Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mallot The Macaw

The diplomatic macaw is at it again. When Anwar Ibrahim said Pakatan Rakyat will make it through in the next 'just and clean' general election, former US envoy and political drop out John Mallot added to such a malodorous remark that the coming poll will be the most 'dirtiest' ever.

No surprise. This diplomat who spent most of his time at the dining table and brothels when he was US ambassador to Malaysia (1995-1998) and now joins Barack Obama in a fascist America, is nothing but a dissolute manipulator.

His latest jottings in the Wall Street Journal on January 12 proves how a marmot and laggard he is.

When he accused the 'Malaysian's corrupt' are expected to exhaust all avenues to cling on to power, he was actually trying to get the Americans into believing that what being practiced in the US is far off better than that in Malaysia.

Anwar's acquittal, which he deemed as a proof of innocent, reflected how shallow his small brain is in law.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court did not acquit Anwar of his innocence but freed him on the grounds that the prosecutor failed to produce enough and tangible evidence to convict him. Being freed does not tantamount to not guilty, and Mallot's pig brain is beginning to cheat him as a septuagenarian.

Pointing out to the National Feedlot Center (NFC) cattle issue and numerous 'scandals' in PM Najib Razak's government, Mallot in a way was trying to help cover Anwar's circumlocution in defending the corrupt government of Selangor, Penang and Kedah.

This American sycophant is unwittingly forgetting the fact that his President is losing more political grips than his predecessors due to domestic problems which saw the US economy on a slalom while the blacks continued to be oppressed.

Mallot is not a successul diplomat. Neither was he outstanding. I met him on several occasions, in meetings and social functions. He talked too much of America and openly belittled the Islamic world and Africa by calling them 'stagnant mind'.

His successor Lynn Pascoe - now UN deputy sec-gen for politics - was among the best US diplomats I've ever met, and we are still good friends.

Mallot 'The Parrot' once chided the Malaysian media as being to obsessed with 'those who lied' and was too fond of 'carrying sensational news' like rapes and racial issues. The non-Malays, he said will forever remain as a '2nd class citizens' in Malaysia.

Now, let me remind Mallot about the US media and who are the second-class citizens in America.

The US media, known for its 'self-proclaim' as being the best in the world, is actually runned by a group of anti-Islam and anti-East tycoons. The editorials about Islam and the East are always churlish.

As an example, the US media recently played up stories about women and girls being raped in Somalia. Rapes, to them is common in that Muslim nation and this has strained Washington-Mogadishu relations.

The New York Times carried a big story about rape in war torn Somalia. It is difficult to critique this sort of journalism without seeming to be blasé about sexual assault. I am not at all uncaring about rape survivors here or abroad, but I am very wary of the media showing interest in women of color only when they are rape victims and the circumstances permit wholesale finger pointing at all black people.

The Times has never given its readers a true history of the Somalia conflict, which is a direct result of American intervention.

The comments from Times readers were true to form, calling Somali men animals, blaming Islam, and of course advocating for more US terror under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

Mallot should tell New York Times that if their reporters want to write about sexual assault, they don’t have to go all the way to Somalia. They might talk to police in any American jurisdiction or go to one of the 70 prisons located in the state of New York and talk to victims of rapes carried out by other prisoners or prison personnel.

Of course, writing about rape in America’s prisons would open a can of worms which most people would rather not see. It is far easier to point the finger at a faraway land populated by black people.

And now, racism. What does Mallot know about the blacks in the US and Obama's failure to fulfill his presidential campaign promises that the blacks would get better standings under his administration?

If Mallot is not aware of this, let me - a Malaysian - tell him that black people are at the bottom of the heap. The median income of Americans is only $50,000 per year but a mere $32,000 for African Americans.

The wealth gap is even worse. White median net worth is $113,000 but it is only $6,325 for latinos and $5,677 for blacks.

Compared that with Malaysians, let Mallot answer me question - which race in Malaysia is the richest? Is it the Malays?

It is not coincidental that the dismal economic prospects for black people has occured at the same moment that black politics limp along on life support. Black politics traditionally affirmed a right, indeed an obligation, to speak directly to the needs and aspirations of the masses of people. It has been substituted with feelings of vicarious joy when a black person reaches a high office.

Enter Obama, the beneficiary of both black loyalty and a system which he assessed astutely as being ready for the right man to come along. He fills the duel roles perfectly, giving good feelings about his presence in the White House but this presence is a result of promising to do nothing that the one per cent would find inconvenient.

No matter who the pot and kettle is but for Mallot to sink into such a perception about Malaysia, is totally a bad notion from someone used to be an ambassador here. And it does not matter at all if he supports Anwar but he should well look back at how the American system speaks for itself.

And to Mallot, you should become an adviser to Anwar's spring government...


razor blade said...

hahahaha.... so daring u wrote about him going to brothels.

i believe he did.

for an asshole like him, he is game for anything, including his backside fucked by anyone.

azian said...

he is too old now sir.

he is forgetting many things. he even fumbles to locate where his dick is each time he wants to take a leak...

so, let him lor.

soon, he will die and nobody will remember him!

penangan said...


bagi orang seperti mallot, memang sifatnya cuba menunjuk pandai dalam hal-ehwal orang lain tapi lupa akan masalah di negara sendiri.

inilah tukang karut anwar selama ini...

Anonymous said...

another motherfucker he is.

we should hang him by his balls!

on course said...

anwar's adviser?

i hope it wont happen.

otherwise, malaysia will be open to us military intervention just like libya and other countries.

reporter turns porter said...


i also know this mallot. we used to attend his function together.

did u notice that his mouth is bigger than his butt?

what does that tell?


Anonymous said...



rossa, KB said...

saya rasa semua diplomat amerika memang ditugaskan mengambil 'berat' hal pembangkang di mana2 negara mereka bertugas.

inilah sebahagian daripada dasar luar amerika untuk campur tangan dalam segala urusan negara berkenaan.

jika mereka menyokong kerajaan yang memerintah, tidak banyak laporan yang dapat dihantar ke rumah putih.

Anonymous said...

fuck him la.

another american communism!

budak sekolah said...

dah nak mampus pun masih kutuk malaysia.

nasib baik la orang... kalau kuda, dah lama kena tembak dah!

Hantu Laut said...

Well done,the best ever written about this sycophantic man.How he became a diplomat is a wonder.I have also written about him in the past, but not as hard hitting as yours which has an answer "familiarity breeds contempt" you know him personally, I don't.

Anonymous said...

PR states corrupted? Can come out with stats comparion when the states was under BN and now to see who is better at governing?

hashim chonel said...


Asked Mallot to go and knock on Medgar Ever's or Martin Luther King's coffin and tell them things have changed and can I rest beside you sin when the lord call me...., kubur dah nak panggil dia dah tapi masih manupulative....

Freddie Kevin said...

Just Read,

Proof that Malott the meddler supports a racist.

Thank you

man on da street said...

Mallot the "KLu Klax Klan" that I would have termed him, asshole of the most diplomatic corp to come to MALAYSIA. Except for drinking Malaysian Beers and visiting the brothels as suggested by the writer he is a useless bugger who does not perform as the liasoning officer as he should be! What kind of diplomat who steam rolls his own opinion, not his government's. The president that he served with is ousted by the citizens of U.S, and a war criminal, as recognized by the war tribunals in MALAYSIA! John R. Mallot, I welcome you to MALAYSIA and see wether you would have the same treatment as you're the diplomat before, even in your own country your're treated as a has been , no longer served to the past administration, Your'e just a tin kosong buat banyak bising! Google lah please for the translation, after all google is american right, bro! Dont forget to cricise the Iranians, the Talibans, the Russians, the North Koreans, the Saudi Arabians, the Pakistanis, the China governments, or better still , the whole world! To you only the U.S of A#@%^&* is perfect , no one else is! Do not come to other people country and dictate to us whats right or we give out a lists of thousands whats wrong with your own country!

belang said...

They have a white house and a black president so that this black know that white still rule the US.

Anonymous said...

its part of the duty of any US envoy to support the opposition in the country they are assigned to.

mallot was part of it...

matdeboq said...

This Mallot @ MeLalut fella...seem wanna to score some kinda,advance credit from Anwar and the gang's. !!

IF his buddy were to come into power, not only as an adviser but certain "'s " too may be on play..!!

BTW...Thank you and thumb up for the posting..!!!

Anonymous said...

U r such a prick. Serving your UMNO masters, i see!

Norhayati Md Noor said...

Bro Jai,

There are so many Mallots in the western world. It's just that this particular Mallot is stupid enough to show his racism and anti-Islamic attitude. Actually, the dangerous ones are those who pretend to like us but actually hates us.

What's worst is some of our own people who can't even realised/see who Mallot is despite how obvious his sentiments towards Malaysians. Darn, they even defend Mallot!!

Anonymous said...


bukan the macaw sorang yang perasan.

mungkin semua species macaw nih perasan yang deme lebih bertamadun dari semua orang atas dunia ni

sakuntala said...


i believe the US embassy will summon u soon.

however, just go and present your case if they do.

fuck them!

Anonymous said...

anon 3.17pm,

You are in the wrong blog! Go bark someone else arse and stop whining like typical Ultra Kiasu ass licker. You think Mallott cares what you think? Get out of here.