Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to DAP and PAS circus!

Told you already! It was a cheap theater by PAS and DAP. And now, even their members are confused between the truth and lies; and between the fool and wise.

While PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz stood by his statement that Hasan Ali was in Kota Bharu to apologise to the party, the latter on the other hand refuted the claim.

The former Selangor PAS commissioner denied a HarakahDaily report that he went to Kota Baru solely to meet PAS top leaders and to apologise for his remarks against the party.

Hasan pointed out that he had already retracted his comments regarding the welfare state issue during a press conference at his residence on Dec 24 and had apologised to the party leaders at the same time.

In a statement Wednesday night, he said he was disappointed in Harakah which had been reminded many times not to twist facts which could raise confusion and disunity.

He clarified that he had been invited attend a gathering involving former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa along with PAS deputy spiritual leader Dr Haron Din at Nik Aziz's home at JKR 10 Kota Bharu.

Now, who spoke the truth here? Its unbecoming of Nik Aziz to lie if he did. And who are confused? Of course PAS members... and the media!

Also in Pakatan Rakyat, DAP members are still uncertain of who are the fools and wise, between Karpal Singh and P Ramasamy.

The party's chairman said he has left it to the party's disciplinary committee to take action in the recent war of words between him and Penang Deputy Chief Minister, and that he would abide by the gag order imposed by the three-man panel formed to resolve the issue.

However, the Bukit Gelugor MP let it slip that complaints had been lodged with the disciplinary committee, implying that many of them were against Ramasamy.

And it was just a few days ago when Karpal told Ramasamy to quit as Penang deputy CM, accusing him not fit for the position.

As for Ramasamy himself, he is trapped in his own words. After blaming Tamil Osai newspaper for inciting the row between him and Karpal, he went on by accusing of The Star for manipulating the interview with him, when the English daily keeps it verbatim.

So, what's next?

Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim has been on a silence mode, not making any statements about the crisis. However, it is well understood that he was more interested in the court's decision!


gemini man said...


pls ask nik aziz and karpal, how much does a ticket cost?

m interested to watch them!


taukeh lim said...

so, just ignore them lar.

what they do is everything about their party and followers.

the more u write about it, the more they get 'syok'.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

sorang kata kanan, sorang kata kiri. sorang kata dia betul, sorang lagi nafikan.

abis tu, macam mana nak tadbir negara kalau berperibadi begini?

penangan said...

they are going nuts, bro.


because they already anticipated pakatan rakyat will lose in the next general election!

waikiki said...

ni semua kepala senget.

karpal salahkan ramasamy walhal dia sendiri pun tak betul.

Anonymous said...

dunno la.

they simply want to create a scene among themselves to distract our attention towards other things like anwar's case, nfc and others.

Asli said...

Molek kalau rencana ini ditulis dalam bahasa melayu kerana bahasa inggeris tuan terlalu canggih untuk difahami oleh golongan illiterate seperti saya.

Anonymous said...

So BN should be very happy. They will retain Putrajaya.

MymassaVoice said...

Salam tuan,

Blog tuan telah dipautkan di blog MyMassa.

Mohon pautkan blog MyMassa di blog ini.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

what's so confusing?

you don't have to stir shit.
if you must , go stir umno shitpot!!!

Tok guru is a spiritual man...well-loved by people.

The other guy hasan is a hantu paid by umno bangsat to stir shit.

Anonymous said...


In a circus, the patrons will be entertained, amongst others, by the acrobats, the clowns and the different kind of animals with their handlers. They are highly skilled and it takes them years to perfect that skills. One can easily get awed and captivated by them.

Hence, my advice to UMNO, be cautious and don't be lulled into a false sense of any serious polemics or squabbles within DAP and PAS from their circus. Instead, give focus on re-consolidating the party.


Anonymous said...


itu halimau ala ka?

saya mau tengok lor!

Rempit said...

PS : Anwar, Do not Pass Go, Do Not collect your 200, Just go to Jail. How many ass do you need to bang, lots of it in Jail.

Abdul said...

The parties in Pakatan are always at each other's throat.They disagree on very many matters. Their ideologies are miles apart. How can they ever form a govt.? The rakyat will suffer. Our best bet is still to put BN back in office until comes an opposition party worthy enough to earn our votes and to govern Malaysia.