Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya MERDEKA!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pro-BN bloggers to join DAP! Alamak!

Disturbing news. I just can't believe what I heard and read. The info was rather alarming, notably the density of reasons behind it.

If it's true that this few pro-government bloggers are joining the Opposition - especially the DAP - something must have gone wrong with them... or the government which they have been supporting all this years.
But why DAP? This Chinese-based party is not relevant anymore to Malaysia's multiracial politics. Its cahoot with PAS and PKR is dwindling. Pakatan Rakyat is not only an Opposition pact but also a 'dangerously subversive' political party.

Pakatan wants to incite the Malays' anger by abolishing the monarchy. The are also telling the Chinese that the Malays are racist and anti-Chinese while to the Indians, they strewed the seeds of hatred by saying they will forever remain as the oppressed citizens.

The motive is clear - to create political chaos like what is taking place in some Middle East countries, with the hope for foreign intervention as this will open up the passage for the creating up of a Republic of Malaysia. And to them, it is the duty of the Opposition to oppose every effort introduced by the government to sustain economic growth and continuous development for the rakyat.

However, I am most perturbed by the news that this few Malay bloggers are turning to DAP (read Jebat Berkokok).

I tried to identify reasons for this. As far this few people are concerned, they were once very close to the administration, being friends to the Cabinet and among the most 'genuine' supporter of Umno.

What went wrong? Are they being ignored by the government, being put on the sideline or any other reasons? What actually frustrates them?

On second thought, I know some former senior government officers who joined the Opposition after leaving the service. They were frustrated for not getting anything. In fact, one of the most senior journalists during Tun Dr Mahathir's era is now against the govt, except for the fact that he remains as an Umno member and still getting the govt pension.

What is actually wrong here? The government system or this individuals? I believe it's both. Many say PM Najib's government is good at making announcement but it falls short of implementation.

However, some individuals, including bloggers who strongly support the government have been trying to seek small favors from the administration. Yes, some ministers, deputy minister and secretary-generals did promise them some favors to sustain their living but in the end, nothing was delivered.

Other reasons? I am not quite certain about it but the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' is too good to be true...

Friday, August 26, 2011

To UNHCR: Most Burmese in Malaysia are illegal immigrants, stupid!

THE United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Malaysia has admitted thousands of refugees have been incorrectly issued letters by the Malaysian government marked 'return to home country'', raising widespread fears of deportation.

Really? Who is this idiot Andika Wahab of Suaram who told Australian newspaper Herald that up to 10,000 refugees - mostly from Myanmar - descended on the Immigration Office in Putrajaya yesterday after the UNHCR was told that our government has made it compulsory for them to immediately register under the biometric system.

I did not get any confirmation from the Home Ministry but was made to understand that it was a late notice.

However, I am flabbergasted at a statement by Andika and 'other witnesses' that the Department made a mistake by calling in Rela to control the massive crowd at the counters.

This Andika and his 'witnesses' also claimed that they saw Rela members carrying sticks and began to push people and hit the wall.

This guy must be brainless or his head must installed with the brain of a pig. For such a big crowd - about 10,000 people as you claimed - the situation would have turned chaotic. So what? You expect them to behave when everybody tried to jump queue?

Did they hit any or the 'refugees'? I dont think so!

The refugees became alarmed at about 4pm when it was realised that, after having their fingerprints taken, some were being issued letters stamped ''Return to home country'', according to Suaram.

''They feared they would be deported to Burma,'' he said (here).

And Yante Ismail, a spokeswoman for the UNHCR in Malaysia said the document should have been given only to migrant workers, and not refugees.

Dr Irene Fernandez, the executive director of the refugee group, Tenaganita, said it was 'problematic' that refugees were given the wrong letters, adding that Rela members ''became quite abusive, started pushing them and not treating them well''

I think Irene, Andika and Yante are the 'problematic' ones for failing to use their brain before making any derogatory remarks about the issue.

Hey! Whose country is this? Ours? And yours too? If you are Malaysians, you should not be too protective of the Burmese. Do you know how many of them are in YOUR country right now? 10,000? 30,000?

There are about 300,000 of them, of whom 94,000 were issued with the UNHCR tags because they are the real refugees. And what about the rest? They too wanted the UNHCR tag as it would mean a passport for them to continue staying in Malaysia. Many of them had already been issued with 'fake' UNHCR tags.

So, are you calling all the Burmese in Malaysia refugees? Common sense, please. Most of them came to the country illegally through Thailand. They were employed by some sectors, some with working permits while the others play 'hide and seek' with the authorities.

Under the 6P program, no agents found it easy to register them as their common and standard answer would be 'Saya orang Myanmar, ada pas UNHCR!' Arrogant and proud!

So, stop blaming the Home Ministry, the immigration office or Rela. We admit some or them are genuine refugees but many more are illegal workers. The purpose of the 6P is to register illegal foreign workers in Malaysia and the non-refugee Burmese are of no exception. And please bear in mind that we can shoo them back to their country of origin for breaching our immigration law.

Stop being a bunch of bloody fools to protect the non-refugees. Do some homework. I believe those who went to the immigration office were the ones working illegally in our country, and they are neither refugees.

One question. Are you guys anti-Malaysia? Because the way you made chummy with the Australian media demonstrated the kind of recognition you want from the foreigners. By belittling your own country, I am not sure what and how much this foreign agencies pay you!

Remember - an Opposition does not carry the tag 'To Oppose Everything'!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anwar is not another Mandela... or Gandhi... or Suu Kyi

If Anwar thinks he is another Nelson Mandel, he should read this...

If he thinks his 'renaissance' is similar to that of Mahatma Gandhi, he better read this...

And before he harbors the thought of being in the same class as Suu Kyi, he should also read this...

Nope! Anwar does not have any asset of this three 'freedom fighters'. Mandela fought against apartheid, Gandhi for Independence while Suu Kyi for democracy. Anwar is not championing democracy but to ruin it.

In a simple yet 'straight to the point' analysis, Anwar's wannabe moment of Gandhi-Mandela political theatre, stopthelies wrote:

"By refusing to testify in his own defence in his trial for sodomy, and choosing to make an 8,000 word long statement from the dock on which he cannot be cross-examined, Anwar put on a grand piece of political theatre..."

I agree...

Continue reading...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

KDN preys on 6P agents; DBKL preys on Raya shoppers...

KDN preys on 6P agents
It was Tuesday, Aug 23 2011. At 4pm, Home Ministry's sec-gen Mahmood Adam called about 200 6P agents for a briefing. It was only a week earlier that he called for a similar briefing to 'screw' the agents appointed by the ministry to assist the government with the program.

KDN didnt treat the agents as its clients. No respect, no appreciation. As most of them are 'Melayu', so the 'Melayu' at KDN simply preys on the other 'Melayu' by turning them into a bunch of 'idiots'.

On top of that, I have heard remarks such as "Siapa suruh awak semua sign nak jadi agen?", "Biarkan dia orang tak buat duit, diorang ingat tugas ni boleh jadi kaya ke..." and "Padan muka agen ni semua!" It came from KDN and the Immigration Department's high ranking officers.

Wahhh lann!!!! You appointed them to assist you but you prey on them... your own agents whom you should treat as the ministry's clients!

Are you aware that out of 330 agents you appointed, about 100 had given up. Why? Read this:

First, you said these agents will only register and thumbprint the illegals in the country. Then you waived off the fee for the illegal Banglas too (KDN estimated them at around 500,000 but they are actually close to 1 million). What's so special about the Banglas? I though we are much closer to the Indonesians than to the Banglas?

Its ok. But then Mahmood issued a directive to the Immigration Dept to register the illegals for free. And that was NOT OK. Agents were deprived of the RM35 per head fee. Do you know that some agents already spent more than RM100,000 to rent the stupid-and-suppose-not-to-be-that-expensive machines? What happens to the RM1 billion the government has paid for it... and who got the contract?

This led to many agents had to close shop. Many couldnt afford the machines. A few had to seek help from 'ah longs'.

So, many illegals who have been 'wooed' by the agents had run away to the Immigration Offices nationwide. I would like to urge the MACC to investigate some Immigration officers who are making tonnes of money for appointing their own 'runners' to bring in the illegals to register with them. It is free on paper but they impose charges to speed up the registration. The gain will be split by half - the officers and runners share it.

Again, its NOT RIGHT. And quite recently, KDN allowed the Post Office and the MYEG website to register the illegals... also for free.

And at yesterday's briefing, Mahmood Adam issued a stern warning to agents with the thumbprint machines to return it to NERS between Sept 1-4 once the registration process completes on August 30.

I dont know what's got into him. I have known him ever since he was with Mindef and as DG of the Immigration Dept. He was a nice, humble person... dedicated and helpful. However, since his contract with the Home Ministry was extended recently, he is a changed person. I am not able to find the right word to describe him!

Sept 1-4 is Hari Raya, sir! Public Holidays. Many believe Prime Minister Najib will declare an extra public holiday on Friday Sept 2 should Hari Raya falls on Wednesday Aug 31. What is he up to? Does Minister Hishammuddin know about it?

(I attended one press conference by Mahmood recently. Before it got started, he reminded reporters that he was no longer a Datuk Seri but a Tan Sri...).

DBKL preys on Raya shoppers
Also Tuesday, around 4pm. Raja Nongchik visited the Bazar Ramadan in Lorong Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Its a normal atmosphere every 'puasa month'. Traders and shoppers have been able to tolerate it. No complaint.

When the minister was making his rounds, DBKL's enforcement officers were busy issuing summons to any vehicles parked on both sides of Jalan TAR. Fine, and I agree as 4-9pm is a busy period. They were obstructing traffic flow.

However, the officers got busier after 9.30pm. They were not only issuing summons but also towed away dozens of cars and other vehicles parked at the lane behind Coliseum.

There are two parking lots which can accommodate about 400 vehicles along the lane. Not sufficient. Some had to park at further places and had to walk about 500 to 1,000 meters to the Bazar Ramadan. The back lane is a familiar and easier spot for parking, especially for shoppers who bring along their babies and parents who cant walk that far.

At about 10.30pm, I saw some people crying over their 'lost' vehicles. A few women were carrying babies and kids aged between 2-4 years old. I also saw six elder couples aged between 60-75 sitting by the road side, wondering how to get home. A couple came a long way from Seremban.

Where is DBKL's human senses? Why didnt you use your jurisdiction? They were not obstructing traffic on the main Jalan TAR! They are all 'Melayu' shoppers in their Hari Raya mood! Are you human or what?

Ahhh.... before I forgot. Where would Nongchik pee if he feels the urge? The only public toilet is about 500 meters away. I still keep the SMS sent by one of his senior officials to a Harian Metro's reporter who alerted him about my blog post last week.

He said that I didnt do my homework. Ha ha ha.... he fell into my trap. Since you mentioned 'homework', let me ask you this - after more than 30 years manning the Bazar Ramadan, dont tell me that DBKL didnt complete its homework to install a few makeshift toilets in that area?

Dont talk nonsense laaarr bro! You people are just like the cannibals, eating your own brothers' flesh!

I think in this two cases, Barisan Nasional will lose many votes in the coming general elections. PM Najib will be in big trouble... and so will Hisham and Nongchik!

Monday, August 22, 2011

If you are clean, prove it Anwar!

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, in taking his stand of defense for the first time, told the High Court today there was a conspiracy by PM Najib and friends to send him to 'political oblivion'.

Describing the sodomy accusation against him as a 'blatant, vicious lie', he also warned Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan that his allegation will prove to be a big lie soon

"I state, in no uncertain terms, that I have never had any sexual relations with the complainant, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Saiful's allegation is a blatant and vicious lie and will be proved to be so.

"This entire process is nothing but a conspiracy by Prime Minister Najib Razak to send me into political oblivion by attempting once again to put me behind bars.

"...They can do all they want to sully my reputation and threaten me with... jail. They won't be able to cow me. The truth will prevail," he said.

Some call Anwar a coward for giving an unsworn statement (not subject to cross examination) from the dock.

But for me, Anwar still got the time to quash the allegations... only if he is really innocent. However, it was not right to accuse Najib and his government forming a cahoot to run him down.

What he should concentrate on now is to produce every tangible evidence to beat the prosecution. He is, actually, going against all odds!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stripping Tony Pua naked

Looks like Tony Pua got nowhere to hide. He is being stripped naked, layer after layer. His wrongdoings are being exposed.

I guess stopthelies must be someone who is or used to be very close to Tony Pua. Otherwise, the blog owner would not be able to detail out Tony's fraudulence.

For thing, he used to cheat the government.

Who's government? Pak Lah's!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

More private colleges, more foreign students, more social problems

Malaysia should be proud for being the 11th most sought after country for tertiary education among international students, and that the country now accounts for two per cent of the international student population around the world (here).

Wow! We are always striving to be among the world's best. It's a good effort.

However, we have forgotten that as host to this students, perhaps Malaysia is now among the world's most 'troubled' by them, especially those from the African nations. As at June 2011, the number of international students in Malaysia has exceeded 90,000 people and the Higher Education Ministry targets 200,000 international students by 2020.

Ok. We allow them to study here. Our private universities and colleges also offer among the best education packages as compared to other developed and developing nations.

But our government only issues licenses to this private education centers. As long as they meet all the required procedures, they will get the license to operate. And so, they put up advertisement locally and abroad to lure foreign students to enroll. They also engaged runners who reap millions of ringgit for bringing them in by arranging all necessary documents i.e student visa and accommodation.

Owners and operators of these colleges are happy enough to collect whatever fees imposed on the students. As long as they pay their monthly or annual fees, it does not matter whether they attend classes of not.

What matters most is money. The private universities and colleges need plenty of money to keep operate. Of course, they can't afford to run on losses. And so, money is everything to them.

If the students fail to attend their classes, they will not pass their examination. If they fail, they will have to repeat their subjects. And to repeat, it incurs extra charges. The colleges would be very happy to earn that 'extra income from failures'.

Some foreign students come from rich and wealthy family. Some just have the money to study and live in Malaysia for that stipulated period. In fact, some of them didn't have any intention to study but to do something else, something daring and to some extent breach our laws.

We have read news about many foreign students, especially the Africans, been involved in illegal activities namely drug, vice and gangsterism. We also have a number of them in Kamunting under the ISA.

I remember sometimes in May 2008, a group of African students were involved in gang fights in Mantin and the police had a grueling time to control them (picture).

A group of African students also attacked TV3 crew members in Taman Connaught, Cheras a few years ago when the journalists were 'spying' on their 'Little Africa' colony there.

So, how many more foreign students, notably from Africa are allowed in? Under the 6P program, does anybody know how many illegal Africans are also seeking legalisation but now allowed (as no African nations are on the list)? So, what will happen to them when our 'pemutihan' starts immediately after Hari Raya.

To the Higher Education Ministry, what have you done to monitor the private universities and colleges in ensuring that the students awarded with the 'student visa' really study and not doing anything else?

Are we that proud for being among the best?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tony Pua: The Opposition Finance Minister!

Opposition Finance Minister Material?

Tony Pua fashions himself as some sort of an opposition shadow Finance Minister.

Unfortunately, since Anwar Ibrahim has failed to deliver on his pre-2008 election promise to set up a shadow cabinet, we shall just have to refer to Tony Pua as the “unofficial” opposition shadow Finance Minister.

Now, a Finance Minister would have to be someone who keeps his promise and delivers on time and as promised.

Unfortunately, the facts will show that Tony Pua is far from Finance Minister material.

Not only that, Tony Pua also fashions himself as some sort of an opposition Law Minister who constantly threatens to sue Government politicians for this and that. This is definitely something well within his expertise – court cases.

Continue reading Stopthelies...

"Saya memang suka sambal"

I believe millions of Malaysian heard PM Najib said, "Saya memang suka sambal" on TV3 Nightline about an hour ago.

It was caught on camera. He was aware of the media and TV crew attendance but like everybody else, he couldn't hide his likings.

He was attending a breaking fast hosted by the government's Chief Secretary Sidek Hassan. My family likes it, and we had a good laugh. I think those who watched it found it ticklish.

Nothing's wrong with that. It shows how our Prime Minister handles his protocol swiftly. We do not need protocol for functions like that!

Another thing. 'Sambal' is so common to Malaysians. The Malays love it. The Indians too. And so are the Chinese and other races. Even 'Mat Salleh' would like to try it.

Malaysians love it and there is no divide when it comes to eating it with nasi lemak, roti canai or rice. When it comes to 'sambal', Malaysians would not resist it. They are one.

Now we know what inspired Najib to introduce his 1Malaysia!

We also like your sambal laa, Najib!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That 'porky' error does not make Star anti-Islam

The Star's 'porky' issue again. When many thought it was beginning to ebb by the newspaper's Page 3 apology a few days ago, some people are adding fuel to it. Even Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein was not satisfied with the apology.

And now Perkasa, the right (or could it be left?) wing Malay organisation led by Pasir Mas MP, Ibrahim Ali. They wanted the government to revoke its printing license if The Star fails to issue a satisfactory apology to the Muslims.

I am not sure what is meant by 'a satisfactory apology'. By running a 48-pages of apology signed by all its editorial staff? Or to have MCA apologises for the newspaper and display it until Hari Raya? If that too is not suffice, what else? Burn down the Star building for good and make everybody who 'makan gaji' there jobless?

So, you want a severe punishment, right? If that's the case, better declare a war against MCA and push a motion for Prime Minister, in his capacity as Chairman of Barisan Nasional, to expel the party from the ruling pact.

Why must we burn copies of The Star and incite the Muslims in Malaysia to label the publication, its management and owner as anti-Islam?

The error didnt make The Star as being anti-Islam. This is Malaysia, a multi-racial and multi-religious country. And I personally believe The Star has been moderate enough in upholding the principle of mutual respect among religions and races.

Compared to errors committed by other publications, what the Star 'accidentally' did was trivial. An apology is still an apology, whether it is carried in Page 3 or the front page. They have expressed regret over the matter, and that there was no intention whatsoever to hurt and insult the Muslims.

After all, this is Ramadan. I thought Ramadan is full of tolerance and forgiving.

Yes, some people are riding on the issue for political reason. However, the same people who ride it are the same group who defended similar errors committed by others. And I am not sure why are they blaming MCA - an important BN component - for it.

I almost forgot the fact that Perkasa is led by a no-party group. Many of them are not even members of Umno, Pas or PKR. So, it is well understood why people who sit on the fence can shout at both sides of it. Of course, they couldn't be bothered if BN goes down in the next general elections.

By the way, if The Star is anti-Islam for that unintentional mistakes, does a Muslim becomes a 'kafir' if he accidentally ate pork?

I am not defending The Star. I am defending the logic.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tony Pua - a con and a parasite!

Tony Pua warns that he will sue the Malaysian Govt, Prime Minister Najib, Nazri Aziz and those he believes are involved in 'screwing up' Tajuddin Ramli. I personally think Tony should as well sue God for TR's karma.

In a posting I WILL SUE YOU!, unraveled what and who Tony Pua is - a conman and a parasite! The Malay version is available, thanks to Tun Faisal with his posting Penipu Rakyat Tony Pua kroni berjaya, makan hasil hand-out?.

"Tony has been dragged in and out of courts umpteen times by his creditors and clients. He in turn dragged them in and out of courts by counter suing and winding them up. In other words, the man is an expert in the area of business litigation and knows how to successfully hide his flaws by using the law.

"His business venture Cyber Village, where he often claims he made his first million from has had various suits filed against it by disgruntled clients who felt cheated by its inability to perform their contractual obligations.

"In one instance, Cyber Village entered into contract with a Berjaya Group subsidiary named to set up an e-procurement hub. Cyber Village missed deadlines and even overbilled with Tony Pua unable to justify during the trial how he arrived at the additional charges at a rate of RM800 a day.

"To top all this of – the e procurement system delivered by Cyber Village to My2020 was an absolute failure!"

So much of a politician who himself is facing so many suits!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our PR is not for sale... but KDN has to be transparent

Since he took office about three years ago, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has been the subject of unscrupulous attacks from many quarters, especially the Opposition. Even among friends and pro-government bloggers, he doesn't seem to be in their good book.

Hisham has been accused of opening the floodgates to immigrants by granting them PR status 'so easily'. Worst still, they believed Hisham was being so lenient to the Chinese nationals by according them with full citizenship.

I am not sure. I dont have the figure as it is fully classified (is it?).

However, I do not think the Home Ministry is selling PR and citizenship to foreigners who wish to be part of us. I have seen the procedure. There was no easy passage. I have talked to some senior officials at the ministry, the Immigration Dept and the National Registration Dept, and nothing pointed to what was described by the Opposition as a back door entry.

And sorry, I am also not sure about the previous regimes under Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Azmi Khalid and Syed Hamid Albar who many accused of making tonnes of money from 'human tradings' and 'human trafficking'.

In Sembrong yesterday, Hisham had - for the first time - refuted allegations that his ministry has been according PR and citizenship status readily (here). That was a strong statement, meant as a 'once for all' answer to those who put the procedure on doubt.

"I know for a fact that the allegations are baseless because I am the one who considers the recommendations from our officers. We approve the PR status in accordance with the law," he told the Press.

So, there is no such thing that our Malaysian PR and citizenship status is for sale. However, its an undeniable fact that some ministry's officials, including with the Immigration and Registration Departments do make money over the deals, and it is up to the MACC to investigate.

But I have something to ask Hisham - when I was a reporter, the Government Gazette was one of my compulsory reference for 'scoops'. I got almost every edition of it. There were a lot of exclusive stories, particularly with regards to the Home Ministry - the number and names of people who got their citizenship stripped, the list of convicts on banishment, etc.

There was also a list of foreigners accorded with full citizenship, and of course how many PR applicants were approved every month.

Bro Hisham. What happens to the Gazette, and why is the information on PR and citizenship be made 'classified' when it was not suppose to be blanketed? I think if the Gazette carries the details, the Opposition and 'friends' who throw rubbish at you may go on silence.

When we are transparent, critics would not come easy...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DBKL 'The Pengotor!'

"Kalau nak tengok sampah, tikus berlari di hujung kaki, lipas memanjat sampai kepala, bau hancing dan hapak... kat sinilah tempatnya. Cantik memanglah cantik tapi DBKL cuma tahu kutip duit daripada peniaga..."


It's in Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. Every Ramadan, DBKL will issue license to about 500-700 small traders (mostly Malays) to grab opportunities during the 'bulan rezeki'. They make money, alrite.

About two months before Ramadan, DBKL will invite those interested to Tasik Titiwangsa. They were given forms to fill up and deposit to place. A month later, once again they will have to 'cabut undi'.

The lucky ones would walk home while those who are not have an option - to offer anyone who gets the bazaar lot an attractive sum of money for a 'sell-off'. The quantum depends on the location of the lots. Its always between RM10,000 to RM30,000.

We should laud DBKL for opening up such opportunities to traders, especially retailers. Every year, Ramadan Bazaar in Jalan TAR attracts about one million people -including foreign tourists - in a month. We are proud of it.

However, after observing the trend for more than 20 years now, I notice DBKL is not up to expectation. Maybe the administration, including the Datuk Bandar himself is not aware that traders and customers alike are 'being encouraged' to 'berak and kencing' anywhere they like.

Why? No makeshift toilets are installed. I began to agree with the public's opinion that DBKL only knows how to make money but fails to look into the importance of such an necessity in a lucrative place like Jalan TAR.

Those who need to 'pay homage' will have to go to the few budget hotels... or ease themselves behind the tents or drains. And the smell along Lorong TAR is.... SKUNK!

I think the minister in-charge, the Datuk Bandar and DBKL staff will have to pee anywhere if they come to Lorong TAR. I believe its okay... sudah biasa!

Friday, August 12, 2011

DAP politburo sacks trouble-makers

THE sacking of three DAP members Wednesday was a testimony how the party is being ruled like a communist politburo - nobody is allowed to criticise the leadership or face the 'bullet'.

Puah Ju Kian of the Teluk Gadong branch, Yap Kon Min of the Serdang Baru branch and Tan Chew Wah of the Balakong New Village branch were expelled 'for breaching the party's constitution and for criticising the leadership', according to a statement.

I remember when DAP announced its 'partnership' with PAS and Semangat 46 in the late 1980s, many of its members objected by accusing their leadership of going against the party's original objective. Some were expelled while others quit for other political parties.

So, its true that DAP is under full control of the secretary-general, similar to that of the Russian and Chinese politburo.

DAP leaders demand full respect from all members. Its central committee acts under Lim Kit Siang's directive while Karpal Singh 'legal endorsement' fortifies the sec-gen in a manner that no member can find a way to sue or drag him to court.

The disciplinary committee held a hearing for the three on Aug 5 at the party's national headquarters and was satisfied that the explanations given by them could not justify their respective acts which had seriously jeopardised the party interest and breach of comradeship.

The is no actual comradeship in DAP. When was the last time its senior posts were opened to contest?

Puah was expelled for mismanaging branch affairs, Yap for repeatedly and openly making 'defamatory and malicious accusations against party leaders' and Chew Wah for repeatedly and openly making personal attacks against party leaders.

They were actually making constructive comment about how the party should be led without PAS and PKR. However, Lim, Karpal and others couldn't take smart and good ideas. To them, what the sec-gen or the central committe decides must be heeded by all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadan 'pork fest': The Star must investigate

Supplement Ramadan Delights - an ad 'Best Rib In Town' in Page 2, 'Whipping up an appetite, Mongolian Pork Ribs' in Page 4 and 'Authentic Prime Pork Ribs' in Page 7. In The Star yesterday.

Fulamak! I bet my good friend Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai will 'kena' again - from Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Utusan Malaysia, JAKIM and other Islamic organisations and of course, from some bloggers.

Who to blame? Chun Wai? The whole newspaper organisation or the people in-charge of the Supplement. But... one after another.

Nope! I dont blame Chun Wai although he is the big boss there. The team which managed the Supplement must be held responsible!

Where were the Supplement Editor, the Proof Editor and the Chief Sub-Editor? Who was in-charge of picking the right picture for the right stories? Don't tell me that the sub-editors who designed the pages were not aware what kind of a Supplement was it?

(Or was there a cahoot to bring Chun Wai down?)

Not one but three pages of 'delicacies for Ramadan' was not unintentional. It was done deliberately to smear the newspaper's integrity and push Chun Wai's off the edge. But who are they?

Chun Wai is not fully responsible. As the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib has a group of subordinates (ministers) to assist him run the country. If Najib has to do and monitor everything, there would be no need to appoint the ministers, the secretary-generals and other senior officers.

And so is Chun Wai's position. Where were his deputies, senior editors, editors and others? Didn't anybody spot the error?

I think its high time for The Star to start scouting for new talents to run such a business, people who are sensitive to racial and religious issue and people who don't pull 'stupid jokes' like this!

Whatever action to be taken against the newspaper, I don't second the 'some heads must roll' notion! Yes, it was an uncalled error but I think it was not meant to insult the Muslims... it was meant to insult those responsible for producing such a Supplement.

However, someone just text me that the pictures and stories were not meant for Ramadan Supplement. They chose the wrong Supplement Strap!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small China is what DAP wants

MCA President Chua Soi Lek said the party and its members have accepted Malaysia as a multi-racial country and as such the idea of having a 'Small China' in the country is not wise and could bring devastating impact on its unity (here).

Agree. The Small China was in fact being pursued by the DAP, whose leaders were overwhelmed by Lee Kuan Yew's success in transforming Singapore from a Malay-dominated island into a Chinese state. And soon, DAP would like to turn Malaysia into another 'Greater China'. And by riding on its PKR and PAS collaboration, DAP may also harbor the idea of making Malaysia a republic should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election.

I personally believe Anwar is also having similar idea. His international connection, especially with the capitalist British and Americans is pointing towards such an objective. Pakatan's detest over the Malay monarchy of late adds weigh to such a pessimism.

DAP, especially is a PAP clone. They only center their campaigns on 'kampung baru' (new villages) and the urban areas. Like the PAP, Singapore under the British was easy to manage. Small and easily accessed, the British were much closer to the Chinese by placing them high above the Malays who only came third after the Indians.

After Malaya gained Independence, Lee Kuan Yew led the Singapore urban Chinese in PAP to launch a political offensive against Umno, Perikatan and the Tengku. They even avowed their intention to go their own way.

Of course the British engineered it well enough. Their racial segregation by making the Chinese play a leading role in the island gave Lee and his chauvinistic team an opportunity to transform the island into a 'small China'. And they succeeded with the British assistance.

Realising that they were marginalised, the Malays began to move to Johor and other Malay territories as they saw no opportunity in-store should they had chosen to stay on. The rubber plantations were making way to the urbanisation while the British and their Chinese partners were doing everything to frustrate the indigenous Malays.

However, when Tengku saw the PAP threat in the Peninsular, he had to agree to Lee's proposal of Singapore becoming an independence republic, and that saved everything (please read Tun Dr Mahathir's A Doctor In The House)

DAP also gives top priority to New Villages set up by government in the early 1960s as a defense buffer zone to the communist insurgency. With about 700 New Villages today (only less than 3 per cent of its inhabitants are Malays and other races), DAP finds a smooth going to champion its Small China idea.

Over the years, we had never seen or heard DAP going all out to lure the Malays, Indians or other races to join it. This so-called Democratic Action Party is not even so democratic at all as no elections was held for its central committee posts.

Just like Lee Kuan Yew and PAP in Singapore, the DAP only listens to Lim Kit Siang as its supreme leader. This resembles a communist politburo in Russia and China where the party's secretary-general holds absolute executive power.

Chua Soi Lek is a true Malaysian. He speaks fluent Bahasa as compared to Kit Siang, Karpal or other DAP leaders who also claim being Malaysians. Being born, brought up and studied in Malaysia, it is beyond comprehension that many DAP leaders are not able to converse well in Bahasa.

There are three possibilities to that - they didnt bother to take up the language as they still consider themselves part of China; they are so racist that they didnt mingle with the Malays; or they still believe that their Small China would eventually be attained.

That explains why there is almost no Malays in DAP. Its a Chinese-based party, a different Chinese. MCA is also a Chinese party but their leaders and members are Malaysians (some are even more nationalistic than the Malays) who assimilate a multi-racial politics. But the DAP is for orthodox Chinese who still could not accept the fact that they are citizens of Malaysia, and not China.

Barisan Nasional may have some weaknesses but Prime Minister Najib is working hard alongside its component party leaders to make Malaysia a country for everyone - a country they can be proud of.

Malaysia is not similar to the Philippines. When Anwar met Estrada in Manila last week, he said Malaysia needed to learn from the Filipinos. But he has forgotten than the Philippines is not a multiracial country.

And that is why Anwar can get along fine with Kit Siang and Nik Aziz. They want to throw the country into a furore!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you, Najib!

It is a benevolent government. Despite being adversely affected by the downward ratings by Standard & Poor on the US economy, our civil servants and pensioners should feel relieved that there is still something for them to spend on Hari Raya.

Its not the amount. Its the thought that counts.

I am not a civil servant but I have many friends who come under the payroll - from a despatch rider to the high-ranking ones. Please don't complaint. It's always better than nothing.

So, 'bersyukurlah'. Thank you, Najib!

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 (Bernama) -- The government has agreed to pay bonus of half month salary with minimum payment of RM500 for civil servants. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said besides this, the goverment had also agreed to give special payment of RM500 to government pensioners. "The bonus and special payment will be made in the middle of this month," Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said in a statement today.

Najib said the bonus was to appreciate the dedication and contributions of civil servants in successfully implementing the nation's development programmes. "The government hopes the provision of this bonus and special payment can lighten the burden of civil servants and government pensioners and help them make preparations for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration.

"This shows that the government is always concerned about the welfare of civil servants and government pensiors. The awarding of the bonus is a mark of appreciation of all civil servants," said Najib. Najib said the two payments involved 1.27 million civil servants and 590,000 government pensioners and entailed an estimated expenditure of RM2 billion. - BERNAMA

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stop The Lies and Jurnal Malaysia

I was surfing the Net, looking for 'new born' blogs and news portal when I came across two interesting websites - stopthelies (a blog) and Jurnal Malaysia (a portal).

I also saw two familiar names who are directly or indirectly involved in running it - journalists Tony Yew and Noorhasilah Ismail (Asam Pedas) respectively.

Stopthelies is all about politics while Jurnal Malaysia is an assorted, namely news, technology, health, etc.

There is no exact figure as to how many blogs and news portal we have in the country but it is a positive sign that more readers are turning to blogs for fast and easy info. Although blogs are personal domain, some are really outstanding.

I personally welcome new blog writers to our blogosphere. My only advice is - keep out of trouble and avoid the courts of law.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anwar takes lesson from Estrada The Actor

Former Philippine president Joseph Estrada said he will attend the official ceremony if Anwar becomes Malaysia's prime minister. The former movie star (he is in fact a good actor, still) also voiced his confident that the Opposition Leader will be sworn-in after the next general elections.

During his visit to Manila on Friday, Anwar also strewed lies that the Bersih 2.0 July 9 public demo was confronted by the police firing blindly at the protesters, causing one death and hundreds injured, some seriously, including himself.

Citing the pro-democratic uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other Middle East countries, Anwar said pro-democratic reform in Malaysia should follow the footsteps set by the late Ninoy Aquino.

And in effort to win the heart of the Filipinos, he also said Malaysians got plenty to learn from Philippine hero Jose Rizal (here) who 'inspired him as a free man as well as a man under incarceration'.

(Rizal promoted what was described by many Filipinos and others as a 'dream' - a world without races. To second that notion was only the late John Lennon via his popular song, 'Imagine'.).

Well... Estrada and Anwar share some similarities. Estrada was convicted for plunder while Anwar for corruption and sodomy. During his tenure as the president, Estrada was accused of massing up personal wealth, which brought him down.

Another thing. Anwar also commended President Aquino's policy in combating graft by comparing corruption in Malaysia as among the worst in the world. When he was deputy prime minister, Anwar used to hammer the Philippines for its high corruption rate.

And who is Anwar and Estrada as compared to Aquino and Rizal? Both are stewards of their respective national instability and they are best known for disintegrating their own race.

Anwar also wanted the help of Estrada as his group battles with the ruling party in Malaysia’s forthcoming general elections. Getting Estrada to directly campaign for him would be a sticky matter but that the former Philippine leader’s endorsement and support could come in many ways.

“Erap is my great friend, family friend,” Anwar said, referring to Estrada by his nickname. “And how I wish he could come to Malaysia and help me in the campaign because he still has many admirers there” (here).

Admirers? Who? Rather than Estrada, Anwar should also consider getting Barack Obama or Netanyahu to help his election campaigns.

Hmmm... actually Anwar himself is gaining a lot from his close relationship with Erap the actor...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rosmah under attacks again

"BITCH... I work so hard as a MIC youth leader by licking your husband's ..... and ..... but I get nothing".

This is a comment written by one T. Mohan claiming to be the MIC youth chief. The comment was so gross, in response to an article by John Berthelsen in the Asia Sentinel - Malaysian PM's Wife Draws Flak.

The article was merely based on hearsay, and info mostly fed by the Opposition. Going by its credibility, Asia Sentinel is in the same 'anti-govt' boat as Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

If the comment really came from T. Mohan, he is committing political suicide. However, knowing very well that my friend will not write anything like that, I believe some people out there were trying to fix him.

Pity you, Mohan. Please relax as it wasn't you right? No need to apologise to PM Najib and Rosmah.

Berthelsen didnt get all facts right. He dug it from the wrong files, I suppose. Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried to run a wedge between Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin by writing:

"Those in Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat coalition say the attacks on Rosmah are coming from Muhyiddin Yassin, the 64-year-old deputy prime minister and protégé of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Muhyiddin played a major role in driving former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from power and has long been regarded as being ambitious to succeed Najib should the prime minister stumble."

Everything came from the Opposition. I wonder who has been paying Berthelsen. This kind of article is not cheap. It could cost a few million USD!

NOTE: T. Mohan's comment was deleted by Asia Sentinel this morning but his name is retained.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thailand gets a woman PM; who is ours?

Yingluck Shinawatra, 44, is expected to be elected Thailand's first woman prime minister tomorrow, joining the list of powerful Asian feminines who reached the pinnacle of their politics - some found it easy while others had to ride a slalom.

Among the Muslim nations, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Sheik Hasina Wajed of Bangladesh and Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia had risen to the occasion amidst Islamic principle that only men should lead or become leaders of nations.

Although their tenancy was short-lived, Megawati and Hasina were seen as among world leaders who managed to steer respective countries out of economic crisis and political instability. In some aspects, they were better than any man could do.

Benazir, being most popular among the Pakistanis and the West, came in twice and was killed in a bomb blast believed to have been planned by Muslim extremists who were against a woman's leadership.

Indira Ghandi had led India but was also murdered after launching a massive military offensive against the separatist Sikhs in Amritsar's Golden Temple during the mid 80s. Her daughter-in-law Sonia almost took over the cue after Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a bomb blast.

Who else?

I remember Golda Meir of Israel, Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka and Corazon Aquino of the Philippines. Australia is also being led by a female PM Julia Gillard while New Zealand used to have one too.

'Luck's' Pheu Thai Party won a landslide victory over Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Democrats in July 3rd general elections, securing 265 seats and joining minor parties to hold a ruling majority of 300 seats in the 500-member House of Representatives.

A major challenge will be distancing herself from her brother Thaksin, who was ousted by a military coup and convicted of corruption charges and now lives in exile in Dubai.

Wish her all the best. (She is also quite attractive, isn't she?).

When will Malaysians have the chance to elect a woman PM? Personally, I think it won't happen although there is already someone acting as a Second Prime Minister. Any pick, guys?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sex in a loo: Who is this Senator?

Ah-haaa.... This is really hot and 'pedas', guys! Who is this Senator caught having sex in a loo? I think he couldn't wait to find a better place for the job of he simply likes doing it in an 'exotic' place.

Do read Daily Chilli about it.

Excerpts: The next Senate session may prove to be extra interesting as members will be looking at each other wondering who among them was caught having sex in a men’s toilet.

Tongues started wagging about the alleged incident after two well-known journalists tweeted about the matter involving a Barisan Nasional senator.

Citizen Nades or R. Nadeswaran, who is The Sun’s correspondent in London, wrote in his tweeter that his soon-to-be ex-colleague Terence Fernandez and some friend came across the senator doing the deed at the men’s toilet in a well known bistro in town..."

After a few phone calls, some said he is a 'kaki botol'. I am not sure. However, go on reading...

DAP: The perfect M'sian politburo

"The DAP was formed by patriotic Malaysians is 1966 to blaze out the path towards a democratic socialist, Malaysian Malaysia... we are confronting an unholy alliance of compradore-feudalist interests compounded by the most shameless pandering to chauvinism to perpetuate their interests..." - Dr Chen Man Hin, his foreward in Lim Kit Siang's Time Bombs in Malaysia, May 27 1978.

When DAP Member of Parliament for Bukit Bintang, Lee Lam Thye announced his decision to quit the party in 1990, many shed tears and others were shocked, including pro-BN MPs and journalists who had 'been with him', as friends and foes.

However, none of his friends on the DAP bench showed regrets. In fact, they accepted his 'demise' as a blessing.

DAP did not need a moderate politician who knows what is right and wrong. Lee was perhaps the most constructive Opposition figure the country ever had. He was very supportive of any government's policy deemed to uplift the peoples' standard of living, and in bringing them closer as a nation. But he would also hit out at the government should any of the policies failed to attain its objective.

We don't have a constructive Opposition since Lee - an Opposition who would sit down with the government, share ideas and thoughts as to how the country could be further developed and how Malaysians should be instilled with 'zero prejudice' after more than 50 years of Independence.

Although Lee did not avow the main reason for his decision back then, mostly everybody could read his mind - he was frustrated with the party leadership, especially the manner in which the party was being steered.

Some former DAP members labeled the party as another politburo. Why? The secretary-general is the most powerful, who practices corporate and legalistic entity. The chairman and other office bearers are just there to complete the executive structure.

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was under the control of a politburo called the Presidium from 1952 until 1966 (the year DAP was founded).

In theory, it acted as the political bureau (hence Politburo) of the Central Committee, elected by them to direct the party between the sessions of the committee and with a mandate that only covered the party.

The Politburo was responsible to, and its membership was subject to, the approval of the Central Committee. But in reality, the politburo was a self-perpetuating body that served as the executive branch of the party (in Soviet Union then, its decisions de facto had the force of law). Elections for the top positions were only held if the secretary-general agrees.

DAP is of no difference. Lim Kit Siang is the most powerful and nobody had tried to challenge him seriously thus far.

Under Stalin, the processes under which the leadership of the party was determined became an entirely hierarchical matter with the General Secretary (i.e. Stalin) determining the composition of the Central Committee and even that of the politburo rather than the reverse.

After Stalin's death the authority of the General Secretary waxed and waned to various degrees and the composition of the politburo again became a matter of shifting alliances among leading members and interest groups within the party, at least until a General Secretary was able to consolidate his position.

DAP will forever be administered in this politburo style, if not Russian, its the China-style. And both are (or were) Communists.

The sec-gen of the Soviet Union Communist Party did not necessarily hold a state office like president or prime minister to effectively control the system of government. Instead, party members answerable to or controlled by the party held these posts, often as honorific posts as a reward for their long years of service to the party.

On other occasions, having governed as General Secretary, the party leader might assume a state office in addition. For example, Mikhail Gorbachev initially did not hold the presidency of the Soviet Union, that office being given as an honour to former Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. Stalin ruled the Soviet Union for well over a decade before assuming the governmental position of Premier of the Soviet Union during World War II.

In China, the politburo was eclipsed by the Secretariat of the Communist Party of China Central Committee in the early 1980s under Hu Yaobang but has re-emerged as a dominant force after Hu's ousting in 1987.

However, DAP 'politburo' has deviated much too extreme since then. Apart from failing to really subscribing the a la Soviet or Chinese forceful political detente, they are now a bunch of fiddlesticks.

Dr Chen's description of the 'unholy alliance' (between Umno, MCA and MIC in the BN) is now best to picture the kind of desperate political agreement DAP has signed up with PAS (and PKR) - PAS being the party it hated most while PKR is being led by its 'once a nemesis'.

I believe Lee Lam Thye, in quitting the party, was able to visualize DAP direction as an Opposition. Being an Opposition party, Kit Siang and team feel that their duty is only to oppose. The government and the country are so bad that nothing deserves their credit.