Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neutralising the DAP: A Malay political strategy

Just got back from a CNY open house in Kota Kemuning. The host is a good friend of mine since college, Lau, now a successful dentist. His wife is an accountant with a GLC.

What enchanted me is his father, Lau Sr. At 77 and a former DAP member (he left the party when Lee Lam Thye resigned in the early 1990s), he was sharp and seemed to know everything about the Opposition party.

"Why not let more Malays join the party? Sooner or later, there will be more Malays in DAP than the Chinese and Indians. When they form the majority, they will hold the key positions.

"Karpal, Chen (Man Hin), Kit Siang and others cannot deliver what they promised. They will have to vacate their respective seats when the time comes.

"Part of the reasons why Lee Lam Thye left the party was when his suggestion for DAP to open its door to more Malays was rejected by the top leadership. They (the leaders) were afraid should more Malays walk in, they will soon become the majority race in the Chinese-dominated party," Lau Sr said.

I was startled. I remember talking to Lee some times ago but he refused to reveal anything about his reasons for quitting.

"Simple, my friend. If the Malays dominate DAP, the power will be in their hands. They might also consider the party's role in domestic politics. As PAS is already a strong Malay opposition party at the Parliament, they might opt to join Barisan Nasional.

"And such an idea frightens people like Chen, Kit Siang and Karpal. Forget about the Indian members. They are always sidelined, right from the very beginning," he added.

It makes sense. But what if the Malay-dominated DAP is rejected by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese?

"Of course the Chinese in DAP will not like it. Once they lose grip on the party key positions, they will think more than twice as whether to stay or opt out, say... forming another party or join the MCA or Gerakan.

"Should the Malay-dominated DAP decides to join hands with PAS, PKR and other opposition parties, the Chinese will lose faith in DAP and this will prompt them to find other avenues. And MCA, being a largest Chinese party in Malaysia, is a good option.

"You should also bear in mind that while the Malays, irrespective of their political parties, are talking about Malay unity, the Chinese too... this has come to their mind... will have to reconsider their position, a united Malaysian Chinese."

Well, nothing's wrong with that, I admit.

So, is it wise for more Malays to join DAP?

"Why not? This is a political strategy. The Malays outside Umno, PAS and PKR should consider this. The Malay-dominated DAP can choose to stay as an Opposition or join BN. It takes time, maybe 10 or 20 years from now. It can be attained.

"Once the Malays are in control, they can 'neutralise' the party... and there goes the government's strongest Opposition!"

Only a 30-minutes chat but it was very arousing. I am not sure how many of us share such an idea...

I remember reading Laure Paquette's 'Political Strategy and Tactics' some years ago. Will it work for Malaysia?


si pitak said...


come to think about it, its possible. malays, i mean those outside umno, should join it and later kick out kit siang and others from the top.

once the malays gain control, its easy to neutralise it.

on the dot said...

who is this lau?

can i see him? very interesting points he got there.

he should sit in BN's strategic team...

penangan said...

salam tn,

idea yang menarik daripada pakcik lau tu. cuma persoalannya, inginkah orang melayu masuk dap dan mengubah haluannya?

ia memang boleh dilakukan. anggap saja satu 'MBO'.

orang melayu di luar umno perlu pertimbangkan strategi ini.

Anonymous said...

what craps!

that old man knows nothing about what he talks!

and u too!

malayawata said...

saranan yang bagus.

oleh itu, marilah orang melayu, kita join DAP, bebaskannya daripada belenggu kit siang, karpal dan guan eng, kita corakkannya agar menjadi sekutu barisan nasional.

dengan ini, maka terhapuslah DAP!

Yati MN said...

Bro Jai,
I think this is another ploy using the race card to give the Chinese a shock treatment.

This is also a good reverse psychology tactic.

Gong Xi Fa Chai to all chinese readers.

bob villa said...

sorry ,you should research their constitution especially thsir CEC, appoimnment system , dia orang dah lock beb tak caya .Tenngok aja PAP spore.

Yang cakap dengan u ni setting up a trap ,they wiil adjust party consitiution while dia orang majority beb
On the surface ,looks like a good idea kalau nak infiltrate , bukan sekarang lepas PRU13 ok.
Ah beng nak the malay number NOW for the Pru13, Beng mentalilty , the number is a selling point for PRU13.
Watch out , bekas Komunis ni pon tak boleh chaya beb.

mr kudita said...

good one, bro.

but i dont think the malays will dare to take dap as an option.

this strategy will work well if those outside umno has a 'leader' to lead them.

banjarmasin said...

betul ke ni?

aku rasa macam lee lam thye je yang cakap benda ni kat kau, jai.


tapi memang idea yang bernas!

lebih ramai melayu dalam dap, lagi bagus. tapi janganlah melayu dalam umno pulak yang lompat ke sana! jahanam umno nanti!

bob villa said...

bro, get a copy of DAP constituion and check it out , it is carbon copy of PAP's bro. It has method to prevent the communist from taking over their party in the 60's, their" ace in the hole" is is design by LKY to make sure the party not fall to any one else.

its is not that easy to to do as you plan , thier their plan to get as many malay in to their party for PRU 13, to wayang to the malay that the leopard has change its spot.
They plan this for PRU 13, the old man is still a die hard DAP soldier.
Would you accept a battle plan from your enemy????? just before
the war.
Sorry dont be used like Aspan Ali

nasi & kicap said...

bukan sesuatu yang mudah, jai.

orang melayu sudah sebati dengan umno dan pas. orang melayu juga sudah anggap dap sebagai parti cina.

jadi, macam mana untuk mengubah pendirian mereka yang tidak berparti agar menyertai dap.

jika strategi ini berjaya, akan untunglah orang melayu tetapi orang cina pula dirasakan mahu sebuah parti politik cina sebagai pembangkang, sama seperti wujudnya pas dan pkr.

pro-DAP said...

this is another gimmick to belittle the dap.

whoever this lau is, tell him to fly kite!

tauke lim said...

in return, let lam thye join umno lor.

let him be the only non-malay to become a member of umno.

that also u dont know aaar!

mat gombau said...

wah, waghih!

ni bondo bosa ni. tapi maun ko orang melayu masuk dap?

memang ado yang dah masuk tapi takdo jawatan. yang masuk baru2 ni pun cumo nak jadi calon pado pru akan datang.

tapi bilo pikir2kan balik, strategi ni buleh bejayo.


banyak lak tapi eh! heheeh!

Anonymous said...

i believe this is not a malay political strategy but an umno agenda to wipe out the opposition.

dap will not accept more malays as members.

pls bear that in mind!

DAP will always be chinese dominant!

kumar, kajang said...

for a start, why not YOU join DAP, bujai?


ada berani ka?

black sabbath said...

it wont work, bro.

malays hate dap. no way that they will join dap and become the dominating power.

futhermore, the chinese will not let it happen!

Anonymous said...


Its nothing new for those in close contacts with politicians group esp those YBs in Parliament. they already started the searched aince before pru 2008. they do a selective program... they choose n aproach.

they need malay with brain, also looking at women as candidates... calculation simple ramai malay yg capable n want to be candidates but wont be selected if they join umno (apa lagi those with brain), to join other bn components agak2 la kan.

they definately wont join pas n dont trust pkr... so this is the ppl dap target... n most easier to identify is political journalists n writers... already told umno guys leaders tp ramai tak kisah ( as always) ....

how i know tnis? i wuz one they approached before pru 12 n again last year...

Anonymous said...

looks more like a dream now... but i believe it will happen in the next coming decades.

who knows?

lim gone eng said...

apa lu cakap?

lu ingat DAP untuk melayu ka?

kita cuma telima melayu boloh saja dalam DAP maaa.

hak hak hak!

Anonymous said...

UMNO hanya menerima Melayu bodoh atau bukan Melayu yang Melayu kerana perlembagaan (jawa/cina/indon/dll) saja supaya bangsawan yg di atas terus memerintah.

DAP dah transform tetapi UMNO cakap saja. Dah hampir kalah 2008 pun BN masih nak berlagak tidak mahu terima kenyataan bahawa org Melayu semakin ramai menyokong PAS dan DAP.


Anonymous said...

I have another story. Lee Lam Thye was "neutralised" because his wife was said to be in gambling debt and someone "kindly" settle the debt and so he became BN friendly. So, which one is the truth? Obviously, you are pro-BN.

Anonymous said...

Agree wth yati mn....load of crap... Tactic...pre.pru13...

red eyes said...

yes, it makes sense but i dont think the malays would be interested!

even the chinese in DAP will not allow this to happen

lin chee kang said...

DAP is not as democratic by its name and policy.

for all the slogan and rhetoric, it is still a party for the chinese who oppose the govt.

there is no room for malays in the party, let alone to grab the senior positions.

they will do eveything to stop a mass entry of malays into the party.

Anonymous said...

Parti DAP yang majority melayu dah ada dah!!! - PKR
Tak boleh harap jugak....

Kalau DAP dah di neutralized, akan wujud parti DAP baru.
Same story again....

Anonymous said...

Always listen to a politician (or ex-politician) with a pinch of salt, Bujai.

However, interpreting it the wrong way and conveying it to your readers will harm your soul and your credibility.

Furthermore, why do you blog opinions that will widen the divide between pro-UMNO and pro-PR? A divided race will forever be a conquered race.

Only God knows your intent.

All you lot are alike. Never want to take a step back and look what's wrong within yourself, and take the necessary steps for self-improvement. Instead, always highlight what is wrong on the other side, just to cover-up your own deficiencies.

Once a bigot, always a bigot.

aniktnf said...

There is nothing for anyone to neutralise in DAP. Being a multi racial its agenda is to fight for all malaysians irrespective of racial origin. DAP will let nature take its course, come anything, as long as it is for the betterment of the nation.I suspect that the above article is written with the sole intention to sow confusion among the DAP members, for the benefit of umno.

Malay said...

I have yet to see Malays taking over from Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng. Then I will join the DAP.

Harvey said...

You are also one kind, why everything race, race and race?? If an open minded and Malaysian first malays lead DAP. He will get my vote.

We have moved beyond race, what about you and your "RACE"?

Anonymous said...

Just another stupid pro-BN idea.

DAP is multi-racial, UMNO is not, nor MCA or MIC.

Imagine what if Pakatan Rakyat takes over PutraJaya - this should be very interesting indeed, we will see who's running away from the country then.

Anonymous said...

Even if the Malays become the majority in DAP, what possessed you to even think that this new DAP will be pro-BN? Are you high?