Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sharing the CNY

Its Chinese New Year again.

I really miss CNY during my childhood days. Our Chinese friends in the kampung would go around, inviting us - the Malays, Indians and others - to their open house. The best part for kids was getting the 'ang-pow' while the elderly were overjoyed with a gift of 'kuih bakul'.

I wonder where my 'darling' Yau Lin Na and buddies like Mok Kiang Tong, Goh Kun Teik, Alan, Ah Kow The Robber, Ah Keng and the rest are.

We were very much a 1Malaysia society back then...

To Malaysians, especially the Chinese, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope that one day, Malaysians will not be identified by their races but by their nationality...

(Thank you to Quah, Siew, Tan Tauke, Vincent, Danny and others for the invitation. I will try to make it).


sammy ho, penang said...

'... by their nationality'.

that's a good punchline, bro. i hope many more malaysians have the heart of yours.

happy CNY to you too...

- sammy ho -

cindy lim said...


the eras or 60s, 70s and early 80s were more 'malaysian' than of now. people of all races were sticking to each other, helping each other and respecting each other.

i dont know what led to today's politics of racism!

happy new year, mr bujai

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya masih muda tapi banyak yang saya dengar mengenai kukuhnya perpaduan pada zaman tuan.

saya benar2 ingin menikmatinya hari ini. semoga ia menjadi kenyataan.

selamat tahun baru cina kepada semua rakan2 bangsa cina... dan juga rakyat malaysia

mr kudita said...

happy CNY to you too, bro

keep up with the good work

Anonymous said...

i respect u for your ' their nationality'.

u can make a good politician, u know that?


Anonymous said...


those were the days... we were well united.

but take a look at our present society..... menakutkan!

MKT said...

same to u, bro jai.

we are a BIG family....

Anonymous said...

Since we are very much 1 Malaysia back then, what happened over the years under the rule of UMNO? You are a supporter of UMNO so, pray, tell me, why has the racial divide been the widest now? I assume you are proud with the current situation of the country.