Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rocky vs NSTP4: An apology long overdue...

Sincere or not, Rocky's (Ahirudin Attan) apology to four former NSTP bosses over allegations carried on his blog about five years ago, suffice. It puts an end to a libel suit 'among friends'. Just like politicians who go after each others' butt, Rocky vs 4 should have been settled outside the court.

But Kalimullah Hassan, Syed Faisal Albar, Hishamuddin Aun and Brendan Pereira chose to be in the limelight by suing Rocky for 'defamation and malicious falsehood'.

Had a simple apology was all needed, Rocky could have offered it over a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine five years ago.

His apology was read out today in chambers at the KL High Court today in front of Datuk Asmabi Mohamad.

“The Defendant recognises, acknowledges and empathises with the considerable distress, embarrassment, and inconvenience caused to the Plaintiffs resulting from the publications of the statements as pleaded in the statement of claim and he is present in Court today to express his sincere and utmost regret... to withdraw all allegations and imputations which are complained of in the statement of claim and to apologise for the same,” read Rocky’s statement of apology.

He also agreed not to publish any similar allegations concerning the plaintiffs on his blog or any other website online in the future.

Under the terms of agreement, he will also publish a statement of apology on his weblog.

There was no order as to costs and damages.

My verdict: Rocky-4, NSTP4-0.


a blogger too said...

congratulation to him, jai. at least they didnt sue him for rm100 million like others do.

i hope it also puts to end the spat between friends in the media.

we, journos are all friends...

silver lining said...

righto bro.

had rocky aplogised 5 years ago before they filed the defamation suit, it's already settled.

kali and brendan aside, the three also wanted some publicity, esp hisham and faisal who not many people knew.


gary ho, PJ said...


tell your cousin to buy us a barrel for his victory walkout.

press club also can!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

ini semua boleh diselesaikan di peringkat awal sebab tidak ada kos dikenakan.

pihak yang menyaman hanya mahukan sedikit publisiti daripada kes ini.

macam tuan kata, kalau maaf boleh setel, ia boleh dibuat lama dahulu.

inilah masalahnya bila orang kita kotak-katikkan bidang perundangan dan mahkamah!

Anonymous said...


what a joke!

they sued him, kept it for almost 5 years and the case is close just over a simple apology.


Anonymous said...

tahniah sdr rocky!

braless said...

mujur tak kena 100juta.

kalau tak, gelap dunia.


Anonymous said...

yammmm sennngggggg for rocky!

he should be glad about it.

NMN said...

Well, as the song goes - 'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word. Should have said that magic word years ago, case settled!