Sunday, December 4, 2011

Umno or Um-no-more!

Pemuda Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the party has and is doing everything possible for the Malays and the country but it is up to the voters to decide on the outcome of the next general election.

(History: when Hang Tuah threw his Taming Sari into the Duyong River about 5 centuries ago, he said: "Untung sabut timbul; untung batu tenggelam.")

Umno will still have strong support from its members, no doubt about it. Being 'a comfortable party to be with', most Malays will not be in vertigo to place their bet, neither will they become irresolute toward Barisan Nasional.

The Umno general assembly concluded yesterday with a bang - president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said it has met all the objectives set before it convened. All delegates were invigorated by every single speech delivered, although some were circumlocutions. Allusions were applied when it come to battering the Opposition, and as usual the floor jumped in excitement.

But from the eyes of an Umno layman, people like me, the GA is a routine. All political parties worldwide have their own general assembly. In late 1983, I attended the Baath Party congress at the el-Rashid Hotel, Baghdad. Saddam Hussein chaired it. In 1996, I was at the Khartoum Assembly Hall when President Omar el-Bashir opened it.

Knowing what kind of a person Saddam is, speakers who took to the floor did not laud or compliment him too much. They did not even lash out at the Opposition but centered their discussion and deliberation on how to improve the party's image in the eyes of the Iraqis. And so were the Sudanese delegates.

Sudanese ulama Hassan al-Turabi whom I met during a trip to Madani (I stayed at his house for a week... invited to Sudan as a member of an international watchdog agency to observe the first free presidential election in the country) used to tell me:

"We elected the leaders. As leaders, they need no eulogy because they should know their responsibility. The people who made them leaders deserve it more, especially when they made the right choice."

But we are not Iraq or Sudan. They don't have the Chinese or Indians like us although they have dozens of political parties. In Malaysia, Umno must not only becomes a 'darling' to the eyes of the Malays but also to the Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and others.

I found it sickening when 6 delegates whom I had tea with at a coffee house yesterday, said Umno will remain the pillar of BN even if the MCA, Gerakan or MIC fail to win enough seats in the next general election. I don't know what math or theory that support such a divination. Deep inside, I said there goes the spirit of Perikatan!

At few by-elections where Umno contested, there were words and finger-pointing that MCA didn't do much to help the campaigns. In fact, it came from a few members of the Umno Supreme Council who came down at a time when MCA party workers and leaders were meeting with the Chinese voters. As usual, members who happen to be around them will collaborate that notion!

Umno should sit down more often with MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other BN components, not only at the leaders level but at the grass root. Denying each other's importance and contribution will only lead to Umno and MCA becoming another 'Malay' and 'Chinese' party - in other words, let MCA do all the jobs to win the Chinese while Umno for the Malays.

Najib's winding-up speech was among the best I've listened to - simple yet stimulating. The delegates were very receptive to calls to work harder and stay united in preparing for the next national poll, and that division heads should not have the impression that his deputy was trying to topple him.

But what about the ordinary members? Are we really listening to them? Are we actually paying attention to their complaints about the incompetency of a division's leadership, corruption, factionalism and so on? Are we dead sure that the candidates we chose to become their Members of Parliament or State Assemblymen are the ones they prefer and support?

If politics is all about qualification and scrolls, a political party should well become an organisation that employs them. A doctor, lawyer or engineer cannot make a good politician or become a 'wakil rakyat' if he gets no grass root support. Similarly, a 'parachute' candidate will only undermine the voters of that constituency. As the saying goes, 'kecil jangan disangka anak, besar jangan disangka bapak!'

Nevertheless, the general assembly was indeed another wake up call to the Malays and Malaysians as a whole. Umno must be steered to stay relevant in bringing Malaysians together under BN administration.

However, how many wake up calls must we make until the Malays in Umno can really open up their mind about the significant of other BN component parties to their political survival? How many times more that they need to wake up every morning without askance and prejudice toward the non-Malays or non-Bumiputeras?

There were still delegates who made incongruous and cynical speech at the general assembly about the Chinese. It's time to stop all that. And it's time for Umno to win the heart of the Chinese while MCA wins more Malay support. I am not saying we should make do without the 'social contract' but the future of the Malays lies more in their own hands now.

And please note that the more we hit out at the Opposition, the more seats they grabbed, Sarawak state election being a good example.

We should stay more focused at the most-bottom level, the grass root members. They are the ones who will decide and chart the future of the country. Whether they are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan or others, Umno should be much more closer to them than to the elected leaders.

I beg to differ from other pro-BN and pro-Umno bloggers who lauded and gave full marks to everything that took place at the Umno GA. I am worried if we make incorrigible mistakes. Some Umno leaders and members will not support my jottings and view, and I am not sure whether or not I got the message across.

But I am glad to have written it here. At least I can tell my 4-year old daughter, Sofea (picture) who sings 'Lagu Umno' aloud almost every day and is able to distinguish Najib, Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Hisham, Shahrizat, Mukhriz, KJ and others on TV - the reason for not taking her to the PWTC during Umno GA (I broke my promise to her, and she cried each time I left home for the venue) was to avoid her getting tired!


lord draman said...


i never thought you could come up with such a heading, bro.

makna yang mendalam tu!

hope umno will become a 1malaysia party!

koboi melayu said...

a very positive and constructive criticism. the leadership also needs a good wake up call, jai.

being a leader does not mean we are always doing the right thing.

find our own mistake first before finding others' fault!

adik, UM said...


baru nak tdo, terbaca blog abang.

menarik dan sinis tetapi amat membina. semoga pemimpin kita membaca dan memahaminya.

selamat malam (pagi pun ok kot!)

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't even bother to watch the proceedings of the UMNO GA on TV be it live or via the news coverage which I usually never miss, I must thank you for the fine summary of what transpired at the assembly. Your post seems to reflect what I have envisaged to happen.
Hopefully they will read this wake up call from you that UMNO's survival is not just based on the Malays alone but on Malaysians as a whole. Don't just blame PAS for taking a big chunk of the Malay votes as people seems to be tired of the UMNO ways and prefer an alternative to it. The way the nation is being led and governed is heading for doomsday. Where is the transformation that has been touted by the PM? I haven't seen anything tangible other than sheer rhetoric.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this posting. You are right, we need more inclusive themes from the delegates and less rhetoric about the Malays being in power.

UMNO needs to talk less about Malay rights but more about doing what is right for Malaysia and Malaysians.

UMNO has to show less of the Malay champions but more of Malaysian leaders who can steer Malaysia to win at world stage. I see almost none at the UMNO assembly.

UMNO need only to ensure upholding of the Constitution, then the enshrined Rights are taken care of. It is silly to shout and rant about Rights if you fail to maintain 2/3rd majority.

Question is --- were those giving the speeches the best there are in UMNO? Then UMNO leadership must work harder at lbringing up new better calibre young turks. Those you showcased last week ain't going to be enough to steer this Nation to choppy seas ahead.


Anonymous said...

Well said. We are malaysians not Malay, Chinese or Indian

Tun Faisal Ismail bin Aziz said...

tahniah! alhamdulillah ur daughther & u, both are Orang UMNO walaupun mungkin bukan ahli UMNO :)

Anonymous said...


perlu ada teguran untuk pemimpin atasan umno. banyak hal yang mereka tak tau mengenai masalah di peringkat bawahan.

ramai pula pemimpin peirngkat bawahan menyimpan saja atau tidak mengendahkan masalah peringkat bahagian masing2 sehinggakan umno dilihat sebagai sebuah parti yang sentiasa bersih dan bersatu.

kucing belang said...


anak kau kecik lagi kau dah asuh jadi orang umno.

bagus tu!

kimi loney said...

i notice that other bloggers didnt dare to criticize umno leaders like u do. i believe they also are not aware of the hurdles awaiting umno in the next general election.

penangan said...


saya setuju bahawa pendekatan baru perlu diambil untuk menjadikan bangsa lain sebagai 'orang umno'.

kita tidak boleh mendabik dada dengan 3.3 juta ahli yang ada jika bangsa lain enggan menyokong kita.

sebab itulah kita harus menghentikan sebarang kenyataan berunsur perkauman agar jambatan bagi menghubungkan umno dengan bukan melayu ini akan menjadi lebih kukuh

small balls said...

too much rhetoric, again and again.

as u said, general assembly brings no significant to the grass root. it is a platform for the leadership and upcoming leaders to strengthen their political base.

pembaca banyak blog said...


kalau tak silap, hanya zahid hamidi yang menyebut mengenai sumbangan penulis laman blog dalam ucapannya.

pemimpin lain langsung tak sebut dan tak terfikir untuk berbuat demikian.

ahli sejak 1970 said...

jangan asyik nak hentam pembangkang je. elok kaji diri sendiri dulu sebelum bercakap. makin banyak kita belasah pembangkang, makin meluat orang melayu dibuatnya. cuba cari jalan pikat ahli pembangkang daripada menyelar mereka. kita pun ada salah, jadi eloklah mengaku dan muhasabah diri. ini lebih baik daripada menuding jari ke arah orang lain. pemimpin umno bukan perfect, bukan semuanya tak buat salah. inilah yang perlu diberi perhatian daripada menghina orang lain. adakah diri kita sendiri lebih mulia daripada mereka?

nizam, jerantut said...

tahniah di atas pandangan yang membina dan ikhlas dalam 4 tulis sdr sepanjang perhimpunan agung.

sebagai ahli bawahan, saya rasa terbela dengan hujah sdr, lebih2 lagi mengenai masalah peringkat bahagian dan calon terjun.

biarlah pandangan sdr memberi input kepada pucuk pimpinan agar menjadi lebih prihatin, bukan saja kepada nasib melayu, malah rakyat malaysia secara keseluruhannya.

karipuley said...

kudos, jai.

u are wiser than the delegates of umno general assembly.

hope the next time they convene, bloggers like u will be given a slot to speak.

its a good wake up call

Anonymous said...

she's real cute!

Anonymous said...

stop looking at the opp.

umno leaders should mirror themselves first. are they all clean?

mak su said...

sokong tetap sokong tapi ada gak sokong yang bawak rebah.

dah banyak contoh boleh dijadikan iktibar...

hati2 je lah kali ni kalau nak pilih calon tu, datuk najib oiii!!!

Anonymous said...


good critic, good insight and good comment.

if umno wants to stay relevant, the leaders MUST change their attitude and approach.

taukeh lim said...

those attending the UMGA were political meek, sir. all are TUKANG AMPU, TUKANG BODEK.

as general election is around the corner, they tried their best to win their bosses' attention, so as to be selected as candidates.

that also u dont know aaar!

MASTANA said...


comel boto anak kau. bilo dio bosa nanti, pastikan dio jadi ketuo puteri, jadi mentori... lopeh tu kito jadi besan, nak tak?

memang patut tanam sifat sayangkan parti dari kocik laiee!

Anonymous said...

ada sorang pemimpin di peringkat pemuda/putera dan jadi macam kalimullah dah...semua projek dia nak kebas!

badigol punya orang. harap tak jadi calon pada pru13 nanti!

Anonymous said...

agree with tauke lim.

those at the pwtc the other day were ass-lickers!

everything was deemed right to them.


Anonymous said...

they wont ready, they wont do anything.

najib, especially will be controlled by his wife!

ching said...

the most crucial moment for umno.

i understand your heading, umno or um-no-more.

if umno fails to garner more support from malaysians, it wont stay relevant anymore!

Bawal said...


One thing that UMNO Delegates need to have in mind of their speeches (fiery or lukewarm), is it gonna translate to votes ? Votes from non-UMNO members.

Anonymous said...

hebat lu bro. berani dan telus. elok lu yang bercakap kat perhimpunan agung.

clifford said...

is hang tuah real?

there is a hang tuah tomb in tanjung keling, melaka.

i thought he disappeared just like that?

who to trust? our historians?

just like umno. was umno the only party fighting for independence?

gelegar said...

janganlah bila dah terngantuk, baru nak terngadah.

berubahlah wahai pemimpin umno!

Anonymous said...

i believe our top leadership reads blogs but sad to say they only listen to their own heart!

Anonymous said...


You have said what that needs to be truly said about the recently concluded UMNO GA. Otherwise, the assembly is perceived to be nothing more than a self-aggrandizement or simply 'syok sendiri.'

I'm taken aback by the Khairy's assertion 'the party has and is doing everything possible for the Malays and the country but it up to the voters to decide on the outcome of the next general election.' It can interpreted to be a sign of complacency or desperation or worse throwing in the towel.'

Being a Ketua Pemuda, he is expected to be aggressive, boisterous and possesses a never-say-die attitude. He might have spoken the loudest in Dewan Merdeka but not necessarily loud enough to be heard on the ground where the reality lies and where the battle is fought. How much the voters on the ground really understand and appreciate what the the government has been or is doing for them.

Face the fact that there is what we call 'mental block',' breakdown in communication' and the incessant manipulation and exploitation by the opposition. Unless there is a mechanism put in place to monitor the ground, there is always the great potentital that the voters could be won over by the opposition.

I finally hope what Khairy has asserted is not a reflection of the whole of UMNO. Otherwise, it will be disastrous.


Anonymous said...

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