Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 'toosai' newspaper!

Tamil-language newspaper Makkal Oosai came to DAP rescue. For a publication that sways to where the wind blows, the newspaper has chosen to reject the truth and supports the Opposition instead.

It's latest bid to end Karpal Singh-P Ramasamy 'godfather-warlord' squabble produced result when the DAP today declared an end to the crisis, without punishing either party. It stemmed from Makkal Oosai's apology for what was termed as 'inaccurately reporting a statement that sparked the row'.

In a press release this morning signed by the three-member committee formed to resolve the row, the party said both parties have now decided to move past the controversy to concentrate on preparations for the coming election. The committee comprises of DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang, life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

The committee was formed on Tuesday by the party’s top leadership to look into the ongoing squabble between Karpal, the DAP’s national chairman, and Ramasamy, who is Penang deputy chief minister.

But the panel pointed out that yesterday, Makkal Oosai chief editor M. Rajan had issued a correction on the paper’s November 28 report, admitting its mistake that the statement on the DAP’s candidates for the coming polls 'had not come from Ramasamy'.

However, Rajan failed to clarify whose statement was it instead. And as usual, the paper paid tribute to both men’s leadership qualities.

According to an excerpt of the apology, the paper had said both Karpal and Ramasamy are important leaders, with the former having contributed many sacrifices in his career and the latter having created history to be the first member of the Indian community to hold the post of deputy chief minister.

Well, it's not about how the paper helped solve the rift between Karpal and Ramasamy. It's all about it's editorial policy, which changes by day. When it looks like the editorial supports the government, it will change the very next day.

No professionalism at all!


balan said...


makkal oosai turned to the opposition ever since the spat between samy vellu and subra.

they will remain as a pro-opposition newspaper.

in penang, it always write about how dap has helped the indian community since lim guan eng took over from koh tsu koon.

what a big liar and snake they are! take a look at the indian community in penang. what is their position now in spite of having an indian deputy CM?

mat gombau said...


bilo maso lak kau baco suatkaba tamil ni waghih!

memang handa kau ni.

tapi den gaso memang makkal oosai ni sokong pembangkang. dio tak sokong pkr dan pas tapi cumo dap.

biasolah kan....

indian boy said...


yenna suldrak!

what about tamil nesan and nanban? they are pro-opposition too if u read the contents carefully!

however, the indians will never get better under bn or pakatan. they have to fight for their own survival!

taukeh lim said...

i told u already.

it was just a drama by karpal and rama. they will shake hands because they want to work together in keeping penang in the next eletion.

that also u dont know aaar!

penangan said...


saya tak baca paper ni tapi saya dengar memang diaorang ni pro-pembangkang.

memanglah dulu sokong kerajaan tapi bila kehendak mereka tidak dipenuhi, mereka pun sokong pembangkang dengan harapan pakatan rakyat akan tunduk kepada desakan mereka kelak.

Anonymous said...


apa lu cakap is right. we have indian papers on the opposition. that is 1malaysia. got also chinese papers which support pakatan rakyat, and also malay newspapers.

as for makkal oosai, they dont have a solid standpoint laaaa!

hilirbalang said...

alaaaaa.... makkal oosai ni berapa je circulation dia bro.

takda apa nak risau.

dia bodek dap sebab nakkan populariti. aku rasa tak ramai orang india baca paper ni.

Anonymous said...

if rama didnt say it, then who?

u are right bro. the paper got no balls!

Anonymous said...

makkal oosai ni sama taraf dengan china press je, sama2 sokong pembangkang. dulu bukan main bodek samy vellu. sekarang ni dah bodek guan eng dan karpal lak. walhal depa sendiri takda bodek!

Anonymous said...

u pro-umno bloggers are alike.

nothing about the govt is wrong to u and everything about the opposition is wrong.

actually, u are the people who dont have a stand!


the wrestler said...

the best part is the 'misquoting' without name who actually made the statement.

come on la makkal osai... what is you all about?

Anonymous said...

What a turn of event over the seemingly Karpal-Ramasamy spat! But I'm totally not surprised.


east life said...

so, dont trust people like this.

they dont even know what they do...

a blogger too said...


have u read malay mail today, recapping the accusation that malaysia is against christians?

for what reason they played up the story again, only the owners of the paper and god know!

but its really damaging for BN!

Anonymous said...

tak tau ke?

selama ni memang kit siang, karpal, guan eng dan ramai lagi pengikut DAP dah mengikuti kelas bahasa tamil?


ni namanya oportunis. disebabkan penang di bawah dap, dia sokong la dap. masa penang bawah gerakan/bn dulu, bagai nak rak diorang sokong bn.

ni manusia jenis apa ni?

babi pun tau jenis keladi yang dia boleh makan!

ongkos said...

tamil osai bukanlah sebuah akhbar yang berwibawa tetapi dap benar-benar mengambil kira pandangannya kerana terpaksa berbuat demikian demi menjaga hati penduduk india pulau pinang.

manakala tamil osai pula menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk menarik perhatian dap bahawa ia turut memperjuangkan apa yang dibawa oleh pakatan rakyat, padahal ia tidak rapat dengan pas dan pkr!

Anonymous said...

the price of a piece of tosai is 1000 times expensive than this copy of tamil osai!

that explains everything bro!

Anonymous said...

hi just registered ,, tina

Anonymous said...

why must dap depend on makkal osai apology?


it shows how dap can be manipulated by such a newspaper!

Anonymous said...

You are funny man. Talking about professionalism. Do you Evan know the P of that? How does Utusan rank? Seriously every time you post, you remove all doubt....