Friday, January 27, 2012

Aborigines... Malaysia and Australia

I had supper with a few Orang Asli friends last night, the same day our friends Down Under celebrated Australia Day.

Sulaiman (Sumai before he embraced Islam in 1984), 47, is a math teacher. I met him when visiting Bukit Lanjan in 1983.

"Our government is best when it comes to treating and reaching out for the Orang Asli. Over the decades, their life have changed dramatically. Even the Penans in deeper Sarawak have tasted the fruits of our development program.

"However, many still prefer to live their traditional way. They don't have to leave the jungle; the government brings schools, water, electricity and other thing to the jungle instead. We can't find this in other countries, particularly Australia," Sulaiman said.

A-ahhh... what a soothing statement. But that's fact!

Let's take a look at what happened at Australia Day yesterday.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott fled a restaurant in Canberra after the place was besieged by protesters. The two had been presenting the National Emergency Medals at the Lobby Restaurant on King George Terrace, near the Aboriginal tent embassy.

Reports say one woman ran into the restaurant and threw white flowers at the Prime Minister.

About 200 protesters followed, banging on the three glass sides of The Lobby restaurant chanting 'shame'’ and 'racist', referring to the ill-treatment given to the aborigines and the 'anti-colored' sentiment by some lawmakers last year.

The prime minister played down the incident, in which she stumbled while being dragged by security. "I am made of pretty tough stuff and the police did a great job," she said.

She refused to comment on whether Abbott should apologise for offending Aboriginal activists who were at the nearby Canberra tent embassy, celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The protesters blamed their actions on Abbott's comments earlier on Thursday that it was time to 'move on' from the tent embassy.

I think the Aussies should learn from us...


penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju.

malaysia adalah negara terbaik di segi pengurusan masyarakat aslinya. berbanding kebanyakan negara maju dan membangun, pendekatan kita kini dicontohi oleh orang luar.

apa yang berlaku di australia mungkin berpunca daripada rasa tidak puas hati rakyat pribuminya.

kalau tidak, masakan mereka menunjuk perasaan. mesti ada banyak kekurangan...

winston chua said...

some australian lawmakers are inciting racism, not only against their own aborigines but also against those with asian, middle east and african blood.

some ugly incidents where the whites bashed up immigrants from asia and africa is not only putting the country on an adverse diplomatic map but the majority of its citizens are feeling bad about it.

even julia cant do much about it

an arbitrator said...

yes jai, when it comes to orang asli, our govt is the most benevolent.

many orang asli now work with the govt, their kids studying at universities and colleges, home and abroad.

their life may still be traditional but they are close to everywhere...

wan rashid, klang said...

saya sendiri pun nikah dengan orang asli dari jeli, bang.

takda bezanya mereka dengan kita.

wantamo said...


all this while they are the ones who point fingers at us, accusing us of mistreating our orang asli.

they are worse, perhaps the worst at it.

racism is also so thick among the aussies, esp their leaders!

black forest said...


saya tertarik dgn tulisan sdr ini.

sebenarnya orang asli kita ada yang paling moden di dunia, dengan segala kelengkapan dan kemudahan hidup yang disediakan oleh kerajaan.

di australia, malah di amerika sendiri pun, masih ramai kaum pribuminya yang hidup melarat dan tidak diendahkan oleh kerajaan.

saya setuju bahawa orang asli kita memang menerima layanan terbaik setakt ini.

syukur alhamdulillah

Anonymous said...

they are not only racist but full of gays and lesbos.

and they support anwar!

Yati MN said...

I think we should teach those white Aussies our Peribahasa, "Mengata dulang paku serpih, Mengata orang awak yang lebih!"

With all the gays and lesbians, I'm afraid the country would one day, really go 'down under', macam kisah negeri Sodom yg diterbalikkan Allah dulu. Wallahualam.

Anonymous said...

what a pile of rubbish. The aborigines in Malaysia are treated badly. They have their jungle stolen from them and turned into palm oil plantations. In return the are given either nothing, or sometimes things they do not want or understand. Australia should be ashamed and so should Malaysia.