Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's sue each other...


While Anwar Ibrahim is suing Utusan Malaysia for RM50 million, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has filed a RM100 million suit for defamation against Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) strategy director Mohd Rafizi Ramli.

Her lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah filed the suit at the High Court Registry on Jalan Duta yesterday.

The Wanita Umno chief said in her statement of claim that the Agriculture Ministry had in 2006, invited tenders from various companies to act as developer and integrator of a feedlot project (National Feedlot Project).

The ministry and an appointed selection committee for high impact projects had after evaluating the proposals, awarded the tender to Agro Science Industry Sdn Bhd and another company.

She said the committee had been specifically established by the government to assess high impact projects.

Shahrizat, who has taken a three weeks leave from her official duty as a minister, appeared confident in her 'war'.

A few days ago, the appellate court in Putrajaya affirmed a ruling, ordering a blogger to pay RM300,000 in damages to Information Communication and Culture Minister Dr Rais Yatim for defaming the minister in a blog article.

Justice Datuk Jefrey Tan Kok Wha, heading a three-member panel in the Court of Appeal, unanimously dismissed blogger Amizudin Ahmat's appeal over the High Court's ruling.

Tan, who heard the appeal with justices Datuk Seri Mohamed Apandi Ali and Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin, also upheld the High Court ruling that the blogger was liable for defamation over the article against Rais.

Reading the broad reasons, Tan said the court was in total agreement with the High Court ruling on the amount of damages amounting to RM300,000, awarded to the minister.

He said it might appear that the amount was high and that was the court's first impression.

In January last year, Rais, 69, sued Amizudin, 42, who is also Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth committee member, for defamation over an article posted in the latter's blog,, on or about Dec 28, 2010.

In his suit, the minister said the entire words in the Malay language article were malicious and defamatory of him, and the words in the article meant and/or were understood to mean that he was guilty of a serious offence of having raped and capable of murdering his Indonesian maid.

A woman who worked as a maid for him for eight years was later reported by an Indonesian news portal as denying that she had ever been mistreated or raped by her employer.

Interesting, isn't it? Our courts will from now on have to attend to more libel suits. While I am contemplating on similar action to be taken by the US Government against my posting on former envoy John Malott a last week, I also realise libel suit is becoming a hit nowadays...


an arbitrator said...

its bcoming a craze in malaysia. politicians and businessmen alike are resorting to the court to settle any internal dispute and tussle between parties.

what will happen is probably more shocking.

more people will be dragged to court and made bankrupt by the proceedings.

and of course some people will take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

wadda F!

its getting worse.

say anything or critise them, you will sure kena!

penangan said...


dah jadi satu penyakit nampaknya. orang politik main ramai yang memilih cara ni untuk mempertahankan diri daripada fitnah.

persoalannya, dapatkah mahkamah membuktikan yang mereka tidak bersalah?

yes-man said...

yeah man!

lets start to sue each other for millions.

from now on, no more freedom of expression!

bloody cool!

two pages said...


US embassy is after your backside. your posting on malott has sent shockwave all over their missions worldwide.

i think obama will sue you for libel and for screwing him also.

be steady... we are with u... haha!

Anonymous said...

sikit2 nak saman, sikit2 nak saman. apa, korang ingat mahkamah tu takda keje lain nak attend kes macam ni je!

lawful hubby said...

more cases for the courts... and more delays for other cases.

what you people (politicians) are doing is only adding problems to the rakyat...

mad dog said...

warning to all:

anybody who calls me names or stupid, i will sue you!

so, remember that!

Anonymous said...


Malaysia is fast becoming like our neighbour in the south. Sue, sue.sue... But we don't learn any other positive things from them.

When Shahrizat's husband gave his first and only press release on the NFC scandal, Shafiee Abdullah was one of the two who flanked him. And he said there was a good case for a civil suit.

Surprisingly the suit is not on behalf of her husband but that on behalf of herself attempting to disclaim her connection, direct or indirect, to the scandal.

However, Rafizi, one of the two being sued has welcome the action.

I'm sure more people will be dragged into this scandal when brought to court. Shahrizat may then want to prove her allegation right i.e. 'siapa pemimpin UMNO yang tiada masalah.'


capt hook said...

sue. go on with it. u may even sue them for their harsh critic.

dont let them get off the hook because sooner or later you yourself will be on the hook!

siti umbrella said...

its the only avenue for shahrizat to defend herself.

she has made many statements to deny her involvement and nothing seemed to work.

and now that she is on leave, she got more time to seek advise.

its ok... no harm in trying

rexuan said...

I personally think that saman is the best way to get facts right. so many people like to slander nowadays.. what else can be done?
with evidences and facts, write what you want as long as its the truth. otherwise better not write at all..

biol said...

ahli politik malaysia ni semuanya dah senget kepala. tak boleh tegur, tak boleh kritik.

cakap lebih je, nak main saman.

pergi la terjun kat terusan wan mat saman tu!

tauke lim said...

we dont simply sue people unless we can defend ourselves in our own way.

why must we seek justice for our wrongdoings?

that also u dont know aaar!

coco said...

they can also sue you for saying bad things about them.

so, beware!

Anonymous said...

if the US embassy sues u, they are just putting themselves at your feet!