Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'Yau peng chai!"

Had not for the Malays (PAS members) who attended his ceramah, Nga Kor Ming would have used his mother tongue to depict Zambry as the 'black metallic'.

However, he has apologised to the Perak Mentri Besar. Even that, he said the Press and bloggers have taken out his speech out of context, and that it has been politicised for the next general election.

Now that the whole world has watched and listened to what he exactly said, perhaps an apology is not enough.

He also called Zambry 'haram jadah' (read Stopthelies). In general context, it means 'bastard' or 'child who is born out of wedlock (anak haram). And had not for his supporters from PAS and PKR, he would have called Zambry a 'yau peng chai'!

He has yet to apologise. Will he or will he not?

I have heard and seen verbal war between BN and the Opposition MPs during the 1980s. 'Haram jadah' was used in the Dewan Rakyat and Speaker Zahir Ismail had to apply the power vested in him to put things under control. Those involved then retracted their words and apologised to the floor.

It happened during the era of 'hardcore' MPs like Hu Sepang, Shahidan Kassim, Tamrin Ghafar, Bujang Ulis, Osman Abdul, Chen Man Hin and others. Some senior MPs today were also part of that circus.

However, it gets more rampant these days and people like Nga is not only getting labeled as racist but is becoming a liability to this own party, the DAP. I wonder if the party's disciplinary committee will take action against him.

Karpal Singh has rapped Nga for that but other leaders in DAP remained silent. However, I don't think any action will be taken against him. They need people like Nga as a political stabilizer!

And who is the DAP leader who calls Malaysian Indians stupid?

But one thing for sure, people like Nga sure has a bad breath!


masih di BH said...


i remember that 80s era. some already retired, some are still around with us, one of the made it to the mentri besar seat...hehehe

colorful, wasnt it?

but now is not colorful... shameful!

the saint said...

the best thing to do with this type of politician - BN or PR - drop them dead in the next general election.

any rep elected to the parliament of state assembly must observe some code of ethic as they represent their constituents.

nga is setting a very bad precedent for dap and for other politicians in this new era...

penangan said...


siapa yang ajar diorang ni mencarut dan memaki hamun orang ni? pemimpin apa jenis seperti ni?

Anonymous said...

black is beauty...

white is not exciting at all, open to dirt!

so far said...

call them the satan of politic.

such people dont deserve to be elected to any higher assembly.