Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pro-Umno but anti-MCA

I remember sending text messages to a minister, his secretary-general and director-general over the need to pool editors of pro-Umno mainstream media and bloggers into a forum, specifically to discuss 'pro-Umno' and 'pro-Barisan Nasional'.

That was about two months ago. Only the sec-gen replied, seconding my proposal and promised to bring it up at a meeting with his boss. Then, everything went silent.

I know its not 'advisable' to blog about it as it should be confined to top level discussion. But even our Prime Minister and his Cabinet members are not doing anything about it. I guess that explains why those in charge of the government's propaganda machinery are sleeping on their job. Or, they are not aware of the danger awaiting BN in the next general election.

Yes, I am worried.

Why? While some mainstream media and bloggers are pro-Umno, they are not BN-friendly. I thought when we are pro-Umno, it goes without saying that we should also be pro-BN.

But the situation is otherwise. In showing undivided support for Umno, some pro-Umno media and bloggers are battering MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other BN component parties. It gives the impression that MCA, for instance, belongs to the Opposition.

It also implies that Umno can form the government without MCA, Gerakan and MIC. Reading some editorials and blogs that condemned MCA sent shivers down my spine. What is MCA to Umno? A rival?

What is the point attacking Chua Soi Lek, Koh Tsu Koon and G Palanivel when the parties they lead are part of BN? Can Umno form the next government without having to bank on their contribution?

I am not sure if Najib is aware of such a 'ring worm' shrouding the media and blogosphere but it does not augur well in bringing Malaysians - especially BN members - together under the 1Malaysia slogan.

We need MCA. They have their own domestic problems but Umno too is facing similar setbacks. But blaming each other for some minor issues will cost BN dearly in the next national poll. Distrust among each other will be very, very disastrous to BN.

Please bear in mind that there is no more 'comfort zone' for BN in the 13th general election. The Pakatan Rakyat's onslaught gets stiffer by the day and we cannot forget the simple fact that Umno cannot form the government all alone.

So, badmouthing MCA by pro-Umno media and bloggers should be put to a stop. I am not the right person to discuss the issue here but since such a proposal fell on deaf ears, its my duty to ring the alarm.

To my pro-Umno fellow bloggers and media, do accept my apology. But please consider this - do we have to be anti-BN and anti-MCA for wearing the pro-Umno tag?


gading said...

they are pro-umno because umno pays them.

i know some bloggers getting money from certain ministers and businessmen.

so, its natural laaaa!

kim, selayang said...

i dont trust such bloggers.

they are actually helping anwar & gang to win next election.

they way they hentam mca shows how much they hate the chinese!

they are racist bloggers!

white envelope said...

if they dont recognise MCA and feel that MCA is not needed in BN, i think its time for MCA leaders and members to reconsider their role in BN...

better quit BN for good

lets see if umno can form next govt without MCA and others!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

rais yatim patut adakan dialog dengan bloger dan media pro-umno ni secepat mungkin sebelum semuanya rosak dan terlambat.

semangat BN perlu disemat pada diri semua anggota media dan bloger pro-umno.

pro-umno sepatutnya bermaksud pro-BN juga, dan oleh itu sudah menjadi tanggungjawab mereka memelihara semangat setiakawan yang ada... jika kita ingin terus memerintah selepas PRU ke-13 nanti

lin na said...

pro-umno bloggers are the real racist here.

if they dont need MCA, just say lor...

we can always leave BN!

black sabbath said...


biar aku teka.

kau sms pada rais, kamarudin dan brahim penerangan.

rais memang buat tak kisah sebab terlalu yakin bn akan menang.

kamarudin lagi pulak, sebab dia dah dekat nak pencen.

si brahim tu pulak bukan jenis yang tau buat kerja!

so, elok kita lupakan saja. kalau bn kalah, kita tinju kepala 3 orang ni!

Anonymous said...

najib is aware of this. his officers too but nothing can be done about it because most pro-umno media and bloggers are RACIST!

kasim biola said...

eloklah macam ni.

umno boleh hidup sendiri dan terajui BN sampai kiamat.

betul tak?

jadi, kepada media dan bloger pro-umno, buat la apa yang korang suka.

kalau bn tewas nanti, hantuklah kepala korang kat gelegar... atau buang je otak korang tu!

hj rashid, palong 3 said...

not the right spirit.

if we still BN to win, we should uphold its spirit.

bashing MCA will not bring any good to BN and also Umno.

to pro-Umno bloggers and media members, pls think about it

ikan todak said...

datuk rais dan geng dia takkan ambil pot apa yang kau tulis, jai.

diorang bukannya pedulik sangat kalau BN kalah pada PRU ke-13 nanti.

Anonymous said...

Apparent sign of self destruction within UMNO. I guess it is time to abandon ship.

Noor Hasilah Ismail said...

Totally agree with you, Bujai. Org UMNO bila kita puji mereka, kitalah kawan, tetapi bila kita tegur sikit, mereka pandang kita "semacam" dan ada yang buat derk atau menjauhkan diri. Ada sekali, i wrote an article about Soi Lek dan bila aku puji dia, mereka boleh tanya apasal aku boleh kutuk orang UMNO dan puji orang MCA pula? I told them - aku blogger pro-kerajaan, jadi aku tak boleh puji parti pro-kerajaan yang lain? Hah - tak boleh jawab!

kiambang said...

semangat kerjasama di kalangan semua komponen BN perlu kukuh sepanjang masa. sebarang masalah perlu diselesaikan secara tertutup dan tidak menggunakan media.

arakian said...


posting kau ni ibarat membuka pekong di dada tetapi ada baiknya untuk menyedarkan mereka yang sedikit 'terlanjur'.

janganlah disebabkan kita terlalu taksub dengan pro-umno, kita lupa akan hakikat pentingnya memelihara semangat setiawakan dalam barisan nasional.

saya sudah lama perhatikan tren bloh dan laporan media seperti ini. ia boleh merosakkan BN...

Anonymous said...

thank u mr bujai. u a really a true malaysian for the support for MCA. i hope pro-umno bloggers and mainstream media realise that MCA, Umno and others are part of BN.

anak cina desa said...

what will happen to BN if MCA opts out?

my reminder to pro-Umno media and bloggers, pls be more careful with your jottings.

we are all malaysians.

lim brady said...

some pro-umno bloggers are posing a disastrous image of the mca, as if mca does not belong to barisan nasional.

i dont understand it.

i thought we should work cohesively in a government led by umno.

we in mca feel while this bloggers support umno, they dont really adhere to the true spirit of bn. this is regrettable!

MCA member said...

a good reminder. i should laud you for that.

its true. some umno bloggers are hitting hard at mca.

my question - what benefit will it bring to umno and barisan nasional?

Anonymous said...


1. Chua Soi Lek is himself having problem with his tainted image. While pro-UMNO bloggers are all out against Anwar on his sex issue, how then to promote CSL/MCA?

2. In MIC, Dr.Subramaniam is at loggerhead with Palanivel, each trying to project who is more influential and should be calling the shots. This is getting serious. Better for the pro-UMNO bloggers to stay away before they are accused of meddling in their internal affairs.

3. Gerakan is a lame duck. In addition, some in Gerakan also feel that Koh Tsu Khoon should also resign from his ministerial post. Strong anti-KTK sentiment is still brewing and doesn't augur well for the party. So why should pro-UMNO bloggers bother?

4. UMNO itself is not in real good health and facing an uphill task to win the 13th GE. To address this, beside recognising the role of pro-UMNO bloggers, top UMNO leadership may also be embarking on some discreet planning.


The Eugenist said...

Brader Bujai,

Among the pro BN prominent blog that has been going on a "witch hunt" on MCA is Papagomo..

Now I've to admit that this blogger has his own band of followers and by doing so he had cause more damage than disseminating correct information about BN.

We have also seen a status divide between the urban and rural based blogs within pro BN bloggers, for instance Rocky's Bru and again Papagomo. I'm sure u r aware in which groups this two bloggers belongs to.

And it's not a good scenario when Papagomo had been throwing tantrums on Rocky's Bru for a reason only Papagomo knows why.

oranges said...

i think they want to see MCA leaving BN.

i call them irresponsible pro-umno bloggers!

Anonymous said...

just one question..

why is it tht everytime we are in the brink of important moments, mca or gerakan seems to suddenly have problems?

ull see it again in the coming PRU

wanna leave then just leave, u see i think the mca is helping dap quietly.

i personally only trust mic. i guess all the malay whos pro umno seems to think like tht too. so wht would tht makes us? racist ? so be it.

cant stand people who claim others racist. u guys sounded just like dap. coincidence?

it seems to me tht because of the racism indeed tht this sabotage had been going on.

so while u wanna look at the pro umno bloggers mayb u wanna check out the mca pro bloggers as well.

and while u r at it, please tell chua soi lek to stop commenting on islamic issue as he had no grasp, nonewhtsoever on tht matter.

dora said...

it will the biggest mistake to discard MCA.

bloggers must learn how to be more responsible in their writing about BN.

as u say, umno cannot form the govt all by itself.