Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let rakyat be the judges

Totally agree with Hisham, our Home Minister.

"Let the rakyat be the judges... we have learn from Bersih 2.0..."

When the authority gave them permission to stage a 'peaceful' rally, they must keep up to the promises. Peaceful means no untoward incident, no clash with the police and most of all, no kids among them.

But such promises are meant to be broken. While the government recognises their (the Opposition) rights to organise such rallies and demonstrations, the latter takes it for granted that such permitting means they can go overboard.

Tian Chua made a silly statement yesterday that Pakatan Rakyat will not stop the children from joining the 901 rally on Monday, and neither can they advice parents not to bring on their kids to the venue, the Jalan Duta High Court.

Yes, we recognise their rights but do they recognise the rights of the masses for a peaceful and uninterrupted daily life? Its their rights to fight for the cause of Anwar Ibrahim but if kids are included and should the protest turns ugly, what rights is deem to be righteous?

The city folks are already contemplating. If Anwar is guilty, trouble is imminent. When Bersih 2.0 took to the streets, business was closed and it costs a few million ringgit in losses.

And is the High Court safe enough from possible ransack?


a blogger too said...

yup.... we recognise their rights but i dont think they will stop just there.

if anwar is found guilty this coming monday, they could go riot!

lets see bro...

Anonymous said...

peaceful is not in their vocab.. not until anwar makes it as a prime minister.

i like hisham said...

dont be too rilex, hisham ooii!!!

we dont know whats in their mind. if they go on rampage, the whole country will be affected.

better have a final meeting with the police before monday. i can smell blood already!

penangan said...


banyak pihak berpendapat inilah rally terakhir mereka.

tapi bagi saya, jika anwar didapati bersalah, mereka akan terus mengadakan tunjuk perasaan di seluruh negara.

apa yang dikhuatiri ialah, kemungkinan protes ini menjadi sukar dikawal dan menjadi ganas.

mr kublai said...

dont discount on the possibility that the rally will get ugly and out of control, esp if the court finds anwar guilty.

the rakyat will be the judges for what the opposition does but it will also reflect on the govt weakness to quell the prob.

so, better be well prepared, mr minister!

Anonymous said...

anwar dah kata jika mahkamah dapati dia bersalah, dia akan terus protes mengatakan dia tak salah. oleh itu, penyokongnya akan terus menunjuk perasaan. silap2 boleh merebak ke seluruh kl dan tempat lain.

gogoon said...

hari isnin ni diramalkan hujan lebat dan ribut petir di sekitar kl, terutama di kawasan mahkamah tinggi.

jika ini berlaku, ramailah akan kojol dan cedera kena petir!

Anonymous said...

susah sgt ke pr nak inform atau nasihat penyokongnya agar jangan bawak budak2 ke rapat umum tu?

apa la punya bangang tian chua lahanatullah ni?

Anonymous said...

kalau langgar janji berkumpul secara aman dan buat hal kat situ nanti, belasah je!

jangan bagi muka!