Friday, January 27, 2012

Embassy of Israel in Malaysia...

Under 'Prime Minister' Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia is expected to open up its embassy in Tel Aviv, and of course the Israel administration will reciprocate happily.

After Singapore, Kuala Lumpur will play host to the Jews diplomatic mission. Oppss... not Jews, we don't hate the Jews but the atrocity of their government on the Palestinians.

We used to criticise Singapore for its diplomatic relation with Israel. Anwar, as our Deputy Prime Minister then, had also lambasted the Republic for going against Asean's ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Peace and Neutral).

When I joined him on his Manila trip in 1997 (for his Jose Rizal award), that was part of his gist of talks - that no country should recognise the state of Israel until Tel Aviv reciprocates in recognising a free Palestine.

He was another Rizal then, avowing support for the cause of Palestine and the freedom of its people to decide on their own future.

The majestic Manila Hotel where we (journalists and his entourage) stayed was specially booked for Anwar and us. Yes, the Filipinos do look up at him, then and now. Former President Estrada too is supporting him. What a good and loyal friend he is.

This 'Rizal' used to chide at Singapore for becoming 'a friend' of Tel Aviv. In fact, when Singapore engage Israeli advisers and trainers for its armed forces, he was quick to use his 'renaissance slogan' on the Republic, how Lee Kuan Yew was not sensitive over Asean standpoint and the Palestinians.

Malaysia has always refrained from having any ties with Israel. As long as the Israel-Palestine dispute is not amicably settled, there is no haggling about it.

But Anwar's relation with Singapore has taken a positive turn ever since he was expelled from Umno and sent to jail in about 13 years ago. His adverse perception about the Republic was fast diminishing. And today, he is a 'buddy' for Singapore.

I am not sure why he (and some of his friends in Pakatan Rakyat) love going to the Republic of late but there is already a sign that Singapore too wanted to see 'changes' in Putrajaya. That change is in Anwar.

Now, Anwar is willing to change his stand about Israel. When he told WSJ that he supports all effort to protect the security of Israel, I guess he sounds more like an American rather than a Malay or a Malaysian.

I personally believe Israel has every rights to safeguard its security but whenever it is achieved on the destruction of others - just like how the Americans destroyed Iraq for its bluff and anti-terrorism campaign - then it is not fair.

How does Anwar define 'security' in the Israel-Palestine context?

I am not surprise that Malaysians, especially the Muslims' sensitivity about Israel will not be taken into account if he gets to Putrajaya. As he is already linked with some Jews organisations worldwide, an Embassy of Israel will be well in place in KL. The location could be the land behind the US Embassy... by chasing out the Libyans!


sunglass said...

its ok to establish diplomatic ties with israel once tel aviv stop its atrocities against the palestinians and recognise a free palestine state.

we are not against the jews anyway but against their government's policy.

unless all this are met, anwar will be in a wrong position to recognise israel and its right for security.

70 kilo said...

u know la.

havent u heard news about some opp members having a safe deposit in israel bank in spore?

if this doesnt explain why anwar is supporting israel, then wait til he got the chance to wrest power from najib.

penangan said...

salam tn,

tiada hak bagi sesiapa, sama ada najib mahupun anwar, mengiktiraf negara israel selagi tel aviv enggan mengiktiraf negara palestin.

selagi israel gagal patuhi resolusi antarabangsa dan menghentikan keganasannya ke atas rakyat palestin, selagi itulah kita tidak akan mewujudkan sebarang jalinan diplomatik dgn mereka.

harap semua pihak faham.

jika anwar memilih juga untuk berbuat demikian, bermakna beliau mengenepikan suara seluruh rakyat malaysia.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with having a relation with israel.

dont u know that egypt too has such a relation with the jew state?

kundasang said...

he is a true chameleon.

he says yes today and no tomorrow, especially before the foreign press.

is this what u want out of a prime minister?

Anonymous said...

down with zionist!

down with israel!

down with pakatan rakyat!

Yati mn said...

Sometime in 1989/90 or earlier, my hubby's uncle who's a high ranking government official warned us and the whole family that Anwar Ibrahim is a dangerous man ( to Malaysia) and he's being groomed by the west since college days.

Of course nobody believed him except my better half as AI was a rising star at that time.

Ironically, that uncle who's highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, a very 'bersih, cekap, amanah' government servant and extremely pious, died whilst in office when AI was his Menteri!

Now, Anwar's private life put aside, I tend to believe every single word that late uncle had said. Apparently, he also studied in UM, about the same year with AI. May his soul rests in peace.

Whatever it is, I don't want Anwar to be PM as he is incompetent to govern this country. Some say he's a good manipulator but he himself got manipulated easily.

Anonymous said...


Yes, we should be highly suspicious of AI's hidden agenda as regards his close relationship with Singapore. Why shouldn't we,
when we know from the time when Singapore left Malaysia, the former has been very close with Israel particularly in defence matters. And we also know all the atrocities committed by the Israelis to the Palestinians.

But, are we not paying any attention to the deepening of Malaysia-Singapore relation ever since AAB era? Are we not concerned with the loss of Pulau Batu Putih? Are we not concerned with the KTMB land deal which is supposed to be a win-win outcome has turned out to be otherwise? Are we not concerned with the alleged continuous sale of silica to Singapore? And are we not concerned with the economic onslaught by Singapore into Iskandar Malaysia and other strategic areas in Johor?

When TDM was premier, he had been very consistent in his views and stance vis-a-vis Singapore. Malaysia should never be subjugated by or subservient to Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess his contract for sponsorship is expiring soon and he needs to deliver before the financiers can renew his contract.

Anonymous said...


anwar can be a good pm if he is still with umno....

Anonymous said...

anon @ January 29, 2012 12:00 AM

how can that be if he can't even be a decent husband and father?

Anonymous said...

anwar is believed to be the person behind the standoff in Lahad Datu. he been singing the song "sabah nak hilang" (which mean sabah is disappearing) during his political speech/campaign in the state months before the standoff. how can he be the next PM if he is a traitor to his own country? Angry pple will kill him someday.