Monday, May 30, 2011

KDN must use good jurisdiction too

The police got every reason to detain and 'keep' whoever found, or even suspected of carrying out subversive activities deemed to destabilise the country, this multiracial country. Under the ISA, they are normally detained without being charged until the government gathers tangible evidence to produce them in court.

Some are kept for weeks while others for at least two years without trial. This is provisioned under the ISA Act, which I believe will be amended in the next Parliament sitting.

I am for the ISA. It helps put the house to order. History has taught us to be more cautious in our doings. While the authority can be lenient sometimes - which led to the dissent of some quarters - fair jurisdiction needs to apply too.

The case in which four youths being detained indefinitely under the Emergency Ordinance should get special attention from Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. Aged between 18 and 20, their detention on April 14 in Johor should also come with a police explanation.

There must be solid reasons for someone to be detained under the Ordinance, which suggests how dangerous the person is to the nation and its people. At least a simple statement of the WHYs will do. And for such an age, we need to use a fine jurisdiction as they are still 'easy to bent'.

They are Muhammad Rizal Ibrahim, Mohamad Razif Mahadi, Mohd Syahiran Tumin dan Muhammad Noorariff Bakran, 20. They are still in detention at Ayer Molek police station. I am not for them at all. The police must have substantiated the ground for arrest but a long detention is hindering them opportunity to pursue their study as most of them are post-SPM students.

In this modern era, youths are easily exposed to a lot of negative influence. Some of them take advise while the rest 'need to be addressed accordingly'. However, when a youth is concerned, we need to subscribe to a different approach, especially when education comes in between the laws.

Yes, some youths are real crooks. While they may be angels to their parents, they are devils on the loose to the authority. This is where most parents went wrong - due to their busy routines, they fail to keep an eye on their kids' activities. I remember how young Botak Chin and Bentong Kali were when they started to terrorise the country.

However, if they are criminals, we must charge and produce them in court. But under the Emergency Ordinance which allows the police to keep them without charges and trial for a certain period, we can only presume what kind of wrongdoings they were involved in.

But again, they are young. If the police and the Home Ministry want to come down hard on those who try to break up the country apart, there have been similar cases which were left of the hook. Needless to say, if the KDN is amending some clauses of the ISA, its time to include some new provisions in it.

Namewee case aside (do you agree that no action is being taken against him?), those who try to incite racial and religious disorder are the ones to watch. But this category carries so many loopholes in the sense that no specific provisions are stipulated as to what kind of other actions can be categorised as 'racial and religious incitement'.

Apart from those involved in black money, money laundering activities, ah long and vice activities should be on the amended list, I would suggest we add 'halal provocation' be included. In the case of 'kaki katak in a bowl of Old Town White Coffee' and a 'tulang babi campur serbuk kopi' in Kluang recently, such doings are to be considered as racial and religious incitements.

And of course, those who fail to get the right 'halal' stamping of their products, can be considered too as too many 'halal' incidents have taken place in the country over these years and whether we realise it or not, it sours inter-racial harmony and trust.

I think Hisham has to reconsider a lot of things. But we understand how sensitive the label ISA carries. It can backfire heavily on the government too but if we want to be stringent, politics should be put aside. Some decisions may not make the government popular but again, we cannot discount on social harmony and national stability.

All issues must be addressed accordingly, and where good jurisdiction is needed, use it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is Khusairi at SSM?

Glad to be back again after a short lull. On the day experienced a glitch, my system engineer called up and advised me to stop blogging for a week as he noticed some brilliants were trying to hack mine. I dont know why but they must have reasons.

I've been left out from so many boiling issues but my fellow-blogger have and are attending to it well enough. I also missed out the MACC invitation on Tuesday due to a bad flu.

I think I just want to touch on a simple yet complex issue. It may upset several people and parties but I am compelled to expose it after talking to some friends and 'victims' of the system. It is about Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM, located at The KL Sentral.

Complaints are centered on a few persons but the hi-lite is this someone by the name of Khusairi. There are few Khusairis with the SSM and I believe it must be one of them. This Khusairi is said to be very powerful, much powerful than the CEO and other senior personnel.

He makes decision (does he?) and at anytime can decide who and who get SSM projects. Whether the BOD (they are actually Commission Members) and the CEO are aware of this, is something we need to ask. My phone calls to the CEO office (a few times last week) was attended by a sweet girlish voice who kept on saying that her boss was busy.

Now, if this ordinary non-Commission member executive is not that powerful, his name wouldnt be mentioned by some people outside the organisation. The minister in charge of the SMM is also playing adamant to complaints about him. But still, who and what empowers this Khusairi?

A party has already lodged a police report about 'scandals and conspiracy' at SSM, notably in issuing out contracts to various companies. While the general practice is to issue letter of award to the lowest-yet-reasonable bidder, SSM team will opt for the highest bidder instead.

Its government's (taxpayers' money to be precise) money we are talking here. I dont think it is a wise move to give letter of awards to highest bidders whose offer, as compared to the low-eligible one is a few million ringgit.

Not only the police should investigate but its another assignment for the MACC. If this Khusairi and his team are getting kickbacks from such deals, then the authority must come down hard on them.

One of the cases involves a company by the name of Puncak Semangat, the highest bidder for one SSM contract. A check found out that the company belongs to Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary stable. My question, did SSM choose Puncak Semangat for its boss or for the 'reward'? And was Khusairi involve in negotiating its project award?

If Syed Mokhtar is a label to most of our projects, then what will happen to our new and upcoming entrepreneurs? Dont tell me that our government-linked agencies are compelled to award any projects, including the ones that cost RM2 milion and RM3 million to an established name? Where is the government's initiative to nurture more millionaires among Malaysians, especially the Malays if they are not given an opportunity to proof their efficiency and capability?

Ok, Syed Mokhtar aside (frankly, I have high respect for this guy), SSM should also investigate the discrepancy clouding another related name - Riadz. My contacts believe Khusairi and Riadz are buddies and are well-connected with Puncak Semangat.

Well, the MACC got another case here, I presume.

Saturday, May 14, 2011 glitch

What is happening to

I lost a posting and comments.

Let's hope the system recovers soon... got so many things to say and discuss.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bulletproof vests in a mosque?

A bulletproof vests in a mosque? Why? In our history, nobody have ever been shot in a Malaysian mosque. This is not India, neither we are in Pakistan or Palestine. What are you trying to proof, anyway?

But the “Datuk T” trio who attended a 'sumpah laknat' ceremony at a mosque, did it for no reason. According to a retired senior cop Datuk Mat Zain Ibrahim by doing that, they had defiled the mosque.

The former city criminal investigation chief said Wednesday “Datuk T” created the perception that the situation in the Masjid Amru Al-As, Sentul was unsafe.

“It was as if they would be hurt or shot in a mosque. In fact, they should know that even the Malay Rulers do not wear bulletproof vests when they enter any mosque in the country.

“This act has defiled the holiness of the mosque and insulted Islam,” he said in a letter sent to editors today.

He said the trio — businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, former Malacca Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa treasurer-general Datuk Shuib Lazim — had run afoul of Section 295 of the Penal Code.

“As with the offence of screening the obscene video under Section 292, this is also an open-and-shut case. In my opinion, they have no defence,” Mat Zain wrote.

Section 295 states that 'whoever defiles any place of worship, with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such defilement as an insult to their religion' will be jailed for up to two years and/or fined.

So many craps and a lot of nonsense are taking place in the country. Sooner or later, someone may drive a Hummer straight into a mosque...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 5-minute toast by the Chinese, 25-minute from the Malays!

This is about coffee and toast, between a big Malay cafe and a small Chinese shop. I have been observing it since I first joined my late grandpa at 'kedai kopi' at the age of 7 before he sent me to school.

Last Friday, I entered an impressive Malay cafe or restaurant just opposite Hospital Universiti Sains in Kubang Krian, Kota Bharu. In fact, the set up was bigger and better than the Old Town White Coffee outlets in KL and other places.

There were about 15 workers, including a cashier. Time was 10.10am but not many customers. Needing a good breakfast (as I arrived quite late the previous night), I placed an order for a cup of coffee and a pair of kaya-butter toast.

The drink came in 5 minutes but for the next 20 minutes, the toast didnt make it to my table. Fed up, I went to the cashier and just paid for the coffee but I did complained about the toast to the manager, a lady, who just didnt say anything but to show her red face.

In all Chinese coffee shops I have been, especially during my 3-year stint in Penang, any drink would normally took less than 2 minutes to serve while toast of any kind will reach us in less than 5 minutes.

If you complain to any Chinese coffee shop 'towkay' about the service, he will humbly apologise and thank you as that would further improve the quality of service.

I am sad at how many Malays are still taking good service for granted. And they also tend to get complacent when their business start to grow.

If such is the attitude, better stop talking about competitiveness! Sorry, but I really want to see the Malays improve in many disciplines, including their service.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hisham and Rais must act fast!

I think Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Info Minister Rais Yatim should work alongside to establish evidence as to whether what was written by my fellow-bloggers BigDog and Marahku (here and here)about 'turning Christian as the country's official religion' was based on real fact or hearsay.

However, knowing both of them well enough - people with a distinguish character - I tend to believe that some parties had lied to cover up some facts, which I personally have not seen.

What they wrote was a serious allegation and could lead to Muslims' backlash in the country. Should they have committed any cyber crime, then the MCMC under Rais should act fast before it goes haywire. And if they are found to be committing a crime under 'Akta Hasutan', Hisham should take the due course of appropriate action.

As far as the reports are concerned, Bukit Aman has started investigation (read here).

Similarly, Hisham must also act on DAP's Jeff Ooi, the Jelutong MP accused by both bloggers as inciting racial sentiment. Although he has denied allegations about his involvement, his testimonial is needed.

And to few reporters (non-Bahasa publications) who asked me why action is not taken against Utusan Malaysia newspaper for publicising such allegations (here), let me tell you that Utusan was just doing a 'straight reporting' about it and such allegations did not come from them.

Unless if your newspapers can come up with rebuttal stories, then the case would be between yours and Utusan Malaysia. What a stupid question you people asked me! And let me ask you, who is actually riding on the issue?

So, Hisham and Rais - just attend to it fast before it explodes before us!

Btw, here is another subversive act, another 'Jalur Gemilang terbalik'. Read 'Alamak! Sejak Bila Negara Darurat? Tks bro Mazidul

I think it was done deliberately by the Opposition. Do we still need to close our eyes?

Friday, May 6, 2011

DAP replacing Pas, says Hisham

Hishammuddin Hussein made good stinging remarks about the Pakatan Rakyat pact by saying the DAP can and will replace Pas as a prominent Opposition party by the next national poll, and the fact that the latter failed in Sarawak state election last month was due to its inability to spread wings to the East Malaysian state.

DAP too, according to the Umno Vice President cum Home Minister takes Pas for a free ride in order to improve its position in Sarawak, and soon in the general elections.

Many agree, and so do I. Pas is turned into a vehicle by DAP leadership like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan Lim Guan Eng to pursue its politics of racism. Indeed, Pas is the right stooge for DAP when its spiritual leader Nik Aziz agreed to Guan Eng's disapproval of Islamic function such as the Maulidur Rasul.

"Pas is responsible for throwing itself to DAP. Pas is responsible for the disunity of the Malays. Pas is also the main reason for breaking up the Muslims... and this kind of politics is not suitable to the Malays and to Malaysians at large."

Hisham said this when officiating Pasir Puteh Umno division meeting today. He also turned a crowd puller when about 2,000 people attended it at Sekolah Menengah Kamil. And for the first time in many years, I am impressed with his speech.

Being the only Kelantan Umno Division meeting he agreed to officiate (he will be in Jerteh and Marang, Terengganu tomorrow), Pasir Puteh division is perhaps among the largest in the country, with 228 branches.

And having to officiate a grand division like this, it needs a real Umno leader to handle it, and Hisham in some ways managed to woo strong support for the party and for Barisan Nasional.

The last time I listened to such a punchy speech (not only from Hisham but from other Umno top leaders) was years ago. Nope, I am not standing by his balls as you need to be there to access him (not once but in many occasions).

His 'DAP will replace Pas' is also a warning to the Malays outside Umno that what DAP is doing now might lead to the demise of Pas if the latter loses it, and before it happens, Pas members and leaders should reconsider their political position with Pakatan Rakyat.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's death: What justice is Obama talking?

The notorious Osama bin Laden is dead. So what? It took the whole United States of America to gun down one guy, and President Barack Obama was quick to declare 'justice is done'! What an idiotic statement it was.

If you think terrorism will be buried together with Osama, you are practically brain-dead. Pakistan and the US will see reprisals from his death. The new leadership of al-Qaeda has already issued out warnings of making amends to his demise.

Malaysia, although far from being a target of terrorism nor a center for terrorist training ground, is taking necessary steps to guard its shores as nobody knows what will unfold after Osama was shot dead by American troops in Pakistan yesterday. Security has been beefed up at various checkpoints and Western diplomatic missions, including that of the Pakistanis.

And I agree with what Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said today that it is important to understand the mindset of the international criminals as they come in many forms, and they are not only limited to Islamic militants (read here).

However, what Obama said as 'justice is done' was emotionally an American-tuned statement. He is no better than George Bush in whatever sense. Such a statement only reflected how strong his despise is against Muslims by repeatedly uttering 'Islamic terrorist' again and again as a reference to Osama and al-Qaeda.

What justice was he talking when he needed the whole country to combat just a man or a small terrorist organisation? The fact that 9/11 is still haunting Americans, what justice has been served to the families of hundreds of thousand of Iraqis who were killed by the US and thousands more in Afghanistan?

What justice was served to the people if Iraq when the whole world has discovered the truth that Saddam Hussein regime did not possess any weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a bold excuse used by the Pentagon to attack and ransake the country in 2003 and Afghanistan a year earlier?

And what just has the Americans done for the people of Palestine for allowing Israel to continuously murder them?

Werent Israeli secret agents actually had their hands on the 9/11 attacks as unveiled by some American experts themselves?

We are also, and still, feel mad about the attacks on the Americans in 2001 but at the same time also feel disgusted at what the Americans did in avenging their vengeance.

What justice has been done to kill almost 1 million innocent people for one Osama bin Laden?

Monday, May 2, 2011

English: Education Ministry only wants to make money

DPM and Education Minister Muhyiddin had recently announced plans to train 10,000 English teachers this year to improve the standard of the language among primary and secondary students nationwide (here).

I think this is one of the major steps ever taken by the government since the 'destructive' step was taken in abolishing English medium schools in 1979. Who was Education Minister then, remember?

The ministry also plans to hire 600 retired English language teachers between this year and 2013 to serve nationwide on contract. So far, 168 retired teachers have accepted the offer. A total of 12,000 English teachers were trained last year.

When we discuss about teachers and education, the things that flash our mind, among others are teaching facilities, teaching aids and proposals that help. Education specialists had from time to time conducted researches for new methods which can enhance the process.

Apart from books and other references, more teachers are subscribing to teaching patterns introduced on the Internet. Even some major universities around the world have on-line teaching for English and other subjects.

Local English experts too have introduced a simplified approach to understanding English. But the major problem still lies with the Ministry of Education's senior personnel in-charge of finding solution to a better and suitable education kits.

Whether Muhyiddin realises it or not, his officers are not very supportive of fresh proposals forwarded by local educationists, especially when they introduce a system which benefits the ministry and its officials with NOTHING!

This people are not asking any single sen from the ministry or the government but was only trying to help improve English by enhancing its teaching methods. But pathetically, the ministry's answer was: "... oleh kerana ia hanya membabitkan kepentingan pelajar secara individu, kementerian tidak mahu menyertainya..."

Means that if the product only benefits the students but not the ministry and its officials, it has to be rejected!

So, they will only support anything that generates money!