Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sour grapes bloggers!

Some dogs bite the hands that feed them. It's normal. But we don't call such a human a dog. We call them sour grapes, the ungrateful or backstabber. In Bahasa Malaysia, there is a perfect proverb for them: 'ibarat kacang lupakan kulit'.

I just want to zoom in to one 'special group' of people - bloggers. Yes, there are pro-government and pro-Opposition bloggers but at the same time, there are also 'on the fence', 'non-align' and 'anomalous' bloggers.

My subject is the anomalous ones.

I know a few of them whom a few years ago did support Umno and Barisan Nasional. To my knowledge, they are Umno members but I don't know what is their status now.

They were among a group of media members and bloggers who went all out to ensure BN, especially Umno during the 2008 general election campaigns. In fact, they were with Umno in the previous national polls, providing undivided support for the party.

It was during this particular eras (under Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Abdullah) that this group got 'rewarded' - some quite handsomely - by the party and the government. Quite a number became millionaires or live a comfortable life, at least.

I know at least six of such bloggers who were awarded with government contracts (and Umno jobs) for their contribution. I believe Umno recognised their big role then. Some asked for projects, some were offered while the rest just took some 'tokens' away.

To me, it's normal. After all, there is nothing 'free' these days!

However, since Datuk Seri Najib took over, some of this Umno and BN bloggers started to turn their back on the government. They began to despise their own party for not being able to give them what they asked.

They became sour grapes.

I don't want to name them but readers and most bloggers do notice the change of 'aptitude' in them, and I guess the party leadership also realised this.

They have and still attack Umno and the government, criticising the party in a piffle way, belittling all government's policies to the extent that nothing is right about it anymore. Just like some ex-BN leaders who have crossover to Pakatan Rakyat and still enjoy the government's pension, their do not only batter the government but also launch an onslaught on their own race and country.

Their standpoint changes overnight just because the government turned down their request for something. Their footing got loosened when a favor was turned down by the party of the government officials.

They posted overbearing stories about the leaders and Umno, stabbing them from every corner, and referred to the Opposition leaders as the ones who will safeguard their interest should PR wins the next general election.

To me, they are the heinous lots! As some of them are still Umno members, I think it's wise that they leave the party and join the Opposition. They consider themselves of having the prowess to influence voters in the next national poll, hence will be able to help PR through.

I don't want to write more as I believe they are matured enough to weigh their position...


a blogger too said...


i think i can distinguish who the bloggers are. all are malays, right?

anyway, its their rights to switch party but staying in umno and backstabbing the party is an act of coward.

as u say, they should leave umno for good.

venus fly trap said...

typical opportunists!

they who once reaped the fruits and benefits from barisan nasional, are now becoming devils of the details!

we should disregard them from now on.

they are mere opportunists, supporting those who can offer them something.

Anonymous said...

alamak bro,

i know some bloggers already kaya... but they do their job in a pro manner... support only one side... unlike this said bloggers who makan from both sides!

penangan said...


bukan saja ibarat kacang lupakan kulit tetapi habis madu, sepah dibuang.

banyak lagi bidalan dan perumpamaan untuk mentakrifkan manusia sebegini, misalnya lepas titi, tongkat dibuang... banyak lagi lah.

orang begini sebenarnya adalah lalang yang ditiup angin, bukan berjuang untuk orang yang disokong tetapi untuk kepentingan sendiri,. lebih2 lagi bila pihak yang selama ini membantu mereka sudah berhenti berbuat demikian atas alasan mahu berlaku adil pula kepada orang lain.

satu lagi peribahasa - bagai melepaskan anjing tersepit!

taukeh lim said...

what is wrong with u?

they turn their back because hoping for someone to screw their ass..


that also u dont know aaar!!!

si pitak said...

inilah melayu... buruk perangai dan sikap.

masa dapat apa yang diminta, sokong parti tu. bila dah tak dapat, sokong parti lain pulak.

elok panjat pokok kelapa dan terjun je!

Anonymous said...

they are really bad, rotten grapes...

i concur with PENANGAN...

mat gombau said...



elok jo kau taram bloger ni. memang patut pun. den pun kona duo tigo org macam ni yang ponah hidup mewah di bawah bantuan umno, tibo2 buek perangai malaun, bantai umno lak, walhal dio tu masih lagi ahli umno.

kelingking said...

terlalu ramai spesis lupa cawat macam ni, jai.

dalam kerajaan pun masih ada gak....

cuba2lah tanya...

common sense said...

normal lor.

when u ask and u get, u like them.

when u ask and dont get, u hate them.

that applies everywhere...

Anonymous said...

in today's world, even man bites dog!

so, it's a common norm for a man to turn his back on the hands that feed him.

pro-kerajaan said...


dont pay attention to them.

we have a big role to play. nobody pays us but we are still loyal to umno. that's most important!

salina said...

makin ramai manusia yang tak tau berterima kasih di dunia ni. makin ramai melayu yang lupa asal-usul dan keturunan.

beginilah fitrah manusia

Anonymous said...

dulu sokong umno sebab dapat habuan, sekarang tak sokong sebab tak dapat apa.

bloger apa yang berjuang untuk habuan ni?

tak ikhlas namanya tu!

lintah kerbau said...

orang macam ni mana ada pendirian. yang mereka tau ialah mintak sana-sini, dakwa kononnya mereka selama ini banyak tolong umno, kempen untuk umno dan sebagainya.

ikut angin je. sekejap ke kanan, sekejap ke kiri. dia tak tau lambat laun besok bila kena puting beliung, tercabut terus dengan akar2nya sekali!


Anonymous said...

so what!?

they are just bloggers... what about ex-umno and ex-mca leaders who jumped over to the opposition?

ambalat said...


we know who are they. however, just disregard them. they became rich because of umno and bn but they got greedy for more...

zalili said...


your posting reminds me of the last pru when many pro-bn supporters rallied behind the opposition.

i am against the opposition but there must be something wrong with the govt that prompted them to resort to such an action.

sometimes we must admit our mistakes too...

Anonymous said...

Bro Jai,

I don't know specifically who the bloggers you are referring to.

But I won't be too quick so as to accuse them as sour grapes. Looking at a series of controversies and scandals that are now stultifying the whole of UMNO, the party's top hierarchy including Najib appear to be very indifferent and oblivion.

So, instead of continuing to be a Mr Nice blogger propagating all the good things about the party, which in fact they are fictitious or imaginary,he has now to change his approach. Be more blunt, more direct, more open and more critical so that prompt action can be taken to address all the issues.

It is grossly unfair to flock them together with the other bloggers who, despite being UMNO members, have been all along, right from Day 1, condemning the party. To them NOTHING is right about UMNO particularly during TDM era until now.