Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another lie!


Read Anwar's interview with WSJ properly, every line and every single word he said. No where in the story did he speak of the 'two state solution', a reference to Israel and Palestine.

He even said what he told WSJ journalist is in line with Malaysia's and UN policy with regards to recognising the state of Israel and Palestine.

He lied again. This is NOT in the WSJ story. Now that he is under attacks, he is changing his stand.

He claimed on Saturday, "I stressed that the needs and rights of the Palestinian people must be guarded and that includes the right to their country and not to be victimised. I also stated that if this is met then Israel's rights should be respected".

“I stressed that the needs and rights of the Palestinian people must be guarded and that includes the right to their own country and to not be victimised. I also stated that if this is met then Israel’s rights should also be respected,” he said in a statement after some parties lambasted him.

Earlier Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin demanded Anwar clarify his words as reported in the WSJ, saying the latter’s remarks ignored the plight of the Palestinians.

"Is this the stand of the the opposition Pakatan coalition, when the government does not even have diplomatic relations with Israel," he said, adding that Barisan Nasional regrets what Anwar had said.

The Malaysian government, he said, was also very disappointed that the peace talks between Israel and Palestine had yet to bear fruit although they had been going on for a long time.

Before that, Umno Youth accused Anwar of defending 'Israel’s Zionist regime' over his reported comments, saying it was Palestinians who needed protection, defending and humanitarian aid after being oppressed by Israel.

Umno Youth’s international bureau chief Ahmad Zaki Zahid said the PKR de facto leader’s comments reflected 'his efforts to support certain friends who stand firmly behind the Zionist regime'.

I have read the WSJ story, not once but a few times but found nothing about the 'two state solution'.

Let's hear more from him...


pukimaq said...

Walaupun dia tu sayangku,sepatah pun aku tak percaya apa yang keluar dari mulutnya.Kalau kote yang keluar dari mulutnya aku percaya la.

Anonymous said...

Anwar should listen to Bill Cosby who said, "I don't know the key to success but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone."

dotsnodds said...

where to find the wsj story?

Anonymous said...

dah tak laku dah dia.

asyik temberang je!

Anonymous said...

anwar is getting more absurd with his words.

i wonder who is his teacher...

mat gombau said...


memang macam tu la dio.

bilo cakap, main lopeh yo.

bilo kono talo kiri-kanan, tuduh pulak orang lain spin dan nafi dio ponah cakap macam tu.

dah desperate amek2 dio ni.

Anonymous said...

Kalaulah macam ni orangnya ketua pembangkang, macam mana kita nak percaya Pakatan boleh memerintah Malaysia. Pakatan bersekongkol dengan dua pertubuhan haram, Hindraf dan ABU. Takut-takut Malaysia kena jual dibawah kerajaan Pakatan. Sememangnya aku tak berani nak biarkan Pakan membentuk kerajaan Malaysia. Oleh itu marilah kita amalkan slogan "UMNO DAHULU, SEKARANG DAN SELAMA LAMANYA". Hidup UMNO, hidup Melayu, jangan percaya kepada pendatang-pendatang.