Friday, January 20, 2012

Abbott's stupid joke

An alleged gaffe from Australian Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott:

He is under fire after joking about the cruise liner disaster in which at least 11 people died off the Italian coast.

During an interview on Triple M radio in Adelaide earlier today, Abbott made light of the situation.

"This is a bit from left field mate, the captain of the Costa Concordia wants to know if you need any help with your boat policy?" the Triple M announcer said.

"Well, that was one boat that did get stopped, wasn't it," Abbott replied, to laughter. So it was a line in 'response' to the Triple M guy’s jokey question.

Cue the outrage:

Federal Labor MP Rob Mitchell was quick to pounce on the remarks in Twitter.
Can't believe Abbott made his childish boat jokes about the Costa Concordia disaster when people died & are still missing," he tweeted.

"He must come out and apologise."

Abbott, who is in South Australia to take part in a charity bike ride on the sidelines of the Tour Down Under, says Labor has over-reacted to his comments. But he concedes the comments were inappropriate.

"On reflection, it's probably something that should not have been the subject of light-hearted banter on morning radio," he said.

"It was. It probably shouldn't have been, but I think the Labor Party should stop over-reacting and should appreciate just the kind of way that morning radio works.

"I was asked a light-hearted question, I gave a light-hearted response..."

Hmmm.... have your heard of similar 'stupid jokes' from our own politicians?


Yati Md Noor said...

Well, this is not a 'similar' stupid joke but I really laughed when I heard this particular joke.

Samy Vellu wanted to do a project in/on the sun. Nevertheless, his scientists and engineers advised him it can't be done because it will be too hot for the rocket and equipment etc etc.

But Samy Vellu who can't accept no for an answer and adopting a Malaysia Boleh spirit, scolded the team for being negative and narrow-minded.

He said, "Guys, we have to think outside the box. Of course we can do it. Let's us do it at NIGHT!!!

LOL! Good night bro.

a blogger too said...

stupid jokes are politicians' game, bro.

practical jokes are ours... dont u see it?

umbut pisang said...

nama pun abot... macam jobot je.

orang yang nama seakan-akan ni memang kuat berseloroh dan kuat temberang.

kalau ahli politik malaysia buat lawam pasal nahas atau kematian ni, dah sure kena lanyak punya!

penangan said...


patutkah kita memperolokkan satu nahas yang meragut nyawa orang lain?

agaknya jenaka seperti inilah yang boleh menjatuhkan seseorang, apatah lagi ahli politik seperti abbott ni

kilimanjaro said...

he needs a good screw in the ass!

making fun of such a mishap doesnt make him any popular!

or...are the aussies as such?

Anonymous said...

he turned himself into a bloody fool by making such a remark.

it implies how the people down under think about others...

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, there are a few of of our own politicians who too take pleasure in their opponents' mishaps or misfortunes.


The Pumkiner said...

That going to the sun joke actually has been around for ages. It depends on where you were when you hear it.

28 years ago, when I was in the UK, that similar joke used Irish as the punch bag. As you know, the English people tend to denigrate the Irish.

Such joke is used by people to denigrate others.

Somehow it is not funny when our own name is used instead.

Anonymous said...

its the joke of an asshole!

no people would make fun of death and mishap!

biol said...

kalau kat sini, silap2 dah kena tempeleng dah!