screw each other and give the impression that they are at odds.

actually, they are all buddies, jai. they did the same thing together!

that also u dont know aaar!

kah choi said...


he only wears transparent underwear!

kah kah kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

LGE should also declare the property he bought in Subang from a developer before he became the CM and how much? Did he get a special discount?

samagagah said...

lim guan eng perlu menjawab segala dakwaan dan tuduhan rakyat terhadap pentadbirannya.

penulis surat ini pula lebih menghalakannya ke arah kepincangan peribadinya, isterinya dan rakan2.

jadi, janganlah hanya tahu menuding jari ke arah kerajaan saja.

diri sendiri bagaimana?

Anonymous said...

teresa cock is rich bro.

not only in salary but also in other perks.

in selangor, her friend, an exco, is also in charge of all the gambling dens, loan sharks vice activities.

gazebo said...

yang akan diisytihar cuma sebahagian kecil daripada harta yang ada.

lge pun banyak hasil tesembunyi di penang dan tempat lain.

NMN said...

Abba sings, "Money Money Money
Always funny,
In a rich man's world."

pro-DAP said...

speak for your BN govt lor.

at guan eng and DAP are much better than u people!

Anonymous said...


Mulut dema orang tu lagi besar

takkan rakyat tak tahu

dan tak nampak belang belang dia

(ie a bigger wolf in sheep's clothing)

Anonymous said...

he only knows how to make but not how to help penangites.


Anonymous said...

jai, mai kita main sama sama, melaka pun jadi....

main jangan tak main......

Bourne Identity said...

Lu semua apa bising2 hah? Saya sat saja di Penang ma.... kasi habis semua dan kasi habis penuh poket nanti saya balik ke Melaka lah.
Lahabau betul hang pa semua.
Buni saya bukan saja FLOP le..also FLIP - First Lady In Penang. So kasi jaga2 sikit mulut you ya? Bini saya FLIP FLOP...saya kasi hentam muka you semua dengan FLIP FLOP saya nanti!!!
Saya bapa Sultan Cina Melaka ma...
Saya boleh buat suka hati BAPAK saya lah...