Friday, January 6, 2012

901: Children as 'human shield'

A-aahh!!! Another dirty trick by Anwar's supporters again. That's why I mentioned much earlier not to underestimate them. They will do anything for this 'lord' of theirs.

Bukit Aman has just given them a 'GO' to their planned 'peaceful rally' at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on January 9. The permitted venue is the car park area which is located just a few meters from the Court's doorstep.

Remember Bersih 2.0 demo last year? They said children were not allowed but we could spot some of them among the adults. And this time around, PKR vice-president Tian Chua said Pakatan Rakyat cannot tell the children to stay away from the rally or advice parents not to bring their kids to the venue.

So, what's the whole idea?

By logic, if PR pools about 100,000 supporters on that day, trouble cannot be discounted. When they promised a peaceful demo for Bersih 2.0, their supporters went out of control. Police orders were defied.

What is the assurance this time that they wont create any chaos? I bet it will be more rowdy than before. And with children joining them, there is a possibility they will be used as 'a shield' to confront the police.

Its easy to read between the lines, isn't it? If Anwar is found not guilty, its ok (I suppose). However, if the High Court finds the PR leader guilty (I hope he is not), do you think the 100,000 supporters will remain quiet?

I believe the police is ready for this but I better think of the worst first. If the court's decision is not in Anwar's favor, please watch his supporters very closely.

Will they remain calm and stand up to police order? I don't think so. They will make noise, thumping the feet, mocking the police and the court... and worst still, throng the court! They will go on rampage if the verdict reads Anwar as guilty as charged!

And the children are there, remember?

That's what Tian Chua meant when he said 'we can't stop the children from coming...'


salomon tak selamat said...

we must deplore any effort to bring children to the rally. although i am a PR supporter, i dont support such a dirty plan to use children as human shield.

once we have promised a peaceful protest, we must keep our words... and KEEP the children out of this!

a croc said...

the police must issue a warning or reminder to those wanting to join the rally - to keep children out of it.

100,000 people can turn rowdy if they dont like the verdict.

it will spell trouble, believe me

penangan said...


salah di sisi semua undang2 dan moral jika gunakan kanak2 dalam tunjuk perasaan seperti ini.

walaupun PR adakan atas dasar 'aman', tidak ada jaminan ia akan bertukar menjadi sebaliknya.

jadi, eloklah jangan libatkan anak2 kita.... takut menyesal tak sudah nanti!

Anonymous said...

good idea.

if they lose their kids should trouble flares, they will regret it. and of course they will blame the government and the police!

stupid tian chua!

nasi dan kicap said...

KDN dan bukit aman patut keluarkan kenyataan, larang kanak2 sertai perhimpunan tu.

takut nanti ada yang hilang nyawa... nak salahkan siapa?

wak sontot said...

betul ke tian chua ni? kalau benda lain dia boleh arahkan penyokong agar buat ini dan itu, takkan tak boleh bagitau jangan bawak kanak2 ke 901!

ni memang satu alasan bodoh dan tak boleh diterima akal.

ERK said...

pls dont drag children into such a politic.

i am in support of anwar's free movement but i will not agree if such a tactic to use children is being subscribed!

the police has to monitor the whole situation on monday. should they see children closing in the area, they should be chased out

35 sen said...

biarkanlah diorang bawak kanak2. kot2 jadi rusuhan dan ada yangg pengsan atau mampus, padan dengan muka diorang!

nampak ja macam ada otak sekor2, tapi tak guna satu sen pun.

kalau gunakan kanak2, memanglah diorang ni jenis binatang!

mike stalin said...


i share your prophesy that 901 will turn into riot.

there is a possibility that they will storm the high court. there will be chaos...

pokok getah tua said...

inilah ramalan aku.

jika anwar didapati bersalah, mereka akan serbu mahkamah, bertempur dengan polis dan bakar mahkamah.

jika ada kanak2, lagi mudah mereka buat kerja!

Anonymous said...

100,000 ribu orang?

boleh dapat ke seramai tu?

biar betul azmin ni!

the saint said...


Anonymous said...

lets see if pakatan leaders dare to bring their children or grandchildren to the rally on monday.

i challenge tian chua to bring his kids along!

bonda said...

tolonglah jangan bawak anak2 ke sana.

kalau nak berhimpun, menjerit, merusuh dan berperang pun, janganlah libatkan kanak2.

berdosa besar!

Anonymous said...

its a legitimate rights to assemble... but not a rights to drag children into it!

i oppose such an act!

Anonymous said...

Such an irresponsible comment , looks like he wants people to bring along their kids, and if anything happens, all the more reason to blame the govt. and police and make a mockery out of it in the pro-pakatan cult blogs like MI n MKini so the readers will be more frustrated with the govt and police...... And he wants to be a leader!!! Sad....I seriously hope the police will issue a warning and be there to prevent this happening...

Bawal said...

The statement by the idiot a$%hole tian chua is totally irresponsible. Whether, the 100,000 idiots wanna to heed his advice is secondary but as a responsible leader, he is compelled to tell them not to bring any children anyway.

He can be seen here as totally irresponsible but yet 100,000 idiots can't see that. Gosh !! Whats is happening to the Malaysians.

lim gone eng said...

that stupid tian chua made a blunder when he said that.

is it too difficult to tell pr members not to bring any children to the rally?

it means they wanted the kids to provide them with some shelters from the police should the rally turns ugly!

samagagah said...

akai tarak ka nak guna budak2 sebagai perisai.

depa ni memang kepala kosong.

kalau betoi la, memang nak majal!

pisang keling said...

kalau nak mampus, buat la. bawak anak2 ke sana isnin ni.

kalau jadi apa2, rusuhan yang tidak terkawal ke, tanggung la sendiri.

otak bangkai tian chua ni!

Anonymous said...

adding kids to such a rally will undermine the organiser, and not the police.

if the crowd gets rowdy and the police has to intervene, then it will turn ugly.

what will happen to the kids?

tian chua spoke from his nose!

Anonymous said...

malaysia dah tak aman!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I must congratulate the police for allowing the rally to proceed, of course, with some conditions attached it.

By now, PDRM must have gathered sufficient intelligence to facilitate it to make a security appraisal of the ground and subsequently plan effective and efficient countermeasures to face any eventualities.

They are the professionals and fully trained. Nobody and no one irrespective of their political affiliation should be allowed to interfere or intervene with the police performing its functions to maintain law and order and to preserve peace and security.

To disallow or ban the rally will only incur the wrath from the international community such as Amnesty International and other human right groups and this invariably become counter-productive to the interest and image of BN government.


Anonymous said...

no brain!

but its their last resort. let it be war!

Anonymous said...

If Anwar can command 100,000 people to the 901 rally, he must be very popular. A lot of people seem to favour him. As an opposition leader he can transform himself to be the leader of the ruling party. This is what BN feared, so by hook or crook, Anwar must be put away. Sodomy 1 failed, Sodomy 2 is yet to be seen.
Anwar, fear only ALLAH, not BN

Anonymous said...

Sodomy 1 failed, Sodomy 2 also failed. I hope Sodomy 3 is not in the making

Anonymous said...

You were worried what his supporters would do if he was found guilty. I doubt that thay celebrated with the bombs.
Looks like it wasn't Anwars supporters Malaysia has to be scared of.