Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Malays of DAP

So, the Malays who are frustrated with Umno and feel neglected by the party leadership, accusing Barisan Nasional of favoritism and nepotism; and losing all privileges they once enjoyed, may join DAP from now on.

As general election closes in, they will also get the chance to stand as DAP candidates. And of course, they will clash with BN nominees in the Malay majority constituencies.

Nice, isn't it? Having more Malays in DAP will relive the moment when Ahmad Nor was one of the party commandants, the only Malay who looked at DAP as a true demoractic party.

Me? I like the idea of more Malays joining DAP. Who knows, one day DAP will be dominated by the Malays, hence more Malays will be appointed to the top brass of the so-called Democratic Action Party of Malaysia.

But can they realise that? DAP is so demoractic that it failed to hold party elections for a long, long time. Nobody dared to contest the top positions as they are too obsessed (or scared) of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and others. Even the central committee members are those endorsed by the top leadership.

So democratic are they that nobody within the party should criticise the leaders or face the 'loudest'music. Opposition within the party will be deemed as 'traitor'. Remember what prompted Lee Lam Thye to quit the party two decades ago?

And what endured some people to leave the party they once rode on and joined another? The had their glorious time with Umno and MCA but decided to join DAP and PKR after losing the position the their respective parties. Some of them were just 'wakil rakyat' for a term but managed to join the millionaires club.

One simple question from a layman - if you are a good 'wakil rakyat', why only for one term?

And just because you got booted at the previous general election (for not being a good peoples' representative), you feel dejected and humiliated. So, the only way for you to vent your anger and frustration is to join the Opposition.

Its an individual's rights to join whatever party he wishes but the choronolgy itself spells doubt and stigma. Since you failed to reach the hallmark of politics, you start blaming your own party and those who once voted you in.

Such people claim of having the prowess to bring about changes to the nation. That is commendable. Personally, I would like to see it happens. But the record speaks for itself. For all the accusation that there are so many flaws in the government (no government is perfect), the party they chose to hop is even worse.

Take a look at the Pakatan States. Except for Penang (Guan Eng is just continuing the BN policy), the rest are not making progress, socially and economically. Kedah, for instance, is dropping far behind Selangor and Penang in terms of GDP growth while employment rate is incorrigible.

But still, why must we blame Umno for our incompetency? A level-headed politician will think many times before quitting on the party that once flushed him with power and wealth. A wise member should reconsider his decision to leave the party that used to provide him with so many assistance, including monetary.

However, the still left the party. Why? Because they already lost their footing in the party and their demands were not longer fulfilled. They have forgotten the fact that Umno does not belong to one or two persons. The party needs to help others too. But these people take it differently - that Umno must listen to their unreasonable plights!

Why did Tengku Razaleigh leave Umno and formed Semangat 46? Why did Chua Jui Meng join PKR? Because they failed to get what they wanted. Overwhelmed by frustration, they turned their back on their own party.

I don't blame those who quit on Umno and join other parties. But I regret that those who did are the ones who used to hold important position in the BN government and still enjoy pension and other perks.

In fact, there are already news that a few more friends in Umno will be joining DAP pretty soon. I wish them all the best but majority of the Malays will remain united in Umno and under Barisan Nasional. Its a usual thing to have protagonists and antagonists here and there but the bottom line is, we should avoid being superficial.

It will be a faux pas to wake up the next morning and realise what we did yesterday was entirely wrong!

So, what kind of Malays go to DAP?

Checking my mobile phone, I still keep few text messages from three former Umno members who sought the party's help over something...


malayawata said...

typical malays!

they will ride on u, suck u dry and then chuck u off.

just like many ex-umno leaders and members who deserted the party when they failed to get what they wanted.

'melayu mudah lupa'

Anonymous said...

let them lor.

give them the chance to be with DAP. after all, they dont mean anything more...

guni tepung said...

pelajar yang merusuh adalah melayu.

yang tinggalkan umno ialah melayu.

yang tikam belakang pun melayu.

lama-lama bangsa ni jugak akan layu!

penangan said...


tak hairan jika mereka masuk dap sebab nak jadi calon pilihanraya umum. masa dalam umno dulu sudah diberikan peluang tapi langsung tak berkhidmat dengan baik. eloklah cuba dap, mana tau dapat ganti tempat kit siang!

pro-DAP said...

DAP rules!

wait for the DAP renaissance in the next general election, u stupid umno, mca and barisan nasional!

ABU said...

DAP actually practices what it standa for. DICTATOR Action Party.

The dictators in the party are as old as the jungles of Brazil but their supporters just close one eye when the pot calls the kettle black.

Malays and Indians are treated like a condom. Discarded after use.

So, what else is new?

Anuar Bullshitting Us (ABU)

Anonymous said...

Agree. So no need to talk about this. It is best to ignore the news as if nothing$ Else we would make free publicity for them. Tter focus on Shahrizat.

Anonymous said...


This is yet another posting that relates to the speculation Dato Mohd Ariff Sabri @ Sakmongkol and Aspan Alias joining DAP.

As reflected from the comments to their postings, the majority are very supportive. This is not surprising as they are ardent followers of their blogs. Both of them, however, have yet to make any final decision.

My gut feeling is they will not leave UMNO and join any other party particularly DAP. It is better and wiser to fight the party from within.

If indeed they will leave UMNO and join DAP as speculated, there were those before them who had committed much bigger sin to the party. Who would forget the sad episode regarding the banning of UMNO after TRH's failure to topple TDM in the party's election resulting in the formation of UMNO (Baru) and Semangat 46. A few of them who later rejoined the party, including one who had burnt the bridge, had even risen up to become cabinet members.

Why DAP? Why not? It is a legally registered political party. If indeed the party subscribes to racism, let the voters decide. If indeed the party crosses the line in respect of the constitution and the law, let justice prevail.

Hence, rather than being personal, it is much better and fruitful to engage them on all the issues put forth. Both of them might be too proud to accept the counter argument. But at least it shows UMNO maturity and at the same time opens the readers' eyes and mind as to the other side of the issues.

This will be more acceptable particularly to the younger generation who are more educated and form the bulk of the voters.


Anonymous said...

biarkan melayu seperti ni masuk DAP. duduk dalam umno pun jadi api dalam sekam....

lone shark said...

yes, when was the last time DAP had party election?

it was about 10 years ago.

and their leaders claim to be so democratic!

malam jumaat said...

yang masuk dap ni pernah jadi kaya ketika dalam umno atau barisan nasional. mereka tetap mahukan habuan sampai mati walhal ramai lagi yang lebih setia daripada mereka perlu dibantu walaupun mereka tidak meminta-minta.

kalau melayu jenis inilah yang menghuni umno, akan binasalah umno.

jadi, eloklah mereka keluar saja!

Anonymous said...

let's see if dap makes them candidates in the coming election...

sadikon said...

kalau ahli umno biasa masuk dap atau parti lain, tak heranlah.

tapi ini orang yang pernah diberikan peluang jadi pemimpin oleh umno, orang yang selama ni diundi oleh melayu dalam umno dan orang yang boleh dikatakan mendapat banyak keuntungan daripada umno.

kenapa berubah hati?

dan kenapa ambil masa puluhan tahun untuk keluar parti?

kuchai said...

good la many malays join dap. can kick off kit siang, karpal and the rest from the top, and take over the party.

when malays form the majority in dap, they can dissolve it and join umno.



Anonymous said...

ahmat nor was different.

he joined only dap and not other parties.

so, he is a better malay

Anonymous said...

mari ramai -ramai masuk DAP, tapi undi BN. Bila dah ramai masuk kita tukar pati ini dari dalam tukar jadi melayu majority dan rampas kuasa dari dalam bila kita undi dan tukar perlembagan Dapig ni...

kelisa emas said...

sedih gak tgk melayu macam ni.

tapi, daripada mereka menyusahkan umno dan diri sendiri, eloklah cari haluan lain.

dap pun parti politik gak. cuma cara dan ketika mereka masuk dap ni boleh dipersoalkan motifnya

Anonymous said...

takkan terjejas umno kalau hilang orang macam ni. selama ni pun, mereka cuma tau meminta dan tak pernah memberi pun!

Anonymous said...

expose the text msg, jai so that we know who they are!

real sour grapes they are!

sitora said...

lantak diorang la nak masuk dap dan mati dalam dap...

sekurang-kurangnya tak jadi duri dalam daging umno lagi.

Anonymous said...

Ade Anon tulis - mari ramai -ramai masuk DAP.

Yg pasti Anon ni tak de kat KL masa 13Mei ... sy ade di Kg Pandan masa tu ... api menjulang sana sini ... teriakan ALLAH HU AKBAR kedengaran ... anak & wanita menangis ketakutan ... curfew dan tiada bekalan makanan ... itu belum berkuasa lagi !!!

Kalaulah DAP berkuasa ... mungkin lebih teruk.

Herannya ... ade juga Melayu yg inginkan DAP berkuasa.

Hampeh betul mereka ini.


Anonymous said...

Syukur saya bukan dan tak pernah jadi ahli UMNO. Kalau tidak, malu juga saya nak bersengkokol dgn parti yg paling kuat menipu dan syok sendiri ni. DAP pun parti yg halal, kan? Macam UMNO juga. So, kenapa nak kutuk DAP? UMNO takut kot kerana dinding pemisah rasism DAP telah pecah. Dan kenapa tak ada siapa yg mengulas kenapa Tengku Aziz jadi ahli DAP?

sri hartamas-(bakal ahli DAP Bahagian Segambut)

Anonymous said...

they have crossed over to the dark side, bro.

sooner or later, they will realise that they fuck their own backside!

bon jovot said...

tidak salah menyertai DAP tetapi kenapa baru sekarang, setelah menjadi wakil rakyat umno dan menerima banyak habuan parti, baru hendak menukar selera?

ini melayu lupa daratan sebenarnya. mereka ini suatu masa dahulu amat dijagai dengan baik oleh umno dan diberikan segala yang terdaya.

tetapi takkanlah disebabkan mereka hilang kedudukan dan perhatian, sanggup berpaling tadah?

Anonymous said...


apa tafsiran bagi wakil rakyat yang berkhidmat cuma satu penggal?

fikir-fikirlah sendiri!

Anonymous said...


Not everyone and specifically not all malays MP or ADUN is looking for wealth and power when joining any political party.

You make it sound like all Malays are materialistics

Mahathir used PAS onced when he was kicked out of UMNO by Tunku. So exactly what you said..WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL

I know one Che' Ri former BN ADUN in Perak who lived frugally before and after holding office. Yang dia tak tunjuk tak tau la pulak.

But what we cannot tolerate is those MP/ADUN who joins political party, gets to hold office and championed nothing but their own kin like Mak Lembu Sharizat.

Orang Batu

kutukia said...

they did what was right to them. others may criticise them but this is a democratic country.

choosing the dap is not against any norms.

so, u pro-umno bloggers should spare your comments

Anonymous said...

dah bodoh tak boleh diajar!

kaplagemeng said...

strategi beb strategi....yang tersurat yang tersirat...

Anonymous said...

A case of very very sour grapes here!
Malays are like crabs caged in the basket , and they will tend to pull down anything they emerges out of the shell!
Some still thinks like you bro! that umno is the only malay party of this world and only they can rule ?
Wake up the world is a changing not like the good olde kampong days!
Playing guitar under a coconut tree dont bring food on the table man!

Anonymous said...

So, what kind of Malays go to DAP?

The betraying kind/the keparat/haramis/hapraks.

They should be sent to India or China and live as citizens of these countries. And let them see for themselves how lovingly will they be treated.

Anonymous said...

what is so democratic about DAP? no EGM, no nothing. only disciplinary committee meetings every now and then.

kit siang is the king, so is karpal!

snow white said...

kenapa kita perlu rasa kecewa dan kesal dengan tingkah laku mereka ini? inikan negara yang mengamalkan demokrasi. biarlah mereka menyertai parti yang menganggap mereka 'demokratik' ala karpal & son, kit siang & son. kita lihat nanti mereka dapat jadikan aspan & family dan ariff & family atau tidak. sama-samalah kita tunggu, lagipun mereka belum buat keputusan rasmi lagi.

kalam said...

dah perangai segelintir melayu macam ni. hati busuk dan membelakangkan bangsa sendiri.

pergi jahanam sama mereka!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Malays who joined DAP, will not be like the Malays who joined PAP in Singapore. No portfolios at all for any Malay in Singapore Govt.

Anonymous said...

Orang Melayu ni semakin bodoh kena alat oleh DAP aje. Karang Cina control baru la nak sedar diri masa tu dah terlambat cam singapore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these Malays joined DAP because they are fed up of the corrupted practices in BN!! have you given that a thought??

Anonymous said...

well they criticise UMNO as UMNO members, let them expose DAP as new DAP members

the rakyat will get to know DAP's rot and filthy laundry

that will work to UMNO's advantage - insyallah

Anonymous said...

anon @ January 5, 2012 10:20 AM

"Playing guitar under a coconut tree dont bring food on the table man!"

hullo, playing the guitar leads to music royalties and hectic growth of coconut plantations

then can sell coconut drinks to singapore at $5 per coconut

make money while the guitar strums

Anonymous said...

dear jai,
some frustrated umno members left the party but many still remain in the party. some frustrated members left because they did not get what they aimed for whether its political mileage or monetary value.

majority of the members being loyal to the party because feel that the survival of our race will depend on the party's survival.

but there still many culprits in the umno. these members only think of the survival of their communities, their families and their cronies.

a good example of nepotism is the latest controversial issue of NFC. if not reported by the auditor general, i'm sure many tax payers do not know what's the spirit behind the scene.

will umno change or not?. yes in a way it has changed whereby every members especially the top gun talk about changes in umno now and then. literally the organization has changed but not the people who run the organization.


Anonymous said...

UMNO so corrupted, bringing our country to bankruptcy. We cannot see ourselves as Malays, Chinese, Indians or lain lain, we need to do the necessary to have a clean govt. for Malaysians. Please my Malay brothers think of the country not what UMNO preaches, hatred for non-Malays so that Malays will support them to continue to the swindling OUR beloved country. Only the Malays can sanction the change for Malaysia. The other races can only dream!

Anonymous said...

Well, well said & written from the view who supports UMNO's ideology.

Still, my view, frogs are still frogs be it from oppo to gov or vice versa. Ppl don't ridicule musch if they are not "respected elected" or YB or MP, what ever.

Though DAP re-approach malays, but as DAP suppoter(well least you know what i am about to brag) i am against re-use of frogs. The idea of having more malays in DAP is to relive & re-share the spirit of the 60s(as what i see) where sharing was a social moderation.

But nobody is perfect, well their failure to hold party election is one, to name others are simply easy, perhaps Musa Aman as such is a good example(kongsi kerusi konon).

What happens to UMNO members who criticize their top leader, well i'm sure you know the answer is same as DAP. Well said, but still same in UMNO.

Milionaire club in UMNO, yet their pay as elected rep are very low. Are you trying to say UMNO leaders earned their income illegally. You talk about wealth, wealth & wealth about being in UMNO. Do you support corruption????

Frogs who leaves their former party will always criticize them, least is their pride that they rather bring shame onto others. Same goes to oppo & Gov, yet you only talk about ppl bragging about UMNO as if UMNO was ever good and the oppo wasn't.

Take a look at penang(who said they survived on BN policy, even a retard knows how they brought change & governed better. Selangor improved their state income, i guess the figure can do the talking.
i won't comment about Kedah, as i don't see your comment on Selangor.

So, why blame UMNO, my friend, if you were formerly of UMNO & joins DAP, you will do the same. Don't heed the frogs, they are slimy and thick as B****D.

last but not least, not all malay in DAP are frogs, so does other races in BN. I would say if elected rep performs & meet up our demands, they can be parti asli, i will support them. UMNO for instance have lived long, and yea, many people profited thru them, you call that act of gratitude(we call that corrupt).

Anonymous said...

The people who are now switching allegiance from UMNO to Opposition have realised that there is NO WAY for UMNO to rid itself of corruption, power abuse, crony-ism, nepotism and racism.

Some commentors question the timing of the "change side" activity. The very simple answer is: the surfacing in the news of many financial and/or power abuse reports which implicates UMNO leaders (i.e. PKFZ, Skorpene, NFC, FGVH, GFI report, Khazanah etc.) has taken its toll.

It is a shame that pro-UMNO people could only bad-mouth and criticize these members who are deserting UMNO.

UMNO is reaping what they sow. By continuing to uphold those malpractices, UMNO is hastening its own downfall.

This is my opinion. If anyone disagrees, you can either ignore it, or counter it in an intellectual manner. Resorting to name-calling and vulgar language is immature, immoral, irresponsible, and plainly trying to divert from the actual argument.

Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa.


Anonymous said...

Tak kisah siapa jadi PM asal Rakyat cukup makan !!!!

Ekonomi sangat teruk sekarang.... Saya akan pilih mana mana parti/pemimpin/orang yang boleh menyelamatkan ekonomi Malaysia!!!

makaikui said...

Saudara & Saudari Se Negara Ku

Renung renung lah dan pikir pikir lah, apa yang kita mahu Negara Yang Bersatu Tanpa Rasuah Dan Tanpa Rasis atau Negara Penuh Dengan Rasuah Dan Rasis.

Kalau anda pilih yang nombor dua Negara Tercinta ini akan hancur dan cucu cicit kita akan malu sebab kita pilih yang lebih dasyat dari apartheid afrika selatan dan kalau anda pilih yang pertama kita dalam 10 atau paling lama 20 tahun kita akan lebih maju dari Singapura dan berkemungkinan besar negara paling makmur dan selamat di huni umat sejagat. TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA

Azhar Mukhtar, Klang said...

Doesn't matter what party you and I vote. Doesn't matter the candidate you and I voted.
What matters is after the voting and elections.
Are we the rakyat still the boss?
Are we the rakyat will be united after the election and together we assess the candidate that won?
Are we the 22nd century technology savvy rakyat be the force to strip the voted candidate if they are incapable?

Azhar Mukhtar

Azhar Mukhtar, Klang said...

So, what kind of Malays go to DAP?

I believe those muslims and non muslims malays who have great respect for the EQUAL RIGHTS of his fellow Malaysians will join DAP or any other non racist based party.

If one of DAP's main constitution and agenda is to maintain, uphold and improve the sosial status of those underpriviledge malays and their fellow malaysians, maybe...

Azhar Mukhtar
Klang, January 8, 2012