Monday, February 28, 2011

'Mahathir is No.1 traitor'

In the wake of Kerdau dan Merlimau by-election campaigns, Anwar Ibrahim is left to no choice but no badmouth his 'No.1 enemy' Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, calling him the country's ultimate traitor.

The posting 'Mahathir ialah pengkhianat nombor satu' is only a link to 'his another blog' or one by his cybertrooper, Al-Husseyn. However, reading it once is enough to distinguish that it was his, his style of writing and his way of a composition.

I think he avoided posting this comment on his own blog for a simple reason. Hiring someone else to do it will give a better impact as it shows how classy his bloggers' team is. Linking it will give prominence to both his and Al-Husseyn.

The same posting appeared simultaneously, more or less, on both blogs. Hmmm....

Among other things, Anwar said Dr Mahathir was responsible in revoking the rights of Malay Rulers in 1983 under Article 66 of the Constitution; sidelining Bahasa Melayu by making it compulsory for all technology subject in colleges and universities to be taught in English, and effort to disband all Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR).

He also accused Dr Mahathir of insulting Islam by belittling the 'hudud law' and mocking the freedom of judiciary (notably Tun Salleh Abbas case).

I am not sure what was his intention (apart from getting readers and voters' attention in Merlimau and Kerdau) but I think Anwar himself knows the actual reason why Dr Mahathir made such decisions then. He was there with Dr M...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be firm with Hindraf, bro Hisham!

My advise to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein - do not bow to Hindraf and do not reverse a decision by the police in rejecting them a demonstration permit (to be held today at the KL Convention Centre).

Accusation that our government opposes peaceful demonstrations (read Malaysiakini) is a blatant 'anti-unity punchline' by some anti-Malaysia groups, including the 'pro-communist' news portal trying to be heroes of absolute freedom.

Afterall, Hindraf was planning the demo to avow their disgust at 'Interlok', a controversial novel now suspended as a Form 5 literature reference. And knowing Hindraf and how they operate, there wont be any 'peaceful' demo!

One of its leaders Moorthy even went overboard by asking the Indian Government to severe all trade and economic ties with Malaysia. He feels more Indian than a Malaysian citizen. In fact, members of the organisation think they are not Malaysians at all, unlike Malaysian Chinese who are proud to be Malaysians (they never asked mainland China to take any action against Malaysia).

It think it is time for Hisham to re-evaluate the social and political condition in the country. Although some people criticised him for his adamant and late action in the past, I believe he got reason not to be too harsh in any actions. However, I believe he has done quite a good job and can improve further.

To Hindraf leaders, do reconsider your 'fight for nothing'. If you feel Malaysia is not your country, may as well go back to where your ancestors came from and see whether their system is much better than that of Malaysia.

Unless if you consider yourself as Malaysians, learn more about the country and its people, its unique multiracial society and politics. Malaysia is not India as there is no Malays over there... and the Malays have been very, very tolerant!

You are also part of the reasons why ISA must stay...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vietnam cancels Lion Groups' RM31b project

The Vietnamese govt should give details for revoking a license issued to a Malaysia-Vietnam joint-venture entity Lion Group-Vinashin which put a halt to its giant steel mill project in the country.

The US$9.8 billion (about RM31 billion) project in the southern coastal province of Ninh Thuan began in November 2008 includes power plants and a sea port. Upon completion, it can produce 4.5 million tonnes of steel products.

The only reason given for the project cancellation is heavy debts incurred by the Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (Vinashin), and that 'investors did not fulfil commitments for implementation of the project as stated in the investment licence'.

The Lion Group, which held a 75 per cent stake in the project was also accused of having difficulties arranging funding while 'trouble' with the chosen technology.

In December Vinashin, whose debts of more than US$4 billion pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy, reportedly defaulted on the first US$60 million instalment of a $600 million loan arranged by Credit Suisse in 2007.

Police are investigating and have arrested Pham Thanh Binh, Vinashin's former chairman, who is accused of violating state economic management regulations.

It was understood that Lion was not informed of the cancellation. As to how much the company has spent for the project is also unknown but sources said it was close to RM2 billion.

On our part, the govt and MITI should get clarification of the matter. As among Malaysia's top conglomerate, such a significant business losses affects our dignity. Take a look what happened to Lion's share on Bursa Malaysia...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aaaahhh! Malaysia Instinct!

To Leong PN of the Malaysia Instinct - thank you for your 'encouraging hi-lite' about my posting on Info Minister's special officer NA whom I 'accused' of getting a big chunk of MCMC 1Malaysia netbook contract.

Your comment Bujai Just Read: The real McCoy or what has at least added me with more readership (I owe you one). However, let me clarify a few things.First, I dont know this NA guy, never met him and never 'used' him in whatsoever manner to lucre financially or politically. As a journo for almost 30 years, I wont write anything which I am not able to substantiate, and frankly I dont like being sued for nothing.

Secondly, (yes) the fact came from somebody inside the MCMC. Only after some checking did I posted it on my blog. If you go to the companies URL (the six specially mentioned), a few share the same website. What does that imply?

And thirdly, during my 210 minutes 'interview' at the MCMC in Cyberjaya on Tuesday Feb 15 (a public holiday), I was also told (at the sideline of it) that what written was true. I cant go further as the MCMC and MACC investigation teams are pursuing the matter (maybe we can meet up over coffee or tea).

Another thing. There is no vendetta, bro. In fact, I wasnt hitting at Datuk Rais. He has been battered badly by other bloggers, during which I didnt take part. It was an 'unfortunate coincidence' that this NA works for him. Even if he serves PM Najib, I will also write about the 'scam'.

Just Read is not as popular as Rocky's Bru, The Scribe, Big Dog and others. Compared with your esteemed Malaysia Instinct, mine is nothing. I dont care if nobody reads my blog at all as I only enjoy writing what I think is right and not abusive like some silly bloggers do.

And bro, I may be close to some ministers and VVIPs but I had never asked anything from them. I dont have a company either. I dont kow how to do business. I am happy earning a living by contributing to a few magazines, journals and newspapers. Some are good paymasters, some are cheats.

Finally, I am not a whistle-blower. Otherwise, other blogs would have supported my stories or linked it, at least. Unlike the case when Rocky's Bru and Big Dog shot Rais' knees last year. I am just what I am - another blogger.

Cant write more la pal. Let MACC and MCMC investigate.

Thanks again.

Perginya seorang wanita gigih...

Datuk Ilyani Ishak, pengerusi jawatankuasa persefahaman antara agama kebangsaan dan bekas Ahli Parlimen Kota Baru, meninggal dunia di Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) jam 6.05 pagi tadi.

Allahyarhamah yang sepatutnya berusia 58 tahun bulan depan, adalah wanita gigih yang saya kenali walaupun sebagai wakil rakyat Semangat 46 selama dua penggal (1990-99). Beliau meninggal kerana barah payudara yang dihidapinya sejak beberapa tahun lalu.

Jenazahnya akan dibawa ke rumahnya di Pinggir Taman Tun Dr Ismail tengah hari ini sebelum disembahyangkan di masjid berhampiran untuk pengkebumian.

Bagi pihak Dewan Perniagaan Islam Malaysia (DPIM) cawangan Kuala Lumpur, saya ingin merakamkan ucapan takziah kepada keluarga Allahyarhamah.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan diangkat di kalangan mereka yang akan menghuni Jannah-Nya... amin!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

US must stay out of Middle East revolts

In his e-mail, my journo friend Romy Trinidad of the Manila Chronicles wrote from Muscat that the Americans should step in fast to safeguard its and allies' interest in the region. As more countries - with China in the probable lineup - facing the 'uprising', Washington has a big role to play in ensuring the transition of power is carried out smoothly.

My immediate answer to him is: "Sorry bro, I beg to differ!" And so, I sent him a reply:

"This assumption is incorrect and ignorant. People in the United States want to assume they are the center of the universe, and act as overbearing parents to every other nation in the world. They take this responsibility in many situations because they cannot stay out of others' business.

"If their help is asked for, then assistance can be considered. Otherwise, they need to stay out of the Middle East and China if these countries continue to revolt. They are grown-ups and can handle change if they seek it. These changes are their doing, and the US had nothing to do with it — the US needs to leave them alone unless they ask for its help. Only then will any form of responsibility fall on the US.

"China's revolution, if it continues to exist, is going on the same path as the Middle Eastern countries fighting for rights. It would appear Tunisia set off a powder keg. All repressed citizens who have seen change can happen, and finally have the courage to step up and take their lives into their own hands.

"This, despite what some may believe, is something that has been waiting and needing to happen for quite some time.

"No one deserves to live a life less than satisfactory, and many countries do not have the freedom like what they have in the US. Even though some do not want this level of freedom, if others do no one has the right to deny it to them.

"It has also been said because of these revolutions it will become the US's responsibility to provide funding and military support to those countries revolting, especially considering statements made by President Barack Obama that encourage Egyptians to take what they want.

"Wrong. Egypt belongs to the Egyptians, Bahrain belongs to the its people while Libya belongs to Libyans. They dont belong to the US. Not even Obama can claim any part of them as being an American interest.

"So, let them settle their domestic problems. After all, they are not attacking their neighbors. We can only hope for the best. I am convinced that any new leader would look forward to maintaining good relations with the US and other countries, including Malaysia. For us to tell them what and how to do, is not right..."

Carry on with your reporting bro. I always follow your reports.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad news for Mandala Airlines, good one for Air Asia

The last time I flew Indonesia's Mandala Airlines was three years ago, from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. It was cheap, convenient and no hassle. Unfortunately, the budget airline has to cease operations last week due to cash flow shortfalls.

On 12th January management of Mandala Airlines informed the Department of Transportation that it could no longer continue operating.

On the same day Mandala submitted a debt repayment deferment request to the Commerce Court in Jakarta, with Mandala’s corporate secretary Nurmaria Sarona saying that the company had found it unable to fulfill its lease payment obligations on its aircraft. If the court request is successful Mandala will have 45 days to submit a business restructuring plan.

Mandala is a small budget airline that operates only five aircraft (3 Airbus 320 and 2 Airbus 319); these planes have been returned to their owners. Until March 2010 Mandala had operated 11 aircraft.

The company has no plans to permanently dismiss its staff, and hopes to find new investors to shore up its financial position, and begin operating again. Its pilots will be lent out to other airlines like Tiger Air (a sister company of Mandala), so that they can continue working.

This has opened more doors to Malaysia's Air Asia to dominate the Republic's budget air carrier business. Personally, I dont see the airline will counter much problems as Indonesians are already taking Air Asia as a 'truly Asean airline'.

Its Indonesian branch of Air Asia Indonesia has been in the news a lot recently. Unlike some of its competitors, it has been all good news. CEO Tony Fernandes is certainly bullish about the future of its Indonesian subsidiary.

In a recent interview in the Jakarta Post, he said the carrier's Indonesian operations may surpass its Malaysian unit, which is now more than three times as big. However, it still has a long way to go.

Indonesia AirAsia’s passenger number rose 8 per cent to 1.1 million in the quarter, according to a statement. The Malaysian operations boosted passenger numbers up by 12 per cent to 4 million.

Good job, Air Asia! At the same time, its sad to see the demise of Mandala Airlines, once a 'suppose-to-be Air Asia' for Indonesia.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A date with MACC tomorrow

update Sunday, 5pm: I was at the MACC today, giving statements and producing evidence of what I had written much earlier. The 1-hour 'discussion' led to the MACC to seek full cooperation from MCMC, i.e in digging through files and documents pertaining to NA's involvement in some project awards. The MACC was satisfied with my 'persentation' and will pursue the case immediately. Nothing more to disclose.

original post:
The MACC has summoned me to its Putrajaya HQ tomorrow. Public holiday but I also gave my statement for three long hours at the MCMC in Cyberjaya on Tuesday Feb 15, also a public holiday. It doesnt matter.

I was having dinner in Kuching when an MACC officer rang me up. No excuse, whether its a public holiday or not. I was expecting the call sometimes next week but was told it was an urgent case. I will be there.

Looks like my exposure on YB Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim's special officer last week - that he and his friends get a big chunk of the 1Malaysia netbook distribution contract, Phase 2 - is getting immediate attention from 'detectives' of both sides.

And thanks to my blogger friend Jebat Berkokok for a nice commentary in his latest posting, refuting my allegation and 'accusing' me of trying to tarnish Rais' and the ministry's good name. It is his job. It was just his personal opinion.

I also heard the Info Ministry's arm for new media which is based in PJ was trying to engage a few bloggers to produce rebuttals to my stories.

However as at today, only Jebat Berkokok did it. Why must they resorted to such an approach? A cover up? I think I understand.

As a journalist for almost 30 years, rookies like Jebat Berkokok and others would do anything to keep their job, especially when they are government servants. I believe some of them will lick their boss' shoes if asked to. I dont know what Jebat Berkokok does but i sometimes read his writings.

And being a veteran journo, I wont simply post any 'bull' on my blog without substantial or tangible evidence. I hope Jebat Berkokok understands me.

And to Datuk Rais, I didnt accuse him of anything. It was 'a very unfortunate coincidence' that this NA works for him. In fact, I was quite defensive of him when lead bloggers like Rockybru, Big Dog and others hammered him last year. I was even asked to play an 'arbitrator' role between him and Rais.

Had PM Najib's or other ministers' special officers are involved, I will also do the same thing.

To YB Rais: "Maaplah tok. Den sikit pun takdo niat nak burukkan namo atok dan kementerian. Cuma bilo den dah dapek info dan bukti yang den pecayo datang dari SKMM sendighi, den tulihlah pasal ni. Kebetulan pulak, pegawai ni kojo dongan atuk. Kalau nak maghah, maghahlah tapi den cumo mintak botokan mano yang silap, kalau ado. Tu yo. Kalau ado peluang, kito jumpo."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mass 'uprising' of the Middle East

It started in Tunisia, then Egypt. The 'mass uprising' in the northern Africa has now reaching out to most Middle East nations - Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Palestine, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan and Yemen. Whether they succeed or not, the Americans are watching the development with great interest.

In Libya, more than 40 people have been killed and Muammar Gaddafi is accused of bringing in soldiers from Chad to crack down on protests. This afternoon, there was also been a savage government crackdown on demonstrators in Bahrain.

Protesters in a street of Bahrain last night

At least seven people are dead in Libya after protesting against the government and the country's leader. People were also seen jumping off the Juliana Bridge in Tripoli, some of them children.

The fact that unrest has broken out in a country like Libya, that had not been really anticipated because Colonel Gaddafi has instituted a very repressive system of his own, that clearly shows that people would like to take advantage of uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia in order bring about important changes in their own societies. But whether they are really going to succeed in the case of, for example, Libya, that remains to be seen.

Violence has also erupted in Bahrain in the past two days. Reports have emerged that police fired indiscriminately and without warning onto a crowd of pro-democracy supporters camped out in the city square.

It puts the United States and Saudi Arabian administrations in an uncomfortable position with their apparent ally, the monarch of Bahrain. If the regime in Bahrain goes down, then that will have serious implications for Saudia Arabia, given the relationship or the close relationship between Saudia Arabia and Bahrain.

There is no sign that the monarchy will be overthrown in Bahrain but there is a serious problem in the country, something which could be immediate source of concern for a number of countries in the region and also for the United States.

violence has intensified across the whole region to Algeria, the Palestinian Territories, Yemen, Jordan and Sudan.

Almost from coast to coast, if we could use that phraseology, the Middle East seems to be an area in a period of considerable if not change certainly volatility. Why? The rising levels of poverty are part of the reason people are protesting.

The increasing levels of impoverishment, especially amongst the youth. The Middle East has the youngest population of any region in the world. A country like Yemen, for example, half the population are under the age of 25, most of those have some level of education, many of them are unemployed, disenfranchised, feel disconnected from the rest of the world as well.

All those factors are feeding into the discontent. That is, I think in any political system, a recipe for disaster. The region faces a fairly bleak future, unless the regimes decided to engage in massive political, social and economic reforms in order to close the gap between the rulers and the ruled.

However, the US seem to be more concern of what's taking place in Bahrain.
the Bahraini regime's fall will be tantamount to 'disaster' for the United States. The oil-rich kingdom is home to US' Navy's Fifth Fleet. Also because of its strategic location in the Persian Gulf, it is very important for the US strategy in the area.

If the Bahraini regime falls, it will be a disaster to the American policy in the Middle East and its long-term strategy. The Fifth Fleet is a shield for American forces against many countries, especially Iran. The Fleet is there to spy on Iran and control the Strait of Hormoz.

Just like how Israel was alarmed with Hosni Mubarak's resignation earlier this week, the US would take changes to Bahrain's foreign policy as a disaster to its presence in the region. Israel, which signed the Camp David peace accord with Egypt 1979, is also hoping for the Egyptian new e leadership to respect the accord.

If my arrangement for trips to Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen and Sudan goes on well, I will be there soon...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special officer NA is Rais' 'pet'?

Confirmed! The number of 1Malaysia netbook given to 6 companies belong to-and related to Datuk Rais Yatim's special officer is 135,842 units, as stated in my earlier posting. The figure is compatible with that of the MCMC.

Furthermore, this guy is Rais' favourite or closest (his pet?), according to ministry and MCMC sources. NA has been making frequent visits to the MCMC in Cyberjaya over the past few months after the government announced the distribution of the netbook throughout the country.

Out of 25 companies shortlisted as distributors for 349,000 netbooks (my earlier posting put it at 349,732), his and friends' companies got almost half of it.

Breakdowns for the six companies are:

1. Juang Jaya Sdn Bhd 23,850 units
2. CQ Communications 26,277
3. Tirai Jitu (M) Sdn Bhd 10,220
4. Creative Century Management 27,142
5. Esmartpay Solutions SB 23,906
6. Dynasty IT Service Sdn Bhd 24,447

There is no need for me to reveal the full list as our concern is more towards the six.

Now, I was told that Rais has denied any involvement in it, and that he never issued any letter of recommendation, directive or desk memo instruction to NA to be made as 'a passport' to influence MCMC's decision making.

A friend at the Info Ministry also called me today that this NA wanted to see me.

Anyway, I will be at the MACC next week...

3 hours with MCMC 'detectives'

I was interviewed for 3 hours at the MCMC yesterday (3.30-6.30PM) over my Sunday's posting 'Rais, you got the most powerful special officer'. I had to substantiate every para of the posting, in which I cooperated well.

The personnel in-charge was Mazlan Othman, MACC director of investigation. Nice, polite and tactful.

I believe the directive to call me up on a Public Holiday came from the top. However, it's okay for me. My ordeal in Baghdad in 1984 for taking a few photos in the street was the worst when the Iraqi police interrogated me for 9 hours! At the MCMC, I felt comfortable.

And so, I gave them the evidence which supported my story and it was confirmed that it came from 'inside'. Halfway, a MACC official called me for 'a date' to be fixed later.

I believe Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim didnt know about his special officer's activities at the MCMC of late. I am also convince he didnt sign any of those letters produced by the officer to influence MCMC board members to award the 1Malaysia netbook distributorship to 6 companies, of his and his friends'.

Where would the report go? AG chamber, I suppose! Anyway, its their job.

I will pursue this case. As of now, I'm really worn out...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rais, you got the most powerful special officer!

A small group of MCMC senior officials left for Barcelona, Spain on Friday night, looking for new ventures and opportunities. Back home, someone was praying and hoping that the group would not return as this will enable him to flex his muscle and dictate the Commission.

This guy has been 'controlling' almost all MCMC major decisions over the past two years. He is also a 'phantom' to MCMC board of directors. He will also barge into meetings of the tender board and got the guts to reverse its decision.

This includes reversing tender procurements and changing contracts' recipients to the extent of erasing those already inked under the Letter of Award (LA). He will then issue directive to the BOD to award it to his or his friends' companies.

By standard procedure, the BOD and the tender committee will have to oblige. Why? Because he will always produce letters bearing his boss' name, notes, directive and signature. So, what choice do the MCMC officials have?

His boss is non other Info Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim who late last year was embroiled in a cyber tussle with lead bloggers like Rocky's Bru and Big Dog over his son's purported involvement in MCMC massive contracts. Also, the accusation that he once raped his Indonesian maid.

On the other hand, this guy is his own special officer (pegawai khas), whom he employs almost two years ago. Whether Rais is aware or not, he SHOULD KNOW! However, I personaly believe Rais didnt sign any of the letters produced by this guy to the MCMC.

'NA', a Sabahan, is perhaps the most poweful special officer a minister ever had. Even special officers to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak are not empowered in such a manner, meddling into a ministry's agency business by deciding who should get what, when and how.

I know I might be sued for libel but I am calling on the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to look into MCMC's files and contract records, especially in the distribution of 1Malaysia netbook, Phase 2, which Rocky's Bru once commented.

A total of 25 companies are shortlisted for the Phase 2 project. Out of 349,732 netbook already slotted for distribution, 135,842 (about one third of total volume) are going to 'NA' and his friends. At the rate of RM800 each, his group is given a contract worth more than RM108 million! If commission stands at 15 per cent, he is getting about RM16 million.

I just want Rais to act on this officer of his. The MACC, on its part, can start investigation. I have valid papers to support this posting.

I think MCMC's COO Datuk JJ cant do much to chase out this guy each time he steps into his office and asks him to issue LAs to at least six companies he and friends control.

To MACC, go check out on this companies, namely Juang Jaya Sdn Bhd, CQ Communications, Tirai Jitu (M) Sdn Bhd, Creative Century Management Sdn Bhd, Esmartpay Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd and Dynasty IT Service Sdn Bhd.
I humbly would also like to request YB Datuk Rais to look into this matter. If this 'NA' has been forgering his official letters and signature, then the minister is cleared of any involvement in this. Also, there is no point to keep this special assistant.


Two text messages on my mobile phone, at 7.20PM yesterday and 3.52AM today took away my sleep.

The first was from Shila of Agendadaily about the demise of Kerdau State Assemblyman Datuk Zaharudin Abu Kassim. The other was from Sharul, Pol-Sec of Defense Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, that the minister's mother-in-law passed away at the Terendak Camp Hospital.

I dont know Zaharudin much but I am sure his family members and close friends felt the loss. However, I do know Hamidah Khamis' mother.

To both families, I would like to express my deepest condolences, 'semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mereka'.

On the Internet, I just read how about 40 people were killed in a car-bomb blast in central Baghdad, miners died in a coalmine in China, a major bus accident in Bolivia, few Palestinians shot dead by the Israeli soldiers, and other news about 'DEATH'.

The only consolation news is from the United Nations - that there were more newborns than death last year. But still, as the world's population grows, there are people who kill each other for food and survival!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 soalan untuk semua ketua bahagian Umno

PRESIDEN Umno Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak mengadakan pertemuan khas dengan 191 ketua bahagian di Menara Dato' Onn, PWTC hari ini. Setiap ketua bahagian akan dipanggil seorang demi seorang bagi menyampaikan masalah kawasan masing-masing serta mendengar nasihat Najib.

Bagaimanapun, sebagai ahli biasa dan pemerhati turun-naik Umno sejak 30 tahun lalu, saya berpendapat Najib perlu mengubah pendekatan ini. Beliau harus bertanyakan beberapa soalan 'klasik' manakala setiap ketua bahagian perlu menjawabnya dengan jelas.

Tidak ada faedahnya menganjurkan pertemuan sedemikian jika kita hanya mengangguk dan menggeleng sedangkan penyakit serta kudis dalam parti masih dibiarkan tidak terubat dan makin bernanah.

Berikut adalah antara soalan yang patut diajukan:

1. Sebagai ketua bahagian sejak dua penggal, kami dapati isteri anda turut menjadi ketua wanita bahagian, anak perempuan anda pula jadi ketua Puteri manakala anak lelaki memegang jawatan ketua Pemuda bahagian. Bagaimana mereka dilantik? Andakah yang melantik mereka atau anda menggunakan pengaruh yang ada dalam proses pemilihan? Anda seolah-olah ingin membina empayar politik sendiri di peringkat bahagian. Apa tujuan anda dan mengapa?

2. Anda pernah menjadi Ahli Parlimen selama satu penggal pada pilihanraya umum 2004 tetapi anda digugurkan untuk senarai 2008. Sebaliknya timbalan anda dipilih dan menang. Adakah anda tahu sebab-sebab anda tidak dicalonkan semula? Dalam pada itu, anda menjadikan timbalan ketua bahagian sebagai musuh dan menghasut ahli agar jangan menyebelahinya, sebaliknya terus menyokong anda.

3. Disebabkan anda tidak dicalonkan semula pada 2008, benarkan anda turut menghasut pengundi PRU12 agar memilih calon pembangkang bagi memastikan timbalan anda yang dipilih bertanding itu tewas? Anda terus berkomplot untuk menjatuhkannya pada PRU akan datang, dan pada waktu yang sama menyisihkan penyokongnya.

4. Adakah sebagai ketua bahagian, anda yakin yang ahli peringkat cawangan menyokong dan mempercayai anda? Berapa kerapkah anda mengadakan perbincangan dari hati ke hati dengan mereka dan meminta pandangan bagaimana untuk memperkukuhkan parti, dan bukan sekadar menasihati mereka akan terus patuh kepada parti sedangkan ketua bahagian adalah jenis yang tidak boleh diharap!

5. Sebelum jadi Ahli Parlimen, anda cuma memiliki sebuah kereta nasional. Rumah anda juga jenis sederhana murah, sama ada rumah teres atau rumah kampung. Bagaimanapun, beberapa bukan selepas menjadi Yang Berhormat, anda didapati memiliki dua kereta mewah manakala rumah anda pula jadi makin besar. Anda turut menggaji seorang pemandu dan dua pengawal peribadi untuk mengikut anda ke Parlimen dan tempat lain. Di rumah, anda menggaji seorang pembantu. Dengan elaun Ahli Parlimen cuma dalam sekitar RM10,000 sebulan, bagaimana anda mampu membayar ansuran bulanan kereta kira-kira RM4,000, gaji pemandu RM1,000 dan RM2,000 setiap seorang bagi pengawal peribadi (bodyguard). Anda juga perlu membayar gaji pembantu rumah dan membiayai kos sara hidup famili. Dari mana anda memperolehi wang untuk semua itu?

6. Menteri Besar dan Ketua Menteri adalah pengerusi badan perhubungan Umno negeri. Kami dapat tahu ketika si polan ini mahu menjadi Menteri Besar, anda menghadiahkannya banyak pakaian, kot dan tali leher mahal serta berjenama kepadanya, selain beberapa pasang kasut 'designer's item'. Apa tujuan awak 'membodeknya?'

7. Sebagai Ahli Parlimen, anda sering ponteng sidang Dewan Rakyat. Jika hadir pun, anda tidak pernah mengambil bahagian dalam debat dan langsung tidak bertanyakan apa-apa soalan. Adakah anda jenis manusia pemalas atau sebenarnya tidak berilmu, justeru itu anda malu bertanya.

8. Sebagai ketua bahagian yang bukan wakil rakyat, tidakkah anda rasa ada sesuatu yang tidak kena dengan pendekatan kepemimpinan anda? Tidakkah anda berhasrat meletakkan jawatan bagi membolehkan timbalan anda yang juga Ahli Parlimen memikul tanggungjawabnya dengan lebih berkesan tanpa 'gangguan' dan 'perangai budak-budak' and?

9. Anda sudah menjadi ketua bahagian selama tiga atau empat penggal. Tidakkah anda bercadangan untuk mempertahankan jawatan itu pada pemilihan parti 2012? Atau anda ingin terus memegang jawatan itu sampai bila-bila.

10. Adakah anda berpendapat jawatan Ahli Parlimen adalah milik mutlak ketua bahagian. Apabila timbalan anda atau orang lain dipilih sebagai calon, anda rasa terancam dan terpinggir? Mungkin ini yang mendorong anda 'memberontak' dan cuba menjatuhkan orang berkenaan?

11. Adakah anda sedar bahawa banyak masalah parti kita berpunca di peringkat bahagian kerana orang seperti anda yang menerajuinya secara tidak ikhlas dan mahukan jawatan serta kuasa saja?

12. Kepada siapakah anda memberikan projek yang diperuntukkan untuk kawasan Parlimen kerana ia disalurkan kepada anda bukannya orang lain yang menjadi Ahli Parlimen bahagian anda? Siapakah orang atau syarikat apakah yang anda pilih? Adakah anda mendapat 'ganjarannya?'

(Saya rasa ahli Umno dan pemerhati mempunyai banyak lagi soalan yang boleh ditujukan kepada ketua bahagian ini. Apa yang penting, dalam usaha membersihkan Umno daripada unsur tidak sihat dan merosakkan imej serta maruah parti, eloklah kita mulai dari sekarang.

Saya juga yakin jika soalan ini dijadukan kepada mereka, ramai yang tidak akan menjawabnya dengan jujur demi melindungi kepentingan politik peribadi.

Apa pun, terserah kepada presiden parti...)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hundreds die in Egypt

I am saddened by the latest development in Egypt. Latest news is that, hundreds of protesters have been killed and wounded in the southern city of Kharga as the nationwide revolution in the crisis-hit country enters its 16th consecutive day.

Egyptian security forces targeted the anti-government protesters with live bullets on Wednesday, killing three protesters and wounding hundreds of others, according to e-mails I received from journalist Mahmood Joubiyeh.

Cairo's Liberation Square remained flooded with demonstrators who call on embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down. The independent organisation Human Rights Watch has so far put the death toll at almost 300, after visiting just nine hospitals in the country.

As Egyptians are out on the streets for the 16th straight day, newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman says the government cannot tolerate the protests for long.

Suleiman made the remark as over 50,000 protesters on Tuesday blocked newly-appointed Premier Ahmed Shafiq from entering his office in the Egyptian capital, calling for his immediate resignation and those of all the others in the cabinet.

Huge crowds on Tuesday also marched to the Interior Ministry and the Parliament building in the capital despite the government's promises of constitutional reform and an increase in wages for public sector workers.

Suleiman has also announced that the government has a plan and a timetable for a peaceful transfer of power.

Egypt's second largest city, Alexandria, was also the scene of popular rallies against the regime. Many protesters are angry at the US stance toward the ongoing uprising in their country. Thousands of Egyptian workers have gone on strike in the cities of Suez and Ismailia.

How lucky Malaysians are as compared to our brothers in a few countries. There is no war here but there are people who try to incite one...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kohilan - a MGR in Cairo's ordeal!

He didnt bath for 2 days and was holed up at the Cairo airport with Malaysians and foreigners trying to get out of strife-torn Egypt. What an experience, and what a horrifying ordeal!

I think Deputy Foreign Minister Senator A Kohilan Pillay deserves a 'datukship' for his bravery and good job. Stranded for 2 days at a fully air-conditioned international airport and without shower, makes him a 'hero', dont you think so (here).

With him were PM's sec-pol Datuk Shahlan Ismail dan a few National Security Council officers.

Try to compare his ordeal with this - retiring deputy sec-gen of Ministry of Information Datuk Mohammed Mohd Daud was our trade commissioner to Kuwait in 1990 when the US launched the 'Desert Storm' operation.

He was assigned to lead about 200 Malaysians and Singaporeans to safety. Know what? He managed to take them from Kuwait City to Baghdad in an 18-hour journey filled with obstacles, among which were booby traps, bombs and gunfire.

And he didnt tell Malaysians or the Press about it.

Back in 1982, I was in Iraq, covering the Iran-Iraq war, moving with the UN and Iraqi armies from north border t0wn of Suleimaniyeh to Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Mosul, Karbala and south port of Basrah. Together with Indonesian 'Kompas' editor Petrus Suryadi, we slept in tents or bunker dug beneath army tanks, exposed to extreme cold weather and night and burning hot during the day, no shower for a week and had to survive on limited food and water supply.

I remember the adjacent building of El-Mansour Melia hotel was shelled at 10pm, two hours after we checked-in, killing 9 people and injuring dozens others.

Try talk to former NST senior journalist Ben d'Cunha who joined me in Iraq in 1984. We embarked on a 12-hour midnite train from Baghdad to Basrah, accompanied by 3 Iraqi officers, only to discover on arrival that the train was carrying about 300 corpses!

And that was part of the stories which was not published by our editor then. Why, we went there on our own expenses and at our own accord! (During that era, Malaysians were barred from visiting any Communist country while a trip to Eastern Europe or any Socialist country would be deemed as not appropriate).

Many other Malaysians, especially former students and embassy staffs in Baghdad during the 1980s were subjected to various difficulties. Ask our Ambassador to China Datuk Norulzaman whom I first met in Baghdad in 1982 when he was the Second Secretary to the mission. Ambassador was Nadanarajah.

I am writing a special book about their ordeals, hoping to send it to print sometimes in May this year. It will also include

To our Deputy FM, it was nothing what you had experienced. It was your job, like it or not. If you want to know about real ordeals, talk to our war veterans, including those who used to serve in Congo, Somalia, Lebanon and in other countries.

Anyway. good job bro!

RM6 billion for 6 boats. Wahhh lannnn...!

I agree that our sea surveillance needs to be enhanced. Of course our military must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. High speed patrol boats are one of these.

However, a whopping RM6 billion for 6 patrol boats is beyond comprehension. I dont know how Mindef or MoF arrived at the figure or whether Boustead Heavy Industry has recommended that price.

But still, RM1 billion for a boat is simply an exaggeration. Even Norway and Sweden, two countries that produce the finest patrol boats on earth do not have such price tags. Unless if we want them (or other makers) to design and build extraordinary boats.

Let's not repeat the same mistakes again and again. Remember the submarine issue? Its fine that the govt has appointed Boustead to do the shopping but are we retaining the same group of people who twisted our arms once?

How old is our navy now? 10, 15 or 20 years? Its more than that, right? So, why talk technology transfer if we still need to continue buying such items? We spent so much money on 'transfer talks' but nothing seemed to happen.

We already have Proton, Perodua and two satellites well-placed in the orbit, and yet we cant afford to build our own patrol boats for our own use!

Blimme... I forgot that we have so much money to spend, including that RM60 million to refurbish the PM's official residence and sending irrelevant people overseas on 'govt official business'.

If Singapore can develop the 'fearless class' patrol vessel, what is the capability of our Lumut and other local dockyards? The Republic's boats are armed with 76mm cannon, Simbad AA and Gabriel SSM missiles and 308mm torpedos. The 300-tonne vessel can easily notch over 20 knots of speed and is more vicious than the ANZAC frigate.

Again, why cant we build our own patrol boats? How big and sophisticated a RM1 billion patrol boat can be?

On top of that, who is getting the commission this time?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Replace Interlok with Kamasutra

The Indians show disgust at Interlok, which prompted DPM-cum-Education Minister Muhyiddin to agree making alterations to the novel before it gets 'approval' from the Indian leaders for it to become a literature book for Form V students.

The government, according to some NGOs, observers and Umno members are bowing low to the minority in whatever action that would satisfy them, even to the extent of changing what has been written in history.

My opinion is, Interlok has to go. No point changing the facts and contents of the novel just for the Indians to feel nothing was wrong with their caste system in mainland India - the home of their ancestors.

As they also deny some history events relating to their migration to Tanah Melayu a long time ago, let me suggest one thing to cheer up the Malaysian Indians - let us replace Interlok with Kamasutra.

Those who know what Kamasutra is will agree that its 'helps multiplies' Indian population since it was introduced hundreds of years ago. And for Malaysian Indians to multiply and surpass the number of Malays in the country, they better take up such lessons.

When they become the majority, they can be in total control. Who knows, the Malays would be the third largest community after the Indians and Chinese, say in 50 or 100 years from now!

By that time, we would have an Indian or a Chinese as the prime minister. The Malays would just be the minority. Then, the Indians can deny them of any request to demolish some Hindu temples near their place.

Even today, there are more temples than mosques in the country. The government should look into this. Perhaps, we can plan for the largest temple in Putrajaya in preparation for the future. And what will become of Masjid Negara? It will not be in our history! Not even Masjid Jamek or Masjid Kampung Hulu in Melaka.

Our history books would by then be filled up with Indian stories, i.e how Samy Vellu, MIC, Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi have fought for the Indians to become the supreme race in Malaysia. No need to include IPF as the late Pandithan was against Samy. For the Indians, anything 'no good' must not become content of history.

For the time being, what else will the government do to please our Indian friends? My suggestion - choose some roads and buildings and name it after Samy Vellu, Moorthy of Hindraf and Palanivel. If they propose Kamasutra as a text book, just accept it!

In the next national poll, let us have Indian candidates to contest for Umno. Although many Malay NGOs have urged the Malays not to vote for Indian of any party in the general election, I believe they will have no choice but to vote for the ruling party.

(I bought the Kamasutra in Connought Place, New Delhi in 1995 and lent in to someone from the PM's Dept.... and I never got it back!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

LKY really hates Malays and Islam

Lee Kuan Yew is anti-Malays, anti-Indians and anti-Islam. In fact, when he succeeded in separating Singapore from Malaysia in 1965, there was a secret plan to flush out the Malays and Indians out of the Republic. However, due to his 'good-on-the-surface' relation with the Malaysian Malay leaders, he jettisoned it.

And about 45 years later, he could not hide his disgust at the Malays and Islam in his newly-launched book 'Hard Truths to keep Singapore Going'. Of course, the Singapore Malays got insulted and are suing him, the government and Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) for playing puppet to the govt.

LKY wrote in his book, among other things: "...we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came. The other communities have easier integration … than Muslims... and today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam.... Muslims socially do not cause any trouble, but they are distinct and separate."

In order to facilitate integration in Singapore with its predominantly Chinese population and minority races including Malays and Indians, he urged Muslims to ‘be less strict on Islamic observances.’

His comments annoyed Muslims, prompting some strong reactions in local internet forums. "Who you or your family prays and what you eat, drink and do is your business. We Muslims don’t give a hoot," said one comment, telling Lee to "mind your own business."

Although his PM son Lee Hsien Loong was trying hard to calm down the situation by saying he didnt share his father's view, the Malays got more igitated as the contents of the book seemed to be 'fully'accepted' by his govt.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who exchanged verbal blows with Lee over several issues during his administration, slammed the minister mentor over his comments.

"I am not surprised by his statement because to him religion is not important. For him the end justifies the means, so if he wants racial integration in Singapore, he won’t let Islam stand in the way of his goals.

"The Malays over there (in Singapore) are actually afraid of the government," he claimed, adding that Muslims were under a constant siege from the authorities and had no choice but to compromise their Islamic belief.

LKY is lucky, and so is Singapore. The Malays in the Republic did not react like how the Malaysian Indians had over a novel by Abdullah Hussain, Interlok. The Malaysian Government and the Malay largest party Umno had finally agreed to erase of amend the word 'pariah' in it before it can be used as a literature reference in secondary schools.

Read the comments for my posting 'Getting rid of all the KELINGs' and you will understand the issue better.

As for the Singapore Malays, we cant interfere but the balls are at their feet. At 87, LKY is getting senile, I guess. Tapi, takkan nak maafkan dia macam tu je kot? Mungkin tengah buang tabiat....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Gong Xi Fa Cai or Kong Hee Fatt Choy, no matter how one may pronounce it, it means joy and victory.

To all my Chinese friends and Malaysians, I hope the Year of The Rabbit will bring out the best in us.

To Ah Wei and his 7-year old daughter Yee Ling (I posted their plight last year, and thanks to a good Samaritan who provided them a shelter and a job for him after reading it), I really miss the 3 years when both of you were in my house, sharing everything except religion. It taught me one good thing - to be human, we must not talk race, religion and color.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting rid of all the 'KELINGs'

I think it's time to clean Malaysia of all the Kelings. Find a new name for Tanjung Keling in Melaka and Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang. Also, get rid of the name 'Kuih Telinga Keling' and a proverb 'Keling Karam'.

Perhaps we can replace it with 'Anthony Muthu', 'kuih John Murugesu', 'Masjid Jimmy Sivanathan' or something similar. I believe the Indians who embraced Christianity will approve it as being a Christian-Indian separates one from being called 'Hindu'. Of course, there is no pariah in the country although the Indians in Greater Indian, the land where their ancestors came is still practicing it.

My suggestion to the government, especially DPM and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin, let us change every history fact about the Malaysian Indians. Let's erase the undeniable facts that their ancestors were brought to Malaya as rubber-tappers and that some of them were pariahs in Greater India then.

Let's replace the fact to something like 'they came by flights, rich and wealthy, bringing together their tonnes of gold and diamond, setting up ammunition factory to fight the Japanese...', etc

If we are willing to change some true contents of the history novel Interlok, may as well we write a new history about Malaya and Malaysia. For intance, we can start telling the people that it was an Indian who set-up Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) for the Malays, the first Prime Minister was an Indian and the population of the Indians in Malaysia is more than the Malays. Being a majority, they can control the government.

Well done! Umno is on its knees for a little history fact. Read what Aspan Alias wrote about such a humiliation. Titled Interlok: Akhirnya Umno sujud kepada MIC, the blogger was disappointed that the Education Ministry and Umno have to change history just to respect the minority Indians.

(To bro Aspan - DPM said that in Tenang to woo Indians to vote for BN laaaa!).

"Apa? Bangsat sangatkah kita orang Melayu ini? Tunduk disana dan sujud disini untuk menagih sokongan dan simpati. Bagaimana Palanivel pula yang menentukan mana-mana yang patut dipinda dalam penulisan seorang sastrawan negara? Bukankah Interlock itu adalah hasil penulisan seorang sasterwan negara. Bagaimana perasaan sastrawan negara itu jika penulisannya dipinda, dialih dan dianjak kerana tekanan politik? Segala apa yang ada untuk orang Melayu boleh diabaikan dan dibuang begitu sahaja.

Elok dibatalkan sahaja pengambilan buku itu sebagai buku sastera untuk sekolah-sekolah daripada diteruskan pengambilannya tetapi sudah hilang ‘originality’ pemikiran penulisnya. Jika buku itu masih diterima sebagai buku teks sastera ianya mestilah dalam isi kandungannya yang asal."

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad also chided the move. In one of his latest blog postings SEJARAH, he said:

"Umpamanya ada dakwaan berkenaan dengan penduduk asal semenanjung ini yang bercanggah dengan kebenaran. Apakah kerana sensitifnya perkara ini maka kita tidak akan sebut berkenaan penduduk asal negeri-negeri Semenanjung, berkenaan orang asing yang datang menduduki semenanjung ini, yang menjadikan bahasa tempatan sebagai bahasa mereka, menerap sebahagian daripada budaya dan pakaian tempatan sebagai budaya dan pakaian mereka. Sekarang tidak ada lagi orang seperti ini kerana di zaman ini perlakuan seperti ini tidak dapat diterima oleh kaum tertentu. "Dan banyaklah lagi kebenaran sejarah yang boleh dianggap sensitif, sensitif kepada Melayu, Cina, Tamil, Iban, Kadazan dan lain-lain suku kaum. Jika semua yang sensitif kepada kaum-kaum di Malaysia ditapis maka tidak ada pelajaran yang akan diperolehi penuntut."

Seasoned journo-blogger A Kadir Jasin (blog The Scribe) wrote:

"Secara peribadi, sebagai penulis, saya lebih rela karya saya dibakar dan dinyahkan daripada persada ilmu dan kecendekiawanan hambar daripada disunting dan dipinda kerana KONONNYA menyentuh dan menyinggung sensitiviti kaum tertentu.

"Kalau karya Sasterawan Negara seperti Abdullah Hussain pun tidak selamat daripada interpretasi tohor dan gunting para penapis makan gaji, maka karya siapa lagi akan selamat?

"Dan kalau kita benar-benar berada dalam 1Malaysia yang majmuk, mengapa hanya bangsa India yang mendapat keistimewaan memegang gunting tapisan dan pena merah untuk “meminda” Interlok?"

There you are. I agree that we have to change some sensitive facts about history. There was never May 13, 1969 incident, Anwar was never sent to jail for sodomy. Was Chin Peng our hero for fighting against the British?

When did we achieve Independence? Please tell me... thank you!