Thursday, March 31, 2011

NATO uses depleted uranium bombs on Libya: The world must protest!

“An unacceptable threat to life and a violation of international law” – that’s how the United States’ former Justice Secretary Ramsey Clark slammed the use of depleted uranium weapons on Libya.

The United States first used depleted uranium bombs during the military invasion of Iraq in 1991. Apparently pleased with the debut, the Americans pounded them on Yugoslavia nine years later. These days, world news media have been awash with reports that NATO is using depleted uranium bombs against Libya.

Leaving aside the legal and moral aspect of the attacks, a question arises: can’t NATO crush Colonel Gaddafi’s Armed Forces without radioactive exposure?

Shells, bombs and cruise missiles stuffed with depleted uranium easily pierce through thick and heavy armor. That’s why the American military value them so much. According to political research centers in Germany, about 300 radioactive shells were fired at Saddam Hussein’s troops from the air and from the ground during the first campaign, launched in 1991. Twenty-one US tanks were hit by mistake.

The consequences were not slow to arrive. In 2003, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported a rise in cancer diseases in five provinces in southern Iraq. Air, water and soil were contaminated with radiation. Leukemia south of Baghdad assumed epidemic proportions. By 2009, cancer rates grew to thousands of new cases per year.

The uranium filling boomeranged on NATO troops. In the densely populated Yugoslavia, leukemia symptoms were particularly extensive with radiation levels 10 to 1,000 times above normal. More than 250 Italian soldiers died from cancer-related diseases. As for civilians, here’s just one example. Leukemia rates among new-born babies in former Yugoslavia have soared from one per 1,000 prior to NATO’s uranium attacks to between 10 and 15 per 1,000 now.

Is there any point in using radioactive shells in Libya? Can’t NATO manage without them?

There is absolutely no point in that. It could be that the Americans have something to test, considering the tasks they need to fulfill. But how does all that fit in with the UN resolution on Libya?

At present, there is absolutely no need in using such kind of shells. Although the quantity of uranium is small, radioactive shrapnel, when penetrating into a human body, creates big problems for the treatment of the wounded.

The aim of the UN resolution on a no-fly zone over Libya, which took shape before our very eyes, is formulated very precisely: not just shutting the air space but protecting civilians. Nothing beyond that. No one authorised NATO to fight on the side of one warring faction against the other, let alone use depleted uranium shells.

Even if these shells explode in a desert far from residential areas, for many Libyans this is a postponed death sentence. The same happened in Iraq where depleted uranium bombs were also used in a desert. A brief look at cancer statistics in Iraq and former Yugoslavia is enough to imagine what awaits Libyans in the near future.

Stop dancing to Anwar's tune!

Anwar is gaining political 'strength' (here) out of the sex video which links him. Why?

1. PM Najib has quashed at Nazri Aziz's earlier statement that the Datuk Trio would be protected under the Official Secret Act (OSA). So, Nazri is making himself looks very stupid, acting on his own and without the PM's consent.

2. Rumors that PM gave his 'full blessing' for Rahim Tamby Chik to expose the video and have a good preview to members of the media, is definitely wrong. Why should Najib do so? The rumors itself provide a morale booster to Anwar.

3. AG Gani Patail's rebuttal that RTC and Gang would be free from any kind of prosecution also adds strength to Anwar (here). As RTC was pinpointed to be the mastermind in the sex video, he can be charged as 'intruding' into someone's personal life, making a clip video out of it, in possession of illicit materials and showing it to the media. As to whether it was really Anwar who 'acted' in the scene, the 'actor' can sue those involved as planning a conspiracy against him.

4. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein too wants a part in it (here). He plans to sue Anwar for accusing him and the police of planning the set up and for supporting RTC and Gang. And a tip off that he will employ TS Cecil Abraham of Zul Rafique for the job is already raising a lot of questions since Abraham 'is a good friend of Anwar'. Suing Anwar too would make the whole government looks like its leaders speak different tones about the issue. I hope bro Hisham will not sue Anwar as all that happened is already backfiring us. Anwar made such an allegation to provoke Hisham. The more we sue him the more political mileage Anwar gets.

So, I think the best way is for every BN leaders, media and bloggers to stop riding the issue. Just let the police conduct proper investigation while the AG office consider appropriate actions to settle it.

In other words, all should SHUT UP! Let Anwar do whatever he likes. Court cases and libel suits are nothing to him.

Its time to separate the men from the boys...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been over a decade since the establishment of the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy (Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan or ASWARA) near Padang Merbok, KL. It objective is to produce creative performers, to nurture artistic talent and develop leaders in local arts.

In fact, ASWARA is the only institute of higher learning in Malaysia that provides formal training courses in the arts, culture and heritage to Malaysians.

It plays a sentimental role in giving birthto future scholars, thinkers, writers, motivators and artists who are knowledgeable, professional, resilient and highly capable. The government's effort, especially the Ministry of Information, Communication and Heritage is already paying off.

In tandem with our vision to emerge as a developed nation by the year 2020, education in the arts, culture and heritage is also an important part of the agenda to develop the country. Its is our diversified culture that mends our 'bangsa Malaysia' together.

I have been to ASWARA many times, especially to watch their shows and performances. The students got superb talent. I remember PM Najib was there to watch a show about Tun Razak while former PM Tun Dr Mahathir was there for another show.

Undoubtedly ASWARA has made many great advancements but the government, notably the ministry seem to be neglecting it in some aspects.

ASWARA makes us proud because it is another 'Berkeley' in the country. However, it is sad to note that the academy is being mistreated. I dont know what Datuk Rais Yatim or Sec-Gen Datuk Kamaruddin got to say about this. ASWARA is being treated as a third-class academy despite offering diplomas in about 15 disciplines.

There are about 800 students, only a few of whom stay in the hostel. The rest has to find houses or rooms elsewhere.

About 70 per cent of its students came from Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan and other States. They are 'kampung' boys and girls who are willing to go against all odds to attain their dream of becoming professional musicians, singers, orchestra conductors, film producers, choreographers, dancers, etc.

But their welfare is not being taken care off. They are not eligible for a single sen of our PTPTN study loan. Why? Are ASWARA certs and diplomas not recognised by the government and its agencies? Why didnt the ministry do anything about it?

The fees are not cheap either. Most students from the rural areas are poor, so poor that they sometimes have to share or skip meals! Of course, they dont expect much from their parents. They are like beggars when it come to utility and daily needs.

Sorry to say, this 'poor' condition has led to an alarming social problem among some of them, especially those without a place in the hostel. They are forced to to 'anything' for survival, to pay rentals, transportation, meals, mobile phones and others.

Some parents say ASWARA is turning into an ASMARA. I agree!

I hope Rais and his officials take a deeper look into this problem. It belongs to the government. If we cant take care of it, especially the students' welfare, better close it for good. Do not turn the students into destitute and prostitutes.

Unless we want to see sex videos being produced by some of them!

Monday, March 28, 2011

MAIN BONTOT is our top national issue!

At the Parliament on Thursday, the 'Anwar' sex video was a hit among politicians. My short conversation with some of our MPs failed to divert their attention from the issue. Everybody talked about it.

A few even asked whether Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein really said that Anwar's case has become a national issue. I dont know. Didnt hear it from Hisham.

However, it is a real farce. So many people are joking about it. Even our secondary school kids talk about it, about the sex video former Melaka CM Rahim Thamby Chik gave a matinee to members of the media last week.

Hallo... how come this MAIN BONTOT issue is our top national issue? Dont we have other issues of national interest like poverty, jobless, education, housing, crime, drug, etc? Since when has this MAIN BONTOT been elevated to no.1 national priority?

I am totally blase with all this. I believe you people too are sick and tired of it. Our newspapers and TV station never skip it for single day since RTC broke it out. Is it true that PM Najib gave RTC his full blessing to expose the video?

Since most politicians - pro and anti-govt alike - are giving special attention to the sex scandal,. the electorates are being neglected. And so are other major issues.

So, are we allowing the MAIN BONTOT to acquire our MPs' mind? When will we be able to put a stop to all this craps?

So, Malaysia is fast becoming a MAIN BONTOT nation. Go to any part of the country, the talk is centered at Anwar, Rahim, the sex video and of course, MAIN BONTOT. Is this the new politics Najib mentioned the other day?

As our youths are also talking about it, sooner or later the country would witness the birth of many new PEMAIN BONTOT and definitely more illicit videos and materials. And who is the real hero here, Rahim or Anwar?

So, let us MAIN BONTOT each other!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Malay politics get filthier...

I am saddened by the latest political development. I guess many of us, especially the Malays agree to my opinion that the Malay politics are getting filthier each day.

While PM Najib is proud of the 'new political model' which helps solve many issues within the ruling party, Umno is becoming more vulnerable to politics of a la Mafia. In other word, 'Islam' does not make them a matured race.

I am not sure what is the take here. What is there for rake. When former Melaka CM Rahim Tambychik and his two friends in the 'Datuk T' team exposed the sex video purportedly starred Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and an unidentified woman, I began to contemplate what sort of politics were involved.

Many Malays, including Umno leaders like it. They enjoy it so much that Bukit Aman and Home Minister Hishammuddin didnt do anything to contain it.

I recall the time when Chua Soi Lek's sex video was in the market. And many years ago when the cartridge containing the 'self-recorded' sex scenes of former Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker D P Vijandran went into circulation, the Home Ministry and the police were quick to issue warning - that whoever was in possession of such materials would be nabbed.

However, the latest sex scandal seems to become a hit. The police didnt take any action against those who have it. Rahim and Co in fact was given a 'soft permission' to call up members of the media for a sneak preview of the video.

Whether Anwar really is the star of the movie of not, is not the issue. The point here - why didnt the authority act on those in possession of the porno video? And now that it is already in circulation, the chance to retrieve and halt it is almost impossible.

Why let Rahim and Co be given the privilege and 'immunity' to conduct the preview? If I am the IGP or Home Minister, I would reprimand Rahim and friends when they surrender the videos to the police yesterday. They should be put to question.

So, when Anwar and some quarters hurled accusations that some police personnel were involved in making the 'movie', we found it not easy to come up with a denial because our actions were in 'collaboration' with Rahim and Co. Why didnt anybody question their motive?

I am not for Anwar. I wont let him get a chance to become our No. 1 leader but lots of sympathy is going for him. Rahim has provided good ammunition to Anwar and the Opposition for them to fire back at the government during Sarawak State election on Apr 16 and probably general elections later this year. Yes, it actually backfires!

Malay politicians, journalists and bloggers are also riding high on this issue. Apart from Rahim, so many others are trying to become hero in killing Anwar. Almost each and every one of them wants some credits in it.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, it was not a surprise that it came from Rahim as Anwar his No.1 enemy for what happened in the early 1990s. His two friends were just taking a free ride - one lousy businessman while the other a cheap politician.

So, what is the direction of Malay politics from now on? Sex scandal is becoming a popular tool to kill someone. Create or dub it, out they go. Soi Lek was lucky because MCA members recognise his ability to lead while the sex scandal is his personal, very personal matter.

Info Minister Rais Yatim too was almost shattered by such politics when bloggers and journalists - whether they are pro or against the govt - 'worked together' in manipulating his maid issue. And all of them are Malays, the MELAYU (take out the ME, they will forever remain LAYU).

I dont think this is the new political model mentioned by Najib yesterday. Or is it just part of? Sooner or later, more sex elements would be used to bring down someone. When all Malay politicians are so engrossed to become heroes in Anwar's case, Umno members and the rakyat remained neglected, nobody to fight for their cause.

Anwar is becoming the top priority among the Malays, within Umno politics. Whether there is a cahoot against him or not, I couldnt be bothered. He still gotta settle his court case because the more it drags on, the more it will excite Malay politicians.

In the end, what will happen to the rest of our priorities - jobless, poverty, spiraling prices, low wages, education, moral decays among youth, etc? Who will attend it? Barack Obama? Or Osama bin Laden...or Netanyahu?

But why not? Our politics are already at par with theirs - where murders and sex scandals are the Malay politics main agenda!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Selamat Hari Polis ke-204

I really have high regard for this profession. All over the world, the citizens depend on them, on their ability, patience and dedication.

Its been 204 years since we had our first police unit. They made history and crafted the way to our Independence and social harmony.

Today, the challenges get stiffer and the public become more demanding when it comes to peace. However, I believe both should compromise and understand each other.

While we need a more competent police force, the people must also advocate themselves to help combating crime and and maintain a good public order. The policemen are not angels. There are weaknesses but they are there for us... for 1Malaysia.

From deep inside my heart, I would like to express appreciation to our police force... SELAMAT HARI POLIS!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ha ha ha... Rahim and Anwar!

Sarawak 10th state election is set for April 16, nomination day on the 6th. Whether I will be there again or not, doesnt matter. My priority now is my family and the MCMC case.

However, I am drawn to boiling events hovering the nation, especially the Anwar Ibrahim court case and the sex video purportedly portraying his 'actions'. Was it really him? Only God knows!

As for Rais Yatim's special officer's case with the MCMC, I am waiting for wrapping up of the MACC investigation. Let them do their job.

But in Anwar's case, I am glad that the Datuk T team (which comprises three persons) have come forward to the media. Its 'leader' former Melaka Chief Minister Rahim Tambychik has also called for the setting of of royal commission to investigate the video.

And coming from Rahim himself, its not a surprise to me. He hated Anwar so much for what the latter did to him when he was CM. I think many of us have not forgotten Rahim's scandal with a young girl then.

During that time, it wasnt Dr Mahathir who asked him to step down. The PM only asked him to settle the issue as it was Rahim's personal scandal.

However, it was one fine morning that Anwar called him to his office and 'forced' him to sign a 'resignation letter' as the Melaka Chief Minister.

Aaaaaahhh!!! So many valid reasons to batter Anwar. Even Home Minister Hishammuddin too has issued a warning that he might sue the Opposition Leader for accusing him and the police of fabricating the sex video. Go on, bro Hisham!

Bloggers and politicians alike are also fast pointing at Anwar. I would not although I will not allow him to become our PM. I just dont wanna land a foot in things like this!

Nevertheless, Anwar must give his DNA sample to the court. If he refuses, let me propose to our BN Members of Parliament (MPs) to push a special motion to the Dewan Rakyat. I believe the Speaker will accept it.

Anwar is a national issue, an important issue. Settle it or stop it.

What else are issues of national interest? Anyone...?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ministry with most scandals...

Scandals, one after another.

First, contract scandals involving a senior aide. Six companies, all got it outside normal procedures. The authority stormed the entity, took away some files and conducted investigations. They found strong evidence of a cahoot between this guy and an 'insider', a senior officer who has been at odd with the executive chairman.

Then, I was told this senior officer too is involved in money laundering, and probably has a link with the CIA through a local company Geo.... Sdn Bhd, whose owner is believed to be one 'RGA' Abas.

While the authority is waiting for the right day to pick up the senior aide, the senior officer is under surveilance. I believe their boss, a minister is aware of it but cant do anything about it or just dont wanna take any action.

Second, the ministry itself is under public scrutiny. People are talking adversely about its Sec-Gen for bringing in more outsiders than promoting existing staffs. A lady, who once was associated with the Sec-Gen is now married and became a permanent senior staff via a 41-47 Scale leap.

Other production personnel who have served the ministry for a longer period were denied equal chances to better wages and perks. Why? Many believe a sex scandal plays a big role here, not only at presence time but has been a 'common and usual phenomenon' since many years ago.

Third, is it true the a son of a former minister (deceased) would be given a RM400 million project soon?

Mr Minister, please get to the bottom of this! I should cease writing about all this craps but as nothing is done, I gotta go on.

I am not kidding!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Children of War

In this year’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama declared, “the Iraq war is coming to end”—at least for Americans, leaving “with their heads held high” because “our commitment has been kept.”

For millions of Iraqis, however, the war is far from over—in fact, for a growing number of families in cities that were nearly destroyed during the years of insurgency and counter-insurgency, the crisis is only beginning.

"Whether the Americans take responsibility for our role in it will determine whether we can hold our heads high in foreign policy ever again," Obama said. As one Iraqi-American journo-friend of mine said: “Just because we don’t pay attention, doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t paying attention.”

According to studies and eyewitness accounts over the last few years, Fallujah, an Iraqi city that was practically obliterated by US heavy artillery in two major offensives in 2004, is experiencing a staggering rate of birth defects among its local population. The situation echoes similar reports from Basra that began to circulate after the first Gulf War in 1991.

The litany of horrors is gut-wrenching: babies born with two heads, one eye in the middle of the face, missing limbs, too many limbs, brain damage, cardiac defects, abnormally large heads, eyeless, missing genitalia, riddled with tumors.

Upon touring a clinic in Fallujah in March of last year, the BBC’s John Simpson reported, “we were given details of dozens upon dozens of cases of children with serious birth defects … one photograph I saw showed a newborn baby with three heads.”

Later, at the main US-funded hospital in the city, “a stream of parents arrived” with children who had limb defects, spinal conditions, and “other problems.” Authorities in Fallujah reportedly warned women to hold off on having babies at all.

Dr. Ayman Qais, the director of Fallujah’s general hospital, told The Guardian that he was seeing two affected babies a day, compared to two a fortnight in 2008. “Most [deformities] are in the head and spinal cord, but there are also many deficiencies in lower limbs,” he said. “There is also a very marked increase in the number of cases of [children] less than two years with brain tumours. This is now a focus area of multiple tumours.”

The pictures and video available with a quick Google search are simply shocking. Continue reading Children of War...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Minister and his toothache

Mr Minister, we were supposed to have lunch on Monday, right? Your officials from various agencies called me, a few even came over to my house to make the arrangements. I spent most hours of my weekend attending to your officers, from one place to another.

They said it would be better off if we meet up to clarify things and to clear the air. I agreed, and I dont deny they make good peace-brokers.

So, came Monday. Your officers called to inform that you could not make it because your were having a toothache. What was wrong? Your gum... or your decaying tooth? Still, its okay.

Then it was deferred to Tuesday, and then Wednesday. No calls yesterday although I have to skip my busy schedules for the past two days. Suddenly, everything was quiet.

I guess it would be fine if we call it off. Even your Sec-Gen wanted to see me too but I guess he didnt mean it at all. I know you are very busy too, sir. Go on with your good work for the people and the country.

On my part, I will continue with mine. I will unearth what the public should know more about who, what, when and how at your ministry, other ministries and the agencies. We have to be fair to the taxpayers, and they deserve to know what had and is going on.

The more I discover, the more info they will get.

For the time being, let us attend to what we need to do. No point seeing me, actually. I am nobody. However, I am not humble. Italian proverb - "dont be humble; you are not the greatest!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dtk Tiger leaves office

Director-General of Broadcasting Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya aka blogger Dunia Tiger leaves office tomorrow (March 16) after serving Datuk Rais' ministry for less than three years. He is not even 51 yet.

For all I know, the minister refused to extend his contract for no solid reason. Or, did PM Najib decline to interfere in Rais' decision?

Dtk Tiger has been sentimental in reshaping up the ministry's broadcasting portfolio and he even helped to save some million ringgits in expenditure by means of prudent money management and control.

I guess internal politics play a role here.

However, I agree that he should leave. As a DG in charge of broadcasting, all TV stations should come under his purview but such a responsibility was never his! He was made a puppet on the strings!

Its OK, bro. Kata nak bukak kedai tomyam, nanti aku makan kat sana!

Monday, March 14, 2011

When did I accuse Rais?

Friends got me wrong. Some readers too.

When I exposed the 1Malaysia netbook distribution scandal about a month ago, I only wrote about NA, the special officer to Info Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim. Never had I in any posting tried to implicate the minister.

It's all about NA, based on the evidence 'given' to me on February 12. My duty is to report it on this blog. Should NA is guilty, it is the jurisdiction of the MACC because its officials are conducting investigation (which is almost completed, I was told).

Hence, it is not true that my postings are implicating Rais. It is beyond my reach to interfere in MACC investigation although I did provide them with similar evidence on Sunday Feb 20 and to the MCMC on Tuesday Feb 15. What happened after that is not for me to meddle as I was promised a fair investigation.

I am also not certain whether the letters used by NA to influence MCMC bosses to award the contracts to his group were issued and signed by Rais as I did not see it. However, I believe the minister did not... and I hope he had not!

And so, let's leave it to the MACC and let the law takes its own course. Not also too wise to contemplate...

Friday, March 11, 2011

DBKL - where thieves and cheats dwell!

A few days ago, I found a parking lot about 40 meters from Maybank Desa Pandan. I walked to the parking meter for a ticket but 3 peoples were ahead of me. I waited for about a minute before getting mine.

While walking back to the car, a DBKL enforcement officer has already placed a summon ticket on the windscreen. He was still there. I tried to argue but he said: "Dah lama dah kereta ni kat sini!"

So, that is how DBKL makes easy money. In less than 2 minutes, I was made to pay RM100. I have heard of similar cases before where DBKL enforcement officers prey on 'just-parked' vehicles to issue summon.

Where is their discretion? Did DBKL train them to be such nuisance? No wonder some of our rakyat hate DBKL and other local councils. Their enforcement personnel are more like a bunch of robots that enjoy issuing summon tickets. I think they are into a competition - whoever issues most tickets will get rewarded!

Arrghhhh!!! Its ok, I will pay mine. However, I am thinking of making a report to the MACC about some thieves and cheats at DBKL, some officers who are on the take and preying on customers lacking in adequate knowledge about local councils.

I am calling on readers who got evidence about DBKL officers' wrongdoings to e-mail me at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nowhere to run, NA... and... and...!

The truth is prevailing. As I had expected, the MCMC project scandal is not a lone ranger's job. For Rais special assistant NA to gain free access to the Commission and dictated the Board's decision, someone must have aided him.

And of course, he formed a formidable team with one or two MCMC's high ranking officials. The support letters purportedly came from the Info Minister added weigh.

The only thing I didnt expect was the scandal involves more than just two people. Only after MACC officials 'confiscated' some files and documents from MCMC hea dquarters in Cyberjaya recently, more 'shocks' were discovered.

I cant write what it is. Let the law takes it own course.

NA got nowhere to run. They will pick him up in a matter of days, and so is this senior official for the 'shocking' discoveries. I hope Datuk Rais didnt have a foot in it as I believe the documents were forged (probably cut and paste).

I know I am doing the right thing, After all, I am all alone, no support from my fellow bloggers and neither did I get a single sen out of it. Instead, I need to seek the police help to protect me and my family.

Why the police? There is a double-agent inside the MCMC, a CIA-trained who boasts his close connection with the Agency.

Latest news, the MCMC has cancelled and freeze all projects indefinitely to assist MACC investigation.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eliminating the evidence!

I spent about an hour with a friend, a lawyer, today. The topic of discussion is 'eliminating the evidence'. I was petrified.

He said the MCMC can do anything to protect Rais Yatim's special officer 'NA' whom I accused of getting big chunk of 1Malaysia netbook supply-and-distribution contract. They can, if they want to, especially if their boss or other senior officials are involved.

"They can cover up any scandal, if they want to. Eliminating all evidence will be just enough to let the culprits off the hook. In your case, it involves a minister's officer and MCMC's reputation. In a murder case, for instance, an alibi can be bought while evidence can be created.

"Unless you still keep copies of the evidence, it may help."

What about MACC? "You can trust them...but not 100 per cent. When the law rides on politics, anything can happen!"

However, I am banking my total trust in the MACC, in the officers whom I met on Feb 20. This NA issue is already affecting my economy. To be frank, somebody cuts off my monthly allowance and my future fixed-monthly earnings.

Its OK. In God I trust...

Anyway, additional facts about NA. A Sabahan, he cannot 'cari makan' in Sabah anymore. Even Sabah CM Musa Aman knows him well enough to the extent that he refused hiring him. He used to contest for Umno Sipitang division deputy chief but lost heavily.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tks YB Dtk Rais... but I have to go on

Thank you YB Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim for replying my SMS on our double victory in Merlimau and Kerdau. As Umno members, we should praise those who had worked hard for it. As a minister, you have done your best in both and I personally believe the rakyat appreciated it.

However, sorry to say, I cant stop what I have started. Not about you as I believe as a senior politician, your are able to distinguish the points I have written previously. Should I stop now, my credibility will be at stake.

But if you remain adamant about issues pertaining to your special officer NA, then yours will be at stake. His 'involvement' in securing contracts from the MCMC is now in the hands of the MACC. An officer who tarnishes his boss' good name and clean image cannot be tolerated. Afterall, he produced letters purportedly signed by you.

As I wroter earlier, it was an 'unfortunate cooincidence' that he serves you. Even if he is a special officer to the Prime Minister, I will still write about it.

However, you didnt like me exposing such a scandal involving the people and agencies under your scope of responsibility. And should I quit after 2 drilling sessions with the MCMC (Tues, Feb 15) and the MACC (Sun Feb 20)?

I was made to understand that you no more allow NA to go to the MCMC in Cyberjaya. That's good and such an action should be commended because you have at least acted on it. Furthermore, MCMC's chief operating officer Datuk Shahril Tarmizi was 'out' during your meeting with the Commission members last two weeks. I know the reason why.

I was also told that all 6 members of the MCMC Commission were summoned to the MACC headquarter in Putrajaya on Monday Feb 21, a day after me.

Yes, the MACC is still investigating. The latest news is, they got strong evidence for pick ups. What I am doing is to help you with some cleanings. Your name and image are still not affected and I want it to stay that way.

Although I am a bit disheartened that you strike off my name from the list of bloggers for Merlimau and Kerdau by-elections (RM3,000 is quite big for someone as poor as me), its okay. By-elections dont come all the time.

Its also alright when an officer of yours said that you wont see and talk to me. My only point is, dont cover this NA and any wrongdoings. Not good for you (whom I have high respect for) and not good for the government.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thumping victories!

Kerdau by-election:
Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad (BN) - 5,060 votes
Hassanuddin Salim (PR) - 2,336 votes
Majority - 2,724
Voters turnout - 7,486 or 83.20 per cent

Merlimau by-election:
Roslan Ahmad (BN) - 5,962
Yuhaizad Abdullah.... (PR) - 2,319
Majority - 3,643
Voters turnout - 8,435 or 79 per cent

A thumping victories for Umno and Barisan Nasional. The significant improve in the majority for both wins is a good sign for PM Datuk Seri Najib and his united party. For Pas and Pakatan Rakyat, I think they have to reconsider their pact and objectives.

By the way, just asking our PM - are we ready for PRU13?


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pas hasut revolusi ala-Timur Tengah

update: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has warned the opposition not to play with fire by instigating the people to topple the government similar to the uprising taking place in some Middle Eastern countries (here).

On the same note, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein warned Pas not to incite such a sentiment as it will be very devastating for the people and the country.

Amatlah memeranjatkan apabila ada ceramah Pas di Merlimau dan Kerdau bukan saja memperlekehkan usaha kerajaan membawa pulang rakyat kita yang terperangkap di Mesir, Libya dan negara lain, malah menyarankan agar revolusi yang berlaku di Asia Barat dan Afrika Utara dilancarkan di sini.

Saya tidak nampak apakah maksud 'revolusi' yang diperkatakan oleh Pas kerana apa yang berlaku di Mesir, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen dan negara lain banyak berpunca daripada kemiskinan, kekurangan makanan, pengangguran yang tinggi serta harga makanan yang melambung.

Di ceruk manakah di Malaysia ada rakyatnya yang terbiar dan mati kebuluran. Mereka yang menganggur di negara ini pun bukanlah kerana ketiadaan peluang pekerjaan yang cukup tetapi sikap terlalu memilih jenis kerja dan kesesuaiannya.

Di manakah Pas apabila rakyat Malaysia terancam di Mesir dan Libya? Pernahkah mereka membuat kenyataan mengenainya atau sekurang-kurangnya menyokong usaha kerajaan membawa mereka pulang dengan selamat. Di manakah keperihatinan pemimpin Pas dalam memperjuangkan nyawa rakyat kita di luar negara jika hal sebegini pun dipolitikkannya?

Di manakah Pas ketika rakyat Palestin melihat kematian setiap hari dalam serangan ganas tentera Yahudi di Gaza dan wilayah lain, sedangkan kerajaan Malaysia sedaya upaya cuba membantu mereka dalam beberapa misi berbahaya untuk menghantar bantuan perubatan, makanan dan pakaian kepada mereka?

Apakah pendirian Pas mengenai ajaran Syiah yang makin berleluasa di negara ini atau sedarkah mereka bahawa Syiah tidak langsung mengiktiraf Nabi Muhammad SAW sebagai Rasul Allah?

Mengapakah Pas berdiam diri dalam kes penderaan kanak-kanak semuda usia 7 tahun di tangan tentera Israel, yang dipenjarakan bersama orang dewasa sehingga menyebabkan mereka menderita seumut hidup?

Di manakah keikhlasan Pas dalam memperjuangkan hak Palestin, Iraq, Afghanistan dan negara lain yang ditindas oleh kerajaan diktator dan Yahudi? Pernahkah Pas terfikir untuk menghulurkan bantuan kepada mereka sedangkan Pas sendiri dibiayai oleh beberapa jutawan terkemuka negara?

Apa sebenarnya pegangan atau kiblat politik Pas sedangkan usahasamanya dengan DAP dan PKR pun tidak menampakkan sebarang hasil?

Aneh! Pas amat berminat dengan revolusi tetapi langsung tidak memahami apa itu revolusi. Jika revolusi ala-Shah Iran, Mohd Reza Pahlavi pada 1979 adalah sesuatu yang ingin dicontohinya, maka perjuangan ini akan lebih bersifat komunis dalam menegakkan benang basahnya - iaitu membunuh sesiapa saja yang menjadi penentang.

Perkembangan terkini menunjukkan pembangkang sedang berusaha menyemai bibit kebencian di kalangan rakyat, khususnya pengundi, melalui fitnah dan hasutan berbahaya ke arah menghancurkan amalan demokrasi, ketenteraman awam, keamanan dan kesejahteraan negara.

Sanggupkah Pas menanggung risiko dan dipertangungjawabkan jika revolusi yang dicetuskannya nanti membunuh puluhan ribu nyawa manusia tidak berdosa, termasuk ahlinya sendiri? Matlamat apakah revolusi yang dimaksudkan Pas?

Tuduhan mereka bahawa kerajaan Barisan Nasional mengamalkan dasar autokratik juga tercetus daripada pemikiran cetek pemimpinnya serta sifat mementingkan diri sendiri dan keuntungan peribadi.

Nik Aziz sendiri pun tidak pernah menyebut bahawa Pas ingin menubuhkan sebuah negara Islam tetapi 'negaro IsLEY! 'Ley' sapo, Pok Nik? Ley mu?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hisham a 'darling' in Merlimau

For the first time ever, I followed Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's a-day visit to Merlimau today. He was a 'darling' to almost everyone whom he met and shook hands with. The ministry's 'Meeting the Customers' Day' was ovewhelmed by about 2,000 Rela members and BN party workers for the by-election.

Chief Minister Ali Rustam was there together with Hisham's deputy Abu Seman, few state assemblymen and leaders of BN component parties.

I personally believe Hisham is getting better in the sense that he is more considerate and willing to listen to others, including those who serve him at the ministry. And thanks to him for extending the 'pay your police summons' until March 10.

His presence drew much attention, notably from the Merlimau people who met him eye-to-eye for the first time. He even visited a disabled policeman outside his fixed programmes at his house, spent about 20 minutes and help painted its wall.

I personally would like to see Hisham attending to the rakyat more often, consider advises given by his buddies at the ministry... and of course by bloggers and media. Also, more Umno and BN leaders should spend more time outside their busy daily routine to meet the people, including those not in their constituency.

What Hisham did in the day brought positive impact to the party and the voters. The Opposition did not try to disrupt the event like what happened in a few previous by-elections, especially Bukit Gantang, Manek Urai and Galas. In fact, some Opposition supporters were seen trying to come closer to the event center but were 'too shy' to enter.

Even in his speech, Hisham did not launch any strong attacks on the Opposition. Instead, he only said they (Pakatan Rakyat) was becoming weak, especially in Merlimau. I have to agree.

Generally, the Opposition in Merlimau are not going all out as they dont have much confidence in winning the seat on March 6 polling. The attention given by some Federal ministers is a sign that the government really cares for the well-being of the rakyat.

The feedback I got also does not favor the Opposition thus far. Their campaigns failed to attract audience as compared to the ones by BN. The general perception in Merlimau is that, Pas is contesting for the sake of participating in the by-election.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Media arus perdana tidak berat sebelah: Rais

Kepada pembangkang, media arus perdana bukanlah 'terlalu berat sebelah' seperti yang didakwa. Sejak bermulanya kempen pilihanraya kecil Kerdau dan Merlimau, pembangkang nampaknya menuding jari ke arah kerajaan dan medianya kerana memburuk-burukkannya.

Pendapat itu disangkal oleh Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim di Kerdau petang semalam. Katanya, media arus perdana tidak pernah berat sebelah dalam membuat liputan. Apa yang dilakukan oleh pengamalnya adalah melaporkan berita yang perlu diketahui rakyat.

Laporan semua aspek seperti politik, ekonomi, sosial, sukan, agama, luar negara dan sebagainya adalah lebih penting daripada polemik antara politik berbeza yang tidak mendatangkan sebarang manfaat kepada pembaca.

Saya setuju dengan Rais.

Dasar media arus perdana adalah menyalurkan maklumat kepada rakyat dengan maksud memberi input mengenai perkembangan semasa agar mereka turut sama menyertai arus pemodenan dunia serta evolusi sosio-politiknya.

Menyuakan rakyat dengan terlalu banyak polemik politik akan hanya mencetuskan pemikiran radikal mengenai siapa benar dan siapa salah, yang akhirnya akan menjerumuskan negara ke dalam kemelut ideologi yang memudaratkan usaha membangunkan negara dan bangsa 1Malaysianya.

Bukanlah kerana faktor media arus perdana ini dimiliki Umno, MCA, MIC dan komponen BN lain maka mereka hanya menjuruskan dasar editorial masing-masing terhadap kerajaan, tetapi mereka membahui tugas menyemarakkan perpaduan, tolak ansur, ingin maju dan ingin bersaing.

Adalah tidak benar sama sekali media arus perdana terpaksa mengikut telunjuk kerajaan kerana mereka turut menyiarkan laporan mengenai kegiatan parti pembangkang walaupun tidak sebesar mana.

Akhbar milik dan pro-pembangkang pula berbeza dasarnya kerana lebih berminat mencemuh kerajaan dan cuba melaga-lagakan kaum. Tidak dinafikan ada yang cuba menghasut rakyat agar membenci kerajaan dan bermusuhan sesama kaum.

Kita tidak mahu sesuatu yang tidak baik berlaku di negara ini. Dalam masyarakat majmuk yang dilindungi undang-undang yang cukup teguh, akhbar arus perdana bertanggungjawab memupuk persefahaman teguh di kalangan rakyat walaupun sesekali terpaksa menangkis tuduhan pembangkang.

Jadi, apa yang dimaksudkan pembangkang mengenai media arus perdana sebagai berat sebelah? Rais sudah menjelaskannya tetapi saya percaya ia tidak mahu diterima oleh pembangkang.

Bagaimanapun, sanggupkah mereka mengaku bahawa akhbar milik mereka sebenarnya anti-pembangunan, anti-perpaduan, anti-keamanan dan anti-segala-galanya? Apa sebenarnya dasar akhbar pembangkang kerana setakat ini apa yang kita nampak cuma usaha untuk mengelirukan rakyat dengan fakta yang dipesongkan?

Begitupun, kerajaan tetap memberikan permit penerbitan kepada mereka!

Kepada Pakatan Rakyat, berfikirlah dahulu sebelum bercakap... takut tergigit lidah sendiri.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kerdau: Where is the comfort zone?

Will BN retain Kerdau state seat in this by-election? The answer is YES and NO.

YES if Umno, notably the government is able to tackle issues hovering settlers in Jengka Felda scheme. During PM Najib's visit recently, a few issues (some call it too petty) were brought up by the settlers, among which is the minimal return they get from the privatisation of some work scopes.

NO if not much is done to address it.

The settlers will provide about 2,200 voters on March 6 polling, and by looking at Umno's track record in Kerdau in the last two general elections, it doesnt look like a comfort zone to me, and also to many.

The majority for BN was reduced significantly from 2,565 in 2004 to 1,615 in 2008 national poll or almost by 50 per cent. If the settlers' vote is taken into account, BN needs them all this time around.

But whether all of them will choose BN, is still in doubt. As their grievances are yet to be resolved, more questions left unanswered with regards to their local management and the manner in which their land and crop are being handled.

The issue of Felda 2nd and 3rd generations aside, Technoplant's method is under question as it reduces their income significantly. Doing it all by themselves ensures them more returns as the Felda subsidiary - appointed to manage replanting programmes at all schemes - so far fails to help them during the 'transition' period.

As oil palm is taking over rubber in many Felda schemes, the settlers monthly income has not been very satisfactory ever since Technoplant does the job for them.

In Jengka 22, for instance, about 200 settlers have grouped together under PLUS (Persatuan Ladang Urus Sendiri) as a protest to Technoplant. Refusing the Felda subsidiary to manage their estates does not only guarantees them higher monthly returns but cuts down unnecessary expenditure.

They have been there for more than 20 years, some more than that, and this people know what is best for their land and for their families. Felda should take a thorough look into this aspect of land administration and introduce a better one.

Many believe BN will win Kerdau again but another reduced in majority will definitely spell danger to the ruling party in the next national poll.

We should understand that not everything that looks good on paper is practically applicable. As settlers, they are more concern over their rice bowl rather than opening up to technology which will force them to opt for Grade C rice from Grade B!