Monday, January 9, 2012

The Guitar Man

The right song for someone who will face the music...

From The Bread album, 'The Guitar Man'. I like the last para. Here's the lyric:

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud
Baby it's the guitar man
Who's gonna steal the show
You know, baby, it's the guitar man

He can make you love
He can make you cry
He will bring you down
Then he'll get you high
Somethin' keeps him goin'
Miles and miles a day
To find another place to play

Night after night who treats you right
Baby, it's the guitar man
Who's on the radio
You go listen to the guitar man

Then he comes to town
And you see his face
And you think you might
Like to take his place
Somethin' keeps him driftin'
Miles and miles away
Searchin' for the songs to play

Then you listen to the music
And you sing along
You want to get the meaning
Out of each and every song
Then you find yourself a message
And some words to call your own
And take them home

He can make you love
He can get you high
He will bring you down
Then he'll make you cry
Somethin' keeps him movin'
But no one seems to know
What it is that makes him go

Then the lights begin to flicker
And the sound is getting dim

The voice begins to falter

And the crowds are getting thin

But he never seems to notice

He's just got to find

Another place to play

But I hope he is ok...


dungeon said...


right! right!

find another place to stay also!

penangan said...


seperti juga tuan, saya tidak mahu mengandaikan apa2. itu soal maruah anwar ibrahim.

jika dia salah, salahlah dia. jika tidak, eloklah dia bebas.

saya hargai blog tuan kerana tidak pernah menyentuh isu kes liwatnya. memang kita seharusnya demikian.

hanya tuhan saja maha mengetahui.

Anonymous said...

the verdict:


go back to jail, u *(96t68(*(^EIU!!!!

tito said...

to friends and relative, plse stay away from jalan duta, esp the high court tomorrow from 8am if u dont want any trouble!

there will be chaos, i believe!

mat gombau said...

salam jai,

waaahhhh... ini lagu favorit kito maso mudo2 dulu. den ingat kau selalu nyanyi lagu ni, main gitar sampai berkumpul budak2 pempuan sebolah gumah tu.... kau memang hebat maso tu.


pro-pakatan said...

what's this?

a stupid joke!

wait till the court acquits him... and pave the way for pakatan to win next general election!

tong kosong said...

... and bread is what he will eat everyday in the prison.


bujai said...

sdr penangan,

dalam blog ni, saya tidak pernah menyentuh kes tuduhan liwat anwar ibrahim. saya hanya sentuh soal politiknya saja.

saya tidak ingin terbabit dengan soal maruah orang lain. apa yang saya tidak pasti, saya tidak ingin tulis.

jika dia bersalah, mahkamahlah yang akan tentukan.

tetapi jika dia tidak bersalah, kita terima.

t kasih

volvo lama said...


saya hargai pendirian sdr mengenai kes anwar.

memang kita patut elak membuat tuduhan dan memburukkan maruah orang lain jika kita sendiri tidak tau apa sebenarnya yang berlaku.

semoga bloger lain mencontohi sdr. tidak rugi jika kita tidak menuduh seseorang itu tidak bersalah selagi mahkamah tidak menutuskannya.

janice said...

it will be a mess at the court complex today.

hope no untoward incident takes place.

my working place is just nearby. wonder if i can make it to office on time...

Anonymous said...

he will kena la...

for sure!

my cat just whispered to me just now.


karipuley said...

to dungeon,

u think u are god!

a man is innocent until he is proven guilty.

lets say if anwar is innocent, will u suck your own cock?


Anonymous said...


banyak berani lu!