Monday, January 2, 2012

Students uprising must be contained!

I have seen students' 'uprising' in Warsaw, Osaka, Seoul, Pusan, Jakarta, Dhaka and Teheran. They took to the streets on a peaceful tag but it often end up in chaos. The demonstrations turned ugly and in some cases, it claimed many life.

Democracy and freedom are usually their two favorite labels to avow their dissatisfaction towards the government's policy. And it is normal for the Opposition to back them by providing whatever affordable support, including financial.

Jakarta, in 1999, students demo turned disaster when it claimed not only the life of demonstrators but also the police and passers by. University students are of the perception that they are the future leaders of a country. However, their action usually does not reflect that. Their leaders are more like a bunch of subversive agents.

Education aside, they always think of 'changing' the government. Scroll as secondary, they ride on opposition sentiments to wage wars against their own country, forgetting the fact that they study on government education loans, scholarships and at government universities and colleges.

Pusan (South Korea) in 1996, the police had to resort to harder measures when the students began to burn vehicles, shop houses and looting which led to 2 policemen being killed and dozens injured. When tear gas and rubber bullets failed to halt them, the police were left to no choice but tu 'run them down'.

It was a street war when the authority were forced to baton them. Thousands were arrested in that incident that led to about 20 people - on both sides - lost their life and scores injured.

The students - whether in Malaysia or elsewhere - are of the opinion that the authority will not use harsh measure in order to gag their demo. They take it for granted that the police is fully authorised to take pre-emptive measures to safeguard public interest and safety.

The incident at UPSI, which took the cue from Bersih 2.0 rally - could have easily led to a disaster had not for the police interference. Do remember that the demo was not entirely supported by majority of the students as it was held to show support for one leader - just like Pakatan Rakyat fighting for Anwar Ibrahim.

The non-participating students were intimidated to join the rally or face the 'consequences'. And they had to oblige.

I believe the government will see the upsurge of students demo in the near future. If we fail to monitor them, Malaysia will become another Indonesia, South Korea or Poland. In fact, there are already people using the Facebook and blogs to incite anti-government sentiments among the students.

There are also news portals specially designed on a Malaysia-Indonesia students cooperation to spearhead a la Jakarta uprising in Malaysia. Should this happens, the country can expect an earlier doomsday.


Anonymous said...

saya bersetuju dgn anda. kenapa pelajar bertindak harus harus dikenalpasti. terima kenyataan walaupun pahit. jangan layan seperti budak tadika. layanan saksama bagi semua pihak. api jgn dilawan dgn api. harap selepas ini tiada lagi komen bodoh sombong dari pak menteri. zaman aku sentiasa betul dh berlalu. Wassalam

mad prof said...

call it students revolt, sir.

they are against the govt who provides them with good places to study, gives them study loan and scholarship and treat them well.

students like this have forgotten the main objective of going to colleges and universities, they are easily led by the opposition.

just take a look at countries where the students took to the streets against their govt.

the economy goes down as investors stayed away and it affected the people in masses.

in malaysia, out students are being carried away by demos in other countries, and this is dangerous to national security and prosperity.

johnny deeper said...

it was an overbearing act.

when students oppose the govt, they should be expelled from where they are now.

they cannot become future leaders as they dont have the set of mind to lead, except their own groups and piers.

yes, we should put a stop to this nonsense before it explodes in our face!

dont ammend AUKU!

taukeh lim said...

the opposition is behind them lar.

thats how they gained some strength.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

penangan said...


demo pelajar sering mengundang masalah dan kekacauan.

di mana2 pun, di negara mana pun, belum pernah kita dengar tunjuk perasaan pelajar berakhir tanpa kekacauan dan keganasan.

seperti yang tuan sebut, indonesia adlah antara contoh paling dekat.

janganlah terikut-ikut dengan diorang tu... tugas kita belajar. dapatkan segulung ijazah terlebih dahulu sebelum cergas dalam politik!

Anonymous said...

give them chance to speak up. if they go beyond the norms, then bash them up!

adam malik said...

mak bapak hantar belajar agar anak2 dapat lulus cemerlang dan bantu keluarga, atau setidak-tidaknya diri sendiri.

ni tak, berarak sana, protes sini, seolah-olah kampus tu mak bapak diorang yang buat.

kalau dah perangai biadap dan kurang ajar tu, elok buang je... biar dia tau apa makna ilmu!

Anonymous said...

kalau tak mahu belajar, elok berhenti je, balik kampung, panjat pokok kelapa dan terjun.

kecik2 taknak mampus, dah besar menyusahkan orang!

lim gone eng said...

i have read some portals belonged to msia-indon students. jalan is among them.

i hope the govt monitor the situation and act fast!



Anonymous said...

what's wrong with students uprising? tell me, what is not wrong with our govt?

rakyat prihatin said...

tak payah anggap diri tu boleh pimpin negara di masa depan kalau sekarang pun dah mula tunjuk samseng. ingat rakyat bodoh kat macam student leader ni?

ni malaysia, bukan indonesia atau korea. kalau polis tak dapat bendung diraong, rakyat sendiri akan hapuskan mereka!

anak2 haram!

pro-Pakatan Rakyat said...

shut up la jai.

if u support the govt, its your rights but the students and the opp have their rights too...!

Anonymous said...

now they accused the police of being brutal at UPSI. waddefuck!

i hope the police will become 'really' brutal next time. let them be fucked!

halimunan said...

masih berhingus tapi dah lawan orang tua dan kerajaan.

kepada khalid nordin, arah semua universiti singkir pelajar begini, buat semak kampus je!

kalau negara ni takda undang2, aku dah tembak je mereka ni!

undurraga said...

sooner or later, they will group up with foreign agents to stage a coup.

pls believe me! there are already signs!

Anonymous said...

if they want to play politic, leave the campus and join whichever party they prefer.

dont waste effort, time and money!

no dime said...

ask them to quit or expel them.

if we are not strict about it, sooner or later they will be more formidable...

Grand Marquis said...

After failing to get much public support, Anwar turned to students as they are more easy to instigate. Under the par text of academic freedom, he managed to instigate a bunch of mahasiswa who does not have any academic contribution, far more being denied any academic freedom to do his dirty task. He knows that people will not go on the street for the sake of his liwat kes, so he needs to instigate people to go on the street for some other reasons with the hope that its catastrophic effect will lead to his eventful day on 901.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the students uprising needs to be contained, I am nonetheless skeptical about their roles as catalyst for change.

Times have definitely changed where in the 70s, university students are seen as future leaders and their action may likely influence the general public simply because they are seen as being "educated and exposed" as opposed to the general public (at that time) who never had a chance with tertiary education. And ironically, most of the students actively demonstrating in the 70s ended up as teachers rather than politicians.

With so many graduates in Malaysia now, I doubt these students will be able to make a great impact after all.

Who are their potential supporters? Only a handful politicians and of course their fellow students only.

In the 70s, the students were able to generate public support to their cause due to the perception that they are learned. I am quite optimistic that the general public of today is likely to brush them off especially with the quality of graduates that our universities are churning out.

The government is the right thing by allowing them to state their case and be heard but the students are just not interested with this method because being young, they tend to become radical. Coupled with some support from desperate politicians, they become mere tools.

To my mind it is a matter of balancing between giving them space to express and curtailing their activities i.e. stressing the importance of education.

It is rather sad because only Malays are interested in participating in the demos.

iditech said...

saya ingin berkongsi seperkara berkaitan dgn tajuk diatas.

baru2 ini terdapat insiden dlm youtube dimana student soladirity tersebut buat lapuran polis disebuah balai dan ada seorang bystander yg ingin menumbuk student2 tersebut, gerombolan2 student2 tu pulak termasuk CheGu Bad cuba mengelak dan menyuruh pihak polis mengambil tindakan keatas bystander tersebut.

dari insiden ini, kita boleh lihat bagaimana student diperkotak katikkan oleh ahli politik dan pihak polis menjadi bahan cemuhan.

bila diserang cari perlindungan polis, tapi bila polis mengambil tindakan nak buat kerja, polis dicemuh dan dipersalahkan.


jojo said...

students movement is good but they usually go beyond the limit.

if AUKU gives them room to politics, i personally believe it will worsen the situation.

so, dont provide them with that!