Monday, December 12, 2011

What an ungrateful DAP child!

What a shame?

While she has been busy telling the people of PR's 'negara kebajikan' or welfare state concept, hitting hard at Barisan Nasional for this and that, she is actually worse than any other civilised and well-educated persons.

Blogger Stopthelies stripped her naked today with a posting that may not only make Serdang DAP Member of Parliament Teo Nie Ching (pic) look like a ungrateful child but will peel the skin off the Opposition party.

Not only her but the whole party failed to help Teo's mother who suffers from a heart problem.

"The Chinese media has reported this issue widely but you can be sure that the pro-opposition Malaysiakini will black this out because they do not want you to read about it.

"... Teo Nie Ching has found herself in a spot because her mom, who had a heart problem, sought the help of the Negri Sembilan MCA chief Datuk Dr Yeow Chai Thiam.

"It is strange that a DAP MP cannot even resolve the problem of her mother and she is supposed to be an elected representative.

"The Negri MCA went out of their way to help her mom but this selfish DAP politician did not even have the decency to thank Dr Yeow," according to the blog.

I can't find the right word to describe such a child and her negligence towards he mom.

I think if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election, their 'negara kebajikan' will see more people like this being groom-up.

That's DAP!


bandito said...

call it a social enormity.

this is a case of 'cakap tak serupa bikin'.

how could she ignored her mom's plight?

now, who malu?

Anonymous said...

only a dissolute child will do such things to a mother who gave birth and raised you up.

what a shame!

don juan said...


i think she did not sought the DAP help. i believe she is shy to as for some assistance.

or maybe she thought her mom's sickness is too mild to help

however, she is morally guilty.

penangan said...


cuba check kot2 ada lagi pemimpin dan ahli DAP yang mengabaikan kebajikan ibu bapa atau yang hantar ibu bapa ke rumah orang tua2 walaupun mereka sebenarnya mampu menjaga mereka!

negara kebajikan apa yang pakatan rakyat maksudkan jika ada wakil rakyatnya sendiri berbuat demikian!?

taukeh lim said...

DAP got no money la to help.

DAP is a poor party although its leaders are all filthy rich.

that also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

What a load of tosh. So typical of you. How does this compare to cows for condo? What about erased immigration records? You want to chat about Disneyland trips? I guess not. so STFU and try, try to make sense next time.

The Eugenist said...

Well said and well written bro..

This is well accorded with the Malay proverb' - Telunjuk mencucuk mata..


Penembak Babi said...


Hang tak usah gi jauhlah nak londeh negara kebajikan tajaan haram jadah mace DAP dan PAS itu. Gi korek pasai balu Memali dulu.

Tengok PAS ada jaga tak bini para "syuhada" depa....hahahahaha

Pasai babi betino pukimak Teo Niamah ini tak ayah keceklah. Kalau nate sial chouchibai mace dio boleh injak ruang sujud surau dengan restu Pak N.Ajis pasti mama dio pun jadi korban, apa heran sangat!

GOMO said...

just shut up la..what is ur contribution anyway?? interviewing sadam husen???? talk like good good je..